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So i managed to survive the weekend. I treated myself to finally getting a PS2. I needed it after the past couple weeks. I decided to start with Kingdom Hearts, though didn't play too long last night. Squall, pardon, i mean 'Leon', was kicking my ass. I know i don't have to beat him to get past this point in the game, but i really want to. I don't suppose anyone knows how many times i have to hit him, so i could have some idea if i'm even close or if i should just give up.

I've got a couple more games coming as well. It shall be much fun.

i banged up my knee something good on friday. Was walking my parent's dogs when they decided to head off in a different direction, and as their combined weight is only a few pounds less than mine, they pulled me right off my feet.

Driving back home, i decided to try letting my cats ride in the car not in their kitty carriers. Genji was signficantly quieter that way, but they were both a bit obnoxious, as they insisted on walking all over me. Romeo was still the better rider. He had gotten carsick ealier, as per usual, but by the time i had let him out of his carrier, he was fine. He spent the majority of the ride curled up on my lap. Genji wasn't as content to stay in one place, so sometimes he was curled up on the floor behind me, sometimes curled up on the floor at my feet, and often enough wandering around. Having them BOTH sitting in my lap was difficult.

I went to bed a bit early last night, but i'm still feeling rather sleepy this morning. oh well.
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