Mar. 1st, 2006

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I forgot to post this the other day, but while on the train I wrote a poem:

I step away from morning back into night.
A shadowed grove where light
Cannot penetrate. The cool evergreens
Press around me; they overpower me.

And, just now, i wrote a poem 'by' my crazy boy, Toshi:

Snow is blue, in shadow.
But it is gone now so I
Cannot find the colour.
Perhaps my memory
Is false?
li_izumi: (Eyes)
Today was going pretty spiffy, but this evening has been attempting to ruin the spiffiness. It started with me learning a valuable lesson.

If i need to buy kitty litter, take the damn car. Do not attempt to walk to the store and back with the big box of kitty litter. Just don't.

And when i do anyway, do not do so when my wrists were already sore to the point that i needed to wrap my wrist up and wish i had another ace bandage at work to wrap up the other one. Sore wrists do not like carrying heavy boxes of kitty litter.

Ok, so i get home after what seems like forever and start making dinner. It's been a while, i'm going to make a REAL dinner, i think to myself. I've got some panko, let's do tonkatsu (pork cutlet, japanese style).

So i tried, and failed spectatuclarly at dinner. At every part of dinner.

The rice i guess i didn't cook long enough, as it had plenty of water sitting on top, but the rice itself was still hard. The meat? golden on the outside, but slightly pink inside. And last minute i tried making some tempura-style veggies which didn't quite work (though the carrots came out good) and managed to smoke up my entire aparto to the point where i had to open up all the windows downstairs.

I ate the less-the-tasty dinner, and i have more since i made extra for tomorrow's lunch.

And my wrists are hurting again. Eyes hurt from the smoke.

And still, despite having several upsets, my mood is still rather positive.

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