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Akiko and i also spent entirely too much money yesterdya buying ourselves Harry Potter costumes and wands. I will own a one-of-a-kind wand made of Ironwood and Rosewood. This makes me very happy. Akiko's getting one made out of Purplewood, and it has a crystal at the end. Quite pretty. We both got Ravenclaw clothes, as we are both Ravenclaws. Akiko could also be a Slytherin, but has opted for the Ravenclaw route. I suppose i could just as easily be a Hufflepuff, but i think i've played to many Slytherin characters and thus have a strong feeling of disdain for the Puffs. Despite the fact that i have played several Slytherin characters, i am so not a Slytherin. I'm not crafty enough for that.

In any case, despite the fact that i am Ravenclaw, i had to buy myself the Slytherin dressy robes (green satin lining on a black cloak. gorgeous). this is because i am a green blond and just look better in green. So i made up a story that my Ravenclaw girl has a Slytherin boyfriend. He happens to be about the same size as her, so they accidently grabbed the wrong robes.

Akiko then decided she wanted to get herself a time-turner. (Why am i not surprised that Akiko would want a time turner so she could do more schoolwork?) Therefore, she was quite insistant that i get something expensive like that as well. I considered a House ring (the Claw one wasn't very nice looking, so i considered a Slyth one, to go with the 'boyfriend's' robes, but decided against it. i wasn't that interested in it and it was rather expensive.) And then i saw the silver One Ring. and i knew i had to have it. So mixing series completely, my Ravenclaw girl has her boyfriend's slytherin robes and a silver One Ring. This amuses me to no end. Now just have to wait impatiantly for the order to come in. Hopefully, it'll be in by thanksgiving, which i should be seeing Akiko during that weekend.

This morning, continuing with the spending too much money that i really dont' have to spend, i spent 50$ on tea. This was because i discovered when i went to make myself some tea this afternoon that i had maybe 2 cups left of the very tasty Green Osmanthus tea that i got during my trip to the Chinese Tea House in Oregon. The imminent absense of good tea meant of course that i HAD to order more. and then i had to order different kinds so i could try more flavours. least we're cute.
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Well, work is still a bit frustrating. The label program is still acting up, and I tried to reinstall the oclc client program but it wasn't installing. I need to install in shortly because OCLC is stopping supporting the previous release. And i'm still at home right now because I have to stay at work until 9 tonight, so I'm headed in a little later. Not as late as technically I should head in, so it's going to be a long, long day.

But, Akiko and I have been having entirely too much fun with our game and that has been bringing me much happiness in a very geeky manner.

So i'm feeling a bit harried but enjoying life well enough at the moment. Feeling more positive than not. That's good enough for now :)
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I survived on friday and had a quiet weekend. I watched lots of stargate, played with Akiko online, and got to visit T'eao a bit last night where we went for a walk and then out to dinner. Quite enjoyable. My frustration level is still running high, but it hasn't peaked in several days, so i think i'm on the road to happiness again. We're interviewing someone for the reference job today and hopefully another person in the next few days. So there is hope we should have a new person here within a few weeks.

In other news, I'm trying to find a good person to be the PB ("played by", that is, the 'actor' who is the face the character i'm playing for purposes of icons). So if anyone has any ideas for an actor or rocker or model or such to be the PB for my first-war era Remus Lupin... I'm looking for a guy age 18-25ish who has dirty blond/light brown colored hair, long short-hair (ie, shaggy, hair that is a couple inches long, falls in his face). He can't be buff.. in fact, ideally he would be uber/almost sickly thin (think axl rose type thin). While i do like my boys pretty, Remus isn't really the 'pretty' type. He should be cute in a geeky, not really typical cute sort of way. Think Adrian Brody attractive. His expressions should tend to be shy/soft to morose, with a little happy, playful here and there. A bit worn, sickly looking would be good.

I looked at a ton of people last night and while some were close to what i wanted, nobody was really 'right'. So i figured asking other people for ideas might help guide me in the right direction.

So, any ideas of a guy who could fit, or come pretty darn close, to what i'm looking for?
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First news, kitten update: i was able to find a home for him. On friday, a very nice couple came, having fallen in love with him just from his picture. We wound up chatting for something like an hour, and i felt very comfortable with them taking him home. Of course i'm sad to see him go, but it wasn't really fair to him and my boys with the set up we had, so i'm just glad he found a loving home.

next update, FF7: beat it saturday night. I got my Gold Chocobo last weekend, and even got the super powerful summon magic that you can only get if you have a Gold Chocobo. Then decided that super powerful summon magic was entirely too powerful and didn't use it. Liked the story alot, and really enjoyed playing. As soon as i beat the game, i watched Advent Children, and found myself even more in love with it this time because i was getting all the little 'in-jokes' that you pick up from knowing the game. Quite enjoyable.

So now of course i'm playing Dirge of Cerberus. I don't quite like the fighting system as much as something like Devil May Cry, but with the 'makes-it-easy' feature of the automatic targetting, i'm starting to get the hang of it. It's very pretty.

Yesterday was a sucky day. I was a bit slow to get up, and lunch took a bit longer than i should have spent to make, so i was feeling like i was heading out a bit later than i wanted to, and then realized i couldn't find my car keys. Now, I have spare keys, so the car key part of it wasn't as much of a concern. But on my car keys are the library keys which i would need since i was going to be opening the library. So i spend 5-10 minutes or so frantically searching and im' running late and i'm going to be the only one opening but i can't find my keys and finally i give up.

I'm praying that the cleaning lady will be around the front of the library to let me in, because otherwise i'm a bit screwed. I pull into the parking lot, grab the bag where i packed my lunch, and there i see, half-burried on the seat, my carkeys. I must have dropped them there when grabbing groceries the day before. Equal parts glad to have my real keys back and frustrated by the frantic searching that made me late, i open the library slightly late, but within reason.

I knew i was the only one opening yesterday, what i didn't realize was that i was going to be the only one in the library until after lunch. Yes, that is right, i was literally the only librarian/worker there until 12:30. And even when coworker G came in, after a brief lunch break, she asked me to stay out front so she could get some work done.

Which meant that *i* wasn't getting work done. But at least my work doesn't have a deadline, so i suppose it was ok. Just frustrating since i don't like working out front. The only positive was the fact that i spent the day reading. I am now mostly done with rereading Harry Potter book 6. And geekily taking notes sa i go. I'm not 97% positive that Snape is still on the good side and was acting on Dumbledore's orders. And you can so find support for Sirius/Remus in the books. I'm pretty certain that wasn't what JK intended, but you can support it.

Today is not likely to be a great day either. The fact is, i'm still at home because i have to cover the night shift. I have to go in at 3 to work until midnight. I tend to go to bed 11ish. How the hell am i supposed to work till midnight??? At least the student workers will be back today. HOpefully tonight i'll have someone who worked last year and knows what they are doing. So i can work in back and just be there 'if need be'.

Well, tomorrow things should be getting back to more regular working conditions for me. Just need to make it through tonight.
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this is crap, but i'm getting too tired and cranky right now, so i'm posting it only because i want to have something written for today and i don't have the capacity to rewrite this right now. Tomorrow i plan on scrapping this and rewritting it, but for now, this is what i have for today's writting assignment.

I'm going back to my character Toshi, and trying to give a short blurb on holidays for him. Expect it to be redone for tomorrow's writting assignment.


Christmas has very little impact on Toshi, for the most part.

In the future, the Japanese will celebrate Christmas, though the holiday will turn into a day much more like our Valentines Day than what the West associates with Christmas. But for now, it is 1977 and though his family now lives in England, they do not celebrate Christmas.

So while the rest of the students at Hogwarts bustles with excitement over the coming holiday, Toshi is oblivious. The only manner in which Christmas has any affect on Toshi is that he is more frequently late for classes, as all the shiny Christmas lights that fill the Great Hall can easily distract him.

New Years, however, is a special day for him.

It is a day to be with your family and celebrate, and though Toshi’s grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins are all still in Japan, his family’s home is still bustling with people, as his parents, as diplomats, open their home to a large number of people.

His mother spends the week before preparing a huge feast. Toshi looks forward to the special mochi sweets that are only made for New Years. There is shabu shabu, sukiyaki, and lots of sushi. He can spend all day eating, and usually does.

More than food, however, Toshi looks forward to seeing his older sister, Sakura. Since she finished school and married, Toshi has seen very little of his beloved older sister.

Though he was born in Japan, Toshi has very little memory of his homeland. In the past, Sakura would pull him into her lap and wrap her arms around him, telling him all about how the family would celebrate New Years back in Japan.

They would stay up all night so they could see the first sunrise of the new year, then mother and Sakura would dress in kimono and the whole family would visit a shrine to pray for a good year.
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This is a short little sniplet on a character i'm playing, and i thought i'd share. He's a rather...interesting...person, as i'm sure you'll be able to gather.

i bring you a short blurb on Satoshi Seki: )
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Hmmm...the only writting i did yesterday was to write the day off.

oh well, i had been doing so well the past week, i was bound to have one day when nothing happened.

I did get to read new comics, nap, and cuddle kitties all day though. that was nice.

also saw HP4 saturday night. good movie. trimmed the story down a lot, and altered a few of the plot details to simplify, but i thought it worked pretty well, making it a very cohesive story line. And the kids are getting HOT. jail bait rawr.
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yes~~~~~ my precious~~~~~ my own~~~~~ i has its~~~~~~

right then. Book 11 is in my hot little hands now. And i haven't started reading it yet. argh. I just didn't have the time last night. Last night was pretty much the one night I couldn't put just about everything else aside and devote to reading. Ah well, I was able to get some HP-rping done on Tuesday and Wednesday, and i've got the book now, so tonight I'll dig into it.

(you have no idea how tempted i was to have a 'sick day' today.)

you won't be seeing me online tonight as i shall be absorbed in reading.

So now i've got so much to do... I've got a nearly 800-page book to read, Earth 2 and Lost dvds to watch (and then all watch them with commentary and oh all the special features!), and on Saturday I'm picking up couple weeks worth of comic-y goodness, so there goes a day to reading comics right there.

I've gotten onto such a HP fanart kick... being exploring Deviant and finding some GREAT artists. Which has got me wanting to draw some more (speaking of, i better crank out another comic at some point this weekend, or Akiko will get stern and flustered at me. But when will i have the time?!)

So yeah, all these stuff to do, and no time for it! When i was reading HP book 6, i could get about 100 pages per hour, so it just took me all evening, but i was able to finish it rather quickly. WoT is much denser, so i only get approximately 50 pages an hour. With an 800 page book... well, you do the math. My plan is to start reading tonight, and hopefully finish up tomorrow before i head out to be social. i've got a comic-run, dinner, and a movie planned for saturday afternoon into the evening, so that will be fun. then sunday will be devoted to finishing book 11 if i didn't on saturday, and then the new comics i just got.

not sure if i'll start watching earth 2 or lost first, and not sure if i'll start in next week when i get home from work, or if i'll just hold off until i have a weekend to play (which won't be for a couple weeks... next weekend i'm headed home, and the weekend after i'll likely be visiting friends in Philly.) wow... my life is about to get very busy!

....and i so want to go home right now soooo much. And yet, somehow i doubt my boss will agree that it is vitally important for me to go home to read a new novel.

...but it's there, staring at me, coaxing me to pick up it's shiney calls me, my precious calls me...
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my plan this afternoon was that i was going to rush off immediately after work to get my copy of HP6 and spend all night reading it.

however, the library copy just came in. my boss promised that i could take it home, but only if i completely finished cataloguing it. i swore that should it come in, i would have it catalogued, compete with labels in 10 minutes. i was pretty accurate in that figure.

this way, i don't have to drive all the way to buy my own copy yet. i can do that this weekend and get a bunch of other errands done at the same time.

my new plans for the afternoon: stop and pick up milk on the way home so i might have cereal for dinner and spend all night reading book 6. i intend to finish it tonight. i will likely be staying up later than my bed time, but i shall finish the book!


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