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Moving this weekend. Pretty excited.

Gotten much of the edits done on my thesis. Pretty happy.

Getting ready for Anime Boston. Got my costume ready but for the wig. Need to write up a few kanji characters for some new brushpaintings.

Here's a very powerful article on the myth of acquaintance rape as just "miscommunication":
Predator Theory
It's a bit long and can be triggering/hard to read, but I think it's an important read.
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Life is going pretty spiffy. I passed my thesis defense last week, which means that I will be graduating, I just need to finish the edits on my thesis, and that's coming along well.

The time change is a horrible thing that I wish our country would do away with. I am enjoying the beautiful weather today.

I appreciate all offers to help me move. Because I'm hoping to move during the week (Hopefully Monday if I can move in early), I'm planning on using a moving company. As expensive as that is. I've been packing up the stuff in my room and realizing the more I get boxed up, the more there seems to be still to be packed, and that I have too much stuff. I really hope I get to stop moving soon.

I've been reading feminist blogs like The Hathor Legacy, Shakesville, Feministe, and Feministing. I feel like I'm learning a lot, though I still have much to learn. I'm learning about privilege, consent, bodily autonomy, fat acceptance, ableism and ableist language, rape culture, and many other things. Some that I knew/felt but didn't know how to express, some that I had never thought of (privilege) and how to be more aware of what i say and how that might affect others. I feel like I'm just starting to understand some of these things, and I might be obnoxious on my friends for brining things up but not really being able to explain. So I am thinking I might try to post a few links here and there on some of the posts I read that I think very well express some of the concepts I'm learning about and I think are important for others to learn about as well.

There are a LOT of great older posts on the sites I listed above, and I'll try to go through and find some to share later, but for now, I'd like to share one that was posted today regarding fat acceptance and societies fat hatred: Proposed. (The blog is pretty well moderated so trolls are shut down pretty fast, so the comments are safe to read, and often have great points as well).

Umm, otherwise, I'm going to work on packing a little more, working on my thesis, and enjoying the fresh air from the open window beside me.
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It's been a while since I posted anything, so here's what's been up for the past month:

OMG this is long )
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The unpacking goes slowly, but is progressing. I've been trying to get solid storage things so that everything will have a home, which will help cut down on my clutter tendencies. That and I just have a LOT of stuff.

Yesterday I put up anime posters in my bedroom, so now the walls aren't looking so stark and white, and it's feeling like MY room now. I've more or less gotten all my clothes put away, so my bedroom is now pretty much set, my bathroom is pretty much set, and now that my washer and dryer just got delivered, my kitchen is pretty much set.

And oh boy on the getting the washer and dryer set up. the dryer needs to fit in this tight corner between the refridgerator and wall, made tighter by the presence of a radiator. Unbeknowest to me, "standard" size dryers now have this bump out the back, making it a deeper/wider unit than i imagined. It wasn't going to fit, the delivery man declared. Eek. So called up the sales guy who tells me it'll cost an extra fee for them to take back the too-big dryer, and he'd see what he could do special ordering a smaller one. All for the sake of a couple inches.

Well screw that, I decided. I am going to have this washer and dryer set a hell of a lot longer than this apartment. Who cares if it sticks out a bit incoveniently? who cares if I have to push my stove and fridge over a couple inches into the doorway to the hall towards me bedroom? I was going to make that washer fit.

So I did. And now I have a washer and dryer all set up. This makes me happy.

In the meanwhile, I've got several more weeks before my couch is likely to show up, but I've got my coffee table set up. You don't want to think about how I got it into my apartment. This morning I found some seating pillows so now I can sit at my coffee table to eat, as if it were a Japanese table. This also makes me happy.

I've also taken measurements so I can rebuild the bookshelves I built at my last apartment to fit the larger wall I have at this apartment. I've taken measurements for radiator covers and for shelves to go behind the couch since I need to kick it out about 10 inches because of another radiator. Damn radiators. Always making things more challenging.

I got my game systems set up and working as well as my extra computery stuff (ie, scanner and external harddrive. Would have also gotten my printer hooked up but the powercord got damaged in the move, so I need to replace that). I've also gotten half my paper files/bills unpacked/organized in my desk, so all in all making some solid progress on the living room.

I've decided now I've gotten more than enough done for the day, it's bloody hot, I'm done for now. Time to curl up with my book and try to relax. And then head down to the icecream stand a half mile down the road for some ice cream dinner. Because as an adult, I can have icecream for dinner some nights.

Isn't it good to be an adult?

I'm home

Aug. 18th, 2007 08:18 pm
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gods am i exhausted. More coherent post will follow later after some rest.

I melted my credit card today. That is, not physically melted, but reached my spending limit. Should not be surprising--I don't have that high a limit at this point on this card and I spent a LOT today.

I bought myself a washer and dryer, a couch, and a coffee table, plus a couple hundred on assorted storage and living things that I need for my new place. Trust me, the visa bill for today is going to HURT.

My table will show up probably thursday. It's not what I was pictured, what I was looking for, but it is quite nice and I deemed it acceptable. My washer and dryer show up and will be installed on Saturday. The couch will be sometime in 6-8 weeks. I've got a over-sized easy chair to sit on until then.

I had my parents and sister with me all day and we went out shopping and then did some unpacking and building. With my father's help I got a wire cord set up to tie up my kayak outside to give it some security.

Set up an outdoor bench/storage thingy for my garden things. Spent entirely too long on an overly complicated over-the-toilet storage cabinent.

It's been a very busy but quite successful day. And I'm utterly exhausted now.

In similar news, today I brought my two boys to their new home. Romeo was a bit distraught from the carride as I didn't bother giving him his meds so he got sick, and he gets SO miserable when he gets carsick. And in general, he does tend to be more timid. So he pretty much went under my bed and stayed there. Genji, however, was quite interested in exploring. He wandered about getting into every little knock and cranny he could.

Now that he's had dinner and has gotten a bit more used to the place, Romeo is feeling braver and is exploring. I'm glad to see him exploring :)

Well, I've still got entirely too much to do for unpacking but I think I'll take the rest of the night off. I've gotten quite a bit done already.

More to come later,

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So this is it.

My last day of work.

For over a year I knew this day was coming, and for the past couple weeks I've been counting down. But now that it's here it feels surreal.

For over 3 years, I have worked here, and gotten several thousand books catalogued.

Yesterday in particularly I was a cataloguing god. Yesterday I did a cart and a half. Now, on a good day, I can get a cart done. This was beyond a good day. Oh yes, I am a god.

Today has been puttering around here and there, finishing up some things and generally getting things cleaned off and up as best I can. And now I'm done. I've taken care of the last little projects around me. Even cleared off my personal things off the computer.

In about an hour they're throwing me a small going away party.

So now I'm just chilling, going to RP a little with my Remus character in my HP game, and generally just unwind.

Tonight I'm heading over to T'eao's to pack up the last of my things, have a quick dinner, than go to my new home. For my first night actually getting to sleep in it.


Aug. 10th, 2007 02:17 pm
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Damn me and my need for cable and high-speed internet.

Just set up my new account for my new place and set up a time for the instillation. It sure is spendy.


Jul. 30th, 2007 09:22 am
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I think I'm operating on sheer willpower by this point. This weekend turned out to be a lot more complex and exhausting than it should have been, or needed to be.

I would like to give huge thanks to:
Ali, Howie, Luan, Janel, Matt, and Ted
And a huge, giant, I-can't-think-you-enough thank you to:
Pocky and Akiko.

the very long story of my weekend's adventure )
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Ahh... nothing like trying to pack up your entire life and move when you're not feeling well.

Seems to be some sort of sinus/allergy thing going around my campus. I've heard several people have it, one of which is my coworker. Took a sick day on tuesday to spend the day mostly sleeping on the couch, but have managed to get through work yesterday and so far today.

My ear's been clogged since monday morning. Majority of it is wax buildup, but it's also in part to the sinus.

Spent all day yesterday trying to get a hold of my doctor... found out today he isn't in wednesday afternoons. argh.

Finally got a hold of him this morning and got an appointment at noon-thirty. I'm all excited that I"ll finally be able to hear out of my right ear again, and maybe clear up that annoying ringing in my ear.

Unfortunately, they couldn't clear my ear out.

Because I have a sinus/ear infection. So they have to clear that up first.


So I'm on some antibiotics which should hopefully clean this infection right out of my system. And then I can go in next week to clear out the wax buildup if that is still a problem.

But it means I've got to go a while longer until I can get my hearing back. At least I can hear out of one ear.

IN the meantime, I'm trying to get the rest of my stuff packed up when I have little energy to do so. Fortunately, I got the majority of it set last weekend. Unfortunately, I'm not quite done yet and I don't want to work on it anymore. Must be done in any case. Blargo.
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Well I managed to get a good bit of packing done this weekend and feeling very confident that I will have everything in order by Saturday, the big day of moving. I've got friends lined up to help me load and unload the truck. Things seem to be pretty set. I've got the upstairs more or less completely packed. Still a few odds and sods on the floor in my bedroom, but it should only take about 15 minutes to finish up the last remaining packing up there. I haven't touched the kitchen yet, but that will wait until later this week I think. The living room is probably about 3/4 done and will take a couple hours I think to get totally done, but nothing I can't handle after work some time this week.

I'm currently feeling a bit blah right now though. Don't know what pollen is out right now, but nose has been runny and sinuses starting to feel some pressure. And my right ear is clogged. I can't hear anything out of it, and having a clogged ear just unbalances you a bit. Blah I say, blah.

I've got 3 and a half weeks left of work. Pretty amazing.
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It's been a little while since I last posted, but there hasnt' been too much to say. I've been working, the past several weeks I've been a cataloguing fiend, getting hundreds of books done, but this past week I've been sluggish and lazy and haven't gotten very much done at all. I suppose I'm allowed, since I was so productive earlier. Today's my last day of work for the week, as I'll be heading off to CTcon. Last night and this morning I was working on finishing up my costume. Well, re-finishing it. See, the costume I'm going to be competing with is my KamiKaze Kaitoh Jeanne costume, which is actually my first cosplay. But I've never competed with it before. I had to rebuild the arm bands for the costume as I originally built the with T'eao in clay, but one of them broke. I wore them once (or twice) after it broke since I hadn't had the chance to remake them, but since I'm goign to be competing with this cosplay, it was necessary to make it as good as I could.

I had tried remaking the bands last year, but it didn't quite work out, and the paint would stick on the bands, and it just failed. Things are looking much better this time round. On monday and yesterday, I cut up the bands, glued it into shape, added the fasteners, and painted a couple coats of sealer. This morning I did the first coat of gold paint. Which, btw, isn't a water-based paint, so trying to wash the gold paint off the brush resulted in yuck and my hands now (and still) being covered in gold. Oops. In better news, I'm not certain if its the different paint, or the fact that I put sealer on the bands first, or a combo of both, but the paint actually worked this time and it's looking fantastic. I'll throw on a second coat just to really smooth it out when I get home today. Might want to spray on some fixitive as well. Would need to buy some but I'm headed out in the direction of the near 'city' this afternoon so I could pick some up then. Then it's just a matter of waiting till everything dries before glueing the pretty red stones in place and viola! My Kamikaze Kaitoh Jeanne cosplay will be completely, totally complete.

It's been bloody hot again this week, and that has made me very uninterested in moving much. I haven't been doing my morning exercise in something like 3-4 weeks now. Blah. I'm feeling fat. Now please, I know I'm not, and I know many of you would like to now scream at me "YOU feel fat, than what about me??" or something. So I know I'm not, but I just am feeling fat. Which is weird since I'm down a half pound (gods it takes me so long to lose a pound) and my body fat percentage is down a percent, and it's not water loss because my water percent is good. Maybe because I haevn't gotten to exercise much lately it's making me feel blah.

I haven't done very much packing for my move. 2.5 weeks left. UGH. well, not much is going to happen now until after CTcon. but I'm going to have to be a packing fiend as much as a cataloguing fiend starting next week.

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