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this is crap, but i'm getting too tired and cranky right now, so i'm posting it only because i want to have something written for today and i don't have the capacity to rewrite this right now. Tomorrow i plan on scrapping this and rewritting it, but for now, this is what i have for today's writting assignment.

I'm going back to my character Toshi, and trying to give a short blurb on holidays for him. Expect it to be redone for tomorrow's writting assignment.


Christmas has very little impact on Toshi, for the most part.

In the future, the Japanese will celebrate Christmas, though the holiday will turn into a day much more like our Valentines Day than what the West associates with Christmas. But for now, it is 1977 and though his family now lives in England, they do not celebrate Christmas.

So while the rest of the students at Hogwarts bustles with excitement over the coming holiday, Toshi is oblivious. The only manner in which Christmas has any affect on Toshi is that he is more frequently late for classes, as all the shiny Christmas lights that fill the Great Hall can easily distract him.

New Years, however, is a special day for him.

It is a day to be with your family and celebrate, and though Toshi’s grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins are all still in Japan, his family’s home is still bustling with people, as his parents, as diplomats, open their home to a large number of people.

His mother spends the week before preparing a huge feast. Toshi looks forward to the special mochi sweets that are only made for New Years. There is shabu shabu, sukiyaki, and lots of sushi. He can spend all day eating, and usually does.

More than food, however, Toshi looks forward to seeing his older sister, Sakura. Since she finished school and married, Toshi has seen very little of his beloved older sister.

Though he was born in Japan, Toshi has very little memory of his homeland. In the past, Sakura would pull him into her lap and wrap her arms around him, telling him all about how the family would celebrate New Years back in Japan.

They would stay up all night so they could see the first sunrise of the new year, then mother and Sakura would dress in kimono and the whole family would visit a shrine to pray for a good year.
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This is a short little sniplet on a character i'm playing, and i thought i'd share. He's a rather...interesting...person, as i'm sure you'll be able to gather.

i bring you a short blurb on Satoshi Seki: )

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