Nov. 1st, 2011 10:12 pm
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After suffering the past 3+ years with a rather dibilitating writer's block (I have had PLENTY of story ideas, just lacking the ability to sit down and write them all out!), I determined that I was going to pushy past that block by attempting NaNo this year.

The good news, today I wrote 2934 words.
The bad news, it was an unrelated short story based on a dream I had last night.
Still, after 3+ years of writers block, I was not going to turn away from any story idea that my muse saw fit to give me.

I'm not sure if I'll be counting this story as part of my word count for NaNo. I suppose it depends on if I need 3k at the end of the month.

In any case, here is part one of likely 2 parts, not sure if I'll be writing part 2 tomorrow or holding off for a while. This story, with only a bit of tweaking, is pretty much exactly how my dream last night went. I'm not sure if it was because it was Halloween, or what, but I dreamt of a zombie apocalypse. There is nothing too gruesome here, but it is about a zombie apocalypse. I hope you enjoy the first thing I've written in years:

Zombie Apocalypse )
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Stretching out below
hundreds of tiny fires
ignite the landscape.

Haven't written here much. Been super busy with school work. My life is currently: get up, do some school work, go to classes, come home, do some more schoolwork, watch some telly, go to bed. Notice the distinct lack of time for anime and video games.

I have pretty much come to the conclussion i won't have time for NaNo this year, which makes me EXTREMELY sad. I've got a great story in mind, and i have the plot mostly worked out in my head. But I don't have much free time during the week, which would mean I'd have to do all my writing on weekends, but I've got another anime con in 3 weeks, so that crosses off one weekend from the get-go, and all of that just means that I don't think I can succeed. So my slash/yaoi Romeo and Juliet story will have to wait a little while longer to be written.

Anyway, that's my life of late. It'll likely be another 2 months before I post again.
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It's an end of an era. There's something rather poetic about an end of an era. Melacholy and bittersweet, to be sure, but definately a poetic quality to it.

The other day, I bought Ranma 1/2 volume 36.

Now there are several key points that one must realize about this simple fact that will give this fact great significance. The first thing to note is that volume 36 of Ranma 1/2 is the final volume of the English release. The series is now over. The second thing that one must realize, is that Ranma 1/2 is the series that got me into manga, and combined with my introduction to Ronin Wariors a month or two before, the Ranma 1/2 manga is what got me into anime.

It has been over ten years since I have into anime/manga, over ten years since I have been collecting Ranma. I was not into it from the absolute beginning, but close to it. I remember quite excited going to Borders to pick up the newly released volume 5.

And now, after all this time, my first series has ended.

But I shan't be too lonely, as there are so many new ones I've started picking up since :)

In less interesting news, I'm currently stuck at work. My boss agreed to have the library open late today so a alumni could have a book signing. And then my boss remembered he had plans for today and couldn't stay. So here I am. At least I only had to get here at 5, and the signing ends at 8, so it's not so long. And I am going to get a full day off as comp.

Having some trouble with my NaNoWriMo story... Since Wednesday's marvelous efforts, I have not managed to do particularly well. I know what i want to happen, I just am having some troubles getting a scene going.

I got a bit done today, and have gotten a little more done while stuck at work, but I've got another hour I'm here at work and nothing is coming to mind on the story. Quite frustrating. I just need a scene to work on... doesn't have to be with the current chapter I'm working on... just a solid scene to work on...!
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Well, tomorrow marks the beginning of NaNoWriMo, of which i'm very excited. I shall be working on my Animal Half story which is one of my oldest stories though i have not worked on it very much, certainly not nearly as much as i have worked on Ninsei (which was created about half a year after Animal Half.)

Back in high school i wrote out a bit of the story, which was originally going to be a comic (and in fact would still makea great comic), but while the characters have strongly developed in my head, i have never really done much with the story. 2 years ago i tried/considered doing a web-serial, like a webcomic except short stories rather than a comic, but that never really happened. So basically, these kids have been in my head for 10 years, it's about bloody time i started telling their story.

Anyway, i'm going to repost here the first chapter that i wrote two years ago. It doesn't need major revision, so i see no point in completely rewriting it for NaNo, and since i wrote it before november 1, 2006, it doesnt count for NaNo. Therefore I'm posting it now, as a jumping off point for tomorrow.

So for those interested in reading my story this year, here is chapter 1:
Animal Half chapter 1
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Life's going well enough right now. I'm down to 3 carts of Welsh books... one for the special special collection of Welsh books (which so far doens't seem to have too much original cataloguing needed, as i've been able to find records for the first half of the cart). Then 2 carts of original (which will be the part that takes the longest, i think, but i won't really know for certain until i start in on it).

It being October, it's the time of year for STORY PLANNING! yes, that's right, NaNoWriMo is fast approaching, so i've been working on plotting on this year's story. I'm doing something a little different this time. I'm pulling out my earliest 'major' story, Animal Half, from the dusty shelves of my mind and polishing it up for some work. But unlike my other major stories, Animal Half isn't really a continuous narrative/plot... it's more episodic, so i'll be doing a bunch of short story episodes that will build on each other for NaNoWriMo this year, quite a departure from my other stories.

Lessee, in other news, my body's feeling a bit beat up. I took a nasty tumble down the stairs on sunday, and banged myself up but good. I wonder if i very minorly resprained my wrist? It's not in pain like when I sprained my wrist the first time, but it's certainly not well. Also wrenched by back and shoulder. They were fine on sunday, but stiffened up yesterday. It's doing better today, but when I get home tonight i'll through my heating pad on it again for a little bit, which should help ease that stubborn knot.

After a lot of searching online and asking friends for their recommendations, I think I shall get myself a Western Digital my book essential external harddrive. It's one of the three kinds most recommended to me, and I was able to find it on sale at Best Buy... so 100$ for a 250 gig hard drive is a really sweet deal.

And that's my life right now.
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My phone sings Gackt at me. It also flashes pretty sparkily lights. And it has pretty Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children boys as my wallpaper. You have no idea how happy this makes me.

I have given up on trying to finish today. In fact, i haven't written anything as of yet today, and didn't do anything after what i posted yesterday. I'm near the end, so my next goal will be to try to finish by next weekend.

In the meantime, my phone sings Gackt at me whenever someone calls.
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After a slow start to this week, wednesday went very well and i managed to get the 3k i wanted to write. I drew up a plan for the final four days: 3k on thursday and friday, then 4k on saturday and sunday. Then i proceeded to only do about 800 words yesterday ^.^;; Moreover, i forgot my key drive at home so i dont actually have the file with my story on it today. I'll just write the piece i'm working on here and then add it to the main file after work.

It's looking less and less likely that i'll reach 50k by the end of sunday, but then, it also seems like my story will be finished before 50k. Including the chapter i'm working on, i estimate there are only 4 chapters left. Things are definately building up to the end.

In other news, i just bought a new phone. I've had my old one for 4 years, and i decided a camera-phone would be fun. I started to play around with it a bit yesterday. I'm not 'in love with it' yet, but i'm hoping that as i play around with it and get used to it i will be.

Only 7 more days of extended hours at work...cannot wait until finals are over and i don't have to be here half an hour early each morning.
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I have gotten so little writing done this weekend. ^.^;; but i have done other things that have really needed to be done, so hopefully that means i can focus more on writing in the weeks to come.

Current word count: 782

this turned out differently than i expected; it's rather different from the original.

*EDITED* 6/8/2006: Smoothed it up, cleaned up some of the grammar mistakes, ect. It's now 940 words long ;)

Prologue )
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Well, NoWri starts tomorrow. I'm feeling pretty psyched. I have decided, at least for now, to write fresh. I am not even reading my previous version before i start writing. That may change of course, during the month. It is not goign to be difficult to write fresh for the first couple chapters in particular, because i am adding a chapter with new scenes not found in the original version, and the first several chapters of the original are the ones most needing massive rewriting. It will be a couple chapters later on that i might be more interested in using some of the previous version.

Anyone who has read the previous version should still check out the new version, as there will definately be new scenes and different occurances, though the general plot is the same.

My back is doing so-so. I'm feeling great in the morning, but tense up as the day progresses. To the point where it isn't comfortable sitting and i just want to go lie down again. I'm trying to take it easy, give myself the chance to fully recover.

Since i was a lot more alert last night than i have been the past several days, i pulled out a couple video games i borrowed from Janel. Maximo: Army of Zin is cute. It took me a little bit to get the hang of it, but now that i have, i'm having fun. I also tried Tenchu: wrath of the ninja, but i'm not as impressed with that game. I am more of a button masher and less of a 'sneak and stealth' kind of player. Also, the camera in that game annoys me to know end and makes me feel naucious. Ok, i admit it; i'm not a Gamer! I'm an anime-geek. I like video games but i am by no means a Gamer.
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Thank you all for your well-wishes. I'm on the mend. Not 100% better yet, but certainly getting there. I got some muscle relaxers from the doc yesterday and was knocked out pretty solid yesterday.

April is fast approaching. I'm planning on doing another novel-writting endeavor for april. NoWriMo if you will. (Novel Writing Month). I am planning on rewriting the first story arc of Ninsei, and finally finishing that part up. Because it's not the offical NaNoWriMo, it doesn't matter that i'll be working on a story i have worked on before.

What i'm not certain is if i should print out my earlier draft to use as a base, if i should have the earlier draft just open as a seperate file on my computer when i'm writing, or if i should just completely write it fresh.
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Well, NaNoWriMo has ended, and my life is starting to return to its more normal pace. Except i have to wake up earlier since i'm opening the library half an hour early as part of end of the semester 'extended hours' that my library does. And i'm trying to fight off a cold. And my aparto still looks like a disaster and i really ought to do some serious cleaning this weekend.

The combo of cold and waking up earlier has me feeling rather sluggish, and i really wish today was friday so i could sleep in tomorrow, but i've got one more day of early rising before the weekend, and then another two weeks after that.

I've got a pile of books waiting for me to read, Earth 2 and Lost season 1 dvds to watch, and a bit of anime i downloaded a while ago piling up to get to. I'll be kept pretty busy for a while yet.

As those who have been reading my story this month will realize, the story is far from over. As i mentioned a bit in the final post, i started the story without really having any time to plan it, so now i'm going to take some time, plot out the story, develop the world, the religions, the cultures, figure out those details before continuing on (and rewriting the first part). It is my hope in april to do another "NaNo" type writing event, and perhaps i will write the second part then. (Or I could focus on one of my other stories, such as Ninsei which has been pushed to the side for a little while now).

In the mean time, i've got an idea for another fanfiction forming in my head. (My Red Dwarf fic will get finished in the spring/summer after i get the final dvds) The idea for this new story came to me as i was just starting to work on Ring of Time, so it got pushed aside while i worked on my NaNo story. Now that that's over (for the time being), i think i might start in on a Petshop of Horrors fanfic. PoH is a really cool, very pretty manga that i highly recommand. The final volume came out many months ago, but i recall being very taken with it. A bit of a plot-bunny wormed its way into my head, but i will need to plan it out a bit before starting.

I know, i'm horrible... i really shouldn't be starting yet another story without finishing any of my other ones. I will get back to my other stories, eventually, i promise.


Nov. 28th, 2005 11:42 am
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I am so close. Less than a thousand words to go. In fact, only 700 words now. I have been slamming out thousands of words today, totally in a groove. I've beaten my record of 6k in one day. Things were going great.

And then I came home from the meet up and discovered my pilot light blew out AGAIN. So i have no heat. I had problems a couple times last year. I just had it lit for the first time this season in the beginning of the month and got charged 100$ for that. Because apparantly it costs 100$ for the six minute job of turning on a pilot light. After a couple calls i finally got that reduced to just the standard 60$ for the damn guy to get out to my house fee.

And now i need to get someone out here tomorrow. Because i'm going home for the holiday, and if i have no heat in my place it will freeze like it did when i was home over xmas break and i came back to find all my plants dead and my house below 40, and i don't want that to happen again.

But it's blown out again and it's going to cost me 100$ to have someone spend 5 minutes to light it and i'm tired of it blowing out and i don't want to have to worry every time i go away that it will blow out and i can't afford to get charged so much to turn on a goddamn pilot light that seems determined to blow out ever fucking month.

And i'm so close to finishing i only need another 700 words and now i totally lost my groove and i just want to curl up and cry because i'm frustrated and everything was going so well and even though it was snowing i had no problems driving down to the meet up and then back home but now i have no fucking heat and i'm frustrated and my cat is hyper because he's been alone all day and he wants attention and to play and i don't have the energy to deal with him right now and i am so close to finishing but i lost my groove and i don't know if i can finish but i'm so close and i am not happy right now.

i was going to come home from the meet up and finish the final thousand words i needed and then i was going to celebrate and it was going to be Good and Happy and now even if i can get myself back into it and finish up it isn't Good and i am Not Happy. I am Frustrated.

I was going to finish and it was going to be amazing since i would have gotten so much written today. I still have gotten so much written today, and that is Amazing, and that is Good. but now that doesn't feel like enough. Now, even though i'm so bloody close, i can't finish because even if i finish right now i won't be able to celebrate because i'm frustrated and i want to be able to celebrate when i finish.
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I got a bit done yesterday, but not quite as much as i wanted to. Still, i was feeling a bit stuck on a part and realized i was pressuring myself. I don't need to pressure myself--i'm far enough along and ahead of things that i don't need stress myself out. so i stopped where i was and spent the evening watching Who's Line. A couple eps i haven't seen before even! v. exciting. i'm kicking so many kinds of ass. I started the day at 42,112. i've gotten 3k done already, and it's only 2. I've got class this afternoon, but since the prof isn't going to be there and we're watching a movie, i plan on brining my laptop and getting a bit more done then.

And then another Meet Up. I've been able to get done 1-2k at the meet ups, so i've got hope for another couple thousand words tonight.

Things are going so well for me today! There actually is a slight chance i might be able to finish up today. At the very least, there won't be much for me to do tomorrow. I'm getting so close i can smell the end.

Current total: 45,515!!!

chapter 9 )
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Hmmm...the only writting i did yesterday was to write the day off.

oh well, i had been doing so well the past week, i was bound to have one day when nothing happened.

I did get to read new comics, nap, and cuddle kitties all day though. that was nice.

also saw HP4 saturday night. good movie. trimmed the story down a lot, and altered a few of the plot details to simplify, but i thought it worked pretty well, making it a very cohesive story line. And the kids are getting HOT. jail bait rawr.
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It's been 2 1/2 days, but i've finished Chapter 3. Might not be my strongest writing, but i think it's got potential that with a bit of work later, it could be a really well-written piece.

thus far for today, i've got 1164 words, 1694 yesterday, and 1744 on monday, making chapter 3 4602 words long. so i've lost the lead that i got the first couple days of writing, but i'm solidly on schedule.

Had another NaNoWriMo meet up...wasn't nearly as productive this week as i was last week, but had an enjoyable time.

Current count is: 17189 (1/3 of my total word goal)

chapter 3 )
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So i've lost the lead that i got the first 2 days of writing, but things are progressing. Friday i got the wireless card working, and my mother sent the floppy drive (though i wasn't here to sign for the package, so i'll have to stop at the post office on monday to pick itup). then i came home and crashed. so exhaused, i fell asleep around 9. Did not make my word goal.

Saturday, i got up to the word count i had wanted for friday, but didn't get much beyond that. Instead, i took advantage of the GORGEOUS 70 degree weather and went for a walk in North Woods. (Research. yeah, that's what it was!) definately a pleasant walk, but time definately continues on and things change. Met up with a couple friends and walk to town for a 'breakfast' dinner. and finally got rid of my old computer that had been sitting in the back of my car for over a year now.

sunday morning i goofed off and read comics, but got some work done in the afternoon. i would get a bit of writing done, play with the boys some, go outside some, write some more. and watched the first couple eps of Gunslinger Girl which is a bit of pretentious dribble. It is Tragic! Woe! So Tragic! because they use little girls as brain-washed assasins, and it is oh so Tragic!

anyway, i finished chapter 2, which proved to be almost as long as chapter 1, even if i have not gotten nearly enough words written for the weekend.

Current word count: 12,587 (more than 1/5 the way to my goal, after 6 days).

chapter 2 )
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Tonight has been an adventure. It has been a trial of both extreme productivity, and extreme futility. It has been a night of highs and lows, and of unfailing hope that things will work out.

It began with a promise of an evening of being social. I thought to drive down to a NaNoWriMo meet up and interact with my fellow NaNoers. I have Akiko's old laptop; i could use that to work.

So i come home from work and pull out Akiko's lap top and Aunty's laptop since i have them both with me. aunty's seems to be dying, since it didn't want to start, but i figured Akiko's was the (slightly) better one anyway, so it was fine. Except... the laptop doesn't recognize my usb drive. no drivers for it.

ok, i pull all the drivers from my desktop and burn it onto a disk. except... apparantly, drivers don't burn onto cds; i found myself with an empty cd when i went to install it on the laptop.

well, alright, i'll switch my cable modem over to the lap top and d/l the drivers. except... it doesn't have an ethernet card anymore. I don't have a landline so i can't even connect via regular modem.

by this point i'm running late, and figure i'll just work on it for now and then save it to floppy disc and transfer it over on my work computer tomorrow (since my home one doesn't have floppy drives)

so i meet up with people, and i get really productive (another 1932 words!) and it's great, and i meet 2 other cool writers, and it's nice, and i'm having a great time, and yay!

then the cafe/bookstore closes and i head home. the way home leads me directly past work, so i think, C is in till midnight, i can stop in, say hi, and do the transfer now! I might even be able to get the final couple hundred words to finish up chapter 1 and post tonight!

except... i can't find the floppy drive... it's not in the computer case. I have a sinking suspicion it was left in at my 'rents.

well crap. what now? how about: email! i don't have phone at home, but here at work i do! i'll just take the phone cord and plug in the computer. no biggie! i know the rent's aol info. except... at work we have to dial a stupid code, so i'm not able to connect.

i'm totally striking out with this computer, but i'm still not without options. I think, maybe i have the floppy drive at my apartment. maybe the floppy from aunty's laptop will work on this one. maybe even though i don't have a phone, i can still connect to aol.

so i drive home and no, i don't have the floppy drive, and aunty's floppy drive doesn't pop out, and no, i cannot connect to aol without actually having a phone connected.

but i'm still not ready to give up. i'm not without ideas to try for tomorrow. i think i might be able to edit the phone codes for aol, so i might be able to add in my code after the connection number. and if i can't or that doesn't work, C has a land line... i can ask to follow her home for lunch tomorrow and borrow her line for a few minutes.

if i can just get online, not only can i email the chapter over to myself, but i should be able to d/l the drivers so i can use the usb drive and not have to worry about this after tonight.

but in positive NaNo news, i should be over 6000 words now, i'm likely just a few hundred words away from finishing chapter 1, and i'll definately have it finished tomorrow. (if i can just get it off the lap top without having to retype it all, i'll be a happy girl.)

on that note, i think it's time i went to bed.
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As the final trick or treaters fade off into the night, the final hours click away ever towards November. I had a quiet weekend where i played video games, read a little, cleaned a little, and prepared a little for my story. I figured out for the most part the final main characters and a bit more of the back story. A couple major things are still uncertain, but I don't think I need to have them figured out for a little while at least. I can't say that I'm "as ready as I'll ever be" because I could really use another week of planning, but I think i have enough of an idea to get a good start at least, and then we'll see what happens. At this point, I honestly don't know after a certain point where things will go.

My goal is to get at least 2,000 words a day. My goal is to win this year again. My goal is to get the first part of the story complete. (or a suitable break in the story at least).

I can only go to bed early, hope i dream dreams i might be able to use, and sleep well so i can get a good start to my story.

As I did last year with Eien, I shall post the work-in-progress here, and all constructive crits and comments will be highly welcomed. I might not get to addressing them until after NaNoWriMo ends, but i will certainly make note of any comments.

Wish me luck.
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NaNoWriMo looms ever closer, and i really wish i had another month to plot things out. I've got the big over all plot pretty well figured in my head, but the first part is a big over all plot in an of itself and i have very little idea of what happens. i've got some solid enough ideas for the characters, for the most part, but not as strong as i like, and not enough of what i want to happen as i like.

normally, i write muse-inspired, which basically means i've got a couple big scenes clearly seen in my mind. I usually get a couple chapters written, but have little idea of how to connect the beginning to the scenes i have in mind (other than the generally idea of "plot building and character development occurs here.") Last year was the first time i really outlined a story idea fully before writing it. there were of course room for further development that occured as i wrote, but i had the major points and a strong sense of how things connected. for the most part, i didn't have any problems of 'i'm at this point here, and i have no idea what to do with the story now before the next point.' it was tremendously successful for me i think.

this time, i certainly don't have that detailed outline, and i don't even have a real sense of the direction of things. (since i think i'm only going to get the first part of the story written for NaNo, not the full story). in some ways, this makes me rather nervous. but another part of me wonders if it might be a good change for me. maybe i can just let it flow, and see what develops. maybe i will find such writing to be freer. why not think of it as a giant writing excersize? why not allow myself to experiment more?

Such thoughts both terrify and excite me.

One thing is for certain, this year's NaNoWriMo story will not be as polished as Eien had been (which was an unpolished rough draft itself.)

I want to work out the beginning and the motivations for the characters before NaNoWriMo starts, at the very least. i've got some of it, but not quite as firmly as i want. well, i've got a week left.

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