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Yesterday I went out and enjoyed the day by going on a 4-hour hike up and down a mountain in a near-by statepark. I drove up a very narrow, winding, and steep road to the summit of the first mountain in the park. At the summit is an observation tower. I got a chance to see much of the river valley...beautiful view, gorgeous day, but entirely too close to civilization, since there were loud noises coming from traffic, nearby construction, etc.

After enjoying the view, it was time for my hike to begin. The trail led down the south side of the mountain, an extremely sleep slope that caused me to slip, or near slip a number of times. Then I followed a more or less flat trail around the mountain to a section between the two mountains of the park. I came to the end of that trail to a split, one trail marked as going back up to the summit, the other heading towards the second mountain. Now I had printed out a map of the trails for the park, and it seemed as if the trail around the second mountain was a small loop, which I figured I'd explore before heading back up. Except, I discovered quite quickly, the trail was a whole heck of a lot longer than a simple loop, and it broke off into other trails as well. Aka, the whole second mountain was criss-crossed with a ton of trails, and none of them were on the trail map.

Well, I kept hiking. Didn't take long before I didn't know where I was. Not lost, just didn't know where I was. Got turned around a little which through off my natural sense of distance and location. But I was pretty convident that I would be able to turn around and go back the way I came if I felt the need.

The exploration did lead me to find some interesting sights. Going down one path, I came upon a dried up stream bed. There were dozens of such stream beds running down the mountain, but this particular one was special. It was covered in a coat of green moss, so it appeared to be a green path running down the mountain. It was stunning. The path I was on followed it for a little while, before crossing over it. At the cross over point, I decided to take a short break and climbed out onto the moss and just laid down on a bed of green.

A little while further down the trail (well, more accurately, "up" the trail) I heard a strange noise in the distance. It seemed as if someone was calling out. I couldn't make out any words, and it was too distant for me to get any idea of how to get to that area in the mass of trails to give any help, if someone was calling for it. I kept going on the trail, and the noise disappeared. Some time later, I hear another noise, something a bit some kind of animal, of the likes I had never heard before. There is rustling in the trees, and more of the animal's cry. It is not very far away from me, and clearly coming from the direction I am headed on the path. Nervous, I still continue. I hear another noise now, but this one I know what it is. It is the baa of a goat. About 30 feet in front of me, a goat dashes across the trail. As I continue on, I see that there are two goats making their way through the woods, one making that weird noise I had heard earlier.

Besides the goats, I mostly saw (or just heard either rustling in the woods, or chittering at me) chipmunks and squirrels. I also saw a large woodpecker. Another neat thing I found was a tree, tall and straight, which was missing about a foot at the bottom. That is, it wasn't actually attached to the ground. It must have broken off a while ago, but, tall as it was, it has been held upright still by the trees around it.

Halfway through my journey, I was starting to get a little tired, and was hoping that the trail I was on would eventually lead me back towards the other mountain, or at least somewhere familiar. I come upon a divide in the trail, with one side going clearly down, the other seems flatter. I choose the second path, which, while it started flat, quickly started going up and up. As I hike upwards, I am regretting not taking the other path. However, before much longer, the path I am on comes to the crest of the mountain, and there is a beautiful overlook out. I pause here for a 'lunch' break, enjoying a fresh, local pear and gazing out from my scenic view spot.

Refreshed, I continued on, going down and around the mountain before coming upon the path I started up this mountain on. Followed that back down the rest of the way, back to the sign which pointed towards the summit of the first mountain. Slowly and painfully made my way up that steep trail to another scenic view of the river. Another long break there to enjoy the view, catch my breath, and cool off some (it was getting a bit warm in the day, and hiking up a steep mountain can make one a bit sweaty).

I was exhausted by that point, so got home and crashed out for an hour or two, before getting up and getting ready to go visit with some friends. We went to play pool, and my luck feat served me well. I don't have much skill or talent playing pool, but I do well enough just being lucky. After playing for an hour or two, we went out for some icecream. Yum. That is as near perfect a night as I could ever ask for.

Today I'm feeling the hike a bit... the legs were fine until I walked up a hill going across campus from my parking lot to the library. then I started feeling it. Now that I'm sitting, my ankles are feeling a bit unhappy with me. In general now I'm feeling a bit sore all over, I guess. But despite that, I'm feeling pretty good over all. I'm sore, but I enjoyed getting sore.

So now I'm working for a few hours until my pre-orientation meet up. Hopefully will find out what my TA assignment is, at last. I do know that it's not with the prof I had last semester, which i was REAlLY hoping for since I didn't mind TAing her. But I ran into another classmate and he said he was assigned to her, and I knew that she was going to pick one of the new grad students. I'm terrified they'll ask me to do language or something, and I am not good at spoken, which is what drilling is all about. I'm really feeling anxious about this now. What if I am asked to be a TA for one of the language classes? I am really hoping for a TuTh class, so I can for ONCE have a semester without a friday class.

I just went up and pulled down the next cartful of history books to catalogue. Most of history has been done, so I can usually get a full shelf or two done, just pulling down the books that are missing barcodes. I'm now at the point where there are only 2.5 shelving units left before I finish history. But the first half shelf consisted pretty much entirely of books that need to be catalogued. So much for my hope of getting the last of history done pretty quickly today.

My mind's too much on the coming semester at the moment, I think; I don't feel like doing much work right now. Just got to muddle through today. Might not bother working tomorrow. See what I can get done today, and how I feel tomorrow, I suppose.
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So this is it.

My last day of work.

For over a year I knew this day was coming, and for the past couple weeks I've been counting down. But now that it's here it feels surreal.

For over 3 years, I have worked here, and gotten several thousand books catalogued.

Yesterday in particularly I was a cataloguing god. Yesterday I did a cart and a half. Now, on a good day, I can get a cart done. This was beyond a good day. Oh yes, I am a god.

Today has been puttering around here and there, finishing up some things and generally getting things cleaned off and up as best I can. And now I'm done. I've taken care of the last little projects around me. Even cleared off my personal things off the computer.

In about an hour they're throwing me a small going away party.

So now I'm just chilling, going to RP a little with my Remus character in my HP game, and generally just unwind.

Tonight I'm heading over to T'eao's to pack up the last of my things, have a quick dinner, than go to my new home. For my first night actually getting to sleep in it.
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One of the aspects I love most about cataloguing is that I get to see all the new books, and get to take a closer look at books I might otherwise over look. Frequently I find that a book or two I'm cataloguing will get added to my reading list. (For example, my more recent love of "green homes" and alternative building was sparked by reading some books on those topics that I catalogued.)

Usually it'll only be one book in the group that sparks my immediate interest to read. There are three with the stock I'm currently working on. But for those who know me, and my interests, perhaps shouldn't be surprised, as the current stack of books I'm working on cataloguing include "Reading the Man: a portrat of Rober E. Lee through his private letters" and "Becoming Shakespeare: the unlikely afterlife that turned a provincial playwright into the Bard."

The one I'm currently reading though isn't as obvious an interest perhaps, and that's "The Lucifer Effect: Understanding how good people turn evil". Though I suppose just with the name Lucifer in the title, it might seem likely to be of interest to me, that would only be true if the book was about Lucifer or some such, but it is not. The book is infact about the Standford Prison Experiment and similar cases of prison abuse and mentality, such as the more recent cases with the American guards at Abu Ghraib.

I've actually had some interested in the Standford Prison Experiment (SPE) due to watching the film Quiet Rage when I went to preview the dvd to make certain it worked at my previous library job at the Pharmacy Library. I'm not hugely into psychology but this topic has interested me. (As well as utterly depressed me regarding human nature).

One of the points raised in the book is about the dehumanizing element in how the guards would view the prisoners (and the prisoners to each other). This is actually something that I have incorporated into my character Duncan, from my Ninsei story. For those who haven't read this story of mine, Duncan has been chosen to absorb into himself excess negative energy. And while this is a noble endevor, there are times when Duncan does some very un-noble things. When bad negative-infused people hurt those that Duncan cares about, he lashes out in extremely violent ways. In these situations, Duncan doesn't see the people he is attack as humans, but as animals or beasts.

Reading The Lucifer Effect has given me greater insight into my character and story, though I've been a bit amazed at how 'on-target' I've been just on my own.
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It's been a little while since I last posted, but there hasnt' been too much to say. I've been working, the past several weeks I've been a cataloguing fiend, getting hundreds of books done, but this past week I've been sluggish and lazy and haven't gotten very much done at all. I suppose I'm allowed, since I was so productive earlier. Today's my last day of work for the week, as I'll be heading off to CTcon. Last night and this morning I was working on finishing up my costume. Well, re-finishing it. See, the costume I'm going to be competing with is my KamiKaze Kaitoh Jeanne costume, which is actually my first cosplay. But I've never competed with it before. I had to rebuild the arm bands for the costume as I originally built the with T'eao in clay, but one of them broke. I wore them once (or twice) after it broke since I hadn't had the chance to remake them, but since I'm goign to be competing with this cosplay, it was necessary to make it as good as I could.

I had tried remaking the bands last year, but it didn't quite work out, and the paint would stick on the bands, and it just failed. Things are looking much better this time round. On monday and yesterday, I cut up the bands, glued it into shape, added the fasteners, and painted a couple coats of sealer. This morning I did the first coat of gold paint. Which, btw, isn't a water-based paint, so trying to wash the gold paint off the brush resulted in yuck and my hands now (and still) being covered in gold. Oops. In better news, I'm not certain if its the different paint, or the fact that I put sealer on the bands first, or a combo of both, but the paint actually worked this time and it's looking fantastic. I'll throw on a second coat just to really smooth it out when I get home today. Might want to spray on some fixitive as well. Would need to buy some but I'm headed out in the direction of the near 'city' this afternoon so I could pick some up then. Then it's just a matter of waiting till everything dries before glueing the pretty red stones in place and viola! My Kamikaze Kaitoh Jeanne cosplay will be completely, totally complete.

It's been bloody hot again this week, and that has made me very uninterested in moving much. I haven't been doing my morning exercise in something like 3-4 weeks now. Blah. I'm feeling fat. Now please, I know I'm not, and I know many of you would like to now scream at me "YOU feel fat, than what about me??" or something. So I know I'm not, but I just am feeling fat. Which is weird since I'm down a half pound (gods it takes me so long to lose a pound) and my body fat percentage is down a percent, and it's not water loss because my water percent is good. Maybe because I haevn't gotten to exercise much lately it's making me feel blah.

I haven't done very much packing for my move. 2.5 weeks left. UGH. well, not much is going to happen now until after CTcon. but I'm going to have to be a packing fiend as much as a cataloguing fiend starting next week.
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Since living by myself and working by myself in my little cave of a back office (which is neither little, or dark) I have developed a habbit of talking to myself. I'm pretty fine with this fact, though I admit to some slight embarrassment when I realize there are other people in my office (such as boy-o whom I've had to babysit a few times now).
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I finished up the Methodist books this past weekend, and have been hard at work on the 900s again. The current section I've been stuck in is the 940s. Not even up to 941 yet. Basically, European history, most particularly WW2 is the part I've been working on all week. The end is in sight, and I should be able to finish up WW2 and move onto 941 monday or tuesday of next week.

That time cannot come soon enough. I am really ready to be done with WW2. Esspecially since the current section of books are all the ones on the end of the war, and that means Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Earlier this week it was Holocaust books, and now the bombings.

And I can only take a book or two before it feels like my heart is going to break. That people can do such things to other people.

Just a few more shelves to go.
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I am not exagerating when I say that outside is nearly blizzard conditions. In half an hour, I got half my drive way shoveled, and when I stopped the area that I first shoveled already had another half inch of snow again.

When I got in to work, my boss said quite surprised. "Oh, you're here!". Then: "You're here early." And finally: "I won't hold it against you if you want to go right home again." I decided that since I was here already, I would stay for a while and revisit the idea of going home at lunch time.

But can I just say how utterly ridiculous having the school open is? Just about EVERYTHING in the state is closed but because its a frickin' residential school we're open. Dude, just because the students live on campus doesn't mean that all the frickin faculty and support staff don't have to brave the dangerous roads to get here. What good is having classes if the fac/staff can't get to campus, or have problems commuting?

In happier news, I've gotten a lot done at work the past couple days. I've just about finished the 500s and 600s (getting the problem books fixed/into the system.) and should easily be able to finish them up this morning. Then I'll get back to work on the 900s. I still need to do the 700s but I'll play with those next week. They should take about the same ammount of time as the 500s or 600s did (ie, a day or two) and can be a nice break from the 900s. By the end of the semester, I'll have the 000s-700s completly done, and I have strong hopes that I can get the 900s done too. That might be pushing it, but I will at least get a lot of it done even if i don't finish.

And just in case you've forgotten, I still hate waiting.
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Oh, and just to give an idea of what I've been getting done this past month... I just printed out labels for the Welsh books. I can fit 12 labels onto each sheet of paper. I just printed out 18 pages of paper. And this is just the books I didn't print out labels for when my student workers were here (2 weeks ago).

...have i mentioned i'm a bit exhausted?
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with cataloguing Welsh!

That is to say, I still have a couple manuscripts and I'm sure another book or two that got missed, but suffice to say, the big stuff is done done done done.

I'll spend the next little bit today labeling, and then all of tomorrow labeling and reshelving and then i won't have to look at the welsh room again!

or something.


Dec. 12th, 2006 11:33 am
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Calling all 4EHD AEHDSLSCL brothers! MDO TCD MDO FDE5CL! I have absolutely no what that means, as it is not only in Welsh but also in code, but i have your little booklet from your secret fraternity with all its info on the secret handshakes and how many times you need to knock on the door (both the outer door and the inner door) and so on.

Fortunately my boss says I don't have to actually catalogue this bizzare little booklet.
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I had a dream last night. It was about vampires. It was one of my story-dreams, but for the life of me now I can't remember what the plot was.

As I told Erich, who will find this post strangely repeatitive, I'm sure, the problem is that I don't have an oppertunity to just think on the dream. I have to get up and go to work early, so I'm not able to just stay in bed and remember the dream, solidifying it in my head.

And unless i actively think of it, and get a fix on it in my head, it fades pretty quickly, leaving only an impression of it which is frustratingly elusive.

Still, I suppose, I have enough stories on my plate right now I don't really need another one.

I think I did sprain my wrist last week. It's still hurting and I think still a bit swollen. I need to stop using it but it's my right hand and i'm right-handed. Everything is so much slower one-handed.

Much good progress with the Welsh books. I will be working on the two carts of Originals and then there will be a bit of 'random books' tucked in a few corners. Go me.
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My computer's been doing this high-pitch hum for a while, but it's been getting worse. And it's start to make my left ear (the one pointed at the computer making this noise) hurt, and thus giving me a bad head-ache.

In positive news i finished the main part of the Welsh collection. That leaves the special section of welsh books, and the ones that need original cataloguing. I expect to have the special section finished in a week, and then it will be lots of original. Taking a little break from Welsh for a day or two to work on some 000 (ie, 001-030ish)

Need to get some more work done. Really just want to go home and sit in a silent, dark room.
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Many, many years ago, when I was in highschool, my father was in town politics. He had organized a bulk-trash pick up for the town, which was all very nice. Except for one lady who didn't seem to understand that bulk-trash meant large trash items too big to fit in regular trash, rather than LOTS of trash. So she bitched and complained up a storm when the trashmen didn't pick up her mounds and mounds of small trash items.

So my father, being the generous, tries to take care of everyone sort of man that he is, picked up her trash himself in his pick up so he could properly sort it and deal with this trash. Except, since he was busy running the town and all that, the task of sorting this garbage fell to me. My parents paid me very well for this task so my remaining bitterness over this ordeal is not with my parents but the stupid woman who caused it in the first place.

Still, when I had to talk with her afterwards, I remained quite civil, and never let her know what a stupid bitch she was.

Fast forward to modern time.

Some of you might remember last year my library got a huge shipment (about 50 boxes) of dusty, moldy, books from hell. I complained bitterly about having to sort them and deal with them. On friday I recieved word we would be receiving another 40-ish boxes from them.

I was not pleased.

I was given word that while the previous 50-ish boxes had been stored for many years off-sight, the boxes we would be receiving now had been kept in the house, so the condition should be significantly better. Still, even if i didn't have to make a fuss about the dust, mold, and smell with the new shipment, I still will have to deal with 40 boxes of gift books when there are plenty of other things I would like to be working on. Like the Welsh collection.

This morning the books arrived. I went down to help unload the uhaul and bring the boxes into the library. I remained civil though I desperately wanted to bitch about how could they possibly think we wanted their 50 boxes of moldy, dusty books??

Anyway, I haven't really looked at the condition yet, so I will reserve final judgement until I have to start processing them. Still, it's 40-ish boxes which means many hundreds of books and I don't want to deal with them. I have a ton of other things I want to get done this year and dealing with 40-ish boxes of donated crap is not one of them.

Work has so not been a happy place for the last couple month or two. It's not like I'm feeling overwelmingly stressed, but I know I am stressed. I've developed my eye twitch again. The last time I had an eye twitch was second semester of my third year of college. Those of you who have known me back then should remember what was going on in my life at that point. Last time my eye twistch was in my right eye lid. Drove me nuts. These days it's my cheek right below my left eye. With the muscles tightening/feeling weird all around my left eye. It's kinda like Lore's eye twitch from Star Trek TNG, for those who want a geeky referense. It's not particularly comfortable.

There have been times when I have complained about work or not want to be at work, but on the whole I've really enjoyed my job. The past month I haven't really been enjoying it. I know things should ease up when we finally hire a new referense librarian, but it's just so frustrating that every time I think I've gotten things back under control and feeling a bit positive on things, something else happens. Like, towards the end of last week I was feeling really confident on the Welsh books and the progress I've done cataloguing them, and feeling hopeful that I should finish up the books with records in the next few weeks and then just have original cataloguing (which will be the longest aspect of this project, but it's a lot less number of books and means that I've gotten the rest of it done, and that's incredibly exciting). And as soon as i start feeling positive we get another 40 boxes of books from the donators from hell.

So not happy.

And my eye is feeling weird. didn't twitch but feeling tight/weird and generally uncomfortable.

But life isn't all stress and frustration. Having a LOT Of fun out of work with my HP game. Had a great bit of Sirius-Remus interaction that came out fantastically. I've got some ideas forming for NaNoWriMo (which is just aruond the corner now!). Been watching lots and lots of StarGate, and Lost will be starting next week I believe. All good things. Just wish work wasn't so draining/hellish these days.
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Well, work is still a bit frustrating. The label program is still acting up, and I tried to reinstall the oclc client program but it wasn't installing. I need to install in shortly because OCLC is stopping supporting the previous release. And i'm still at home right now because I have to stay at work until 9 tonight, so I'm headed in a little later. Not as late as technically I should head in, so it's going to be a long, long day.

But, Akiko and I have been having entirely too much fun with our game and that has been bringing me much happiness in a very geeky manner.

So i'm feeling a bit harried but enjoying life well enough at the moment. Feeling more positive than not. That's good enough for now :)
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I don't like complaining. I generally don't have posts bitching or moaning very often... just the one here or there when i need to get something off my chest. So i feel it is rather telling that this is yet another complainy post today, something like the third this week.

I haven't slept well all week. I'm burned out and exhausted. I'm tired of having to jump up and be out front at a moments notice. I'm tired of there never being anyone here. I'm tired of the fact that I want to get work done and I never seem to be able to. I'm frustrated with the fact that one of my programs has spazzed out and it's done this before and I remember it being quite frustrating getting it to work again. I'm frustrated that the 'new book' labels have apprantly run out and none of my workers thought to tell me that so now i have a cart of new books and no way to label them as new books and it'll take some time to order more and i'll have to ask CoWorker G to order more and she's overwelmed and burned out and i don't want to add more work to her and/or deal with her complaining about being overworked and now having to do another order for me.

I have no reserves left so when the littlest thing starts to frustrate me, it majorly frustrates me.

I just need to hang in there a few more hours. I can go home and crash. I can watch a little telly. I'm borrowing my friend's copy of the first 8 seasons of StarGate, and that should keep me entertained for a while. I can go hiking or kayaking or biking this weekend. It supposed to actually be warm and sunny for once.

I just need to hang in there a few more hours.

I'm tired and frustrated and burned out. I have been, and still am, quite tempted to just take the afternoon off sick. But my student worker is coming in any time now and I need to get these new books catalogued so i can have her label them and just generally make certain she has enough to do for the next 3 hours.

Just a few more hours...
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also known as work.

nearly 11 and i'm at work. what the hell is wrong with this universe?

i am a cataloguer. i should be in the back office, doing cataloguing stuff. i am not the circ person. but we're short staffed so i'm helping out.

there are so many problems with this situation.

problem 1. i'm not the circ person. i don't even know many of the things circ people do. oh, i know the basics, but some of the things, i'm clueless.

problem 2. i can't get any real work done because the computers out front don't have the programs i need, the work i'll be doing next isn't stuff that is 'easily interuptable', and i really don't want the welsh books out in the main part of the library. so no real work to be done, and i finished my book so no reading to be doing. bored. but my brain isn't functioning because its nearly 11 and i am normally in bed at this time which brings me right to the big huge problem

number 3. i go to bed at this time... what the hell am i doing awake and working right now???

aim express keeps crashing so not able to chat much. been working on crossword puzzly thingy.

i want to be home. i wnat to be in bed.

only an hour to go but i do not want to wait another hour becuase it's not just an hour, it's also have to drive home and i want to be home this very second.

hense, someone shoot me now.
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First news, kitten update: i was able to find a home for him. On friday, a very nice couple came, having fallen in love with him just from his picture. We wound up chatting for something like an hour, and i felt very comfortable with them taking him home. Of course i'm sad to see him go, but it wasn't really fair to him and my boys with the set up we had, so i'm just glad he found a loving home.

next update, FF7: beat it saturday night. I got my Gold Chocobo last weekend, and even got the super powerful summon magic that you can only get if you have a Gold Chocobo. Then decided that super powerful summon magic was entirely too powerful and didn't use it. Liked the story alot, and really enjoyed playing. As soon as i beat the game, i watched Advent Children, and found myself even more in love with it this time because i was getting all the little 'in-jokes' that you pick up from knowing the game. Quite enjoyable.

So now of course i'm playing Dirge of Cerberus. I don't quite like the fighting system as much as something like Devil May Cry, but with the 'makes-it-easy' feature of the automatic targetting, i'm starting to get the hang of it. It's very pretty.

Yesterday was a sucky day. I was a bit slow to get up, and lunch took a bit longer than i should have spent to make, so i was feeling like i was heading out a bit later than i wanted to, and then realized i couldn't find my car keys. Now, I have spare keys, so the car key part of it wasn't as much of a concern. But on my car keys are the library keys which i would need since i was going to be opening the library. So i spend 5-10 minutes or so frantically searching and im' running late and i'm going to be the only one opening but i can't find my keys and finally i give up.

I'm praying that the cleaning lady will be around the front of the library to let me in, because otherwise i'm a bit screwed. I pull into the parking lot, grab the bag where i packed my lunch, and there i see, half-burried on the seat, my carkeys. I must have dropped them there when grabbing groceries the day before. Equal parts glad to have my real keys back and frustrated by the frantic searching that made me late, i open the library slightly late, but within reason.

I knew i was the only one opening yesterday, what i didn't realize was that i was going to be the only one in the library until after lunch. Yes, that is right, i was literally the only librarian/worker there until 12:30. And even when coworker G came in, after a brief lunch break, she asked me to stay out front so she could get some work done.

Which meant that *i* wasn't getting work done. But at least my work doesn't have a deadline, so i suppose it was ok. Just frustrating since i don't like working out front. The only positive was the fact that i spent the day reading. I am now mostly done with rereading Harry Potter book 6. And geekily taking notes sa i go. I'm not 97% positive that Snape is still on the good side and was acting on Dumbledore's orders. And you can so find support for Sirius/Remus in the books. I'm pretty certain that wasn't what JK intended, but you can support it.

Today is not likely to be a great day either. The fact is, i'm still at home because i have to cover the night shift. I have to go in at 3 to work until midnight. I tend to go to bed 11ish. How the hell am i supposed to work till midnight??? At least the student workers will be back today. HOpefully tonight i'll have someone who worked last year and knows what they are doing. So i can work in back and just be there 'if need be'.

Well, tomorrow things should be getting back to more regular working conditions for me. Just need to make it through tonight.
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Slight frustration here. Problems with OCLC right now. (For those non-librarians here, that's the group i get book records from to catalogue). Anyway, i just spent a good hour inputting a ton of isbn numbers into OCLC to search for records and there's some sort of glitch when i send out those querries. so now i don't have any of the records i just searched for and the isbn numbers are now cleared out. so now i have to input them all again.

And none of that will have made any sense to someone who doesn't know the program. But suffice to say, i just did a bunch of work that I now have to redo and i'm not sure i want to redo today because i dont' know if the program is working or if i'll have the same problem again. and I don't really want to have to input all those isbn numbers a third time!

so i think i'll put that cart aside and work on it tomorrow. But what to do for the rest of the day?

In the meantime, can i just express my love of the Please Save My Earth manga? The art is so-so, but improves as the story progresses, but it's really the story that is so wonderful. Shion (and Rin who is Shion) is such a deliciously facsinating character. I want to write a character like that.

Speaking of writing, I'm working on editing up Ninsei story arc 1 a bit, and am currently thinking about how to revize/edit/change/tighten up chapters 2-4 into 2 chapters to try to improve the slowness that is a problem with those chapters. I have some idea how i want to do it, but i still need to trim and tighten and improve to make it work.

I'm headed out after work to hit the comic store and visit friends and i'm really excited and i can't wait for work to be over.


Jun. 23rd, 2006 09:37 am
li_izumi: (Nance-Dance)

After over a week, and a couple hours yesterday, this morning all it took was a five-minute fix and it's working again. YAY!!
li_izumi: (Temptation)
So I'm feeling better today. I got one of the programs I was having troubles with working, but the main one is still giving me problems. I got an IT guy to come look at it, but he couldn't figure out how to fix it, and his call to the company hasnt' gotten returned. So still not working, but at least someone is working on it for me.

Also, I know what i'm supposed to do for the project at work, so finally I can get started on that.

Throat is doing better last night/this morning. I think I have been reacting to the geraniums beside my bed. Not certain, but I didn't have as much problems last night, after I moved the flowers.

In other news: damn you Naruto! The series has been on my 'to watch/read at some point' list for a while, and having gotten the first few eps from a friend a couple weeks ago, I finally got around to watching a few. Or at least, i was only planning on watching the first few.

I figured I'd watch a couple, then catch some Who's Line and then go to bed. Well, I finished a couple, but I figured I'd watch just one more. But that ended in a bit of a cliff-hanger. Ok, so I'd skip some Who's Line and just watch another episode. Well, that one ended with the hero having defeated the bad guy... or at least, he had him pinned down. But the fight wasn't fully over, so I figure, ok, i'll skip Who's Line completely and just watch one more ep. Except... that one ended in a cliff hanger... So i wound up staying up an hour later than usual, and the episode I ended on was STILL a cliff-hanger, but by that point I knew if I didn't stop I was going to stay up all night and that would not go very well today with work.

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