May 11

May. 11th, 2011 08:48 pm
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Did manage to beat the game last night. Final battle was slow. Not hard, because the trick is to just keep distant, block when she swings her sword, and throw a few spells when the sword is returning to her. But the only spell that is quick enough that actually does some damage to her is Magic Missile. And that does only a small amount of damage to her.

I am kinda wanting to replay some of my favorite classic games (Chrono Trigger for the <3) but I’ve also got a good number of games I haven’t played yet. Eh, we’ll see what I feel like, I suppose.

Oh, my seeds are starting to sprout! I’m super excited to see little plants coming out of the dirt.

I’ve been using a allergy pill (trying Alegra at the moment. It’s not enough for this time of year). Also using a nasal spray. That has been helping quite a bit, but my nose is getting sore from its use. I knew I was going to have problems when I needed to use it this morning at 9. Sure enough, I’m starting to feel the allergy symptoms hitting me. (Yesterday I didn’t need the nasal spray until about noonish, and was fine for the rest of the day. I think I’m about to have a rather miserable next couple hours.)
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I have done all I can on my thesis on my own. Thought I'd be completely done by now. Adviser disappeared for 2 months. Just reappeared. I was about to go stalk him outside his office but he finally replied to my numerous emails. I think the end is in sight now, though.

I've gained a bit of weight this year. It's been a few years since i've been this weight. I tried to do a little since the new year, but that wasn't enough. So yesterday I have started a concentrated effort. Start the morning on the exercise bike for an episode of Naruto Shippuden. Walk the dogs for a mile down the street. Yesterday was work on the abs. Tomorrow will be upper arms (sundays are the day off for weight training). So far so good. Though I'm usually good for the first week or two. Just got to keep trying to keep going.

Father and I have been doing a mini book club. We're reading Emma now.

Still have writer's block. I've got quite a bit figured out on my pirate story, and keep thinking I should write out the outline and notes I have, and I can't even do that. I'm hoping that my block will end when I finish my thesis fully.

Still unemployed living at home. Some hope though...Sent out my resume to 4 jobs I'd be happy doing (two of which are cataloguing!) Four in a week! That's more than there were for autumn and summer combined! So I'm feeling hopeful.

Otherwise, I'm trying to catch up on some podcasts I just got into (Forcecast, a star wars one, scuttercast on reddwarf, and i just discovered the Signal, a firefly/serenity one that will take a LONG time for me to get through, but i'll give it a try to see if it's worth it). Oh, and playing some Heroes of Might and Magic IV. Love that game. Got some good tactics for playing certain army types. Death is my go-to (vampires=win) and nature comes next (confuse the most powerful attackers, then pick them off when they can't act).

So that's my life at the moment.
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First news, kitten update: i was able to find a home for him. On friday, a very nice couple came, having fallen in love with him just from his picture. We wound up chatting for something like an hour, and i felt very comfortable with them taking him home. Of course i'm sad to see him go, but it wasn't really fair to him and my boys with the set up we had, so i'm just glad he found a loving home.

next update, FF7: beat it saturday night. I got my Gold Chocobo last weekend, and even got the super powerful summon magic that you can only get if you have a Gold Chocobo. Then decided that super powerful summon magic was entirely too powerful and didn't use it. Liked the story alot, and really enjoyed playing. As soon as i beat the game, i watched Advent Children, and found myself even more in love with it this time because i was getting all the little 'in-jokes' that you pick up from knowing the game. Quite enjoyable.

So now of course i'm playing Dirge of Cerberus. I don't quite like the fighting system as much as something like Devil May Cry, but with the 'makes-it-easy' feature of the automatic targetting, i'm starting to get the hang of it. It's very pretty.

Yesterday was a sucky day. I was a bit slow to get up, and lunch took a bit longer than i should have spent to make, so i was feeling like i was heading out a bit later than i wanted to, and then realized i couldn't find my car keys. Now, I have spare keys, so the car key part of it wasn't as much of a concern. But on my car keys are the library keys which i would need since i was going to be opening the library. So i spend 5-10 minutes or so frantically searching and im' running late and i'm going to be the only one opening but i can't find my keys and finally i give up.

I'm praying that the cleaning lady will be around the front of the library to let me in, because otherwise i'm a bit screwed. I pull into the parking lot, grab the bag where i packed my lunch, and there i see, half-burried on the seat, my carkeys. I must have dropped them there when grabbing groceries the day before. Equal parts glad to have my real keys back and frustrated by the frantic searching that made me late, i open the library slightly late, but within reason.

I knew i was the only one opening yesterday, what i didn't realize was that i was going to be the only one in the library until after lunch. Yes, that is right, i was literally the only librarian/worker there until 12:30. And even when coworker G came in, after a brief lunch break, she asked me to stay out front so she could get some work done.

Which meant that *i* wasn't getting work done. But at least my work doesn't have a deadline, so i suppose it was ok. Just frustrating since i don't like working out front. The only positive was the fact that i spent the day reading. I am now mostly done with rereading Harry Potter book 6. And geekily taking notes sa i go. I'm not 97% positive that Snape is still on the good side and was acting on Dumbledore's orders. And you can so find support for Sirius/Remus in the books. I'm pretty certain that wasn't what JK intended, but you can support it.

Today is not likely to be a great day either. The fact is, i'm still at home because i have to cover the night shift. I have to go in at 3 to work until midnight. I tend to go to bed 11ish. How the hell am i supposed to work till midnight??? At least the student workers will be back today. HOpefully tonight i'll have someone who worked last year and knows what they are doing. So i can work in back and just be there 'if need be'.

Well, tomorrow things should be getting back to more regular working conditions for me. Just need to make it through tonight.
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Many years ago, when the PlayStation was new, Final Fantasy 7 was released. When i was traveling with my sister and we stopped for the night with a friend of hers, i spent my time playing ff7 while they chatted. I had been quite fond of the Breath of Fire rp games, but never got into the final fantasies, and wasnt' particularly impressed at first due to the 'modern' setting. Still, it was entertaining enough to keep me busy for the day.

And then of course i got to THAT SCENE. The one with Sephiroth and the flames... And i was in love and had to have my own copy of the game at once. (well, it took a while longer than that, but i did eventually pick it up.)

That being said, i played a little but never got very far. Never made it beyond halfway through disc 1, and didn't think i was every going to pick it up again, what with the graphics not aging so well and all.

Still, after all these years, i pretty much knew the plot, and i read up on it more fully before watching Advent Children.

But the other day I bought Dirge of Cereberus (i had to--Gackt is a character in it!!!!) and i decided i wanted to play through ff7 first.

So this weekend i majorly geeked out and spent the whole time playing ff7. Last night i just got through disc 1. Quite an accomplishment for me!

For those who know about the game, the end of disc 1 is the infamous death. I think had i not known it was coming, i would probably have been quite shocked/saddened by it.

In any case, it's been a lot of fun, and after the first little hour or so, i've kinda forgotten about the crappy art and just enjoyed the story. Still, i think i'll go into art shock again when i rewatch Advent Children when i beat the game. OOOO the PRETTY!!!

In other news, Nao is doing much better. He's no longer getting sick, and hastn' been for a couple days. I'll probably move him back to the second bedroom so he has more room to move and play. Still haven't heard anything from the potential couple who i had heard might be interested in adopting him. I guess it's time for me to make fliers because word of mouth hasn't found any one yet. *sigh*

I absolutely adore this little guy, but three cats are entirely too many, and i don't want to upset the dynamics of Genji and Romeo.
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Well, NoWri starts tomorrow. I'm feeling pretty psyched. I have decided, at least for now, to write fresh. I am not even reading my previous version before i start writing. That may change of course, during the month. It is not goign to be difficult to write fresh for the first couple chapters in particular, because i am adding a chapter with new scenes not found in the original version, and the first several chapters of the original are the ones most needing massive rewriting. It will be a couple chapters later on that i might be more interested in using some of the previous version.

Anyone who has read the previous version should still check out the new version, as there will definately be new scenes and different occurances, though the general plot is the same.

My back is doing so-so. I'm feeling great in the morning, but tense up as the day progresses. To the point where it isn't comfortable sitting and i just want to go lie down again. I'm trying to take it easy, give myself the chance to fully recover.

Since i was a lot more alert last night than i have been the past several days, i pulled out a couple video games i borrowed from Janel. Maximo: Army of Zin is cute. It took me a little bit to get the hang of it, but now that i have, i'm having fun. I also tried Tenchu: wrath of the ninja, but i'm not as impressed with that game. I am more of a button masher and less of a 'sneak and stealth' kind of player. Also, the camera in that game annoys me to know end and makes me feel naucious. Ok, i admit it; i'm not a Gamer! I'm an anime-geek. I like video games but i am by no means a Gamer.
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So Cloud was still being a pain last night, so i decided to try one of my other games. Well, as i only have one other right now as the other couple haven't arrived yet, that meant i moved on to the Gackt game, Bujingai. Now, i've never realy played any of those adventure previous experiance with Devil May Cry or those sorts of games, so this was a first for me.

The game is GORGEOUS, and not just because Gackt is the main character ;) I also suck at the game. I'm getting the hang of it, slowly, so i'm getting better. But i went up to the final boss battle in stage three (there are only 7 stages, if that gives you some idea of where i had gotten in the game) and hadn't upgraded my character. I didnt' know i had to, or how to, so i was still at level 1 stats for everything. That would explain why i kept getting my butt whooped there, wouldn't it? I'm starting to get the hang of combos, and poses (i was getting such a kick out of the posing. If you hit a button right after a successful combo, you can 'pose' for a minute and look very cool. You get style points for posing. *dies*) I'm getting the hang out of running up walls and other jumping. I'm still having trouble with blocking. Damn blocking. I'm thinking of starting over now that i know what i'm doing a bit better, but i might just press on, regardless that i have a couple of "continues' on my record. Another part of the game is that you can collect golden coins that unlock extras. I. MUST. COLLECT. ENOUGH. TO. UNLOCK. GACTK'S. OUTFIT. How cool will it be to playing the game with Gackt-Gackt doing all the moves? BWAH HA HA HA HA HA!!

Devil May Cry should be here today. I expected it to arrive yesterday, so i'm pretty sure it'll be waiting for me when i get home today. Two Towers shouldn't me much longer either. Also, i'm anxiously checking the tracking on Red Dwarf season 7. It's shipped out yesterday; i hope it arrives in time for me to spend all weekend watching it. This is the season i was most looking forward to seeing on dvd. It shall be good.

I ordered the Bujingai stragedy guide, not because the game is really that difficult and i'm stuck or anything, though i do hope it has maps of the stages, because that would be very helpful, but mostly i want to look at the pretty pictures of Gackt. *sigh* I really am a fangirl sometimes.

You know, if i've been this giddy, i really should have gotten myself a PS2 sooner!

Well, besides geeking on games, life is going pretty well for me. Well, i'm trying to pull myself out of my avoidant funk, trying to get done some things that need to get done. For example, i made some calls that i was supposed to, paid some bills, and emailed my Japanese professor in the hopes of arranging to do some independent studying this semester. There are other things i should be getting done and i just haven't yet. I just haven't wanted to write, though i really need to get back into writing a little each day. I haven't really done much on my Harry Potter rpg, but i just haven't wanted to. At this point, i'm trying not to push myself, as that will just make me feel worse, i think. Little steps, ease back into things. Or something.
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So i got past Squall--i mean Leon--last night, just as i was about to give up. I figured i was having so much trouble, obviously i wasn't quite high enough level, and since i hadn't gotten far in the game, maybe i ought to restart if i wasnt' successful that one last time. And i was. I stopped for a while to watch my monday night telly, then played a bit more before bed. I was able to finish the Wonderland scene and started in on the Hercules world. I got my ass handed to me on a plate by Cloud. (What is it with these Final Fantasy guys kick my ass so much?!) Oh, and btw, KH Cloud is freakin' HOT. Not Advent Children HOT, but HOT none-the-less. I really like his outfit in particular. I'm eargerly waiting for work to get out so i can play some more. I expect to be getting Devil may Cry and Two Towers in the mail in the next couple days.

Is 5-6 months in advance too early to start planning a party?

Knee is doing better today. It was so stiff last night, even with taking advil, but this morning i didn't take anything and it's been fine. I didn't change the bandage this morning either, but it's needing it now.

La la la... is it time to go home yet?
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So i managed to survive the weekend. I treated myself to finally getting a PS2. I needed it after the past couple weeks. I decided to start with Kingdom Hearts, though didn't play too long last night. Squall, pardon, i mean 'Leon', was kicking my ass. I know i don't have to beat him to get past this point in the game, but i really want to. I don't suppose anyone knows how many times i have to hit him, so i could have some idea if i'm even close or if i should just give up.

I've got a couple more games coming as well. It shall be much fun.

i banged up my knee something good on friday. Was walking my parent's dogs when they decided to head off in a different direction, and as their combined weight is only a few pounds less than mine, they pulled me right off my feet.

Driving back home, i decided to try letting my cats ride in the car not in their kitty carriers. Genji was signficantly quieter that way, but they were both a bit obnoxious, as they insisted on walking all over me. Romeo was still the better rider. He had gotten carsick ealier, as per usual, but by the time i had let him out of his carrier, he was fine. He spent the majority of the ride curled up on my lap. Genji wasn't as content to stay in one place, so sometimes he was curled up on the floor behind me, sometimes curled up on the floor at my feet, and often enough wandering around. Having them BOTH sitting in my lap was difficult.

I went to bed a bit early last night, but i'm still feeling rather sleepy this morning. oh well.
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I had a fabulous weekend, 'productive' in the manner i wished. I drew a bit, trying to get Akiko and i ahead in comics again. I got some cleaning done, though my place is still a bit of a mess. I also watched a ton of anime, trying to get through the pile i got over the holidays.

I broke my record on saturday. Previously, my record had been 22 episodes in one day. That was back in freshman year when i was watching Fushigi Yuugi with 2 friends. Fushigi Yuugi has a tendency to end each episode in this excrutiating cliff-hanger, so whenever i asked if my friends wanted to stop yet, they insisted upon another episode. and then another. and then another, and before you knew it, we had done a marathon of 22 eps. I've gotten close to my record, getting 20 eps in a day. But i shattered my record with 28 eps. I got the latest boxset of Yu Yu Hakusho, and planned to just watch half of it, but i was really getting into it, and it was still early enough, so i went ahead and finished watching it all. i've decided 28 eps is a bit much for one day, so i don't think i'll try to break my new record. still, i do know now that if i really want to, i could probably get a 26 ep series watched in one day.

My boys were utterly adorable this morning. I woke up sometime in the middle of the night with Genji curled up on me, and Romeo sprawled right beside me. Genji's been a bit of a brat and not spending the night on my bed recently, so i was happy just that he was on the bed at all. It was really too cute how we were all cuddled together. Romeo, however, didn't want me to get up in the morning. My alarm was going off, but he pinned me down.

I didn't get my PS2 yet, but i wanted to try to get through most of my stack of anime before turning my attention to video games. Considering how much of my pile i was able to get through this weekend, i'm feeling pretty good about picking up the console soon.

As i was going to bed, twice i turned the light back on to write down a few bits that came to mind. I heard a few voices that i hadn't heard in some time, so today's writing practice is a bit of dialogue between Dracula and Helsing from Eien no Momento. I think i'll likely go in somewhere in ch3 or 4.

Last week i did writting 3x (only posted 2 here). I've just gotten one for today, so hopefully i can get at least 3x this week, though i hope to write more than that.

anyway, here's Dracula and Helsing:

Trial of humanity )


Oct. 10th, 2005 03:43 pm
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My copy of book 11 has shipped. slim chance it might arrive today, but looking likely for tomorrow, possibly Wednesday (since it's in Ohio right now, or at least was.) i reread book 9, and more than half way done book 10. i hope to finish book 10 tonight. i read some summaries for the earlier books so i didn't have to reread the whole series, since i so don't have the time for that.

book 11 promises to have a lot more action than book 10, which was a bit disappointing since NOTHING HAPPENED until the final damn chapter. but book 11, it shall continue the story... i shall at last find out what happens. oh yes.

With the two big series i've been reading the past few years releasing their penultimate books this year, i'm curious as to which will come out with the final book sooner? Will it be book 7 or book 12? bets anyone? Or will they both be within months of each other like book 6/book 11?

I really want to play Lufia 1 & 2 again. should i try to get the games used for SNES, or break down and splurge a bit and get the GBA? there are so many old school RPGs on GBA now, it really might be worth pickign up. but i don't play my gameboy much these days, so maybe i should bother. But i do want to play those games. *le sigh* the dilemma.


Jun. 27th, 2005 09:26 am
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Last night, i finished Final Fantasy 6. considering the game has been out for something like 10 years, i should probably be embarrassed that i only now finished it. (but i'm not really a gamer, so i suppose i can be forgiven). i've played a few times before, the last time getting just to the end, but i never actually beat it.

The question now is whether i feel like picking up the next game, or going on to something else.

My semi-retired part-time assistant is fully retiring tomorrow. when i first started working here, i hadn't quite gotten a handle on what she could do for me, as she wasn't proficient with computers. but after a while, i figured it out, and she has been most helpful. it will be a shame to lose her, but it's probably time.

it was brutally hot this weekend. today is quite hot as well, though we're supposed to be getting thundershowers this afternoon.
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"the scariest thing for an artist is the blank page."

i must confess that only now do i understand the meaning of these words.

i did not ride my bike to work this morning, as it was raining when i woke, but now there is not a cloud in the sky and the temperature is pleasant without being too hot. i thought to myself that it would be good to sit outside for lunch today.

i also need to work on getting a cushion of comics done again, so i brought out my drawing book to sketch out the next comic.

ah, did i learn the horror of the blank page at that moment. though, perhaps, not in the manner the phrase was intended.

i was literally blinded by the sun reflecting off the brilliant white sheet before me. truly, it was indeed a terrible thing.

in other news, i'm progressing well on FF6. i suspect i should be able to finish the game this weekend at the latest. we'll see what my next bit of geekiness will be when i beat this game.

i finally finished getting reference into the collection the other day, and today i have started in on the 900's (history). the first couple shelves seem to be already in the system, so i haven't had to do very much. i'm not even bringing all the books into my office. i just bring in the ones not marked as being in the system, ones that seem to be in questionable repair, and ones that it looks like we have duplicate copies of, to see if we indeed want both copies of it. it keeps me busy, but in a good way, i suppose. all too soon i'll get to the stacks and stacks of books not in the system. *fears*

still, progress is progress.
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i've had several old video games that i didn't want anymore, and have been meaning to for over a year to sell. figured i'd sell them at the EB games store at the mall and get a bit of store credit. it wouldn't be very much, but hopefully would help pay for a new game. i've beem meaning to get ff9, since it's supposed to be more like the earlier FF games, which i've enjoyed. figured maybe pick up the FF anthology if they had it. i have ff6 (aka ff3) on snes, but the ps version also comes with ff5, and with a couple videos that are impossible to do on snes.

i got a little more money than i expected for the games i sold, which was nice. however, the store there didn't have any ps1 games. i thought they might have even just a 'used game bin', but nothing at all. thought maybe i'd look around the used ps2 bins in the slim hope they might have the Gackt game. i had been waiting for it to drop in price (and for me to actually get a ps2), but it's no longer being produced, so if i saw it, i would get it. no luck at all.

randomly i checked the new games shelf. most of the shelf is dominated by the brand new games, faced out to show their covers, but towards the bottom is a stack of new games that have been there a while. totally by luck, i saw the Bujinkai game i was looking for.

so now i have my first ps2 game (which i cannot play as of yet as i do not own a ps2). but it is the Gackt game i've been lusting over for a while now, so this makes me very happy.

getting back to my aparto, i spent a bit of time playing FF6. i was feeling a bit frustrated... i never seem to actually finish any games. (ok, i've beaten at least once maybe half the games i own, but i still have a large number i haven't gotten very fair in. i've never actually beaten ff6 before, though i did get up to just about the end). and then i thought about it... rpg games take about 40 hours to complete. well, if i can get (on averge) 5 hours of play in per day, it'll only take 8 days. even FF games, which can actually last quite a bit longer, say 60 hours, that's still less than 2 weeks. now granted, not every night i'm going to be able to get 5 hours of play in. (such as, last night i only got in 2. but on the weekends, i can get more than just 5, so it'll still work out to be about the same.) so thinking about it in this manner, i don't see why i can't beat all the games i own.

with how cold and rainy it is, i can't really go out to play, so might as well get myself having a bit of fun with a video game.
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Easter has come and gone and i have just come to the realization that i have not had a Cadbury Cream Egg at all this year. i had one small snack bag size of the candy coated chocolate Eggs, but that's it. this makes me very very sad.

yesterday, my work computer decided it didn't like LJ. i couldn't log on at all. fortunately it works today or i would be even more sad.

i'm feeling a little bit blue today and i'm not quite sure why. maybe it's the grey sky? well, Rocky should be fun tonight, and seeing a bunch of my college friends is always fun.

i finished up a major quest in Icewind Dale last night, so it's a good breaking point. (since i won't be able to play again for several days.) though now that i've gotten into the game, there are certain things i will do differently when i next start up a game. for example, for this kind of game, while the extra healing spells a paladin can offer is nice, it's not as good as a straight fighter's ability to have 4 weapons in the quickslot (as opposed to 2 or 3 of the other characters) and the fighter's ability to have more than 2 specilization slots for his/her weapon proficincies. part of me just wants to start over again :) and why not? i'm just playing this to have fun, not to beat it. in fact, part of me doesn't quite want to get past the point where Akiko and i left off this past december (which is still another major quest and a bit beyond what i have just done this past week) but Akiko and i will have to start over anyway since we lost our saved game with her recent computer loss. (gosh... thinking about the game here as got me wanting to go home and play and not be at work. *laughs* i'm such a geek sometimes).

Lost continues to amaze me. i LOVE that show. it's been a while since i've been this excited about a show, particularly one that has a continuing story. (i mean, i adore Who's Line and Queer Eye, but those are different kind of shows.)

i caught myself back up on a fanfic series i've been reading for several years now. (has it really been so long?) i don't often read fanfics now, as i said in a previous rant. frustrating trying to find that one or two good ones in a sea of self-insertion crap. this particular story is a 'what-if' Johnny the Homicidal Maniac slash/shonen-ai story. (and slash=shonen-ai, not the other kind of slashing Nny does. though there's some of that too... there would have to be.. its a JtHM story after all!) its actually a believable slash story too. the author has a strong sense of the characters. i say 'slash' but it's not really... well, i mean, when you consider Nny's character that should be clear... he doesn't like being touched! it's been a while since i last checked, so there were 2 new chapters, which was very exciting. but now i have to wait until the next chapter comes out, and i hate waiting. it's really a compelling story, and it's taken quite a different turn now, so i can't wait to see what happens next. eeee! (similar excitment i feel while waiting for next wednesday to see what happens on Lost!)

i want to write but it's not coming out. that is, i mean, i want to work on one of my stories. like finish editing Eien no Momento. or finally finish the rough draft of Ninsei story one. or get back to working on Animal Half. i think that each morning i should work some more on one of those and i don't. why doesn' it come out?

so i'm feeling a little bit nostalic, a little bit blue, but there are things i'm looking forward to coming up soon. (and that off-rhyme just flowed out of me).
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i had another Gackt dream the other day. actually, it was better than a Gackt dream... it was a Gackt and Hyde dream!

in my dream, apparrantly, Gackt and Hyde were doing a promotional thing where they were helping out at a couple stores.. Gackt was going to work at a chocolate store, and Hyde was going to be a waiter at the restaurant next door. what wasn't known to most was that they were actually going to be there the day before the promotion to learn how to do the job. well, a 'friend' i had in japan (no such person) apparantly learned of this and told me. she wasn't going herself because she had had plenty of oppertunities to meet Gackt. (there is no such thing as too many times meeting Gackt! i felt).

anyway, i go into the chocolate store first, and Gackt is in a really happy mood. he's smiling and laughing, and making jokes. he's flirting with me a bit (nothing serious, just playing around, being happy.) i wide up spending all afternoon there hanging out at the store with him (not that he spends the whole time talkign to me. i just sort of hang out there while he's working and all.) he was really good about speaking slowly and in easy japanese, so i had no problems talking with him (i was speaking japanese in my dream, and was understanding everything he said). i asked if i could take a picture and posed really silly for me, and gave me his autograph. then i asked him what kind of chocolate he recommended, and he picked some out for me. it was fabulous.

then, it was about dinner time, so i decided to go see Hyde next door and eat dinner there. but he was really busy and i didn't get a chance to ask him for his autograph or if i could take a picture. i tried to ask if he was Hyde, and wanted to ask him if i could have his autograph, but he spoke realy fast and i didn't understand him well. without much ado, he seated me at the bar counter since i wasn't with anyone else. (hense, i would be served at the bar, not by him. boo!). but there was a really nice girl sitting next to me at the bar. she spoke slow and in easy Japanese for me, much like Gackt did. she was really nice and said she would help me get Hyde's autograph and picture.

Gackt came into the restaurante, because the chocolate store closed before the restaurant did, so he was finished. when he saw me he smiled and said hi.


hehehehe. Gackt dreams are fun :)

and yes. yes i am an uber fangirl. at least i'm cute. (good thing too, or i would have been thrown off a bridge LONG LONG ago. in a galaxy far far away...)

in real life news, the college was closed yesterday so i had a day off (YAY) in which i spent the whole day playing a video game. see, i've spent several days reading the archives of Dungeons & Dorks which got me feeling very nostaligic for D&D, but as there isn't anyone i can play with, i turned to the next best thing... a D&D video game. Akiko and i play Icewind Dale every time we get together (around the holidays nov/dec time). but i started up my own group and started playing. i've gotten a decent start into it and am having much fun with it. though i have work today (boo, wanna be home playing. have to find the heartstone gem!) i wonder if i'll be able to get past the point in which akiko and i last got to...?

got some busy weekendends ahead, but should be much fun.
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spent much of the weekend playing remotely with Akiko on our webpage. we think the changes look pretty darn spiffy.

the rest of the weekend, i spent playing Suikoden, one of my favorite video games (not that i play that many of them, but..) one of the neat things about this game is the sheer number of characters that can join your group. i'm talking 108. (not all of them are playable, but a vast majority are). it's based (loosely i believe) on a Chinese legend (hense the large number of characters). anyway, you get a castle, so the people you collect help build up your castle, and help in the army-army battles. and gives you a huge choice in what characters to play with.

i tried very hard to get all 108 (because if you can get all 108 and then play the sequel, you can get the hero from the first game as a playable character in the second one.) unfortunately, i missed one. i thought i had gotten him, but no. see, there are apparantly 5 blacksmith characters, and since they all have really really similar names, i didn't quite realize there was one more. what is really unfortunate, is that this is pretty much the only character i can't just go back to my last save point, leave the final castle, and go get. because you only have 6 characters in your fighting party at one time, and for the last battle there are two characters that HAVE to be in the party, and with the hero, that makes only 3 open spots, and you need all 4 blacksmiths in your party to get the fifth one. gosh darn it!

so i didn't get the spiffy ending, and i won't be able to do the special bonus in the second game since i didn't get all 108 characters. bugger.

i've started Suikoden 2 last night, though i don't know when i'll get much of a chance to play again, since i'm going home for the weekend.

i'll just have to replay both games later on so i can get all 108 characters the next time. for an rpg game, they're both rather short (i beat the first game in just over 20 hours). i think the second one is similiar, though might be a bit longer.

it's kinda funny, this is actually my second time playing both games, but the first time, i had gotten Suikoden 2 first, and so that was the game i started with. since i liked it so much, i bought the first one. it's kinda neat to play the games in order, since many of the characters from the first game are also in the second one, it's neat to see 'oh, that's why they're like this' in the second game, cuz it follows with what had happened in the first one.

(and i know this must be boring to you all, but i'm geeky-excited by these games. they make me geeky-happy).
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uh... where to start? my boss kicked me out early and so i safely made my way back home to my 'rents. did a few last minute xmas thingys, had very good xmas, got lots of goodies. (like a new tv, because the little 13"-er that has faithfully served me throughout college and grad-school, while sufficient for a dorm room or a small Boston studio, was a bit too small for my new aparto. it was hard to read subtitles from my couch! so while i don't have a 52" plasma, i have a respectable 27" shiney new tv. i also got a new ipod because my last one died, some kitchen stuff, a puzzle table and some new puzzles. and coolest of all, the legos Millenium Falcon! i was never able to get that 100$ legos pirate ship that i so wanted, but at least i have finally gotten the big shiney Millenium Falcon.

i spent all week hanging out with Akiko playing Icewind Dale. we've been playing this game for 3 years now, i think? well, since we dont' get to see each other very often these days, we only get to play a bit a few times a year. so it's a very slowly advancing game. the first year we got a good ways through the game, but we weren't happy with how things were coming out, we restarted. this year we got past the point we had at first attained but were unhappy with, and have surpassed it a good deal. it was much fun killing orcs and shadows, and other such things.

for new years i went down to NYC... not to the times square to watch the silly ball drop, but to my friends' aparto as it is been deemed the unofficial central gathering place for all of us since we've all gone off in various directions since graduation. so most of the old crew was present and a few new people (well, that is, new to our group, as they were old friends of our darling hostess). we played some of that bongo kongo or whatever it's called game.. basically DDR with bango drums and with slight tie to Donky Kong. i suck at that game, though with practice i could probably do alright. the other game we played too much of was this crashing race game.. road rage or something. basically you got to drive around the course and there were these enemy cars that were identifiable by the blue triangles over them. the point was to try to make these enemy cars crash. they could make you crash too. you could crash a certain number of times before you died. i usually seemed to do REALLY well for one life, and then die horribly all the rest of them. i hated the city locations a lot. damn poles. was much fun though... i went about cussing up a storm, to the amusement of all.

got no sleep at all. eventually made my way back north to my aparto yesterday, before the weather turned nasty.

and found that my aparto was 44 degrees and all my plants were dead. i have both electric and gas heating. one is a floor baseboard unit, the other a thingy unit on the wall. the previous owner when i talked with him about heating a bit had said that he would plug in the electric one like once a year to make certain it still worked but otherwise left it unplugged. the wall unit was the only thing i saw with a big obvious plug. i assumed the wall unit was the electric. well, suffice to say that the heating in my place is a bit confusing as to what connects with what. so the pilot light is out on my gas heater (for the obvious reason that i had accidently not been using that unit at all). the electric heater is crap... it can take the chill out of the air a bit, but it can't heat my whole place very effectively, and certainly not starting at 44 degrees. in a few hours, the temperature inside had risen maybe to 47.

in any case, i called the heating company and they sent me a VERY nice, brave man who made his way on REALLY SHITTY icy road conditions to fix up my heater so i had heat again. with an hour or two, my place was toasty warm again.

i can only wait a week to see if any of my plants can pull through or if they are all dead. i hope at least a few pull through... some of them have a bit of sentimental meaning for me.

so i'm back at work today, though i definately need a vacation from my vacation... just one or two more days... that's all i need! not that i've gotten much work done yet... i've spent all morning catching back up with the large number of webcomics that i read, as well as the gazillion emails that i got over break... you would think the listserves would be pretty quiet as most people would be off on vacation, but there were about a hundred messages waiting for me. (it would have been a lot higher, i suppose for a week of not checking on a non-vacation week... i'm not looking forward to coming back from my vacation in march.)

so yeah, that's pretty much my life in a nutshell. so i would really love to just go home.. nap for a while, play on my computer a bit, start work on building the Falcon. still got half a day of work ahead of me. *le sigh*

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