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Jul. 13th, 2009 09:35 am
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Bodies drenched in sweat
thumping together in rhythm
pressed so tight together
there is no longer a difference
between you and me
Losing myself
in the sound of his voice
in the pounding of the beat
in the sway of his hips

Yeah, the concert was that good.

The two main points of the concert was:
1. Hyde fans
2. Hyde fans are short, so i could pretty much see the stage the entire time.

Somehow, i think from something online, I had gotten it into my head the concert started at 9, and i thought i had double-checked the tickets but they said 7. Fortunately, L-kun and I were early, and the concert started a bit late (as concerts are wont to do), so I think we came in on the first or second song. The room held a few hundred maybe? It was PACKED. I told L-kun that i was going to try to get as close as i could, and if we got separated we'd call each other at the end. He managed to stick with me the entire time, which, considering how PACKED it was and how hard it was to move around, was really darn impressive.

So pretty quickly we got ourselves close to the front, more on the side of the bassist, but with great views of Hyde on vocals as well. By the end, we were center and about 3 people from the front. It was PACKED. I couldn't really lift my arms up or move by the end. COMPLETELY drenched in sweat; my corset-top was soaked through, and that is some serious thick fabric! PACKED. the only way i could really move was when everyone else was, we were jumping around together as one big group. I was joking while waiting for the encore to the other fans that 'isn't it great how music brings people together? REALLY, REALLY CLOSE together?"

Great set-list; more of Hyde-solo than I expected (I didn't expect any) but considering VAMPS only has one album out, not that surprising really now that I think about it. Great energy, lot of fun.

At the end, Hyde threw some of the rose petals from the roses decorating his mic stand. L-kun caught one and gave it to me. He also found one of the guitar pics that had been thrown into the audience and gave that to me as well (SCORE!)

We made our way out of the building, only for me to discover we totally missed the tour goods table. I was able to talk my way back inside, and joined the crowd waiting in line to buy the tour goods. They sold out of shirts (booo) so i got a tour book and a keychain. Met back up with L-kun outside.

We walked along the side of the building to get to our subway station, and arrived at the crowd waiting for the band to go to their van, JUST as the band was coming out. ZOMG! they didn't really stop for signings, so although i got close, mine wasn't one of the handful they signed. alas, but still amazing. L-kun snapped a few pics with his iphone; they were pretty much all blurry, but a few came out well enough.

I didn't get back home till about 3 in the morning, and was EXHAUSTED all of yesterday, but SO.WORTH.IT.

I had a complete and utter blast, and so did L-kun. I think this was the best concert experience i've had. It really was amazing.
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I hate waiting.

But there are many things right now for me to be excited about. First and foremost is the return of Lost last night. Very, very cool.

Next, a very important day is quickly approaching. I'm trying to decide what the theme for the 'blowout' of mp3s will be this year.

Furthermore, last weekend I got a hold and watched my copy of Avatar season 2 vol 1 dvd, and when i finished the last ep I couldn't help but feel 'argh, i want to watch more now!!!1!" Not wanting to have to wait forever and a month until vol 2 comes out, I wondered if the Nickelodeon website might give a clue as to when they aired what particular episodes. They didn't (at least not that i could find) but i did come accross the tvguide website and they indicated that ep 6 (the next one i need to watch) is airing today, with the rest of the episodes following every day at 4:30. VERY exciting. So i've got my vcr set up to record (i know, i'm not cool enough for TiVo or dvr or any of the cool tv recording devices).

The final noteworthy item of excitement for me is that FINALLY, FINALLY after years of stumbling, I finally am starting to get a grasp of the next story arc of my opus, Ninsei. The first story arc developed probably about 4-5 years ago. It took me until last april to finally get the full rough story written out, but i had the story pretty firmly in my head for a couple years. But I only had the generalist, vague idea of what the next story arc would be. Now, that vague sense is starting to firm up into an actual outline. I have the bare rough outline done, now to start filling in the details. Quite exciting!

Also, in related news, i am a HUGE GEEK. I know i've said this before, but it bares repeating, particularly with my newest expression of geekiness. I'm coming up with 'theme songs' for my stories. That's actually pretty cool. The geeky part is that I'm systematically going through my collection of music to identify any and all potential 'theme songs'. Also? I've also come up with 3 (or 4 if you want) designations for the 'theme songs' for my stories.

They are:
Theme song: it would be an opening/ending theme for the story or story arc if the story was an anime
Insert Song; if the story was an anime, this song would be used in a particular scene
Image Song (for story arc or character): this isn't a song that would be 'used' directly for the 'anime' of the story, but the lyrics/mood seem to fit with either a particular part of the story, or a particular character

For example, in the case of case of Eien no Momento, I see L'arc en Ciel's song, Coming Closer, as the ideal 'opening theme song', with the chorus going:
Coming Closer
Hurry up, hurry up,
Time is going so fast
Hurry up, can't save you
Can't slow it down
You know, this is your fate
Do you feel lonely? so Lone-lonely
Cry to the wind
(though it should be noted that the 'do you feel lonely' sounds to me like he's saying 'i feel lonely'. both works :))

Eventually, when i finish my geeky systematic approach, i'll write up a list of theme songs and include it on my website. Yes. I am that much of a geek.

I suppose if anyone's read any of my stories and comes accross a song they feel fits in with a character or scene or story in general, please let me know. I'd be interested in hearing it.
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A couple weeks ago, it was announced that one of my two favorite jrocker, Hyde of L'arc en Ciel, is giong to have a small intimate concert in San Francisco. Anime Expo, a HUGE anime con, is also going to be going on that week, so I decided that I could make a vacation out of it (very expensive, but a lot of fun).

I failed to get tickets for the concert, so that dashed that plan nearly entirely. I say nearly, because their were rumours of another concert date but it was unconfirmed and it was a bit of a mess. (It seemed like the venue jumped the gun and announced too early, and it became a big mess.)

Meanwhile, it was announced that another jrock star i love a lot (though not quite as much) was definately coming to A-kon in texas.

With no ticket to the Hyde concert in San Fran, and no info on the maybe second concert, i decided to go to the con in Texas and see Hakuei of Penicillin instead.

Yesterday, the very next day after i buy my flight and hotel and con registratin, it gets announced that there will indeed be a second Hyde concert.

I can't afford to go to california now because i've already bought flight/hotel/ect to go to Texas.

So i just have to keep reminding myself that i've seen Hyde in a concert 2 years ago (though i had horrible seats and the concert in california will be small and intimate). Also Hyde is very likely to come back to America, and it's not as likely that Hakuei will, so i need to take this oppertunity to see him

I knew that it was going to be very likely given the rumours and mess from a couple weeks ago that Hyde was going to have a second concert in Calfornia, but i didn't expect to hear abuot it officially only a day after i decided to go to Texas instead.

If i can get real up close to Hakuei, maybe get an autograph or a picture with him, i think i shall be satisified with the way things turned out. So A-kon better be worth missing my chance to see Hyde again!
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i had another Gackt dream the other day. actually, it was better than a Gackt dream... it was a Gackt and Hyde dream!

in my dream, apparrantly, Gackt and Hyde were doing a promotional thing where they were helping out at a couple stores.. Gackt was going to work at a chocolate store, and Hyde was going to be a waiter at the restaurant next door. what wasn't known to most was that they were actually going to be there the day before the promotion to learn how to do the job. well, a 'friend' i had in japan (no such person) apparantly learned of this and told me. she wasn't going herself because she had had plenty of oppertunities to meet Gackt. (there is no such thing as too many times meeting Gackt! i felt).

anyway, i go into the chocolate store first, and Gackt is in a really happy mood. he's smiling and laughing, and making jokes. he's flirting with me a bit (nothing serious, just playing around, being happy.) i wide up spending all afternoon there hanging out at the store with him (not that he spends the whole time talkign to me. i just sort of hang out there while he's working and all.) he was really good about speaking slowly and in easy japanese, so i had no problems talking with him (i was speaking japanese in my dream, and was understanding everything he said). i asked if i could take a picture and posed really silly for me, and gave me his autograph. then i asked him what kind of chocolate he recommended, and he picked some out for me. it was fabulous.

then, it was about dinner time, so i decided to go see Hyde next door and eat dinner there. but he was really busy and i didn't get a chance to ask him for his autograph or if i could take a picture. i tried to ask if he was Hyde, and wanted to ask him if i could have his autograph, but he spoke realy fast and i didn't understand him well. without much ado, he seated me at the bar counter since i wasn't with anyone else. (hense, i would be served at the bar, not by him. boo!). but there was a really nice girl sitting next to me at the bar. she spoke slow and in easy Japanese for me, much like Gackt did. she was really nice and said she would help me get Hyde's autograph and picture.

Gackt came into the restaurante, because the chocolate store closed before the restaurant did, so he was finished. when he saw me he smiled and said hi.


hehehehe. Gackt dreams are fun :)

and yes. yes i am an uber fangirl. at least i'm cute. (good thing too, or i would have been thrown off a bridge LONG LONG ago. in a galaxy far far away...)

in real life news, the college was closed yesterday so i had a day off (YAY) in which i spent the whole day playing a video game. see, i've spent several days reading the archives of Dungeons & Dorks which got me feeling very nostaligic for D&D, but as there isn't anyone i can play with, i turned to the next best thing... a D&D video game. Akiko and i play Icewind Dale every time we get together (around the holidays nov/dec time). but i started up my own group and started playing. i've gotten a decent start into it and am having much fun with it. though i have work today (boo, wanna be home playing. have to find the heartstone gem!) i wonder if i'll be able to get past the point in which akiko and i last got to...?

got some busy weekendends ahead, but should be much fun.

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