Jan. 31st, 2005

li_izumi: (Pchan)
spent much of the weekend playing remotely with Akiko on our webpage. we think the changes look pretty darn spiffy.

the rest of the weekend, i spent playing Suikoden, one of my favorite video games (not that i play that many of them, but..) one of the neat things about this game is the sheer number of characters that can join your group. i'm talking 108. (not all of them are playable, but a vast majority are). it's based (loosely i believe) on a Chinese legend (hense the large number of characters). anyway, you get a castle, so the people you collect help build up your castle, and help in the army-army battles. and gives you a huge choice in what characters to play with.

i tried very hard to get all 108 (because if you can get all 108 and then play the sequel, you can get the hero from the first game as a playable character in the second one.) unfortunately, i missed one. i thought i had gotten him, but no. see, there are apparantly 5 blacksmith characters, and since they all have really really similar names, i didn't quite realize there was one more. what is really unfortunate, is that this is pretty much the only character i can't just go back to my last save point, leave the final castle, and go get. because you only have 6 characters in your fighting party at one time, and for the last battle there are two characters that HAVE to be in the party, and with the hero, that makes only 3 open spots, and you need all 4 blacksmiths in your party to get the fifth one. gosh darn it!

so i didn't get the spiffy ending, and i won't be able to do the special bonus in the second game since i didn't get all 108 characters. bugger.

i've started Suikoden 2 last night, though i don't know when i'll get much of a chance to play again, since i'm going home for the weekend.

i'll just have to replay both games later on so i can get all 108 characters the next time. for an rpg game, they're both rather short (i beat the first game in just over 20 hours). i think the second one is similiar, though might be a bit longer.

it's kinda funny, this is actually my second time playing both games, but the first time, i had gotten Suikoden 2 first, and so that was the game i started with. since i liked it so much, i bought the first one. it's kinda neat to play the games in order, since many of the characters from the first game are also in the second one, it's neat to see 'oh, that's why they're like this' in the second game, cuz it follows with what had happened in the first one.

(and i know this must be boring to you all, but i'm geeky-excited by these games. they make me geeky-happy).

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