May 11

May. 11th, 2011 08:48 pm
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Did manage to beat the game last night. Final battle was slow. Not hard, because the trick is to just keep distant, block when she swings her sword, and throw a few spells when the sword is returning to her. But the only spell that is quick enough that actually does some damage to her is Magic Missile. And that does only a small amount of damage to her.

I am kinda wanting to replay some of my favorite classic games (Chrono Trigger for the <3) but I’ve also got a good number of games I haven’t played yet. Eh, we’ll see what I feel like, I suppose.

Oh, my seeds are starting to sprout! I’m super excited to see little plants coming out of the dirt.

I’ve been using a allergy pill (trying Alegra at the moment. It’s not enough for this time of year). Also using a nasal spray. That has been helping quite a bit, but my nose is getting sore from its use. I knew I was going to have problems when I needed to use it this morning at 9. Sure enough, I’m starting to feel the allergy symptoms hitting me. (Yesterday I didn’t need the nasal spray until about noonish, and was fine for the rest of the day. I think I’m about to have a rather miserable next couple hours.)
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Had another Phys therapy today. Things are slowly getting better.

Got a bad headache today about 4:30. Left a few minutes early because of it. Didn't feel right taking aspirin for it because i'm taking massive doses of pain meds already for my arms.

A couple of things I found in my various blogs today:

a really great poetry reading from T. Mali on Fighting for the Library

a really thought-provoking piece and comments on fat and slut-shamming.

I've finally caught up on some of the podcasts I listen to (Forcecast, Robert Llewellyn's Carpool, and the awesome Reddwarf themed Scuttercast (<3 you guys)) so finally getting around to going through the 5 years worth of backlogs of the Serenity-Firefly podcast, the Signal. Listening to it of course means I want to rewatch the series/movie. Which I'll do, probably this weekend unless something comes up.
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My internet has decided to crap out. After calling my cable provider, gone through a set of useless steps, they had me plug my laptop directly into the modem. Still nothing. They say they're going to do something, put me on hold, and half an hour later I give up and hang up. Shortly after, laptop decides to recognize the modem. But only when directly plugged in. No wireless. Call back cable company but it's a netgear router so i have to call netgear to reset that.

So i've got internet when I'm at my desk, which means I can check my email and what not, but it's a bit on the inconvenient side of things.

Also? as if I haven't had enough expenses this month, something i've put off since I've moved decided it can't be put off anymore. My computer chair didn't survive the move, but I have an old wooden chair that has been sufficient for the time being. One of the legs likes to pop out, and it's not super comfortable but I'm not at the desk as much so it's been fine. Until it decided to try to kill me this evening.

In more upbeat news, I had a great time visiting family and friends this past weekend.

Checking in

Sep. 1st, 2010 09:58 pm
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So it's been a hectic couple weeks.

First, my hard drive died. Fortunately, it was only mostly dead and not dead dead, so I didn't loose anything really. Still, I was without my computer for a week and it was more spendy than I would have liked to have spent fixing it.

Next, I have tendinitis. In both arms. Apparently the muscles in my forearms are SUPER tight and pulling my carpel bones out of place which is causing me wrist pain and then the hand pain. Because have I mentioned zomg pain? I have been suffering from debilitating pain in both my index fingers. So actually was kinda good not to have my computer for a week.

So that's why I've been a bit more reclusive and unresponsive of late.
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Work is work. Going well enough. Not the job i want forever, but I don't mind it.

Been reviewing my kanji flashcards. I've studied the first two sets previously (the first set the most, since i've had it the longest) and have been doing pretty well with those sets. I'm more than halfway through the third set, which is giving me a pretty solid reading knowledge of over 1000 kanji now. It'll take coming across the kanji is other situations (books, articles, randomly on the side of the road, whatever) before I REALLY know them, but I'm feeling pretty good about getting this base-line knowledge of them. I need to review grammar and DEFINITELY need to go over my classical, but these things take time, and I'm getting to them as I can.

My plans for the weekend got a bit disrupted, but I'm not going to complain about a quiet weekend at home. Need to spend some time cleaning anyway.

Was just reading this post on Shakesville that I found very well said on why rape jokes aren't funny.

I've started to write again, but only a little thus far. I hope I can get more written this weekend.

I also really wish my wrist/hand/finger didn't hurt so much when it's my drawing hand. Makes it hard to draw when it hurts.
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Life is going pretty spiffy. I passed my thesis defense last week, which means that I will be graduating, I just need to finish the edits on my thesis, and that's coming along well.

The time change is a horrible thing that I wish our country would do away with. I am enjoying the beautiful weather today.

I appreciate all offers to help me move. Because I'm hoping to move during the week (Hopefully Monday if I can move in early), I'm planning on using a moving company. As expensive as that is. I've been packing up the stuff in my room and realizing the more I get boxed up, the more there seems to be still to be packed, and that I have too much stuff. I really hope I get to stop moving soon.

I've been reading feminist blogs like The Hathor Legacy, Shakesville, Feministe, and Feministing. I feel like I'm learning a lot, though I still have much to learn. I'm learning about privilege, consent, bodily autonomy, fat acceptance, ableism and ableist language, rape culture, and many other things. Some that I knew/felt but didn't know how to express, some that I had never thought of (privilege) and how to be more aware of what i say and how that might affect others. I feel like I'm just starting to understand some of these things, and I might be obnoxious on my friends for brining things up but not really being able to explain. So I am thinking I might try to post a few links here and there on some of the posts I read that I think very well express some of the concepts I'm learning about and I think are important for others to learn about as well.

There are a LOT of great older posts on the sites I listed above, and I'll try to go through and find some to share later, but for now, I'd like to share one that was posted today regarding fat acceptance and societies fat hatred: Proposed. (The blog is pretty well moderated so trolls are shut down pretty fast, so the comments are safe to read, and often have great points as well).

Umm, otherwise, I'm going to work on packing a little more, working on my thesis, and enjoying the fresh air from the open window beside me.
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I have done all I can on my thesis on my own. Thought I'd be completely done by now. Adviser disappeared for 2 months. Just reappeared. I was about to go stalk him outside his office but he finally replied to my numerous emails. I think the end is in sight now, though.

I've gained a bit of weight this year. It's been a few years since i've been this weight. I tried to do a little since the new year, but that wasn't enough. So yesterday I have started a concentrated effort. Start the morning on the exercise bike for an episode of Naruto Shippuden. Walk the dogs for a mile down the street. Yesterday was work on the abs. Tomorrow will be upper arms (sundays are the day off for weight training). So far so good. Though I'm usually good for the first week or two. Just got to keep trying to keep going.

Father and I have been doing a mini book club. We're reading Emma now.

Still have writer's block. I've got quite a bit figured out on my pirate story, and keep thinking I should write out the outline and notes I have, and I can't even do that. I'm hoping that my block will end when I finish my thesis fully.

Still unemployed living at home. Some hope though...Sent out my resume to 4 jobs I'd be happy doing (two of which are cataloguing!) Four in a week! That's more than there were for autumn and summer combined! So I'm feeling hopeful.

Otherwise, I'm trying to catch up on some podcasts I just got into (Forcecast, a star wars one, scuttercast on reddwarf, and i just discovered the Signal, a firefly/serenity one that will take a LONG time for me to get through, but i'll give it a try to see if it's worth it). Oh, and playing some Heroes of Might and Magic IV. Love that game. Got some good tactics for playing certain army types. Death is my go-to (vampires=win) and nature comes next (confuse the most powerful attackers, then pick them off when they can't act).

So that's my life at the moment.
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It's been a while since I posted anything, so here's what's been up for the past month:

OMG this is long )
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Hungry. Wanted Brownies. Thought to myself I'd make something real for dinner, give myself a break from research, and if I was gonna let myself make brownies, than I couldn't just do a quickie dinner. I have one pork chop left. And I just got some Edamame. How about Japanese? Make myself some Ton-katsu. Last time wasn't so successful... inside didn't cook fully, but outside done. So let's pre-cook it a bit in oven.

Started oil cooking too soon. Nearly forgot rice. Started that a bit late. Rushed it. Oil got smokey. Smoke alarm started to go off. Oil too hot. Pork is so brown nearly black second after it landed in oil. Pork still not fully cooked. Bloody hell. Back in oven.

Smoke alarm is still going off. House is filled with smoke. Rush around trying to get rest of dinner ready. Totally forgot about the Edamame.

Food not taste so bad. Rice a bit too wet. Pork a bit too dark on the outside. But not taste so bad. Alarm still going off.

Have had the door open here and there. Cats and other animals, both inside and out, who should not go outside or in respectively, so can't leave door open unguarded. Eyes are stinging from smoke. Getting headache from the shrill alarm.

It is of course the alarm that is on the 10 foot ceilings. Monkeyed my way up there anyway. It is of course plugged in to the electricity directly, with the battery only as backup. Bloody hell. Can't unplug it. Well, certainly not in my percarious monkeyed-up there position.

Finish dinner. Alarm still going off. Have left open my window on the door. Place is still smoking but the alarm seems to have stopped for now. It's started and stopped a few times. Might be stopped for now. Will leave the window open for a while longer anyway. Better cold right now than the headache that thing has been giving me. Had finally gotten this place toasty warm too. Pisses me off.

Brownies are all mixed up and sitting in my fridge. Don't feel like making them anymore.

Even though the food didn't taste so bad, chalking this one as a critical failure.
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So I'm spending this weekend grading papers. I hate grading papers. I'm also a hard-arse for grading...I've now graded over half the papers and there hasn't been any A's. I've got two A-'s, but for the most part only B's and C's. And I'm not going to scale these papers like I have to for the quizzes. I don't care if my fellow TAs are ridiculously lenient in their grading. Grrr.

Anyway, the topic I created asked the students to look at 3 diaries by women and look at their relationships with men, the tensions in the relationships, how the couple treated each other, and to consider what a factor rank had in those interactions. Now, I understand this is an intro course, and that they do not know as much about Heian literature as I do, so they don't know as much what everyone's rank is and how to tell from textual clues.

Still, I find it so interesting that the majority of people have agreed that in the situation where the guy is much more domininant and in control, he has higher social rank (Kagero Nikki. This is very true. He has a much higher rank than his wife). When the girl is the more dominant, they all asume she has higher rank (Sei Shonagon's Pillow Book, the scene where she returns from her hototogisu viewing and comes across the Captain. He actually has higher social rank than she does, though he is younger so that might have something to do with it. Still, he has higher social rank but she is the dominant one). And when the relationship seems equal, they all assume the couple has equal social rank (Sarashina Nikki, when she meets up with that handsome gentleman while at court. The students don't read closely and miss the clues that state that he has a much higher rank than she does, and that is why the relationship does not develop). That really gets me though... they assume the rank based on how dominant the woman is in the interactions.

Anyway, as can be noted, this is a working weekend for me. Over this long weekend, I have 54 papers to grade, and several books to read for my Heian Literature class. I've divided things up so that each day I'll grade 10-15 papers and read one of the books I need to read. Friday I got 15 papers graded, the Murasaki Shikibu Nikki read (don't you insult my beloved Izumi Shikibu, you prude Murasaki). Yesterday I only got through 11 papers, but I read all of Sei Shonagon's Pillow Book. (I only needed to read 1/3 of it for this week's class, but with the next 2 weekend's being more anime cons, I felt getting the entire book read now when I have a bit of time would not be a bad idea). Today I've gotten 5 papers done so far, but have high hopes that I should get 15 done without too much trouble. Then it's (re)reading the Izumi Shikibu Nikki, and general getting things read to prepare for the paper I'm writing on the Izumi diary for the Heian Lit class. Tomorrow will be more grading papers and then starting my paper. Tuesday will be finishing things...any papers left to be graded, the paper I have to write finished if I don't finish it on Monday, and if I still have some time left over, perhaps get some of my own thesis research accomplished. Oh good gods, I have no life but school work these days.

In other news I've been doing very well in eating healthy and working out. For the past 2 years I've been holding very steady at weight Y, more or less maintaining the loss of ten pounds from when I weighed my heaviest 3 years ago. I was up a few pounds the beginning of the summer (too much eating out for a few weeks). I'm currently at Y-2, and clearly progressing well towards my desired goal of X (which is Y-10). I've been going out for walk/jogs several mornings a week. The thought occured to me when I went out yesterday that mornings are FUCKING COLD and that perhaps, particularly as it is the weekend and I don't have any classes, I should do my walks a little later in the day when it warms up a little. I'm nervous of changing up my routinue (since I'm a creature of routinue) but I do think it will be more pleasant to walk around when the ground isn't still frosted and my knee doesn't immediately seize up and demand to know what the hell is wrong with me taking it out into the cold cold world.

Anyway, break time is more than over, and it's time to try to get another 5 papers graded before lunch time.
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I believe I have mentioned my odd dreams before. About how there usually isn't any kind of actual violence in my dreams...there is pretend violence. The people in my dreams hold up their hands, with the thumb up and the index finger out with the rest of the fingers curled up, as if their hands are guns, and they run around going "bang bang".

Well, last night, my dreams upgraded to bopper weapons.

My dream apartment was quite similar to my current place, though it had different craptastic windows, and the furniture and the furniture layout was different. I was joined by Akiko, Luan, Tiny, Howie, and a couple other people I'm not sure if I know in real life, and we were blockading ourselves in my apartment while a group of zombies (and general crunchies) prowled about outside. For the most part, we were able to hold the zombies at bay. Except the high level main villain came by. And unlike the zombies, who could only try to reach in through the windows, this guy was able to ooze his way through the glass as if it wasn't there at all. (yay for the mixing of real life with dream physics!)

So this guy oozes in, immediately kills me, and then he sits down in a large easy chair and chats. The game is going to pretty much end soon, so he's just making certain that the rest of my group doesn't try anything funny (like raising me) until the end of the game. Apparantly I actually had the potential to be the most powerful spell caster in the game, and could basically blow up the world if I choose, hense why I had to be ellminated.

Now, on the other side of the room is a bottle of water which is "holy water" which could instantly kill any undead creature and instantly heal everything on a good character. It could raise you, heal you, and cure any and all negative affects. So Howie chats up the big bad guy dude, basically promising to marry that guy's daughters (one of his character's minor objectives was to have one of his two daughters married to a strong guy). That aggreement allowed howie to move about alittle, so he could try to get the bottle of water. Problem was, he didn't quite know where it was. I could see it, but I was dead. So I kept going "crap, in-character knowledge, out-of-character knowledge. My character doesn't have death-watch, and I"m dead. I shouldn't be saying anything." It was a struggle. I lost. I whispered where it was.

Howie is able to cross the room and casually snatches the bottle, and with a smooth, quick motion splashes the water onto the big bad guy. Howie explains that he is now poofing out of existence. The bad guy sighs. He muses on how the one person he was sent to kill had the one artifact in the game that could kill him.

I get rezzed, and we look around to take stock. We find that a couple of our group, including Tiny, had been taken during the fighting, so our next mission will be their rescue.

And then I woke up.

In real life news, life is going pretty well. I have pretty much the most awesome schedule. No classes Mondays or Fridays, and no class before noon. I'm starting to get back into the swing of routinue, getting classwork done and working out again. I hadn't noticed until it was pointed out to me this weekend...i might not have lost the couple pounds i want, and i still might have that slight extra pudge around my middle, but i actually have some abs under all that.

This past weekend was the annual Seafood Cookout, which I dragged a few friends into going. It seemed like they had fun, and it was great to see them as always. Had to actually use the raindate this year, since of the hurricane coming through on Saturday. But Sunday turned out to be quite a nice day, so it was all good.
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Yesterday I went out and enjoyed the day by going on a 4-hour hike up and down a mountain in a near-by statepark. I drove up a very narrow, winding, and steep road to the summit of the first mountain in the park. At the summit is an observation tower. I got a chance to see much of the river valley...beautiful view, gorgeous day, but entirely too close to civilization, since there were loud noises coming from traffic, nearby construction, etc.

After enjoying the view, it was time for my hike to begin. The trail led down the south side of the mountain, an extremely sleep slope that caused me to slip, or near slip a number of times. Then I followed a more or less flat trail around the mountain to a section between the two mountains of the park. I came to the end of that trail to a split, one trail marked as going back up to the summit, the other heading towards the second mountain. Now I had printed out a map of the trails for the park, and it seemed as if the trail around the second mountain was a small loop, which I figured I'd explore before heading back up. Except, I discovered quite quickly, the trail was a whole heck of a lot longer than a simple loop, and it broke off into other trails as well. Aka, the whole second mountain was criss-crossed with a ton of trails, and none of them were on the trail map.

Well, I kept hiking. Didn't take long before I didn't know where I was. Not lost, just didn't know where I was. Got turned around a little which through off my natural sense of distance and location. But I was pretty convident that I would be able to turn around and go back the way I came if I felt the need.

The exploration did lead me to find some interesting sights. Going down one path, I came upon a dried up stream bed. There were dozens of such stream beds running down the mountain, but this particular one was special. It was covered in a coat of green moss, so it appeared to be a green path running down the mountain. It was stunning. The path I was on followed it for a little while, before crossing over it. At the cross over point, I decided to take a short break and climbed out onto the moss and just laid down on a bed of green.

A little while further down the trail (well, more accurately, "up" the trail) I heard a strange noise in the distance. It seemed as if someone was calling out. I couldn't make out any words, and it was too distant for me to get any idea of how to get to that area in the mass of trails to give any help, if someone was calling for it. I kept going on the trail, and the noise disappeared. Some time later, I hear another noise, something a bit some kind of animal, of the likes I had never heard before. There is rustling in the trees, and more of the animal's cry. It is not very far away from me, and clearly coming from the direction I am headed on the path. Nervous, I still continue. I hear another noise now, but this one I know what it is. It is the baa of a goat. About 30 feet in front of me, a goat dashes across the trail. As I continue on, I see that there are two goats making their way through the woods, one making that weird noise I had heard earlier.

Besides the goats, I mostly saw (or just heard either rustling in the woods, or chittering at me) chipmunks and squirrels. I also saw a large woodpecker. Another neat thing I found was a tree, tall and straight, which was missing about a foot at the bottom. That is, it wasn't actually attached to the ground. It must have broken off a while ago, but, tall as it was, it has been held upright still by the trees around it.

Halfway through my journey, I was starting to get a little tired, and was hoping that the trail I was on would eventually lead me back towards the other mountain, or at least somewhere familiar. I come upon a divide in the trail, with one side going clearly down, the other seems flatter. I choose the second path, which, while it started flat, quickly started going up and up. As I hike upwards, I am regretting not taking the other path. However, before much longer, the path I am on comes to the crest of the mountain, and there is a beautiful overlook out. I pause here for a 'lunch' break, enjoying a fresh, local pear and gazing out from my scenic view spot.

Refreshed, I continued on, going down and around the mountain before coming upon the path I started up this mountain on. Followed that back down the rest of the way, back to the sign which pointed towards the summit of the first mountain. Slowly and painfully made my way up that steep trail to another scenic view of the river. Another long break there to enjoy the view, catch my breath, and cool off some (it was getting a bit warm in the day, and hiking up a steep mountain can make one a bit sweaty).

I was exhausted by that point, so got home and crashed out for an hour or two, before getting up and getting ready to go visit with some friends. We went to play pool, and my luck feat served me well. I don't have much skill or talent playing pool, but I do well enough just being lucky. After playing for an hour or two, we went out for some icecream. Yum. That is as near perfect a night as I could ever ask for.

Today I'm feeling the hike a bit... the legs were fine until I walked up a hill going across campus from my parking lot to the library. then I started feeling it. Now that I'm sitting, my ankles are feeling a bit unhappy with me. In general now I'm feeling a bit sore all over, I guess. But despite that, I'm feeling pretty good over all. I'm sore, but I enjoyed getting sore.

So now I'm working for a few hours until my pre-orientation meet up. Hopefully will find out what my TA assignment is, at last. I do know that it's not with the prof I had last semester, which i was REAlLY hoping for since I didn't mind TAing her. But I ran into another classmate and he said he was assigned to her, and I knew that she was going to pick one of the new grad students. I'm terrified they'll ask me to do language or something, and I am not good at spoken, which is what drilling is all about. I'm really feeling anxious about this now. What if I am asked to be a TA for one of the language classes? I am really hoping for a TuTh class, so I can for ONCE have a semester without a friday class.

I just went up and pulled down the next cartful of history books to catalogue. Most of history has been done, so I can usually get a full shelf or two done, just pulling down the books that are missing barcodes. I'm now at the point where there are only 2.5 shelving units left before I finish history. But the first half shelf consisted pretty much entirely of books that need to be catalogued. So much for my hope of getting the last of history done pretty quickly today.

My mind's too much on the coming semester at the moment, I think; I don't feel like doing much work right now. Just got to muddle through today. Might not bother working tomorrow. See what I can get done today, and how I feel tomorrow, I suppose.
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Back about a month ago, a few friends said some things that really got me feeling pretty down, hence my disappearing act. But more recently a good long talk with another friend got me thinking things in a different light, and when another unconnected friend said something similar, got me feeling a bit better about life.

Summary of recent life:

CTcon=mostly ok, some good some not so good.
Anime Iowa = not worth going to again.
Where the hell has my summer gone?? ZOMGWTFPOLARBEAR i have gotten so little research done.
Gained a few pounds, lost those few pounds, still want to lose a couple more. Well, pounds I don't care so much about... want to get my body fat percent down a little more so i can lose that tiny extra pudge I carry around in my middle.
Found the PERFECT book, I totally want it. It's a 900$ book. Damnit. But it's a book on Heian era color schemes of the robes... it's EXACTLY what I'm looking for to make my traditional kimono. OMG do i want it. I could probably even use it a little in my thesis if any of the poems i'm working on mention anything about colors or kimono patterns. Maybe. WANTS. Bloody spendy book.
Code Geass is currently blowing my mind.
Finally got around to starting the George R.R. Martin Game of Thrones very good. I want to get that level of political games in my Romeo and Juliet story.

At AI talked a little with someone about the series that got me into yaoi, Bronze/Zetsuai 1989. One of the aspects that was so awesome (in the manga version, it wasn't in the short anime signficantly) is how Kouji believed that the kid he had been so struck with had been a girl, and how he tried to hook up with Izumi's little sister at first, until he finally came to conclude that it really was Izumi he had fallen for. The whole 'zomgwtfpolarbear, i'm in love with a guy' thing is something i find interesting to explore, but that part tends to get overhadowed by the other obsticles in my stories. It's a complete non-issue for Dracula, and Helsing is entirely too absorbed in the conflict of "zomgwtfpoloarbear, he's a vampire" than "he's a guy". Similarly, Juliet is all "he's a Montague" more than he's "he's a guy". Romeo I think will have some of that, but he's such a simple boy, that I don't think he'll angst about it for long when he finds out the truth of Juliet. And I suspect my pirate/officer will also be more focused on the whole 'opposing sides' thing. I think at some point I need to just write a more regular story, without any of these "enemies falling in love" elements so I can actually play with 'zomg i fell in love with another guy' thing.
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November 20, and the first snow of the season is gently coating the ground this morning.

Ever since the time change, I've been waking up between 7-7:45 range each morning, and now I have a most persistent alarm clock to make certain I don't just roll over and go back to sleep. Genji's gotten a bit bitchier about the whole eating thing. Speaking of Genji's food...there are 2 problems with Genji's new food (canned food). 1, catfood breath. b, since I keep the opened cans in the fridge, now every time I open the fridge he comes running over to see if I'm feeding him. In other Genji news, I've been debating whether or not I should buy a blood glucous tester so I can monitor his levels easily at home.

In other news, this week is remarkably light in classes, even with the fact it's a short week with no classes thursday and friday, all of my wednesday classes have been canceled and one of my classes yesterday was canceled. So this week I've had (or going to have later this afternoon) a grand total of 3 classes. Granted, I LIKE my classes so I like going to them for the most part, but I am a student and so I do have the student mentality of 'ooo, classes canceled!' just like any student.

And can I just say, ZOMGWTFPOLARBEAR??!! Heroes last night? I'll leave this vague for those watching but not watching current eps and just say that halfway through the ep was definitely a great (pardon the language) FUCK YEAH! moment with Hiro. Mohinder you're breaking my heart. And I suspected that was what was going to happen to HRG, a bit surprised but rather pleased they decided to show that was happening at the very end of the episode and didn't decide to drag out his fate unknown for several episodes. Not that they have several episodes, as they only have 2 episodes left for this chapter, and possibly this season with the whole strike and all.

I have this whole 'rant'/musings on slash/shonen-ai based on some things I've been watching this season (Naruto, I'm looking at you) but I think I'll save that for a bit later.
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Stretching out below
hundreds of tiny fires
ignite the landscape.

Haven't written here much. Been super busy with school work. My life is currently: get up, do some school work, go to classes, come home, do some more schoolwork, watch some telly, go to bed. Notice the distinct lack of time for anime and video games.

I have pretty much come to the conclussion i won't have time for NaNo this year, which makes me EXTREMELY sad. I've got a great story in mind, and i have the plot mostly worked out in my head. But I don't have much free time during the week, which would mean I'd have to do all my writing on weekends, but I've got another anime con in 3 weeks, so that crosses off one weekend from the get-go, and all of that just means that I don't think I can succeed. So my slash/yaoi Romeo and Juliet story will have to wait a little while longer to be written.

Anyway, that's my life of late. It'll likely be another 2 months before I post again.
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I'd like to start with a very Darth Anikin manner: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Heroes is trying to sink my ship!

In other news, I'm still feeling a bit tired/sluggish, and my nose is runny and sinuses a bit stuffy, but nothing too major at this point. I'm gaining weight again which does not make me happy... Nothing much, but I seem to be hovering around the same couple pounds and that is slightly discouraging. I wish I had an electronic exercise bike so I could have different speeds/tensions so my body doesn't get so used to the more constant speed/tension i use with my bike. I wonder if that is the problem. Ah well, I'll just keep pushing along as best I can.

In other news, I hate waiting. I hate waiting so very much. I feel like my life is completely on hold and I'm unable to make plans for much of anything, including what I'm doing later this month, just because I don't know what my future holds at this point. I hate waiting. I'll likely hear by the end of the month, or the beginning of next. I just need to wait. I hate waiting.
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It's been a while since i last posted (this seems to be a trend with many of my friends on LJ of late). I'm well, my holidays were quite nice, loved seeing family, and i've resumed work a bit slowly, but am getting things done (eventually).

I've had things that I've felt like writing about here, but just haven't had the energy to really do so. Mostly i've been considering writing anime reviews of the series i've been watching recently. There is one series in particular which is on my 'current watching list' that started this past autumn... and well i still don't have the energy to go about doing a big review or anything, and besides, such is not what has promted me to write today.

What watching this particular series HAS promted me to do is to finally get off my tuff and get the manga series. I did indeed buy vols 1-9 this past weekend, and proceeded to read these 9 vols immediately on sunday. And, as i discovered with a bit of research on the internet, as the series is only 12 vols long (sort of 13, but the story ends with vol 12), and with the cliff-nature-y aspect of the series, the intensity of the story, i knew i HAD to read the rest. I couldn't wait for it to come out every 2 months for the next half year. I had to know NOW. So yesterday i searched around a bit to find scanlations of the final 3 vols, and devoured those last night as well.

(Tonight I intend to watch the live-action version of the series that i d/led as well ;) You know how i can get sometimes... have to read/watch/consume everything/anything relating to the certain story.)

Again, I could get into quite a discussion on the series... a review of the manga or anime, or just comments on the series as a whole. If people are interested i will try to do so in the next few days.

Anyway, what i'd really love is to have someone who's seen it/read it all to talk to about theories of mine ect. but as there is nobody that i know of who has read it, i'll have to wait until i can get someone else addicted to it. bwah ha ha ha ha (mine is an evil laugh).

Right, where was i? oh, right... i was just relating how there is much i can talk about, and yet i'm not going to at this point, and all of this is just a preamble for what subject matter promted me to post on my LJ.

I want to write a fanfiction.

Now, those of you who know me shouldn't be particularly surprised by this fact. If a story really affects me like this one obviously has, than it's pretty natural i would be inspired by it to write something, including fanfictions.

The problem is merely that i haven't had time to really think about it, to imagine the story that i want to tell. This shouldn't be a problem for long, of course, but for now, all i have is the faintest touch of a story idea tickling my imagination, and yet the inabilty to act upon this idea for the time being.

And that is the fact that has promted this post... that frustration of wanting to be in a time and place in which i can just spend a good while just imaginging the flow of the story that has touched me, to play it out in my head completely.

And for those of you who enjoy my writing, if i do get aroudn to writing this story, it will most certainly be a 'chapter 7' kind of way. >:]
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I had a dream last night. It was about vampires. It was one of my story-dreams, but for the life of me now I can't remember what the plot was.

As I told Erich, who will find this post strangely repeatitive, I'm sure, the problem is that I don't have an oppertunity to just think on the dream. I have to get up and go to work early, so I'm not able to just stay in bed and remember the dream, solidifying it in my head.

And unless i actively think of it, and get a fix on it in my head, it fades pretty quickly, leaving only an impression of it which is frustratingly elusive.

Still, I suppose, I have enough stories on my plate right now I don't really need another one.

I think I did sprain my wrist last week. It's still hurting and I think still a bit swollen. I need to stop using it but it's my right hand and i'm right-handed. Everything is so much slower one-handed.

Much good progress with the Welsh books. I will be working on the two carts of Originals and then there will be a bit of 'random books' tucked in a few corners. Go me.
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Life's going well enough right now. I'm down to 3 carts of Welsh books... one for the special special collection of Welsh books (which so far doens't seem to have too much original cataloguing needed, as i've been able to find records for the first half of the cart). Then 2 carts of original (which will be the part that takes the longest, i think, but i won't really know for certain until i start in on it).

It being October, it's the time of year for STORY PLANNING! yes, that's right, NaNoWriMo is fast approaching, so i've been working on plotting on this year's story. I'm doing something a little different this time. I'm pulling out my earliest 'major' story, Animal Half, from the dusty shelves of my mind and polishing it up for some work. But unlike my other major stories, Animal Half isn't really a continuous narrative/plot... it's more episodic, so i'll be doing a bunch of short story episodes that will build on each other for NaNoWriMo this year, quite a departure from my other stories.

Lessee, in other news, my body's feeling a bit beat up. I took a nasty tumble down the stairs on sunday, and banged myself up but good. I wonder if i very minorly resprained my wrist? It's not in pain like when I sprained my wrist the first time, but it's certainly not well. Also wrenched by back and shoulder. They were fine on sunday, but stiffened up yesterday. It's doing better today, but when I get home tonight i'll through my heating pad on it again for a little bit, which should help ease that stubborn knot.

After a lot of searching online and asking friends for their recommendations, I think I shall get myself a Western Digital my book essential external harddrive. It's one of the three kinds most recommended to me, and I was able to find it on sale at Best Buy... so 100$ for a 250 gig hard drive is a really sweet deal.

And that's my life right now.

life update

Oct. 3rd, 2006 09:54 am
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I am quite pleased with my progress on the Welsh collection, though work still isn't as enjoyable as i would like it to be.

Romeo has been quite cuddly in the mornings. I don't think he wants me to go off to work, and honestly he makes it quite hard to do so. This morning, for example, I had a few extra minutes before i had to leave, so i was sitting at my computer. He settled into my lap, curling up and purring quite contently. It was so cute and sweet that I didn't want to disturb him and leave.

Been going out for half an hour long walks after work the past week, which has been quite pleasant.

Game is going quite well. Having a blast with it.

So that's my life in a nutshell at this point.

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