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Shakesville post on the TSA strip-search machines

Mooflyfoof's post on the TSA strip-search machines

Don't Scan Us

seriously depressing long list of horror stories of the new TSA policies

....and another post which gives me some sense of hope for the world:
What the Bible says...and doesn't say...about homosexuality
I don't agree with all of her conclusions specifically but I agree with her over all premise and the general concept of the case.
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Also? Edward Seidensticker, you have my absolute hate right now for your STUPID STUPID STUPID translation decision to call Fujiwara Kaneie "The Prince" in your translation of the Kagero Nikki, becuz now I have to deal with 50 freaking papers of kids making assumptions of what the relationship 'had to be like' becuz they see "prince' and making stupid assumptions.

He wasn't a freaking prince!! Not royal family in any shape or way! ARGHHHH



Jul. 30th, 2007 09:22 am
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I think I'm operating on sheer willpower by this point. This weekend turned out to be a lot more complex and exhausting than it should have been, or needed to be.

I would like to give huge thanks to:
Ali, Howie, Luan, Janel, Matt, and Ted
And a huge, giant, I-can't-think-you-enough thank you to:
Pocky and Akiko.

the very long story of my weekend's adventure )
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Many, many years ago, when I was in highschool, my father was in town politics. He had organized a bulk-trash pick up for the town, which was all very nice. Except for one lady who didn't seem to understand that bulk-trash meant large trash items too big to fit in regular trash, rather than LOTS of trash. So she bitched and complained up a storm when the trashmen didn't pick up her mounds and mounds of small trash items.

So my father, being the generous, tries to take care of everyone sort of man that he is, picked up her trash himself in his pick up so he could properly sort it and deal with this trash. Except, since he was busy running the town and all that, the task of sorting this garbage fell to me. My parents paid me very well for this task so my remaining bitterness over this ordeal is not with my parents but the stupid woman who caused it in the first place.

Still, when I had to talk with her afterwards, I remained quite civil, and never let her know what a stupid bitch she was.

Fast forward to modern time.

Some of you might remember last year my library got a huge shipment (about 50 boxes) of dusty, moldy, books from hell. I complained bitterly about having to sort them and deal with them. On friday I recieved word we would be receiving another 40-ish boxes from them.

I was not pleased.

I was given word that while the previous 50-ish boxes had been stored for many years off-sight, the boxes we would be receiving now had been kept in the house, so the condition should be significantly better. Still, even if i didn't have to make a fuss about the dust, mold, and smell with the new shipment, I still will have to deal with 40 boxes of gift books when there are plenty of other things I would like to be working on. Like the Welsh collection.

This morning the books arrived. I went down to help unload the uhaul and bring the boxes into the library. I remained civil though I desperately wanted to bitch about how could they possibly think we wanted their 50 boxes of moldy, dusty books??

Anyway, I haven't really looked at the condition yet, so I will reserve final judgement until I have to start processing them. Still, it's 40-ish boxes which means many hundreds of books and I don't want to deal with them. I have a ton of other things I want to get done this year and dealing with 40-ish boxes of donated crap is not one of them.

Work has so not been a happy place for the last couple month or two. It's not like I'm feeling overwelmingly stressed, but I know I am stressed. I've developed my eye twitch again. The last time I had an eye twitch was second semester of my third year of college. Those of you who have known me back then should remember what was going on in my life at that point. Last time my eye twistch was in my right eye lid. Drove me nuts. These days it's my cheek right below my left eye. With the muscles tightening/feeling weird all around my left eye. It's kinda like Lore's eye twitch from Star Trek TNG, for those who want a geeky referense. It's not particularly comfortable.

There have been times when I have complained about work or not want to be at work, but on the whole I've really enjoyed my job. The past month I haven't really been enjoying it. I know things should ease up when we finally hire a new referense librarian, but it's just so frustrating that every time I think I've gotten things back under control and feeling a bit positive on things, something else happens. Like, towards the end of last week I was feeling really confident on the Welsh books and the progress I've done cataloguing them, and feeling hopeful that I should finish up the books with records in the next few weeks and then just have original cataloguing (which will be the longest aspect of this project, but it's a lot less number of books and means that I've gotten the rest of it done, and that's incredibly exciting). And as soon as i start feeling positive we get another 40 boxes of books from the donators from hell.

So not happy.

And my eye is feeling weird. didn't twitch but feeling tight/weird and generally uncomfortable.

But life isn't all stress and frustration. Having a LOT Of fun out of work with my HP game. Had a great bit of Sirius-Remus interaction that came out fantastically. I've got some ideas forming for NaNoWriMo (which is just aruond the corner now!). Been watching lots and lots of StarGate, and Lost will be starting next week I believe. All good things. Just wish work wasn't so draining/hellish these days.
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I don't like complaining. I generally don't have posts bitching or moaning very often... just the one here or there when i need to get something off my chest. So i feel it is rather telling that this is yet another complainy post today, something like the third this week.

I haven't slept well all week. I'm burned out and exhausted. I'm tired of having to jump up and be out front at a moments notice. I'm tired of there never being anyone here. I'm tired of the fact that I want to get work done and I never seem to be able to. I'm frustrated with the fact that one of my programs has spazzed out and it's done this before and I remember it being quite frustrating getting it to work again. I'm frustrated that the 'new book' labels have apprantly run out and none of my workers thought to tell me that so now i have a cart of new books and no way to label them as new books and it'll take some time to order more and i'll have to ask CoWorker G to order more and she's overwelmed and burned out and i don't want to add more work to her and/or deal with her complaining about being overworked and now having to do another order for me.

I have no reserves left so when the littlest thing starts to frustrate me, it majorly frustrates me.

I just need to hang in there a few more hours. I can go home and crash. I can watch a little telly. I'm borrowing my friend's copy of the first 8 seasons of StarGate, and that should keep me entertained for a while. I can go hiking or kayaking or biking this weekend. It supposed to actually be warm and sunny for once.

I just need to hang in there a few more hours.

I'm tired and frustrated and burned out. I have been, and still am, quite tempted to just take the afternoon off sick. But my student worker is coming in any time now and I need to get these new books catalogued so i can have her label them and just generally make certain she has enough to do for the next 3 hours.

Just a few more hours...
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also known as work.

nearly 11 and i'm at work. what the hell is wrong with this universe?

i am a cataloguer. i should be in the back office, doing cataloguing stuff. i am not the circ person. but we're short staffed so i'm helping out.

there are so many problems with this situation.

problem 1. i'm not the circ person. i don't even know many of the things circ people do. oh, i know the basics, but some of the things, i'm clueless.

problem 2. i can't get any real work done because the computers out front don't have the programs i need, the work i'll be doing next isn't stuff that is 'easily interuptable', and i really don't want the welsh books out in the main part of the library. so no real work to be done, and i finished my book so no reading to be doing. bored. but my brain isn't functioning because its nearly 11 and i am normally in bed at this time which brings me right to the big huge problem

number 3. i go to bed at this time... what the hell am i doing awake and working right now???

aim express keeps crashing so not able to chat much. been working on crossword puzzly thingy.

i want to be home. i wnat to be in bed.

only an hour to go but i do not want to wait another hour becuase it's not just an hour, it's also have to drive home and i want to be home this very second.

hense, someone shoot me now.
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So my car isn't going to be ready this weekend either. And I have plans next weekend, so it's looking at least 3 weeks before i can get my baby back. It had damn well better be as good as new after a month plus working on it.

I'm tired and I really just want to be at home. For the next month. But I still have another day before the weekend.


Jun. 22nd, 2006 09:01 am
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frustrated frustrated frustrated.

the main program i need to use at work is still not working and it's been over a week but IT is sitting on their fucking arses and not doing anything about it! they keep trying to push it over to one of the other IT guys to fix it and NOBODY is doing anything about it and i'm so frustrated because i can't really get anything done until i can get this program running!

and the label program is giving me another headache. it keeps eating the label file so now i have to redo the labels i made last week and hope that maybe this time it won't eat the file so i wont' have to keep doing this and i just want the damn programs to be working.

My throat is getting worse, i'm tired. i'm frustrated. i dont' want to deal with this shit anymore. i just want to catalogue. is that so fucking hard?? but i don't even know what i'm supposed to be doing with my next project. we were supposed to have a meeting about it and it didn't happen and i sort of need to know a few things before i start this project.

i can't get the mental focus i need to write or draw or anything, and that frustrates me as well.
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Some of you might remember that I got busted speeding a few months ago and had to pay about 300$ ticket. An expensive lesson, but i've been pretty careful with not speeding since, so live and learn, I paid my fine, moving on.

Or so i thought. Because apparantly, what I paid wasn't sufficient. Because I just got nailed with another bill for "Driver Responsibility Assessment". Basically, if you get 6 points on your licence within 18 months, you have to pay this "driver responsibility assessment' bullshit charge. And conveniently, a speeding ticket is exactly 6 points!

So apparantly, i now owe an additional 300$, which i can pay now or pay at least 100$ and get bills for the next 2 years for the next 200$.

This is such bullshit. If the were going to fucking charge me 600$ for a fucking speeding ticket than they should have just charged me 600$ back when i got the ticket and been done with it!

And what does having me pay another 300$ in anyway impact responsibility for driving? It's fucking convenient that the point number that they hit you with for this extra charge is the same for a speeding ticket.

just not happy at all about this. really not in a happy place.
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A couple weeks ago, it was announced that one of my two favorite jrocker, Hyde of L'arc en Ciel, is giong to have a small intimate concert in San Francisco. Anime Expo, a HUGE anime con, is also going to be going on that week, so I decided that I could make a vacation out of it (very expensive, but a lot of fun).

I failed to get tickets for the concert, so that dashed that plan nearly entirely. I say nearly, because their were rumours of another concert date but it was unconfirmed and it was a bit of a mess. (It seemed like the venue jumped the gun and announced too early, and it became a big mess.)

Meanwhile, it was announced that another jrock star i love a lot (though not quite as much) was definately coming to A-kon in texas.

With no ticket to the Hyde concert in San Fran, and no info on the maybe second concert, i decided to go to the con in Texas and see Hakuei of Penicillin instead.

Yesterday, the very next day after i buy my flight and hotel and con registratin, it gets announced that there will indeed be a second Hyde concert.

I can't afford to go to california now because i've already bought flight/hotel/ect to go to Texas.

So i just have to keep reminding myself that i've seen Hyde in a concert 2 years ago (though i had horrible seats and the concert in california will be small and intimate). Also Hyde is very likely to come back to America, and it's not as likely that Hakuei will, so i need to take this oppertunity to see him

I knew that it was going to be very likely given the rumours and mess from a couple weeks ago that Hyde was going to have a second concert in Calfornia, but i didn't expect to hear abuot it officially only a day after i decided to go to Texas instead.

If i can get real up close to Hakuei, maybe get an autograph or a picture with him, i think i shall be satisified with the way things turned out. So A-kon better be worth missing my chance to see Hyde again!
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Somebody stole my lunch.

I do not know if somebody stole and ate it, or if somebody was trying to be helpful and was cleaning out the fridge. All i do know is that i expected to have some leftovers for lunch and i was surprised not to find my lunch waiting for me.

So i had to walk down town to get some food. Did my usual grilled chicken salad from the pizza place. Then proceeded next door to pick up some cadbury cream eggs and Stewarts chocolate milk. There is nothing in the world that cadbury cream eggs and Stwarts chocolate milk cannot make better.
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If you have too many books to keep in your home, do NOT store them in a barn. And when you do, and then decide you're going to move down to the caribean and are selling/getting rid of all your crap, we really do not want your moldy, musty, horrible books.

And we certainly do not want to have to sort through the 40-50 BOXES of these horribly musty books, trying to find the freaking dozen or so books that are actually in decent enough shape to keep, particularly as there is already cases of mold in a couple of the boxes so i REALLY DO NOT want those boxes in my office since MOLD IS BAD.

My office has the constant musty reek, and has for several weeks as the boxes have been here for that long. I have been trying to sort through a couple boxes today, and i had to stop because the smell/dust was making me ill.

Was able to get rid of most of it pretty quick though. The ones that i think have the slightest hint of mold i box up and immediately throw away, the ones that are just smelly,falling apart i place out for box sale, and the couple that seem alright i put on a cart off to the side for cleaning and a closer look.
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So the past couple days have been a slight mixed bag. The other day i was randomly visited by an old college friend i haven't seen in a couple years. He was driving by and just stopped in at my work. It was great; we talked for over an hour.

Also, i was auditing a class this semester (Modern Japanese Literature). I figured it would be a great oppertunity to read things i might not have read otherwise (since my primary interest is classic lit). I knew more culture/history than the prof, but he knew a good amount, and knew more on literture in general. It was a good class. Anyway, i did the weekly 'issue cards' assignments (which were mostly class participation things) but didn't take the final or do the final paper. well, apparantly, the registrars office wanted a grade even though i was auditing. Since i was one of the most active people in the class, even though i didn't take the final exam or do the final paper, he gave me a B. this amuses me.

Anyway, so last night i had voluntered to drive a couple students down to the airport. I made a mix of Christmas and Asian music (since the students were Korean and Chinese) and they seemed to appreciate hearing a bit of music in their own langauge. On the way back, I stopped back in Saratoga and hit the mall--finished up my xmas shopping for the most part. The line at JC Penny's was god-awful, but managed to get in and out in about an hour.

Then, i went down to the comic store. Back in June/July, Full Moon o Sagashite vol 2 came out, but my comic store didn't have it, so i asked them to pick it up for me, and the next time i came in, they still didn't have it, and so on. Vol 3 came in. Vol 4 came in. But still no vol 2. So after the Adam got worked up over the fact that he couldn't understand why it didn't come in and how sucky Diamond is and so on, he finally agreed that if i found the book elsewhere, he'd understand. Actually, he first said he'd try ording it again and then mail it to me (no charge for the mailing). Then, when i mentioned that i had seen the book at the Borders across the street, he told me to run over there and get it. I did. They had it. So then I came back with vol 2 in hand, bought the next 2 volumes, with the rest of my stack.

By this point, it was already later than i really wanted to be, but i had already made arrangements to go have a late dinner with Ali, so i drove out to her place and she made us Quesadas while we watched a little Who's Line and chatted.

It was nearly 11 before i got back on the road. I knew my normal bedtime of 11:30-12 wasn't going to happen, which sucked because i had to get up this morning to open the library at 7:30, plus i needed to give Genji his meds, which isn't a quick process. So i went a little fast. I just wanted to get home.

So, i'm sure you can all tell where this is going, i get pulled over for speeding. Well fuck. 66 in a 45. For most of the road, it was 55, but i was coming up to a town center so the speed limit had dropped. i figured at nearly midnight, what difference did it make? Clearly the cop felt differently.

Further in the suckiness, it's not a regular ticket. If it was like 'you owe 100$' i'd be like, ok, yeah, i was speeding i'll pay and be done. instead, it's this ticket with a court date on it. Which is naturally december 28. Like i'm going to be in the state then. So i'm going to have to do something, since there isn't any way i can get in that day.

Finally i got home, and had to immediately torture my cat. To get him to take his meds, i have to wrap him in a towel and sit on him. Literally. His cold is prety bad, so there is nothing to be done but just keep forcing the meds in him.

By the time i finally crawled into bed it was just about 1. 6:30 came all too quickly.

I had warned my coworkers that i would quite possibly be late this morning, and that it would be good if someone else could come in at 7:30 just to be safe. Two of them volunteered. Despite my difficulty in waking up and needing a few minutes to get Genji to take his meds, i managed to get to work just about the time i wanted to, just a few mintues late. i arrived just before one of the coworkers who said he'd open. The other slept more miserably than i, so she didn't arrive until after 8. Ah well, it all worked out.

Still, i'm definately looking forward to getting home and reading all my new manga. i mean napping. (Bah, who needs sleep when there is new manga to read?)

Today feels like it should be friday. I wish it was friday. I could use a day off now.


Dec. 9th, 2005 08:21 am
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I woke up to snow this morning. A lot of snow. I shoveled off my car, then shoveled the driveway (because whoever my landlord hired to shovel/plow does not seem to understand the concept that some of us need to leave for work early and we'd kinda like things to get shoveled/plowed. so anyway, by the time i finished the drive way (i'm talking about 20 minutes later, tops) my car had a solid inch, if not more, coating it again.

I did say a lot of snow.

This is ridiculous; there is no reason why the school should be open. None.

...I really wish i was at home with a good book, sitting on my couch under a blanket with my two boys curled up beside me right now and not sitting at my computer, contemplating real work and looking at the parking lot that just got plowed half an hour ago fill back up with snow.
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I am so close. Less than a thousand words to go. In fact, only 700 words now. I have been slamming out thousands of words today, totally in a groove. I've beaten my record of 6k in one day. Things were going great.

And then I came home from the meet up and discovered my pilot light blew out AGAIN. So i have no heat. I had problems a couple times last year. I just had it lit for the first time this season in the beginning of the month and got charged 100$ for that. Because apparantly it costs 100$ for the six minute job of turning on a pilot light. After a couple calls i finally got that reduced to just the standard 60$ for the damn guy to get out to my house fee.

And now i need to get someone out here tomorrow. Because i'm going home for the holiday, and if i have no heat in my place it will freeze like it did when i was home over xmas break and i came back to find all my plants dead and my house below 40, and i don't want that to happen again.

But it's blown out again and it's going to cost me 100$ to have someone spend 5 minutes to light it and i'm tired of it blowing out and i don't want to have to worry every time i go away that it will blow out and i can't afford to get charged so much to turn on a goddamn pilot light that seems determined to blow out ever fucking month.

And i'm so close to finishing i only need another 700 words and now i totally lost my groove and i just want to curl up and cry because i'm frustrated and everything was going so well and even though it was snowing i had no problems driving down to the meet up and then back home but now i have no fucking heat and i'm frustrated and my cat is hyper because he's been alone all day and he wants attention and to play and i don't have the energy to deal with him right now and i am so close to finishing but i lost my groove and i don't know if i can finish but i'm so close and i am not happy right now.

i was going to come home from the meet up and finish the final thousand words i needed and then i was going to celebrate and it was going to be Good and Happy and now even if i can get myself back into it and finish up it isn't Good and i am Not Happy. I am Frustrated.

I was going to finish and it was going to be amazing since i would have gotten so much written today. I still have gotten so much written today, and that is Amazing, and that is Good. but now that doesn't feel like enough. Now, even though i'm so bloody close, i can't finish because even if i finish right now i won't be able to celebrate because i'm frustrated and i want to be able to celebrate when i finish.
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i just got the following message in my guestbook:
"comments: I am happy your page gets attention for the mp3 requests! Perhaps it would be good if you learned to use photoshop and made a good mp3 rotation page layout - it would be a big hit.

As for your own art; keep practicing. I see with the comiku girls page you are trying to charge for prints of your art. I think it's best to first get good at art, then start selling it. Try to mimic human proportions or learn new anime-style faces. It's difficult to learn how to draw well but eventually you'll get it. You just have to avoid falling into the trap of thinking you're good enough not to need improvement. Your art is... mediocre beefcake scetches that should best be kept to yourself until you improve... Associate with good artist so you can learn how to rank yourself. Join a group on deviant art! Know who you're dealing with. Then come back and try to color/sell your work when it is worthwhile."


Now first of all, i have a highly successful mp3 rotation page, particularly considering i have never gone out and promoted it beyond posting a message occasionally about an update to the 2 LJ communitites i'm part of. Secondly, i AM good at photoshop. Please consider the wallpapers that i've manipulated in photoshop, and the fact that i'm part of a scanlation group, and my task for that group is picture manipulation in *GASP* photoshop. Thirdly, and most importantly, photoshop skills have NOTHING to do with webdesign. And i'm sorry, a lot of those 'oo shiney' looking designs are FUCKING SHIT for real webdesign. I could give a full rant on the scores of poorly designed pages that look cool until you try to use it and you realize how shitty the usability of those sites are. Besides which, who wants heavy graphics on a site that's already download-intensive? As for my webdesign ability, i've taken master-level classes on webdesign. I KNOW webdesign; i KNOW usability; i KNOW coding. My webdesign is solid, and i do all the coding myself, in notepad. it's all valid xhtml. I focus on relatively simple, solid, usable.

Now then, the art/comic. First, neither Akiko or i ever claimed that we haven't anything more to learn. We both know there is much we need to learn and much we need to improve. And by doing a webcomic, our artwork has improved. Get your head out of your ass. You don't need to be an artist with nothing else to learn to sell your artwork. Just because YOU don't like doesn't mean others don't. In fact, we have sold quite a number of prints over the past few years. You don't like our art? You don't have to buy it.

I am associated with a large number of 'good artists'. In fact, a large majority of my friends are artists. Several of them make a living off it. They are very talented and have put in the work and practice to attain the level of skill they possess. I respect them for that. I have not put in the time to attain that level as art is a hobby of mine, and has always been second to something else. I consider myself first a writer, and my focus has always been on writing more than drawing.

It seriously pisses me off that you really know nothing about me but presume to preach at me. Just because I don't make a graphics intensive site that means I don't know photoshop? Just because you don't like my art, that means I clearly don't know any good artists? Don't be so fucking quick to assume. Did you even realize that there are two artists on the website? That we both have full time jobs that are not art-related in the slightest?

Don't go around with your holier-than-thou attitude looking down on other artists until you learn how to fucking give a critique.
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That's how much a galleon of gas costs right now. 3.19$ That is completely unacceptable. Gas should not be over 2$, let alone 3$! But with our president funded by the oil companies, what does he care? It's not as if he has to pay for gas...the people pay for his travel.

Effort needs to be made NOW to find alternatives to gas and oil and other fossil fuels for near-future use, and something needs to be figured out for immediate relief to these outrageous prices. Gas prices have doubled since Bush has gotten to office. They've doubled in the past 2 years. Doubled! I cannot afford gas bills that are 2x what they were 2 years ago.

The government should be focusing more money and support for finding cheaper means to produce solar power, to build wind energy towers just past the horizon line off shore, and finding other ways to harness reusable, eco-friendly energy.

And if I wasn't disgusted by our government enough, our country is suffering from a massive natural disaster, with whole cities disappearing, and millions without homes. There are fires, riots, thousands are trapped. And where are is the national guard? Where is the military? Where are the people who are supposed to be there when such things occur? Over seas, dying. Over seas, where they shouldn't have to be.

We need our troops home, not just to help manage this disaster, but because they shouldn't be over there dying for a needless war that is not accomplishing anything. There have been no major accomplishments since Sadam was found, and we are never going to settle things over there. It will just be another Vietnam, where it drags on and people keep dying.

We need to return focus on our own country. We have a major natural disaster, and our economy is tanking. Why are we spending so much of our money and personel outside when it's desperately needed internally?
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it hasn't started out as a very good morning.

things started badly when i couldn't get my computer to turn on. i hit the on button. it would start, and then just stop. i tried 5 times. the fifth time at least i got the 'windows will start up in safe mode'. i let it start in safe mode, then restarted and it came up just fine in normal mode. i left my computer on and had it scan for viruses. when i get home i'll do a back up and then do a massive clean off.

i've been having a bit of computer frustrations the past couple days, but not with how it was running. rather, it's been my internet that has been causing me headaches. i've been having a bit of a time connecting, with last night being the worst. i had absolutely no connection for several hours after i got home. when it finally did connect i had dial-up-esque speed, then it cut out again for another hour.

last weekend my cell phone antena snapped again. (about the 6th time it's happened). with the antena snapped, i can still get some connection in most areas, but as i have spotty connection in my aparto normally, i have absolute ZERO connection without the antena. no real biggie. i figured saturday i would go get it fixed, and that a week without my cell phone wouldn't be too much of a problem because my main means of communication is my internet.

i'm sure you can see how things got frustrating quick when i had no internet, no phone, no means of communicating with anyone.

so yeah, i finally got my computer turned on, it's time to head off to work. except, i can't find my keys. i normally dump them in a bowl next on a table next to the door. occasionally i'll leave them on the chair with my bag, or on the kitchen table. there have been a few times when i brought the keys over to the table beside the couch or my computer desk. nope. they're not in any of those places. they're not on the floor beside any of those places. they're not on the ground outside having been dropped on my way from my car.

i had them last night since i drove home and got into my aparto yesterday without problems. but where? i wore a skirt yesterday so i couldn't have left them in my pocket. i checked around the place and could still i couldn't find any trace of them.

by this point, i'm starting to run late to work, so i grab my spare keys and use those. i'll search again when i get home. very annoying.

another frustration in the past few days is that i got a letter from the town that they'll be turning off my water if they don't get paid soon. the water is in my landlord's name since he figured it would be a hassle switching it. the deal is that he pays the bill, and lets me know how much it was so i add that in with the rent check. except this is the second time he's apparantly been late and i've gotten that letter from the town. and the bill only comes in every 3 months, so there have only been 4 bills since i've moved in.

with my cell phone busted, i can't call him after work, so today i'm just going to have to call during work to make certain he's paid the bill so my water doesn't get shut off.

so yeah, it's been a slightly frustrating couple days that have accumliated into a very frustrating morning. and yet, i can't shake the feeling that it's going to get even worse before it gets better.
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they're gonna pass a bill today to open Alaska to the oil companies. we're not doing a good enough job fucking ourselves over by destroying the planet, let's speed up our demise by raping Alaska too!

more blah

Apr. 18th, 2005 11:50 am
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oh, forgot/didn't realize at the time, more for my list of why yesterday sucked. i also had a rock fly up and ding my windshield, so i have a ding now, which does not make my happy. fortunately, it's a small ding, and not say, a huge shatter, but still, didn't help my mood.

and later, long after i wrote my last entry, i discovered i had sunburned myself. rather badly at that. just my left arm (damn driver's tan--or burn in this case). i'm so gonna get skin cancer.

and though it didn't happen yesterday, but rather, friday as i was leaving work, i got a parking ticket. see, back when i first started working here, i went to get my parking sticker, but the office was so busy, and i totally forgot about it, since it's not like they ever actually CHECK my lot. well, friday they did. so now i have to go get a parking sticker, see if i can get out of the ticket, and pay if i can't.

i'm feeling like i'm falling behind, but i'm not sure in what. it's as if i'm still in school and i haven't been keeping up on my assignments or something. and i just feel as if there is so much i need to be working on that i'm not. i'm not sure why i'm feeling this way, i just am. just feeling overwelmed by something. life, i guess.

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