Jun. 17th, 2005

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i've had several old video games that i didn't want anymore, and have been meaning to for over a year to sell. figured i'd sell them at the EB games store at the mall and get a bit of store credit. it wouldn't be very much, but hopefully would help pay for a new game. i've beem meaning to get ff9, since it's supposed to be more like the earlier FF games, which i've enjoyed. figured maybe pick up the FF anthology if they had it. i have ff6 (aka ff3) on snes, but the ps version also comes with ff5, and with a couple videos that are impossible to do on snes.

i got a little more money than i expected for the games i sold, which was nice. however, the store there didn't have any ps1 games. i thought they might have even just a 'used game bin', but nothing at all. thought maybe i'd look around the used ps2 bins in the slim hope they might have the Gackt game. i had been waiting for it to drop in price (and for me to actually get a ps2), but it's no longer being produced, so if i saw it, i would get it. no luck at all.

randomly i checked the new games shelf. most of the shelf is dominated by the brand new games, faced out to show their covers, but towards the bottom is a stack of new games that have been there a while. totally by luck, i saw the Bujinkai game i was looking for.

so now i have my first ps2 game (which i cannot play as of yet as i do not own a ps2). but it is the Gackt game i've been lusting over for a while now, so this makes me very happy.

getting back to my aparto, i spent a bit of time playing FF6. i was feeling a bit frustrated... i never seem to actually finish any games. (ok, i've beaten at least once maybe half the games i own, but i still have a large number i haven't gotten very fair in. i've never actually beaten ff6 before, though i did get up to just about the end). and then i thought about it... rpg games take about 40 hours to complete. well, if i can get (on averge) 5 hours of play in per day, it'll only take 8 days. even FF games, which can actually last quite a bit longer, say 60 hours, that's still less than 2 weeks. now granted, not every night i'm going to be able to get 5 hours of play in. (such as, last night i only got in 2. but on the weekends, i can get more than just 5, so it'll still work out to be about the same.) so thinking about it in this manner, i don't see why i can't beat all the games i own.

with how cold and rainy it is, i can't really go out to play, so might as well get myself having a bit of fun with a video game.

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