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Jul. 13th, 2009 09:35 am
li_izumi: (Nance-Dance)
Bodies drenched in sweat
thumping together in rhythm
pressed so tight together
there is no longer a difference
between you and me
Losing myself
in the sound of his voice
in the pounding of the beat
in the sway of his hips

Yeah, the concert was that good.

The two main points of the concert was:
1. Hyde fans
2. Hyde fans are short, so i could pretty much see the stage the entire time.

Somehow, i think from something online, I had gotten it into my head the concert started at 9, and i thought i had double-checked the tickets but they said 7. Fortunately, L-kun and I were early, and the concert started a bit late (as concerts are wont to do), so I think we came in on the first or second song. The room held a few hundred maybe? It was PACKED. I told L-kun that i was going to try to get as close as i could, and if we got separated we'd call each other at the end. He managed to stick with me the entire time, which, considering how PACKED it was and how hard it was to move around, was really darn impressive.

So pretty quickly we got ourselves close to the front, more on the side of the bassist, but with great views of Hyde on vocals as well. By the end, we were center and about 3 people from the front. It was PACKED. I couldn't really lift my arms up or move by the end. COMPLETELY drenched in sweat; my corset-top was soaked through, and that is some serious thick fabric! PACKED. the only way i could really move was when everyone else was, we were jumping around together as one big group. I was joking while waiting for the encore to the other fans that 'isn't it great how music brings people together? REALLY, REALLY CLOSE together?"

Great set-list; more of Hyde-solo than I expected (I didn't expect any) but considering VAMPS only has one album out, not that surprising really now that I think about it. Great energy, lot of fun.

At the end, Hyde threw some of the rose petals from the roses decorating his mic stand. L-kun caught one and gave it to me. He also found one of the guitar pics that had been thrown into the audience and gave that to me as well (SCORE!)

We made our way out of the building, only for me to discover we totally missed the tour goods table. I was able to talk my way back inside, and joined the crowd waiting in line to buy the tour goods. They sold out of shirts (booo) so i got a tour book and a keychain. Met back up with L-kun outside.

We walked along the side of the building to get to our subway station, and arrived at the crowd waiting for the band to go to their van, JUST as the band was coming out. ZOMG! they didn't really stop for signings, so although i got close, mine wasn't one of the handful they signed. alas, but still amazing. L-kun snapped a few pics with his iphone; they were pretty much all blurry, but a few came out well enough.

I didn't get back home till about 3 in the morning, and was EXHAUSTED all of yesterday, but SO.WORTH.IT.

I had a complete and utter blast, and so did L-kun. I think this was the best concert experience i've had. It really was amazing.
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Stretching out below
hundreds of tiny fires
ignite the landscape.

Haven't written here much. Been super busy with school work. My life is currently: get up, do some school work, go to classes, come home, do some more schoolwork, watch some telly, go to bed. Notice the distinct lack of time for anime and video games.

I have pretty much come to the conclussion i won't have time for NaNo this year, which makes me EXTREMELY sad. I've got a great story in mind, and i have the plot mostly worked out in my head. But I don't have much free time during the week, which would mean I'd have to do all my writing on weekends, but I've got another anime con in 3 weeks, so that crosses off one weekend from the get-go, and all of that just means that I don't think I can succeed. So my slash/yaoi Romeo and Juliet story will have to wait a little while longer to be written.

Anyway, that's my life of late. It'll likely be another 2 months before I post again.
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I forgot to post this the other day, but while on the train I wrote a poem:

I step away from morning back into night.
A shadowed grove where light
Cannot penetrate. The cool evergreens
Press around me; they overpower me.

And, just now, i wrote a poem 'by' my crazy boy, Toshi:

Snow is blue, in shadow.
But it is gone now so I
Cannot find the colour.
Perhaps my memory
Is false?
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A flash of silver-white
Rising above the flame trees
Dozens of wings caught
In the searchlight of a setting sun.

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