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November 20, and the first snow of the season is gently coating the ground this morning.

Ever since the time change, I've been waking up between 7-7:45 range each morning, and now I have a most persistent alarm clock to make certain I don't just roll over and go back to sleep. Genji's gotten a bit bitchier about the whole eating thing. Speaking of Genji's food...there are 2 problems with Genji's new food (canned food). 1, catfood breath. b, since I keep the opened cans in the fridge, now every time I open the fridge he comes running over to see if I'm feeding him. In other Genji news, I've been debating whether or not I should buy a blood glucous tester so I can monitor his levels easily at home.

In other news, this week is remarkably light in classes, even with the fact it's a short week with no classes thursday and friday, all of my wednesday classes have been canceled and one of my classes yesterday was canceled. So this week I've had (or going to have later this afternoon) a grand total of 3 classes. Granted, I LIKE my classes so I like going to them for the most part, but I am a student and so I do have the student mentality of 'ooo, classes canceled!' just like any student.

And can I just say, ZOMGWTFPOLARBEAR??!! Heroes last night? I'll leave this vague for those watching but not watching current eps and just say that halfway through the ep was definitely a great (pardon the language) FUCK YEAH! moment with Hiro. Mohinder you're breaking my heart. And I suspected that was what was going to happen to HRG, a bit surprised but rather pleased they decided to show that was happening at the very end of the episode and didn't decide to drag out his fate unknown for several episodes. Not that they have several episodes, as they only have 2 episodes left for this chapter, and possibly this season with the whole strike and all.

I have this whole 'rant'/musings on slash/shonen-ai based on some things I've been watching this season (Naruto, I'm looking at you) but I think I'll save that for a bit later.
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I'd like to start with a very Darth Anikin manner: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Heroes is trying to sink my ship!

In other news, I'm still feeling a bit tired/sluggish, and my nose is runny and sinuses a bit stuffy, but nothing too major at this point. I'm gaining weight again which does not make me happy... Nothing much, but I seem to be hovering around the same couple pounds and that is slightly discouraging. I wish I had an electronic exercise bike so I could have different speeds/tensions so my body doesn't get so used to the more constant speed/tension i use with my bike. I wonder if that is the problem. Ah well, I'll just keep pushing along as best I can.

In other news, I hate waiting. I hate waiting so very much. I feel like my life is completely on hold and I'm unable to make plans for much of anything, including what I'm doing later this month, just because I don't know what my future holds at this point. I hate waiting. I'll likely hear by the end of the month, or the beginning of next. I just need to wait. I hate waiting.

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