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So Cloud was still being a pain last night, so i decided to try one of my other games. Well, as i only have one other right now as the other couple haven't arrived yet, that meant i moved on to the Gackt game, Bujingai. Now, i've never realy played any of those adventure previous experiance with Devil May Cry or those sorts of games, so this was a first for me.

The game is GORGEOUS, and not just because Gackt is the main character ;) I also suck at the game. I'm getting the hang of it, slowly, so i'm getting better. But i went up to the final boss battle in stage three (there are only 7 stages, if that gives you some idea of where i had gotten in the game) and hadn't upgraded my character. I didnt' know i had to, or how to, so i was still at level 1 stats for everything. That would explain why i kept getting my butt whooped there, wouldn't it? I'm starting to get the hang of combos, and poses (i was getting such a kick out of the posing. If you hit a button right after a successful combo, you can 'pose' for a minute and look very cool. You get style points for posing. *dies*) I'm getting the hang out of running up walls and other jumping. I'm still having trouble with blocking. Damn blocking. I'm thinking of starting over now that i know what i'm doing a bit better, but i might just press on, regardless that i have a couple of "continues' on my record. Another part of the game is that you can collect golden coins that unlock extras. I. MUST. COLLECT. ENOUGH. TO. UNLOCK. GACTK'S. OUTFIT. How cool will it be to playing the game with Gackt-Gackt doing all the moves? BWAH HA HA HA HA HA!!

Devil May Cry should be here today. I expected it to arrive yesterday, so i'm pretty sure it'll be waiting for me when i get home today. Two Towers shouldn't me much longer either. Also, i'm anxiously checking the tracking on Red Dwarf season 7. It's shipped out yesterday; i hope it arrives in time for me to spend all weekend watching it. This is the season i was most looking forward to seeing on dvd. It shall be good.

I ordered the Bujingai stragedy guide, not because the game is really that difficult and i'm stuck or anything, though i do hope it has maps of the stages, because that would be very helpful, but mostly i want to look at the pretty pictures of Gackt. *sigh* I really am a fangirl sometimes.

You know, if i've been this giddy, i really should have gotten myself a PS2 sooner!

Well, besides geeking on games, life is going pretty well for me. Well, i'm trying to pull myself out of my avoidant funk, trying to get done some things that need to get done. For example, i made some calls that i was supposed to, paid some bills, and emailed my Japanese professor in the hopes of arranging to do some independent studying this semester. There are other things i should be getting done and i just haven't yet. I just haven't wanted to write, though i really need to get back into writing a little each day. I haven't really done much on my Harry Potter rpg, but i just haven't wanted to. At this point, i'm trying not to push myself, as that will just make me feel worse, i think. Little steps, ease back into things. Or something.

Re: The Red Dwarf...

Date: 2006-01-25 04:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Do you have any of the earlier seasons of the series, and if so, would you be willing to let me borrow them? I got into the book series and would like to see what the TV version's like...

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