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"the scariest thing for an artist is the blank page."

i must confess that only now do i understand the meaning of these words.

i did not ride my bike to work this morning, as it was raining when i woke, but now there is not a cloud in the sky and the temperature is pleasant without being too hot. i thought to myself that it would be good to sit outside for lunch today.

i also need to work on getting a cushion of comics done again, so i brought out my drawing book to sketch out the next comic.

ah, did i learn the horror of the blank page at that moment. though, perhaps, not in the manner the phrase was intended.

i was literally blinded by the sun reflecting off the brilliant white sheet before me. truly, it was indeed a terrible thing.

in other news, i'm progressing well on FF6. i suspect i should be able to finish the game this weekend at the latest. we'll see what my next bit of geekiness will be when i beat this game.

i finally finished getting reference into the collection the other day, and today i have started in on the 900's (history). the first couple shelves seem to be already in the system, so i haven't had to do very much. i'm not even bringing all the books into my office. i just bring in the ones not marked as being in the system, ones that seem to be in questionable repair, and ones that it looks like we have duplicate copies of, to see if we indeed want both copies of it. it keeps me busy, but in a good way, i suppose. all too soon i'll get to the stacks and stacks of books not in the system. *fears*

still, progress is progress.
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