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just in case you didn't notice my entry five minutes ago: i'm DONE! DONE DONE DONE!!

I have gotten both my word goal, and finished this first story arc. VERY exciting. Not that it went smoothly at all... (besides the life complications). I realized as i started this chapter that i hadn't really figured out the religion at all. the problem in not having the time to really plot things out. Oh well, i can plot out as much as i want now and i can go back and change things as needed in the rewrites/editing process. Haven't quite found everyone's voices yet, but i think that will come more in the second story arc when all the main characters are actually in the story.

Not quite satisfied with the ending scene, mostly because i'm not sure how much to reveal of things, and i think i revealed a bit much. again, that's what the rewriting/editing stage is for.

Now i'll have time to really flesh out the world, the story, the characters. Figure out all the details. When i really have it figured out, i can rewrite this story arc, and move on to the next. Because, this really is just the end of the beginning ;)

Final word count (official:) 50,085 (and according to word: 50,129)

chapter 10 )
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I got a bit done yesterday, but not quite as much as i wanted to. Still, i was feeling a bit stuck on a part and realized i was pressuring myself. I don't need to pressure myself--i'm far enough along and ahead of things that i don't need stress myself out. so i stopped where i was and spent the evening watching Who's Line. A couple eps i haven't seen before even! v. exciting. i'm kicking so many kinds of ass. I started the day at 42,112. i've gotten 3k done already, and it's only 2. I've got class this afternoon, but since the prof isn't going to be there and we're watching a movie, i plan on brining my laptop and getting a bit more done then.

And then another Meet Up. I've been able to get done 1-2k at the meet ups, so i've got hope for another couple thousand words tonight.

Things are going so well for me today! There actually is a slight chance i might be able to finish up today. At the very least, there won't be much for me to do tomorrow. I'm getting so close i can smell the end.

Current total: 45,515!!!

chapter 9 )
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Things are progressing well; i'm keeping to my time table and it looks like a strong possibility i'll finish by thanksgiving!

Chapter 8 is among the shorter chapters at 4204. i got about 2.2k yesterday, and about 2.5 today, so doing pretty darn well. If all goes well, i'll have chapter 9 tomorrow, then finish up chapter 10, the final chapter, on monday and tuesday :)

Total Word Count: 40747

chapter 8 )
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wow, i had a VERY productive day yesterday... 3.5k, getting me a full day ahead of my schedule. This morning, i have finished up chapter 7, though i'm not as certain of events for chapter 8 so i might not get much farther ahead today. we'll see, maybe i'll get inspired at lunch.

Chapter 7 wound up being 5010 words long, so among the longer ones. This chapter just worked for me. It flowed out really well.

It's now within the realm of possibility that as long as i don't get stuck (like on ch 8) i could conceivably finish before thanksgiving. It's also starting to be less about word count (which i'm confident that i'll make) but getting to be more about where i am in the story (so i can finish up this story arc around 50k.)

Things are really coming along!

Current word count: 36,543

chapter 7 )
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at 5457, i think chapter 6 is now the longest. and yet it could have been longer. i definately rushed through parts of it, but this chapter was starting to drag on and i wanted to hurry up and get past this point. i didn't go back and edit it even the cursory edit i usually do before posting, so it's rough and raw and really not my best writing. still, it's NaNoWriMo, i'm just trying to get the gist story out. i'll go back later and fix it up. I seem to be doing a day or two of slower writing followed by a great day where i catch myself back up. i hope to get ahead again this week.

Current word count: 31,533

chapter 6 )

and somehow Naddune's name became Naddan. *sigh* this is why i edit. oh well, after November...
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Well, yesterday i wound up not doing any more writing. (i got distracted. a new character for the HP RP game i play popped into my head, and i got invovled in making him a journal and way, way too many icons. but much geeky fun was to be had).

anway, today started off slow, and i feared i wouldn't make the goal i had wanted of finishing 26k for the weekend. fortuantely, i really got rolling during the afternoon. i got in 4008 words today. (which makes chapter 5 the shortest except for the prologue).

Current word count: 26076 (yay i'm more than halfway!)

chapter 5 )
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Well, had a busy couple days. Didn't make my goal wednesday, and didn't get anything done on thursday since i went to a library conference, so that put me a day and a half behind. Yesterday i made goal, but not much beyond that. So my goal for today is to catch myself up to what my target is. i'm half-way to that point now.

current word count: 22,071

chapter 4 )
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It's been 2 1/2 days, but i've finished Chapter 3. Might not be my strongest writing, but i think it's got potential that with a bit of work later, it could be a really well-written piece.

thus far for today, i've got 1164 words, 1694 yesterday, and 1744 on monday, making chapter 3 4602 words long. so i've lost the lead that i got the first couple days of writing, but i'm solidly on schedule.

Had another NaNoWriMo meet up...wasn't nearly as productive this week as i was last week, but had an enjoyable time.

Current count is: 17189 (1/3 of my total word goal)

chapter 3 )
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So i've lost the lead that i got the first 2 days of writing, but things are progressing. Friday i got the wireless card working, and my mother sent the floppy drive (though i wasn't here to sign for the package, so i'll have to stop at the post office on monday to pick itup). then i came home and crashed. so exhaused, i fell asleep around 9. Did not make my word goal.

Saturday, i got up to the word count i had wanted for friday, but didn't get much beyond that. Instead, i took advantage of the GORGEOUS 70 degree weather and went for a walk in North Woods. (Research. yeah, that's what it was!) definately a pleasant walk, but time definately continues on and things change. Met up with a couple friends and walk to town for a 'breakfast' dinner. and finally got rid of my old computer that had been sitting in the back of my car for over a year now.

sunday morning i goofed off and read comics, but got some work done in the afternoon. i would get a bit of writing done, play with the boys some, go outside some, write some more. and watched the first couple eps of Gunslinger Girl which is a bit of pretentious dribble. It is Tragic! Woe! So Tragic! because they use little girls as brain-washed assasins, and it is oh so Tragic!

anyway, i finished chapter 2, which proved to be almost as long as chapter 1, even if i have not gotten nearly enough words written for the weekend.

Current word count: 12,587 (more than 1/5 the way to my goal, after 6 days).

chapter 2 )
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Well, still having a bit of an issue with connecting to the wireless network at work, but i think if i can get in range, i should be able to connect in a cafe. I'll see at least come next week for the next meet up, if i don't decide to head over to all Saratoga for comics, visiting, and a little writing in the coffee house.

I was feeling a bit frustrated with things, so i took a bit of a breather when i got back to my apartment--just crashed in front of the telly with my boys, who were more than happy to pin me down and cuddle. About 9 i got up and got a little writing done--got about 1,110 words in and finished up chapter 1. not quite as many words as i had hoped to do, but considering how well i did on wednesday, i could afford a day a little below my minimum word count. i'll just have to do better today, and i plan to get a lot written this weekend. my mother's sending up the floppy drive so even if i can't get the wireless card to work, i'll be all set for using the laptop for travel and writing.

Anyway, chapter 1. it's proved to be (total) over 5000 words, which is pretty impressive. Eien chapters tended to be shorter, with the longest being about 4k. I think RoT chapters will tend to be a bit longer, needing to be broken in half each time i post. we'll see. This one's a bit rough; as you can probably tell by the lack of country/town names and a bit lacking in the description area. i hope to go in and add in more description later so you can really see the town around her.

Current word count: 7680

chapter 1b )
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Today went by a bit slower, but I have been doing real work in between writing more than i did yesterday. Chapter 1 has been proving longer than i anticipated, hense why i have only put up part a. i shall finish and post part b tomorrow. (My plottage for chapter 1 has 7 points, and i've only just touched upon the fourth point at the end of part a, so i'm not even quite halfway through what i have intended for chapter 1).

Tonight there is a NaNoWriMo 'meet up' that i think i shall try to attend. it will give me a chance to be social with this and maybe meet a few other novelists to get some encouragement on my own project, and give some support to them for theirs.

current word count: 4260 (today: 1881).

Chapter 1 part a )
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NaNoWriMo is at last upon us, and my story has begun with a bang! This has flown quite freely from me, with only one slight bump (a decription of a character) that i've put aside for further considerations.

Current word count: 2356 baby!
a good couple hundred words more than my target, and several hundred more than last year's beginning of Eien no Momento which was only 1691 words.

go me!

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