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uh... where to start? my boss kicked me out early and so i safely made my way back home to my 'rents. did a few last minute xmas thingys, had very good xmas, got lots of goodies. (like a new tv, because the little 13"-er that has faithfully served me throughout college and grad-school, while sufficient for a dorm room or a small Boston studio, was a bit too small for my new aparto. it was hard to read subtitles from my couch! so while i don't have a 52" plasma, i have a respectable 27" shiney new tv. i also got a new ipod because my last one died, some kitchen stuff, a puzzle table and some new puzzles. and coolest of all, the legos Millenium Falcon! i was never able to get that 100$ legos pirate ship that i so wanted, but at least i have finally gotten the big shiney Millenium Falcon.

i spent all week hanging out with Akiko playing Icewind Dale. we've been playing this game for 3 years now, i think? well, since we dont' get to see each other very often these days, we only get to play a bit a few times a year. so it's a very slowly advancing game. the first year we got a good ways through the game, but we weren't happy with how things were coming out, we restarted. this year we got past the point we had at first attained but were unhappy with, and have surpassed it a good deal. it was much fun killing orcs and shadows, and other such things.

for new years i went down to NYC... not to the times square to watch the silly ball drop, but to my friends' aparto as it is been deemed the unofficial central gathering place for all of us since we've all gone off in various directions since graduation. so most of the old crew was present and a few new people (well, that is, new to our group, as they were old friends of our darling hostess). we played some of that bongo kongo or whatever it's called game.. basically DDR with bango drums and with slight tie to Donky Kong. i suck at that game, though with practice i could probably do alright. the other game we played too much of was this crashing race game.. road rage or something. basically you got to drive around the course and there were these enemy cars that were identifiable by the blue triangles over them. the point was to try to make these enemy cars crash. they could make you crash too. you could crash a certain number of times before you died. i usually seemed to do REALLY well for one life, and then die horribly all the rest of them. i hated the city locations a lot. damn poles. was much fun though... i went about cussing up a storm, to the amusement of all.

got no sleep at all. eventually made my way back north to my aparto yesterday, before the weather turned nasty.

and found that my aparto was 44 degrees and all my plants were dead. i have both electric and gas heating. one is a floor baseboard unit, the other a thingy unit on the wall. the previous owner when i talked with him about heating a bit had said that he would plug in the electric one like once a year to make certain it still worked but otherwise left it unplugged. the wall unit was the only thing i saw with a big obvious plug. i assumed the wall unit was the electric. well, suffice to say that the heating in my place is a bit confusing as to what connects with what. so the pilot light is out on my gas heater (for the obvious reason that i had accidently not been using that unit at all). the electric heater is crap... it can take the chill out of the air a bit, but it can't heat my whole place very effectively, and certainly not starting at 44 degrees. in a few hours, the temperature inside had risen maybe to 47.

in any case, i called the heating company and they sent me a VERY nice, brave man who made his way on REALLY SHITTY icy road conditions to fix up my heater so i had heat again. with an hour or two, my place was toasty warm again.

i can only wait a week to see if any of my plants can pull through or if they are all dead. i hope at least a few pull through... some of them have a bit of sentimental meaning for me.

so i'm back at work today, though i definately need a vacation from my vacation... just one or two more days... that's all i need! not that i've gotten much work done yet... i've spent all morning catching back up with the large number of webcomics that i read, as well as the gazillion emails that i got over break... you would think the listserves would be pretty quiet as most people would be off on vacation, but there were about a hundred messages waiting for me. (it would have been a lot higher, i suppose for a week of not checking on a non-vacation week... i'm not looking forward to coming back from my vacation in march.)

so yeah, that's pretty much my life in a nutshell. so i would really love to just go home.. nap for a while, play on my computer a bit, start work on building the Falcon. still got half a day of work ahead of me. *le sigh*

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