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This little exchange between the Angel and Raziel popped into my head this morning. Alas, you haven't gotten to meet Raziel yet, but he's quite an interesting fellow. He'll be introduced in the next story arc, whenever I get around to writing it. Until then, here's a little introduction to him.

Raziel drew back appalled. “I may like them young, but I would never touch a child!”

“Next to you, they are all children,” the Angel responded coolly.

Still bristling, Raziel all but rolled his eyes. “Please. YOU are a child next to me. My pickings would be slim to the point of impossible if I were waiting around for someone even remotely close to my age.”
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I hate waiting.

But there are many things right now for me to be excited about. First and foremost is the return of Lost last night. Very, very cool.

Next, a very important day is quickly approaching. I'm trying to decide what the theme for the 'blowout' of mp3s will be this year.

Furthermore, last weekend I got a hold and watched my copy of Avatar season 2 vol 1 dvd, and when i finished the last ep I couldn't help but feel 'argh, i want to watch more now!!!1!" Not wanting to have to wait forever and a month until vol 2 comes out, I wondered if the Nickelodeon website might give a clue as to when they aired what particular episodes. They didn't (at least not that i could find) but i did come accross the tvguide website and they indicated that ep 6 (the next one i need to watch) is airing today, with the rest of the episodes following every day at 4:30. VERY exciting. So i've got my vcr set up to record (i know, i'm not cool enough for TiVo or dvr or any of the cool tv recording devices).

The final noteworthy item of excitement for me is that FINALLY, FINALLY after years of stumbling, I finally am starting to get a grasp of the next story arc of my opus, Ninsei. The first story arc developed probably about 4-5 years ago. It took me until last april to finally get the full rough story written out, but i had the story pretty firmly in my head for a couple years. But I only had the generalist, vague idea of what the next story arc would be. Now, that vague sense is starting to firm up into an actual outline. I have the bare rough outline done, now to start filling in the details. Quite exciting!

Also, in related news, i am a HUGE GEEK. I know i've said this before, but it bares repeating, particularly with my newest expression of geekiness. I'm coming up with 'theme songs' for my stories. That's actually pretty cool. The geeky part is that I'm systematically going through my collection of music to identify any and all potential 'theme songs'. Also? I've also come up with 3 (or 4 if you want) designations for the 'theme songs' for my stories.

They are:
Theme song: it would be an opening/ending theme for the story or story arc if the story was an anime
Insert Song; if the story was an anime, this song would be used in a particular scene
Image Song (for story arc or character): this isn't a song that would be 'used' directly for the 'anime' of the story, but the lyrics/mood seem to fit with either a particular part of the story, or a particular character

For example, in the case of case of Eien no Momento, I see L'arc en Ciel's song, Coming Closer, as the ideal 'opening theme song', with the chorus going:
Coming Closer
Hurry up, hurry up,
Time is going so fast
Hurry up, can't save you
Can't slow it down
You know, this is your fate
Do you feel lonely? so Lone-lonely
Cry to the wind
(though it should be noted that the 'do you feel lonely' sounds to me like he's saying 'i feel lonely'. both works :))

Eventually, when i finish my geeky systematic approach, i'll write up a list of theme songs and include it on my website. Yes. I am that much of a geek.

I suppose if anyone's read any of my stories and comes accross a song they feel fits in with a character or scene or story in general, please let me know. I'd be interested in hearing it.
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I've been worried about the slowness of the first couple of chapters, and when my writing community commented on that, as well as the cliche-ness of a couple characters, i knew these chapters needed some major work. So i took chapter 2-4 and have combined them into 2 chapters, editing and rewriting to make it flow better.

Chapter 2/3: Bruise )
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Slight frustration here. Problems with OCLC right now. (For those non-librarians here, that's the group i get book records from to catalogue). Anyway, i just spent a good hour inputting a ton of isbn numbers into OCLC to search for records and there's some sort of glitch when i send out those querries. so now i don't have any of the records i just searched for and the isbn numbers are now cleared out. so now i have to input them all again.

And none of that will have made any sense to someone who doesn't know the program. But suffice to say, i just did a bunch of work that I now have to redo and i'm not sure i want to redo today because i dont' know if the program is working or if i'll have the same problem again. and I don't really want to have to input all those isbn numbers a third time!

so i think i'll put that cart aside and work on it tomorrow. But what to do for the rest of the day?

In the meantime, can i just express my love of the Please Save My Earth manga? The art is so-so, but improves as the story progresses, but it's really the story that is so wonderful. Shion (and Rin who is Shion) is such a deliciously facsinating character. I want to write a character like that.

Speaking of writing, I'm working on editing up Ninsei story arc 1 a bit, and am currently thinking about how to revize/edit/change/tighten up chapters 2-4 into 2 chapters to try to improve the slowness that is a problem with those chapters. I have some idea how i want to do it, but i still need to trim and tighten and improve to make it work.

I'm headed out after work to hit the comic store and visit friends and i'm really excited and i can't wait for work to be over.
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Back in April for NoWriMo i worked on a second version of my first Ninsei story arc. I wrote the first version 3-4 years ago, and in April rewrote it completely fresh. Well, now I have finally gotten around to combining the two drafts... taking the few parts that I liked from the first draft and splicing them into the second draft. Now the two have been made whole.

The story can be found in my memories section, or more easily, on my webpage

I'd really appreciate it if anyone felt like reading/critting it.

And now i need to figure out what exactly happens next! *heh*
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chapter 19: aftermath )

Final word total: 42,202.
wouldn't have made my word count even if i had finished the story in April, but that's also fine. I at least got a rough draft completed.

*EDITED* Not too much change, just tweaked it a little (6/30/2006)
New final word total: 45,706

*EDITED* Changed up the cementary scene a bit. (8/8/2007)
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I have not given up/stopped writing. I just haven't been pushing myself like i was before. i wont' be finishing this weekend, but i think i should have it done next week, as i think i only have 2 chapters left to go and that last one is just the epilogue.

Current word total: 40,016

*EDITED* Not too much change, just gave it a few tweaks (6/30/2006)
(new word count: 43,673)
*EDITED* (8/8/2007)

Chapter 18: Ruin )
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So not going to finish tomorrow. Particularly as i'm about to head out and play this afternoon and evening. ^.^;; still, the story is coming along and really starting to heat up! The end is in sight...

Current word total: 38018

*EDITED* Didn't do too much, just tweaked a bit (6/30/2006)
(new word count: 41,716)
*EDITED* Fixed it up a bit, but I think I want to redo this one a bit more than I have so far--not quite satisfied with the Duncan/Keven interaction. (8/8/2007)

chapter 17: challenge )
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Well, as i expected, i didn't have a chance to get any writing done this weekend. What was more of a problem, was that i didn't write on monday either. Yesterday started very slowly, and i was feeling rather frustrated, but i managed to get in 1100 words in the afternoon. Today has been much more successful--i broke 2k for the day earlier and have continued on. I hope to get 3k today. It is still possible for me to reach 50k by the end of sunday, though it won't be easy.

Story-wise, we are now solidly in a part of the story that I never wrote out before. A character that we haven't seen for several chapters comes back, so that's exciting. And we're also just starting to get into the final part of the story--things are going to get very serious very quickly from here on out.

Current word total: 35,561

*EDITED* not too much change, just did a little tweaking (6/30/2006)
(new word count; 39,398)
*EDITED* (8/8/2007)

chapter 16: Confrontations )
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just barely made my word goal today. won't get much writing done this weekend. first bit of this chapter is a bit weak, but there are some good points mixed in.

total word count: 32,006

*EDITED* Added an element from the first draft (as well as a couple bits of dialogue). Not entirely certain it works, but i'll keep it for now. (6/30/2006)
*EDITED* Still not sure I like the Elephant bit that I had kept from the first draft, but I've done a bit of tweaking otherwise.(8/8/2007)

chapter 15: falling )
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I did it! i made my word goal today! Not only that, but i also managed to get through a scene that was giving me some trouble. go me!

We're getting close to the last part that I wrote in the first draft, so in aother chapter we'll be in brand new territory. very exciting!

current word total: 29972

(i'm so going to start the next chapter tonight so i can push myself over 30k. 2/3 of the way to my word goal, but only 11 more days. eeek!)

*EDITED* 6/30/2006
(new word count: 33,373)

chapter 11: obligation )
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I did really well on saturday, working hard to catch myself back up. Sunday and monday i not only didn't catch myself up, but i didn't even make my minimum word count. So, not quite as good as i hoped. Today has been going along alright, and i have managed to finish this chapter that has been giving me a bit of trouble.

Girl #3 makes her appearance, al-be-it a bit earlier than i planned. I wanted to get a full chapter in before her appearance, but it didn't work out like that, and i just kept going because i want to get this done. i had a bit of trouble with the scene between Duncan and Rachel because i couldn't remember how i did it with version 1, and i know it's really different from that version. I know i don't have things in here that i liked from the first version, but since i can't remember it and i won't look at the first draft until after the month ends, i had to make things up new. In some ways, that has worked, because after some weak points, i was able to come up with a new solution which i think really works.

Still, i can't wait until the end of the month we i can combine both drafts into an even better solid 1 draft.

current word total; 27,361

*EDITED* did a LOT of work on this one, combining the first and second drafts of this chapter together. It's not really long (double the length of the usual chapter) but i was able to get a great scene from the frist draft into the story again, so i'm happy. (6/30/2006)
(new word count: 30,203)

chapter 10: Summer )
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i made my weekend goal yesterday! 3300 words! Today's been going a bit slower, just in general, but still, I'm chugging away as best i can.

This part of the story was the last one i wrote for my first NaNoWriMo, though i didn't type it and post it for months after November. Things are really starting to move along.

Current Word Count: 23784

*EDITED* 6/30/2006
(new word count: 25,216)

Chapter 9: Lust )
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I was able to get my word goal of 2,300 words yesterday, and today i've nearly reached 2k already (though my goal for today is 3k). So things are going pretty well so far. I hope things continue to go well this weekend; i could really use a good couple days of writing to catch up.

Despite adding some scenes in the beginning, i have been combining events so that the events in this version of chapter 8 are actually events that happened in version 1's chapters 9-10. This is about where I stopped when I was writing the first version during the first year i did NaNoWriMo.

Current word total: 21857

*EDITED* 6/30/2006
(new word count: 23,121)

Chapter 8: Happiness )
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Well, yesterday i just about made my word goal, so i was rather satisfied with that. Getting close to making today's word goal. Still about a day or two behind where I would like to be, but i have hopes that i can catch back up with some hard work this weekend.

Current word total: 19377

Things really get moving in this chapter

*EDITED* (6/30/2006)
(new word count: 20,460)

Chapter 7: Perfect )
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I did so well monday and tuesday--i made my daily word goal of 2k both days. But then I fumbled yesterday again and only got about 500 words done. I got busy with buying tickets and hotel to go to a convention in June. Anyway, today I've been getting things done again, so hopefully I can not only make my word goal, but get a bit beyond that.

Current Word total: 16540 (so i'm 1/3 the way to my goal).

Things return to the mundan in this chapter, and we find out about Duncan's past.

*EDITED* (6/30/2006)
(new word count: 17,341)

Chapter 6: Family )
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I actually made my word goal yesterday, and today is starting off promising! Hopefully I can keep this up for a bit, try to make up some of slack from last week.

This chapter gets the plot moving a bit, introducing to the story, the other main character (and Duncan's main source of frustration).

Current word count: 13599
(past the 1/4 mark!)

*EDITED* (6/30/2006)
(new word count: 14,053)

Chapter 5: Contact )
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Ninsei is bloody hard to write. I am totally not making my word goals.

Current word count: 11,220

*EDITED* (6/30/2006)
(new word count: 11,585)

chapter 4: burn and crash )
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did not get much writing done this morning, but i've been getting some progress made since. I don't think I'll get as much written today as I did yesterday, but it is coming along. I've gotten nearly 1397 words so far today, and I'm planning on doing a bit more. I want to get at least 2k done today, but i would be really happy if i can get a bit more than that done.

We're now solidly back into familiar territory for those who have read the first version. Still, it's definately a different take, as I am writing this completely fresh without even looking at the first version. I think it will be interesting after this is done to compare the two versions.

Current word count: 8545

*EDITED* (6/30/2006)
(new word count: 8905)

Chapter 3: Friends )
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still not making my daily word goals, but the story is slowly progressing. For whatever reason, Ninsei is bloody hard to write! I mean, it's there, and I can see it, but it's like having to trudge through knee-deep water to get there.

In this chapter, we start to get into some similar scenes that occured in the beginning of the first version of this story, but it's done completely differently.

Current word count: 5458

*EDITED* 6/30/2006
(new word count: 5771)

Chapter 2: Bruise )

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