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it's been about a month since i last posted a chapter to my second Red Dwarf fanfic, but after a bit of a writer's block, i finally worked out the problems i was having and finished up this chapter.

i have also given this story a title: "Otherwise: A Tale of Two Rimmmers".

when we last left out heroes, Holo-Rimmer had returned to the Red Dwarf, stunned to find the crew resurected, and the two Rimmers met for the first time.

part 3 )
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i've been working for a couple weeks now on the next chapter for my latest Red Dwarf fanfic (i've officially titled it "Otherwise: A Tale of Two Rimmers" now). i've been able to get a few paragraphs written here or there, but i'm having a difficult time getting into it to finish it. the main problem is that this chapter brings in the rest of the main crew--Cat, Kryten, and Kochanski. i just don't have as good a sense of their characters as i think i do with Rimmer and Lister, so they are so difficult to write for me. further compounding the problem is that i just don't 'see' the scene. if only i can get that one little sniplet of dialogue exchange... just something solid that i 'see' to act as a spark and jumpstart the whole scene.

i've learned two things last night. 1, it is not a good idea to watch a horror/suspense movie at night when there is an actual thunderstorm going on outside. it makes the movie 100% scarier when the lightning and thunder on screen is immediately followed by lightning and thunder outside.

2, watching Fawlty Towers immediately after watching said-horror movie negates the feelings of uneasiness that watching the horror movie produced, and makes it so one can go to sleep without feeling nervous. furthermore, one can really see connection between Fawlty Towers and certain skits from Monty Python that must have also been written by John Cleese.

the one problem with holidays is that they delay comic shipments one day. granted, today doesn't entirely feel like wednesday, but still, i won't be off getting comics until tomorrow. *le sigh*
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continuing where i left off a few days ago, this is the second part of my latest Red Dwarf fanfic.

still currently untitled Red Dwarf Fic 2, part 2 )
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past couple days i've been working on my second Red Dwarf fanfic. i just finished the first part of it, and i'm pretty satisfied with how it's coming along.

this fic takes place during season 8, before the final episode "only the good..." (not sure when specifically i'm placing this, as i haven't rewatched all of season 8 quite yet.)

i had read a few Red Dwarf fanfics recently, as part of my Red Dwarf binge mode, and i found that a frequent topic in them was post Rimmer becoming Ace and leaving, Rimmer missing Lister, or Lister missing Rimmer, and the two reuniting. but they never consider the events of season 8. (i can't say i blame them entirely -- i must admit i have a preference for holo-Rimmer myself).

therefore, i wanted to consider a what-if scenario. what if holo-Rimmer did return--how would he react to seeing the human Rimmer? what would the human Rimmer think of the return of holo-Rimmer? and so this ficlet was born.

another currently nameless Red Dwarf Fic, part 1 )
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i've aluded to it the past couple posts, so i quickly typed it up this afternoon and here it is, my first Red Dwarf fanfic.

here's some quick backstory. this takes place in season 8, the first "Pete" episode. Lister, Rimmer, and the others are all put into the 'brig' at the start of the season for various reasons. more recently, however, Lister and Rimmer have pissed off the captain and have been sent to solitary confinement cell, 'the hole.'

in the original, they are only in this cell for a few minutes before they get out. but in this short fic, i posed the question, what would have happened if they were stuck there for a bit longer...?

li's currently untitled red dwarf fanfic )
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well, made it to work today, and so far, i'm surviving. i so didn't want to wake up this morning, but otherwise, doing alright. my massive Red Dwarf binge has continued. having finished watching all my dvds and their bonuses, i've pulled out my cds of seasons 7 and 8 to rewatch those.

overall, season 5 is my favorite, but my absolute favorite episode is season 7, ep 5 "blue". (for those familiar with the series, i'm sure you can figure out why i love that episode so much. *heh*)

after searching around, i was able to find my old Red Dwarf fanfic. i need to type it up and fix it up a bit. it's kinda a 2-parter, with the first part pretty in character, and the second one not so much but cute, waffy (warm and fuzzy feelings). which might make up for the fanfic i have in mind that i haven't written yet. it's been a while since i wrote fanfics.

i also totally want to do some Red Dwarf fanart. can't you just imagine a cute little SD Rimmer and Lister? (i've also got an SD 'sad Vash" to draw and i want to do an SD 'antenna Gackt') the problem is, as much as i have some good ideas and want to draw, i just can't seem to actually get the pencil to paper and draw. being sick has totally thrown off my creative rhythm.

anyway, i need to get some work done. there's so much that has been building up/waiting for me.

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