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Many years ago, when the PlayStation was new, Final Fantasy 7 was released. When i was traveling with my sister and we stopped for the night with a friend of hers, i spent my time playing ff7 while they chatted. I had been quite fond of the Breath of Fire rp games, but never got into the final fantasies, and wasnt' particularly impressed at first due to the 'modern' setting. Still, it was entertaining enough to keep me busy for the day.

And then of course i got to THAT SCENE. The one with Sephiroth and the flames... And i was in love and had to have my own copy of the game at once. (well, it took a while longer than that, but i did eventually pick it up.)

That being said, i played a little but never got very far. Never made it beyond halfway through disc 1, and didn't think i was every going to pick it up again, what with the graphics not aging so well and all.

Still, after all these years, i pretty much knew the plot, and i read up on it more fully before watching Advent Children.

But the other day I bought Dirge of Cereberus (i had to--Gackt is a character in it!!!!) and i decided i wanted to play through ff7 first.

So this weekend i majorly geeked out and spent the whole time playing ff7. Last night i just got through disc 1. Quite an accomplishment for me!

For those who know about the game, the end of disc 1 is the infamous death. I think had i not known it was coming, i would probably have been quite shocked/saddened by it.

In any case, it's been a lot of fun, and after the first little hour or so, i've kinda forgotten about the crappy art and just enjoyed the story. Still, i think i'll go into art shock again when i rewatch Advent Children when i beat the game. OOOO the PRETTY!!!

In other news, Nao is doing much better. He's no longer getting sick, and hastn' been for a couple days. I'll probably move him back to the second bedroom so he has more room to move and play. Still haven't heard anything from the potential couple who i had heard might be interested in adopting him. I guess it's time for me to make fliers because word of mouth hasn't found any one yet. *sigh*

I absolutely adore this little guy, but three cats are entirely too many, and i don't want to upset the dynamics of Genji and Romeo.

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