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I hate waiting.

But there are many things right now for me to be excited about. First and foremost is the return of Lost last night. Very, very cool.

Next, a very important day is quickly approaching. I'm trying to decide what the theme for the 'blowout' of mp3s will be this year.

Furthermore, last weekend I got a hold and watched my copy of Avatar season 2 vol 1 dvd, and when i finished the last ep I couldn't help but feel 'argh, i want to watch more now!!!1!" Not wanting to have to wait forever and a month until vol 2 comes out, I wondered if the Nickelodeon website might give a clue as to when they aired what particular episodes. They didn't (at least not that i could find) but i did come accross the tvguide website and they indicated that ep 6 (the next one i need to watch) is airing today, with the rest of the episodes following every day at 4:30. VERY exciting. So i've got my vcr set up to record (i know, i'm not cool enough for TiVo or dvr or any of the cool tv recording devices).

The final noteworthy item of excitement for me is that FINALLY, FINALLY after years of stumbling, I finally am starting to get a grasp of the next story arc of my opus, Ninsei. The first story arc developed probably about 4-5 years ago. It took me until last april to finally get the full rough story written out, but i had the story pretty firmly in my head for a couple years. But I only had the generalist, vague idea of what the next story arc would be. Now, that vague sense is starting to firm up into an actual outline. I have the bare rough outline done, now to start filling in the details. Quite exciting!

Also, in related news, i am a HUGE GEEK. I know i've said this before, but it bares repeating, particularly with my newest expression of geekiness. I'm coming up with 'theme songs' for my stories. That's actually pretty cool. The geeky part is that I'm systematically going through my collection of music to identify any and all potential 'theme songs'. Also? I've also come up with 3 (or 4 if you want) designations for the 'theme songs' for my stories.

They are:
Theme song: it would be an opening/ending theme for the story or story arc if the story was an anime
Insert Song; if the story was an anime, this song would be used in a particular scene
Image Song (for story arc or character): this isn't a song that would be 'used' directly for the 'anime' of the story, but the lyrics/mood seem to fit with either a particular part of the story, or a particular character

For example, in the case of case of Eien no Momento, I see L'arc en Ciel's song, Coming Closer, as the ideal 'opening theme song', with the chorus going:
Coming Closer
Hurry up, hurry up,
Time is going so fast
Hurry up, can't save you
Can't slow it down
You know, this is your fate
Do you feel lonely? so Lone-lonely
Cry to the wind
(though it should be noted that the 'do you feel lonely' sounds to me like he's saying 'i feel lonely'. both works :))

Eventually, when i finish my geeky systematic approach, i'll write up a list of theme songs and include it on my website. Yes. I am that much of a geek.

I suppose if anyone's read any of my stories and comes accross a song they feel fits in with a character or scene or story in general, please let me know. I'd be interested in hearing it.
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yes~~~~~ my precious~~~~~ my own~~~~~ i has its~~~~~~

right then. Book 11 is in my hot little hands now. And i haven't started reading it yet. argh. I just didn't have the time last night. Last night was pretty much the one night I couldn't put just about everything else aside and devote to reading. Ah well, I was able to get some HP-rping done on Tuesday and Wednesday, and i've got the book now, so tonight I'll dig into it.

(you have no idea how tempted i was to have a 'sick day' today.)

you won't be seeing me online tonight as i shall be absorbed in reading.

So now i've got so much to do... I've got a nearly 800-page book to read, Earth 2 and Lost dvds to watch (and then all watch them with commentary and oh all the special features!), and on Saturday I'm picking up couple weeks worth of comic-y goodness, so there goes a day to reading comics right there.

I've gotten onto such a HP fanart kick... being exploring Deviant and finding some GREAT artists. Which has got me wanting to draw some more (speaking of, i better crank out another comic at some point this weekend, or Akiko will get stern and flustered at me. But when will i have the time?!)

So yeah, all these stuff to do, and no time for it! When i was reading HP book 6, i could get about 100 pages per hour, so it just took me all evening, but i was able to finish it rather quickly. WoT is much denser, so i only get approximately 50 pages an hour. With an 800 page book... well, you do the math. My plan is to start reading tonight, and hopefully finish up tomorrow before i head out to be social. i've got a comic-run, dinner, and a movie planned for saturday afternoon into the evening, so that will be fun. then sunday will be devoted to finishing book 11 if i didn't on saturday, and then the new comics i just got.

not sure if i'll start watching earth 2 or lost first, and not sure if i'll start in next week when i get home from work, or if i'll just hold off until i have a weekend to play (which won't be for a couple weeks... next weekend i'm headed home, and the weekend after i'll likely be visiting friends in Philly.) wow... my life is about to get very busy!

....and i so want to go home right now soooo much. And yet, somehow i doubt my boss will agree that it is vitally important for me to go home to read a new novel.

...but it's there, staring at me, coaxing me to pick up it's shiney calls me, my precious calls me...
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Easter has come and gone and i have just come to the realization that i have not had a Cadbury Cream Egg at all this year. i had one small snack bag size of the candy coated chocolate Eggs, but that's it. this makes me very very sad.

yesterday, my work computer decided it didn't like LJ. i couldn't log on at all. fortunately it works today or i would be even more sad.

i'm feeling a little bit blue today and i'm not quite sure why. maybe it's the grey sky? well, Rocky should be fun tonight, and seeing a bunch of my college friends is always fun.

i finished up a major quest in Icewind Dale last night, so it's a good breaking point. (since i won't be able to play again for several days.) though now that i've gotten into the game, there are certain things i will do differently when i next start up a game. for example, for this kind of game, while the extra healing spells a paladin can offer is nice, it's not as good as a straight fighter's ability to have 4 weapons in the quickslot (as opposed to 2 or 3 of the other characters) and the fighter's ability to have more than 2 specilization slots for his/her weapon proficincies. part of me just wants to start over again :) and why not? i'm just playing this to have fun, not to beat it. in fact, part of me doesn't quite want to get past the point where Akiko and i left off this past december (which is still another major quest and a bit beyond what i have just done this past week) but Akiko and i will have to start over anyway since we lost our saved game with her recent computer loss. (gosh... thinking about the game here as got me wanting to go home and play and not be at work. *laughs* i'm such a geek sometimes).

Lost continues to amaze me. i LOVE that show. it's been a while since i've been this excited about a show, particularly one that has a continuing story. (i mean, i adore Who's Line and Queer Eye, but those are different kind of shows.)

i caught myself back up on a fanfic series i've been reading for several years now. (has it really been so long?) i don't often read fanfics now, as i said in a previous rant. frustrating trying to find that one or two good ones in a sea of self-insertion crap. this particular story is a 'what-if' Johnny the Homicidal Maniac slash/shonen-ai story. (and slash=shonen-ai, not the other kind of slashing Nny does. though there's some of that too... there would have to be.. its a JtHM story after all!) its actually a believable slash story too. the author has a strong sense of the characters. i say 'slash' but it's not really... well, i mean, when you consider Nny's character that should be clear... he doesn't like being touched! it's been a while since i last checked, so there were 2 new chapters, which was very exciting. but now i have to wait until the next chapter comes out, and i hate waiting. it's really a compelling story, and it's taken quite a different turn now, so i can't wait to see what happens next. eeee! (similar excitment i feel while waiting for next wednesday to see what happens on Lost!)

i want to write but it's not coming out. that is, i mean, i want to work on one of my stories. like finish editing Eien no Momento. or finally finish the rough draft of Ninsei story one. or get back to working on Animal Half. i think that each morning i should work some more on one of those and i don't. why doesn' it come out?

so i'm feeling a little bit nostalic, a little bit blue, but there are things i'm looking forward to coming up soon. (and that off-rhyme just flowed out of me).
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notches another mark for another person mistaking me for a student at the college i work at and hitting on me. (not that they hit on me because they think i'm a student or anything, but...) this amuses me. i'm not offended or anything, cuz i know i look young for my age. it just amuses me. and being hit on is really flattering. (except when its with dirty old man, and which case it's just kinda of skeezy.)

the weather is supposed to be nasty tomorrow. i might not be able to go get my comics until friday. i haven't gone since thanksgiving weekend. if it wasn't for hitting Book Off when i was in NYC this past weekend, i would so be suffering withdrawl!

i set an impossible goal of trying to finish getting reference into the system by the time students return. this means that i have to do all the work myself, since my student assistant is of course gone on break, and my part-timer only works on mondays and tuesdays. i haven't had to do some of this stuff since i was a student worker myself (not that that was so long ago) it's kinda fun actually, and it's keeping me super busy so i'm not spending all day reading webcomics. (oh, darn, that was kinda fun!)

yay... tonight i get to watch Lost and finally find out what happens after that cliff-hanger last month. i was so happy they repeated the first 6 eps the past couple weeks, but i am still missing 4 eps. can't wait for this show to come out on dvd :). it reminds me of Earth 2. but not on a different planet. and without the aliens. just a mysterious monster. and polar bears (on a tropical island). but it's very mysterious (waggles fingers).

alright, enough procrastinating... back to work!

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