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Life is going pretty spiffy. I passed my thesis defense last week, which means that I will be graduating, I just need to finish the edits on my thesis, and that's coming along well.

The time change is a horrible thing that I wish our country would do away with. I am enjoying the beautiful weather today.

I appreciate all offers to help me move. Because I'm hoping to move during the week (Hopefully Monday if I can move in early), I'm planning on using a moving company. As expensive as that is. I've been packing up the stuff in my room and realizing the more I get boxed up, the more there seems to be still to be packed, and that I have too much stuff. I really hope I get to stop moving soon.

I've been reading feminist blogs like The Hathor Legacy, Shakesville, Feministe, and Feministing. I feel like I'm learning a lot, though I still have much to learn. I'm learning about privilege, consent, bodily autonomy, fat acceptance, ableism and ableist language, rape culture, and many other things. Some that I knew/felt but didn't know how to express, some that I had never thought of (privilege) and how to be more aware of what i say and how that might affect others. I feel like I'm just starting to understand some of these things, and I might be obnoxious on my friends for brining things up but not really being able to explain. So I am thinking I might try to post a few links here and there on some of the posts I read that I think very well express some of the concepts I'm learning about and I think are important for others to learn about as well.

There are a LOT of great older posts on the sites I listed above, and I'll try to go through and find some to share later, but for now, I'd like to share one that was posted today regarding fat acceptance and societies fat hatred: Proposed. (The blog is pretty well moderated so trolls are shut down pretty fast, so the comments are safe to read, and often have great points as well).

Umm, otherwise, I'm going to work on packing a little more, working on my thesis, and enjoying the fresh air from the open window beside me.
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I have done all I can on my thesis on my own. Thought I'd be completely done by now. Adviser disappeared for 2 months. Just reappeared. I was about to go stalk him outside his office but he finally replied to my numerous emails. I think the end is in sight now, though.

I've gained a bit of weight this year. It's been a few years since i've been this weight. I tried to do a little since the new year, but that wasn't enough. So yesterday I have started a concentrated effort. Start the morning on the exercise bike for an episode of Naruto Shippuden. Walk the dogs for a mile down the street. Yesterday was work on the abs. Tomorrow will be upper arms (sundays are the day off for weight training). So far so good. Though I'm usually good for the first week or two. Just got to keep trying to keep going.

Father and I have been doing a mini book club. We're reading Emma now.

Still have writer's block. I've got quite a bit figured out on my pirate story, and keep thinking I should write out the outline and notes I have, and I can't even do that. I'm hoping that my block will end when I finish my thesis fully.

Still unemployed living at home. Some hope though...Sent out my resume to 4 jobs I'd be happy doing (two of which are cataloguing!) Four in a week! That's more than there were for autumn and summer combined! So I'm feeling hopeful.

Otherwise, I'm trying to catch up on some podcasts I just got into (Forcecast, a star wars one, scuttercast on reddwarf, and i just discovered the Signal, a firefly/serenity one that will take a LONG time for me to get through, but i'll give it a try to see if it's worth it). Oh, and playing some Heroes of Might and Magic IV. Love that game. Got some good tactics for playing certain army types. Death is my go-to (vampires=win) and nature comes next (confuse the most powerful attackers, then pick them off when they can't act).

So that's my life at the moment.
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It's been a while since I posted anything, so here's what's been up for the past month:

OMG this is long )
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Also? Edward Seidensticker, you have my absolute hate right now for your STUPID STUPID STUPID translation decision to call Fujiwara Kaneie "The Prince" in your translation of the Kagero Nikki, becuz now I have to deal with 50 freaking papers of kids making assumptions of what the relationship 'had to be like' becuz they see "prince' and making stupid assumptions.

He wasn't a freaking prince!! Not royal family in any shape or way! ARGHHHH

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So I'm spending this weekend grading papers. I hate grading papers. I'm also a hard-arse for grading...I've now graded over half the papers and there hasn't been any A's. I've got two A-'s, but for the most part only B's and C's. And I'm not going to scale these papers like I have to for the quizzes. I don't care if my fellow TAs are ridiculously lenient in their grading. Grrr.

Anyway, the topic I created asked the students to look at 3 diaries by women and look at their relationships with men, the tensions in the relationships, how the couple treated each other, and to consider what a factor rank had in those interactions. Now, I understand this is an intro course, and that they do not know as much about Heian literature as I do, so they don't know as much what everyone's rank is and how to tell from textual clues.

Still, I find it so interesting that the majority of people have agreed that in the situation where the guy is much more domininant and in control, he has higher social rank (Kagero Nikki. This is very true. He has a much higher rank than his wife). When the girl is the more dominant, they all asume she has higher rank (Sei Shonagon's Pillow Book, the scene where she returns from her hototogisu viewing and comes across the Captain. He actually has higher social rank than she does, though he is younger so that might have something to do with it. Still, he has higher social rank but she is the dominant one). And when the relationship seems equal, they all assume the couple has equal social rank (Sarashina Nikki, when she meets up with that handsome gentleman while at court. The students don't read closely and miss the clues that state that he has a much higher rank than she does, and that is why the relationship does not develop). That really gets me though... they assume the rank based on how dominant the woman is in the interactions.

Anyway, as can be noted, this is a working weekend for me. Over this long weekend, I have 54 papers to grade, and several books to read for my Heian Literature class. I've divided things up so that each day I'll grade 10-15 papers and read one of the books I need to read. Friday I got 15 papers graded, the Murasaki Shikibu Nikki read (don't you insult my beloved Izumi Shikibu, you prude Murasaki). Yesterday I only got through 11 papers, but I read all of Sei Shonagon's Pillow Book. (I only needed to read 1/3 of it for this week's class, but with the next 2 weekend's being more anime cons, I felt getting the entire book read now when I have a bit of time would not be a bad idea). Today I've gotten 5 papers done so far, but have high hopes that I should get 15 done without too much trouble. Then it's (re)reading the Izumi Shikibu Nikki, and general getting things read to prepare for the paper I'm writing on the Izumi diary for the Heian Lit class. Tomorrow will be more grading papers and then starting my paper. Tuesday will be finishing things...any papers left to be graded, the paper I have to write finished if I don't finish it on Monday, and if I still have some time left over, perhaps get some of my own thesis research accomplished. Oh good gods, I have no life but school work these days.

In other news I've been doing very well in eating healthy and working out. For the past 2 years I've been holding very steady at weight Y, more or less maintaining the loss of ten pounds from when I weighed my heaviest 3 years ago. I was up a few pounds the beginning of the summer (too much eating out for a few weeks). I'm currently at Y-2, and clearly progressing well towards my desired goal of X (which is Y-10). I've been going out for walk/jogs several mornings a week. The thought occured to me when I went out yesterday that mornings are FUCKING COLD and that perhaps, particularly as it is the weekend and I don't have any classes, I should do my walks a little later in the day when it warms up a little. I'm nervous of changing up my routinue (since I'm a creature of routinue) but I do think it will be more pleasant to walk around when the ground isn't still frosted and my knee doesn't immediately seize up and demand to know what the hell is wrong with me taking it out into the cold cold world.

Anyway, break time is more than over, and it's time to try to get another 5 papers graded before lunch time.
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I believe I have mentioned my odd dreams before. About how there usually isn't any kind of actual violence in my dreams...there is pretend violence. The people in my dreams hold up their hands, with the thumb up and the index finger out with the rest of the fingers curled up, as if their hands are guns, and they run around going "bang bang".

Well, last night, my dreams upgraded to bopper weapons.

My dream apartment was quite similar to my current place, though it had different craptastic windows, and the furniture and the furniture layout was different. I was joined by Akiko, Luan, Tiny, Howie, and a couple other people I'm not sure if I know in real life, and we were blockading ourselves in my apartment while a group of zombies (and general crunchies) prowled about outside. For the most part, we were able to hold the zombies at bay. Except the high level main villain came by. And unlike the zombies, who could only try to reach in through the windows, this guy was able to ooze his way through the glass as if it wasn't there at all. (yay for the mixing of real life with dream physics!)

So this guy oozes in, immediately kills me, and then he sits down in a large easy chair and chats. The game is going to pretty much end soon, so he's just making certain that the rest of my group doesn't try anything funny (like raising me) until the end of the game. Apparantly I actually had the potential to be the most powerful spell caster in the game, and could basically blow up the world if I choose, hense why I had to be ellminated.

Now, on the other side of the room is a bottle of water which is "holy water" which could instantly kill any undead creature and instantly heal everything on a good character. It could raise you, heal you, and cure any and all negative affects. So Howie chats up the big bad guy dude, basically promising to marry that guy's daughters (one of his character's minor objectives was to have one of his two daughters married to a strong guy). That aggreement allowed howie to move about alittle, so he could try to get the bottle of water. Problem was, he didn't quite know where it was. I could see it, but I was dead. So I kept going "crap, in-character knowledge, out-of-character knowledge. My character doesn't have death-watch, and I"m dead. I shouldn't be saying anything." It was a struggle. I lost. I whispered where it was.

Howie is able to cross the room and casually snatches the bottle, and with a smooth, quick motion splashes the water onto the big bad guy. Howie explains that he is now poofing out of existence. The bad guy sighs. He muses on how the one person he was sent to kill had the one artifact in the game that could kill him.

I get rezzed, and we look around to take stock. We find that a couple of our group, including Tiny, had been taken during the fighting, so our next mission will be their rescue.

And then I woke up.

In real life news, life is going pretty well. I have pretty much the most awesome schedule. No classes Mondays or Fridays, and no class before noon. I'm starting to get back into the swing of routinue, getting classwork done and working out again. I hadn't noticed until it was pointed out to me this weekend...i might not have lost the couple pounds i want, and i still might have that slight extra pudge around my middle, but i actually have some abs under all that.

This past weekend was the annual Seafood Cookout, which I dragged a few friends into going. It seemed like they had fun, and it was great to see them as always. Had to actually use the raindate this year, since of the hurricane coming through on Saturday. But Sunday turned out to be quite a nice day, so it was all good.
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Yesterday I went out and enjoyed the day by going on a 4-hour hike up and down a mountain in a near-by statepark. I drove up a very narrow, winding, and steep road to the summit of the first mountain in the park. At the summit is an observation tower. I got a chance to see much of the river valley...beautiful view, gorgeous day, but entirely too close to civilization, since there were loud noises coming from traffic, nearby construction, etc.

After enjoying the view, it was time for my hike to begin. The trail led down the south side of the mountain, an extremely sleep slope that caused me to slip, or near slip a number of times. Then I followed a more or less flat trail around the mountain to a section between the two mountains of the park. I came to the end of that trail to a split, one trail marked as going back up to the summit, the other heading towards the second mountain. Now I had printed out a map of the trails for the park, and it seemed as if the trail around the second mountain was a small loop, which I figured I'd explore before heading back up. Except, I discovered quite quickly, the trail was a whole heck of a lot longer than a simple loop, and it broke off into other trails as well. Aka, the whole second mountain was criss-crossed with a ton of trails, and none of them were on the trail map.

Well, I kept hiking. Didn't take long before I didn't know where I was. Not lost, just didn't know where I was. Got turned around a little which through off my natural sense of distance and location. But I was pretty convident that I would be able to turn around and go back the way I came if I felt the need.

The exploration did lead me to find some interesting sights. Going down one path, I came upon a dried up stream bed. There were dozens of such stream beds running down the mountain, but this particular one was special. It was covered in a coat of green moss, so it appeared to be a green path running down the mountain. It was stunning. The path I was on followed it for a little while, before crossing over it. At the cross over point, I decided to take a short break and climbed out onto the moss and just laid down on a bed of green.

A little while further down the trail (well, more accurately, "up" the trail) I heard a strange noise in the distance. It seemed as if someone was calling out. I couldn't make out any words, and it was too distant for me to get any idea of how to get to that area in the mass of trails to give any help, if someone was calling for it. I kept going on the trail, and the noise disappeared. Some time later, I hear another noise, something a bit some kind of animal, of the likes I had never heard before. There is rustling in the trees, and more of the animal's cry. It is not very far away from me, and clearly coming from the direction I am headed on the path. Nervous, I still continue. I hear another noise now, but this one I know what it is. It is the baa of a goat. About 30 feet in front of me, a goat dashes across the trail. As I continue on, I see that there are two goats making their way through the woods, one making that weird noise I had heard earlier.

Besides the goats, I mostly saw (or just heard either rustling in the woods, or chittering at me) chipmunks and squirrels. I also saw a large woodpecker. Another neat thing I found was a tree, tall and straight, which was missing about a foot at the bottom. That is, it wasn't actually attached to the ground. It must have broken off a while ago, but, tall as it was, it has been held upright still by the trees around it.

Halfway through my journey, I was starting to get a little tired, and was hoping that the trail I was on would eventually lead me back towards the other mountain, or at least somewhere familiar. I come upon a divide in the trail, with one side going clearly down, the other seems flatter. I choose the second path, which, while it started flat, quickly started going up and up. As I hike upwards, I am regretting not taking the other path. However, before much longer, the path I am on comes to the crest of the mountain, and there is a beautiful overlook out. I pause here for a 'lunch' break, enjoying a fresh, local pear and gazing out from my scenic view spot.

Refreshed, I continued on, going down and around the mountain before coming upon the path I started up this mountain on. Followed that back down the rest of the way, back to the sign which pointed towards the summit of the first mountain. Slowly and painfully made my way up that steep trail to another scenic view of the river. Another long break there to enjoy the view, catch my breath, and cool off some (it was getting a bit warm in the day, and hiking up a steep mountain can make one a bit sweaty).

I was exhausted by that point, so got home and crashed out for an hour or two, before getting up and getting ready to go visit with some friends. We went to play pool, and my luck feat served me well. I don't have much skill or talent playing pool, but I do well enough just being lucky. After playing for an hour or two, we went out for some icecream. Yum. That is as near perfect a night as I could ever ask for.

Today I'm feeling the hike a bit... the legs were fine until I walked up a hill going across campus from my parking lot to the library. then I started feeling it. Now that I'm sitting, my ankles are feeling a bit unhappy with me. In general now I'm feeling a bit sore all over, I guess. But despite that, I'm feeling pretty good over all. I'm sore, but I enjoyed getting sore.

So now I'm working for a few hours until my pre-orientation meet up. Hopefully will find out what my TA assignment is, at last. I do know that it's not with the prof I had last semester, which i was REAlLY hoping for since I didn't mind TAing her. But I ran into another classmate and he said he was assigned to her, and I knew that she was going to pick one of the new grad students. I'm terrified they'll ask me to do language or something, and I am not good at spoken, which is what drilling is all about. I'm really feeling anxious about this now. What if I am asked to be a TA for one of the language classes? I am really hoping for a TuTh class, so I can for ONCE have a semester without a friday class.

I just went up and pulled down the next cartful of history books to catalogue. Most of history has been done, so I can usually get a full shelf or two done, just pulling down the books that are missing barcodes. I'm now at the point where there are only 2.5 shelving units left before I finish history. But the first half shelf consisted pretty much entirely of books that need to be catalogued. So much for my hope of getting the last of history done pretty quickly today.

My mind's too much on the coming semester at the moment, I think; I don't feel like doing much work right now. Just got to muddle through today. Might not bother working tomorrow. See what I can get done today, and how I feel tomorrow, I suppose.
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I got into Yale.
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I'd like to start with a very Darth Anikin manner: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Heroes is trying to sink my ship!

In other news, I'm still feeling a bit tired/sluggish, and my nose is runny and sinuses a bit stuffy, but nothing too major at this point. I'm gaining weight again which does not make me happy... Nothing much, but I seem to be hovering around the same couple pounds and that is slightly discouraging. I wish I had an electronic exercise bike so I could have different speeds/tensions so my body doesn't get so used to the more constant speed/tension i use with my bike. I wonder if that is the problem. Ah well, I'll just keep pushing along as best I can.

In other news, I hate waiting. I hate waiting so very much. I feel like my life is completely on hold and I'm unable to make plans for much of anything, including what I'm doing later this month, just because I don't know what my future holds at this point. I hate waiting. I'll likely hear by the end of the month, or the beginning of next. I just need to wait. I hate waiting.
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I have just sent in my applications.

I am somewhat nervous by this fact, but also excited that I have made significant steps towards the next stage in my life.

I have to get the third of my official transcripts, send out my letters of reccomendation forms to my recommenders, and send out the request for my GRE scores to get sent to the two programs. All of which will be done tomorrow or friday. And then things are more or less out of my hands until the schools make their decisions.
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So CTcon was a total blast. Akiko and I managed to make enough money to pay for the regular expenses as well as food, parking, and gas. Go us. I'll be writing a detailed con report in the next day or two.

On monday I went to the dentist, had lunch with [ profile] ibukij and [ profile] lydia_craine, and then went to talk with some people at Yale. I was a little late to my meeting, but otherwise, it went really well and I shall be applying there as well (so i'll be applying to 2 schools). I'll decide which one to go to after i get accepted and see what the schools are willing to give me to go there.

Then I was headed back to the highway to meet up with my family to get haircuts and a quick dinner before heading back north.

And that's when I got into the car accident. ok, well technically, it was 2 accidents.

See, there is this really, really nasty merge to get onto the highway. The car in front of me hesitated and I didn't quite realize how much she was hesitating, and when I turned my head to make ceratin it was clear to merge, i tapped into her.

Before I could even think to myself 'oh bugger..' i was slammed from behind and sandwiched between the two cars.

We all pull off the road and i immediatelly call 911 to report the accident. As i said, i wasn't hurt, and nobody invovled was really hurt though the woman in the car in front of me i guess is claiming to be bruised on her right side, though neither i nor my insurance person can quite figure out how her right side would have been hurt.

Anyway, lots of waiting for the cop, and then waiting for him to process the whole thing. I was at fault for the initial hitting the car in front of me, though i only tapped her so it isn't likely there was much damage from that. still, it's impossible to know since i got immediately hit before assessing what the damage would have been. The woman who hit me is responsible for most of the damage.

My front is a bit damanged. I need to get a new licence plate for the front. i thought it was missing, but it turns out it was just folded in on itself. The back is more heavily damaged. The bumper came off (actually, it was still atached, though a bit strangely until the cop prsesed down on it to make certain if it was connected solidly or not. Not, as it turned out as if fell off.) The frame is a bit bent... pressed up against the back wheel and the inside back hatch area, the floor is bumped up.

My car had to be towed. So i spent the next while waiting for my mom to come pick me up (by the auto center, not on the side of the road), and then calling my insurance company and starting to work out the details to get my car fixed.

Yesterday a appraiser guy from my insurance company came to look at my car and estimated nearly 8k worth of work will need to be done to my car. (the insurance will be covering that) Still, it isn't totaled and should be able to be fixed. I just wonder how long it will take.

I should be finding that out in the next day or two.

So um yeah. Car accident.

Oh, and i still haven't gotten to watch Pirates yet. grrr. Hopefully this weekend.
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Well, making progress towards determining my future path. I have an appointment for the final masters program i'm looking into. In another 2 weeks i should know if i'll be applying to 2 programs or only one. Then i'll have to get the applications done (i hope to have them sent in by the end of the summer, though they won't be due until later in the fall at the earliest). And then i just have to wait to hear if i get in or not.

Very yay
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My favorite flower of all time are blue hydrangea. When I was in Boston, Ted bought me a potted blue hydrangea for my 23rd birthday. The plant has survived the horrors of my broiling Boston aparto and the accidental deep freeze that killed most of my plants last winter in my current aparto. And yet it has not bloomed since I got it.

After 3 years, my hydrangea has at last bloomed. And of course it isn't blue anymore.

It's currently a sort of very pale purple/pink color, though it's still got tints of green for being recently blooming. I'm just so excited it's finally blooming again.

I worked out the slight problem i had with Ninsei, so now it's just a matter of having a little time to hammer out the final little bit (the matter of having the time to do so is of course the major stumbling block at this point. I have no time!)

I've pretty much decided on one of two schools that I will go to for my second masters degree. I need to visit one of them to just confirm that it is where i want to go. if i don't like it, or for some reason i don't get into it, i'll have the other school to fall back on that i think i would be very happy at as well.

sleepy. after visitng one school, i took a beautiful drive down rt 2 (so pretty! and it was somewhat sunny for much of the day, so it was a really raelly nice drive) and then hit the comic store, did a bit of a drive back to visit A&H's new aparto and had dinner and played a little LotR Risk. i had never played risk before; it turned out to be quite fun. still, it meant i got home a bit later than i probably should have, and i'm dragging a bit today.
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So i made up a list of all the things (that i can think of off the top of my head at least) that i need to do to finish up my costume(s). A few of the steps i know won't take more than a couple minutes. And then there are the couple steps like "step 2: embroider coat" that will take FOREVER.

I have 3 weeks left to finish (well, less than that now) so i'll be pretty busy. And yet, since i had so much fun at the Realms event this past weekend, i so want to go to the one this weekend. I promised myself that if i get enough done during the week, i'll reward myself by going to the event. So that means i have to get a LOT done this week!

Last night i didn't get done quite what i had wanted, though i did do a couple things in place of working on the hat like i had intended. (the hat form akiko and i bought is too big for my head. like really too big). Not quite certain what i should do now...

Anyway, i want to get as much done as i can, so i brought Akiko's skirt that i need to hem with me to work so i can work on it during lunch today. Then, tonight, i hope to get the pattern pinned out on the coat and start embroidaring. (oh, and finish sewing up the bag i'm making to go with the costume).

Been doing a bit of writing on Ninsei as well, though only doing a few hundred words a day, so it's a lot slower going. Still, it's going. I'm half-way through the final chapter.

Now trying to come up with emails to send out to the grad programs to schedule a time to go to the campus and talk with them.

Busy busy!
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I chipped off a filling and now i'm having these episodic zings of pain. Going to the dentist friday to have it fixed.

Tired, but life is going well. Down to 9 schools on my list. 2 have replied that they are sending packets of info, another couple said 'info's on webpage, apply online".

I don't think i'm going to have a full week of work until march, at this point. I sort of feel bad about that, but it's just the way things are happening.
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I have been having entirely too much fun today (in between cataloguing Welsh books. Dear freaking lord, do they have any vowels at alL???) anyway, having fun today. I've started looking at programs for Japanese/East Asian studies so I can start working towards my second masters. For now, i'm just seeing what is out there in the (vaguely sort of) area. (I'm an East Coast girl--no interest in heading west.) I've got a list of about 13 programs. Next step will be to get more info on the programs, then narrow it down to the top couple.

My original hope was that there might be something within 2 hour radius so I could stay working where i am and do school part time. This is looking less and less likely, as there is only one school with 2.5 hours of where i am. granted, with just the first glance over the program's website, i'm really liking that program. But still.

Most of the programs want you to be full-time students, and have a period of residency at the school. That would certainly inhibit staying where i am and doing school and work at the same, regardless of how far away the school, anyway. My second option is perhaps taking on a job at a library in the area of the school i go to, which might have to be the route i go. I don't know if some programs will let me do that, but i really don't want to not work for a year or two (or three) to get my degree. I've done the full-time student bit. I don't want to do that again; that's why i went with the library degree first after all!

It's looking highly likely i'll have to study Chinese as well, since a lot of the prgrams require you to study a little Chinese besides the Japanese. A couple programs also require a European language. (Why??)

Back when i finished up my undergrad, i looked into asian study programs. At the time, i was looking all over the country. Ultimately, i deicded to do the library degree first. Still, i remember enjoying looking at all the programs. It's pretty exciting.

I'm hoping i might be able to get in to a program for the fall, but it might not be until the spring semester. that actually wouldn't be so bad either, as that would give me more time to get my japanese skill back to proper level!

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