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It's been a while since I posted anything, so here's what's been up for the past month:

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Stardust is now one of my favorite movies EVAH.

also, when going to late showing and it gets out at midnight and you've been up since 6:30 and worked a full day at work, don't let friends drag me off to Denny's. And when I do, don't drive home because I'll then be too sleepy and think that a car on the other side of the divided highway is on my side and freak out that it's about to crash into me and hit the breaks in the middle of the highway.

More coherent squeeing about how good StarDust was tomorrow. I really really really need sleep now.
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None of you may look at me in the same way again now that my secret is out...

Yes, I am an android.
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Since living by myself and working by myself in my little cave of a back office (which is neither little, or dark) I have developed a habbit of talking to myself. I'm pretty fine with this fact, though I admit to some slight embarrassment when I realize there are other people in my office (such as boy-o whom I've had to babysit a few times now).
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I hate waiting.

But there are many things right now for me to be excited about. First and foremost is the return of Lost last night. Very, very cool.

Next, a very important day is quickly approaching. I'm trying to decide what the theme for the 'blowout' of mp3s will be this year.

Furthermore, last weekend I got a hold and watched my copy of Avatar season 2 vol 1 dvd, and when i finished the last ep I couldn't help but feel 'argh, i want to watch more now!!!1!" Not wanting to have to wait forever and a month until vol 2 comes out, I wondered if the Nickelodeon website might give a clue as to when they aired what particular episodes. They didn't (at least not that i could find) but i did come accross the tvguide website and they indicated that ep 6 (the next one i need to watch) is airing today, with the rest of the episodes following every day at 4:30. VERY exciting. So i've got my vcr set up to record (i know, i'm not cool enough for TiVo or dvr or any of the cool tv recording devices).

The final noteworthy item of excitement for me is that FINALLY, FINALLY after years of stumbling, I finally am starting to get a grasp of the next story arc of my opus, Ninsei. The first story arc developed probably about 4-5 years ago. It took me until last april to finally get the full rough story written out, but i had the story pretty firmly in my head for a couple years. But I only had the generalist, vague idea of what the next story arc would be. Now, that vague sense is starting to firm up into an actual outline. I have the bare rough outline done, now to start filling in the details. Quite exciting!

Also, in related news, i am a HUGE GEEK. I know i've said this before, but it bares repeating, particularly with my newest expression of geekiness. I'm coming up with 'theme songs' for my stories. That's actually pretty cool. The geeky part is that I'm systematically going through my collection of music to identify any and all potential 'theme songs'. Also? I've also come up with 3 (or 4 if you want) designations for the 'theme songs' for my stories.

They are:
Theme song: it would be an opening/ending theme for the story or story arc if the story was an anime
Insert Song; if the story was an anime, this song would be used in a particular scene
Image Song (for story arc or character): this isn't a song that would be 'used' directly for the 'anime' of the story, but the lyrics/mood seem to fit with either a particular part of the story, or a particular character

For example, in the case of case of Eien no Momento, I see L'arc en Ciel's song, Coming Closer, as the ideal 'opening theme song', with the chorus going:
Coming Closer
Hurry up, hurry up,
Time is going so fast
Hurry up, can't save you
Can't slow it down
You know, this is your fate
Do you feel lonely? so Lone-lonely
Cry to the wind
(though it should be noted that the 'do you feel lonely' sounds to me like he's saying 'i feel lonely'. both works :))

Eventually, when i finish my geeky systematic approach, i'll write up a list of theme songs and include it on my website. Yes. I am that much of a geek.

I suppose if anyone's read any of my stories and comes accross a song they feel fits in with a character or scene or story in general, please let me know. I'd be interested in hearing it.
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It's been a while since i last posted (this seems to be a trend with many of my friends on LJ of late). I'm well, my holidays were quite nice, loved seeing family, and i've resumed work a bit slowly, but am getting things done (eventually).

I've had things that I've felt like writing about here, but just haven't had the energy to really do so. Mostly i've been considering writing anime reviews of the series i've been watching recently. There is one series in particular which is on my 'current watching list' that started this past autumn... and well i still don't have the energy to go about doing a big review or anything, and besides, such is not what has promted me to write today.

What watching this particular series HAS promted me to do is to finally get off my tuff and get the manga series. I did indeed buy vols 1-9 this past weekend, and proceeded to read these 9 vols immediately on sunday. And, as i discovered with a bit of research on the internet, as the series is only 12 vols long (sort of 13, but the story ends with vol 12), and with the cliff-nature-y aspect of the series, the intensity of the story, i knew i HAD to read the rest. I couldn't wait for it to come out every 2 months for the next half year. I had to know NOW. So yesterday i searched around a bit to find scanlations of the final 3 vols, and devoured those last night as well.

(Tonight I intend to watch the live-action version of the series that i d/led as well ;) You know how i can get sometimes... have to read/watch/consume everything/anything relating to the certain story.)

Again, I could get into quite a discussion on the series... a review of the manga or anime, or just comments on the series as a whole. If people are interested i will try to do so in the next few days.

Anyway, what i'd really love is to have someone who's seen it/read it all to talk to about theories of mine ect. but as there is nobody that i know of who has read it, i'll have to wait until i can get someone else addicted to it. bwah ha ha ha ha (mine is an evil laugh).

Right, where was i? oh, right... i was just relating how there is much i can talk about, and yet i'm not going to at this point, and all of this is just a preamble for what subject matter promted me to post on my LJ.

I want to write a fanfiction.

Now, those of you who know me shouldn't be particularly surprised by this fact. If a story really affects me like this one obviously has, than it's pretty natural i would be inspired by it to write something, including fanfictions.

The problem is merely that i haven't had time to really think about it, to imagine the story that i want to tell. This shouldn't be a problem for long, of course, but for now, all i have is the faintest touch of a story idea tickling my imagination, and yet the inabilty to act upon this idea for the time being.

And that is the fact that has promted this post... that frustration of wanting to be in a time and place in which i can just spend a good while just imaginging the flow of the story that has touched me, to play it out in my head completely.

And for those of you who enjoy my writing, if i do get aroudn to writing this story, it will most certainly be a 'chapter 7' kind of way. >:]
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It's an end of an era. There's something rather poetic about an end of an era. Melacholy and bittersweet, to be sure, but definately a poetic quality to it.

The other day, I bought Ranma 1/2 volume 36.

Now there are several key points that one must realize about this simple fact that will give this fact great significance. The first thing to note is that volume 36 of Ranma 1/2 is the final volume of the English release. The series is now over. The second thing that one must realize, is that Ranma 1/2 is the series that got me into manga, and combined with my introduction to Ronin Wariors a month or two before, the Ranma 1/2 manga is what got me into anime.

It has been over ten years since I have into anime/manga, over ten years since I have been collecting Ranma. I was not into it from the absolute beginning, but close to it. I remember quite excited going to Borders to pick up the newly released volume 5.

And now, after all this time, my first series has ended.

But I shan't be too lonely, as there are so many new ones I've started picking up since :)

In less interesting news, I'm currently stuck at work. My boss agreed to have the library open late today so a alumni could have a book signing. And then my boss remembered he had plans for today and couldn't stay. So here I am. At least I only had to get here at 5, and the signing ends at 8, so it's not so long. And I am going to get a full day off as comp.

Having some trouble with my NaNoWriMo story... Since Wednesday's marvelous efforts, I have not managed to do particularly well. I know what i want to happen, I just am having some troubles getting a scene going.

I got a bit done today, and have gotten a little more done while stuck at work, but I've got another hour I'm here at work and nothing is coming to mind on the story. Quite frustrating. I just need a scene to work on... doesn't have to be with the current chapter I'm working on... just a solid scene to work on...!
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Akiko and i also spent entirely too much money yesterdya buying ourselves Harry Potter costumes and wands. I will own a one-of-a-kind wand made of Ironwood and Rosewood. This makes me very happy. Akiko's getting one made out of Purplewood, and it has a crystal at the end. Quite pretty. We both got Ravenclaw clothes, as we are both Ravenclaws. Akiko could also be a Slytherin, but has opted for the Ravenclaw route. I suppose i could just as easily be a Hufflepuff, but i think i've played to many Slytherin characters and thus have a strong feeling of disdain for the Puffs. Despite the fact that i have played several Slytherin characters, i am so not a Slytherin. I'm not crafty enough for that.

In any case, despite the fact that i am Ravenclaw, i had to buy myself the Slytherin dressy robes (green satin lining on a black cloak. gorgeous). this is because i am a green blond and just look better in green. So i made up a story that my Ravenclaw girl has a Slytherin boyfriend. He happens to be about the same size as her, so they accidently grabbed the wrong robes.

Akiko then decided she wanted to get herself a time-turner. (Why am i not surprised that Akiko would want a time turner so she could do more schoolwork?) Therefore, she was quite insistant that i get something expensive like that as well. I considered a House ring (the Claw one wasn't very nice looking, so i considered a Slyth one, to go with the 'boyfriend's' robes, but decided against it. i wasn't that interested in it and it was rather expensive.) And then i saw the silver One Ring. and i knew i had to have it. So mixing series completely, my Ravenclaw girl has her boyfriend's slytherin robes and a silver One Ring. This amuses me to no end. Now just have to wait impatiantly for the order to come in. Hopefully, it'll be in by thanksgiving, which i should be seeing Akiko during that weekend.

This morning, continuing with the spending too much money that i really dont' have to spend, i spent 50$ on tea. This was because i discovered when i went to make myself some tea this afternoon that i had maybe 2 cups left of the very tasty Green Osmanthus tea that i got during my trip to the Chinese Tea House in Oregon. The imminent absense of good tea meant of course that i HAD to order more. and then i had to order different kinds so i could try more flavours. least we're cute.
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I survived on friday and had a quiet weekend. I watched lots of stargate, played with Akiko online, and got to visit T'eao a bit last night where we went for a walk and then out to dinner. Quite enjoyable. My frustration level is still running high, but it hasn't peaked in several days, so i think i'm on the road to happiness again. We're interviewing someone for the reference job today and hopefully another person in the next few days. So there is hope we should have a new person here within a few weeks.

In other news, I'm trying to find a good person to be the PB ("played by", that is, the 'actor' who is the face the character i'm playing for purposes of icons). So if anyone has any ideas for an actor or rocker or model or such to be the PB for my first-war era Remus Lupin... I'm looking for a guy age 18-25ish who has dirty blond/light brown colored hair, long short-hair (ie, shaggy, hair that is a couple inches long, falls in his face). He can't be buff.. in fact, ideally he would be uber/almost sickly thin (think axl rose type thin). While i do like my boys pretty, Remus isn't really the 'pretty' type. He should be cute in a geeky, not really typical cute sort of way. Think Adrian Brody attractive. His expressions should tend to be shy/soft to morose, with a little happy, playful here and there. A bit worn, sickly looking would be good.

I looked at a ton of people last night and while some were close to what i wanted, nobody was really 'right'. So i figured asking other people for ideas might help guide me in the right direction.

So, any ideas of a guy who could fit, or come pretty darn close, to what i'm looking for?
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Well, last night was much fun. I got comics and had dinner and then icecream with Holly, Howie, and Ali. It was great chatting with them as always. We are entirely too silly ;)

My comic store has indeed found a new building to move to in september, though the store will be a little smaller, and the owner, Adam, is not continuing but has let his assistant Sean buy him out. So things will be different, but at least I shall still have a place to buy comics next year.

Since I was out all evening, I taped my crack shows yesterday. After work i'll be watching them, though I've already had Rockstar spoiled for me as i inadvertantly saw who was kicked off last night on a website. Oh well.

I'm not feeling so well today and I have no idea why. My body aches and my head feels off and a bit dizzy. I kinda just want to go lie down for an hour or two. I really hope I haven't come down with anything. Just need to hold on and make it through the day. I can rest when i get home.
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God i'm so tired and not feeling well now, but going to the concert was so worth it.

So I spent the afternoon yesterday visiting with A & H. I just got 2 new versions of Munchkin (Munchkin Fu and Star Munchkin) so we played a round of each. We were also planning on playing a huge, all the games combined game, but we ran out of time. Ah well, next time.

Anyway, now i just need to buy Munchkin Bites and its expansion and the expansion 2 and 3 for the regular game and i'll have gotten all the sets i want.

Then A and i went off to the Nine Inch Nails concert. WOW. It was so amazing. The two opening bands weren't anything special. "Peaches" had a fun song in the beginning, but otherwise her music wasn't anything great. Bauhaus or whatever it was... music was up a little too loud so it was hard to make out what was being said or anything about the music really. And after most of their set, I realized the lead singer is completely gay, and A and i hypothsized that he had a thing with the lead guitarist. The singer was definately the top, and the guitarest was often on his knees.

Anyway, Nine Inch Nails. Trent-baby has cut his hair short, but he still looks sexy. Well, not that i could really see his face or anything... we were no where near as close to the stage as i got with last week's concerts at A-kon.

I was expecting mostly music from With Teeth, that being the recent album and all, but I was pleasantly surprised that he played a mix of songs from all his major albums, from Pretty Hate Machine, Broken, Downward Spiral, Fragile, and With Teeth. He even played one of my favorite songs, which I totally didn't expect to hear: Something I can Never Have. Let's see if i can remember what other fun songs he played. Closer (wow so hot). March of the Pigs. Terrible Lie (yay!) Down in it. Hand that Feeds. Only. Slipping Away. great stuffs!

One of the last songs was Hurt. So beautiful. The entire audience was singing along. There were a bunch of lighters in the air, but not many cell-phones. What is wrong with these people? Don't they know that cellphones are the new lighters?

He ended the show with the pounding, amazing Head Like a Hole.

Great energy, great song selection, great show. A and I were on our feet dancing and going crazy the entire two hours. I knew all the songs, though there was one I wasn't really overly familiar with. Not one that I listen to very much.

Got back to our cars and said good night. I'm not sure about A, but i got stuck in traffic in the parking lot for a solid half hour. There was at least 25 minutes where literally nobody was moving. I threw my car into park and just sat listening to some good music and waited. Once the lines got moving, however, it was real easy getting out and back onto the highway.

On my way home i saw a doe standing right at the edge of the road on the other side, and when i went around a curve saw a car coming so i flashed my headlights at him. Don't know if he thought i meant there was a police car ahead or what, but at the very least, i warned him to slow down and keep an eye on the road coming up, so hopefully that will have kept both that car and the deer save.

I'm so not feeling so well today. I was feeling a bit ill yesterday, but the concert so didn't help. (But it was so worth it). Throat hurts, head hurts, stomach hurts, and i'm hot and tired. ah well, i'll feel better when i can get a nap after work, and when a thunderstorm comes through and cools the area down again. (lack of sleep and the high heat are probably major factors in my not feeling well, i know).

Anyway, let's see if i can't get one of the IT guys to fix my program at work so i can actually get some work done today.
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My phone sings Gackt at me. It also flashes pretty sparkily lights. And it has pretty Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children boys as my wallpaper. You have no idea how happy this makes me.

I have given up on trying to finish today. In fact, i haven't written anything as of yet today, and didn't do anything after what i posted yesterday. I'm near the end, so my next goal will be to try to finish by next weekend.

In the meantime, my phone sings Gackt at me whenever someone calls.
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Lessee, what have i been up to for the past couple days? I've been fighting off a cold, sometimes more succesfully than others. Got hit rather hard last night. When i was walking around, helping close up the library yesterday, i got really dizzy, to the point where i was very thankful there was a book shelf beside me that i could lean onto otherwise i was going down. I spent all night on the couch reading and this morning im' feeling somewhat better but i suppose i'll see how i'm doing this afternoon after spending all day standing and what not.

Speaking of reading, on monday when i hit the comic store i picked up A Distant Soil vol 4. I thought to myself, 'it's the final volume, let's reread the first three first and then vol 4". So i did, and it was greatly entertaining, and then i came to book 4. i'd read most of it before through single issues, but i knew there would be a few chapters at the end that i hadn't read before. So as i kept reading, i keep glancing at how many pages i have left thinking to myself that there isn't much room left for the resolution.

turns out book 4 ISN'T the final volume, book 5, whenever that comes out, will be. I'm certainly glad that there will be more, because i do love the series, but i fear how long it will be before book 5 comes out, considering that book 3 came out something like 2001/2002 and book four just came out this past week.
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ok, so anyway, my week will only continue to be busy. Tonight, i'm going to the anime club's V-day marathon. I'm somewhat mixed mind on this. On one hand, i'm looking forward to seeing anime, and it's a series i was somewhat interested in seeing, and i wasn't able to go to club last week, and wont' be able to go on thursday this week. On the other hand, it'll be breaking tradition for me. See, the past couple years on V-day, i have spent the night being incredibly geeky and making high-res anime wallpapers featuring lots of pretty boys. This year, i'm actually going to be SOCIAL. And i'm not going to have my pretty boys. It's very sad.

Tomorrow, besides work, i'm going to be packing and getting ready for the con this weekend (yay Katsucon!) Which brings me to driving all day thursday and going to a con all weekend.

So, as you can see, very busy Li.

and why do people bring babies to work?
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So Cloud was still being a pain last night, so i decided to try one of my other games. Well, as i only have one other right now as the other couple haven't arrived yet, that meant i moved on to the Gackt game, Bujingai. Now, i've never realy played any of those adventure previous experiance with Devil May Cry or those sorts of games, so this was a first for me.

The game is GORGEOUS, and not just because Gackt is the main character ;) I also suck at the game. I'm getting the hang of it, slowly, so i'm getting better. But i went up to the final boss battle in stage three (there are only 7 stages, if that gives you some idea of where i had gotten in the game) and hadn't upgraded my character. I didnt' know i had to, or how to, so i was still at level 1 stats for everything. That would explain why i kept getting my butt whooped there, wouldn't it? I'm starting to get the hang of combos, and poses (i was getting such a kick out of the posing. If you hit a button right after a successful combo, you can 'pose' for a minute and look very cool. You get style points for posing. *dies*) I'm getting the hang out of running up walls and other jumping. I'm still having trouble with blocking. Damn blocking. I'm thinking of starting over now that i know what i'm doing a bit better, but i might just press on, regardless that i have a couple of "continues' on my record. Another part of the game is that you can collect golden coins that unlock extras. I. MUST. COLLECT. ENOUGH. TO. UNLOCK. GACTK'S. OUTFIT. How cool will it be to playing the game with Gackt-Gackt doing all the moves? BWAH HA HA HA HA HA!!

Devil May Cry should be here today. I expected it to arrive yesterday, so i'm pretty sure it'll be waiting for me when i get home today. Two Towers shouldn't me much longer either. Also, i'm anxiously checking the tracking on Red Dwarf season 7. It's shipped out yesterday; i hope it arrives in time for me to spend all weekend watching it. This is the season i was most looking forward to seeing on dvd. It shall be good.

I ordered the Bujingai stragedy guide, not because the game is really that difficult and i'm stuck or anything, though i do hope it has maps of the stages, because that would be very helpful, but mostly i want to look at the pretty pictures of Gackt. *sigh* I really am a fangirl sometimes.

You know, if i've been this giddy, i really should have gotten myself a PS2 sooner!

Well, besides geeking on games, life is going pretty well for me. Well, i'm trying to pull myself out of my avoidant funk, trying to get done some things that need to get done. For example, i made some calls that i was supposed to, paid some bills, and emailed my Japanese professor in the hopes of arranging to do some independent studying this semester. There are other things i should be getting done and i just haven't yet. I just haven't wanted to write, though i really need to get back into writing a little each day. I haven't really done much on my Harry Potter rpg, but i just haven't wanted to. At this point, i'm trying not to push myself, as that will just make me feel worse, i think. Little steps, ease back into things. Or something.
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So i got past Squall--i mean Leon--last night, just as i was about to give up. I figured i was having so much trouble, obviously i wasn't quite high enough level, and since i hadn't gotten far in the game, maybe i ought to restart if i wasnt' successful that one last time. And i was. I stopped for a while to watch my monday night telly, then played a bit more before bed. I was able to finish the Wonderland scene and started in on the Hercules world. I got my ass handed to me on a plate by Cloud. (What is it with these Final Fantasy guys kick my ass so much?!) Oh, and btw, KH Cloud is freakin' HOT. Not Advent Children HOT, but HOT none-the-less. I really like his outfit in particular. I'm eargerly waiting for work to get out so i can play some more. I expect to be getting Devil may Cry and Two Towers in the mail in the next couple days.

Is 5-6 months in advance too early to start planning a party?

Knee is doing better today. It was so stiff last night, even with taking advil, but this morning i didn't take anything and it's been fine. I didn't change the bandage this morning either, but it's needing it now.

La la la... is it time to go home yet?
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I 'wrote' the story on saturday, in my car, with my mini-recorder that is in my car for that very reason, and just transcribed it, and fixed it up. This is a very slightly fictionalized version of what happened on thursday night when i went to get comics. I found it entertaining, I hope you do too.

a day at the comic store )
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I had a fabulous weekend, 'productive' in the manner i wished. I drew a bit, trying to get Akiko and i ahead in comics again. I got some cleaning done, though my place is still a bit of a mess. I also watched a ton of anime, trying to get through the pile i got over the holidays.

I broke my record on saturday. Previously, my record had been 22 episodes in one day. That was back in freshman year when i was watching Fushigi Yuugi with 2 friends. Fushigi Yuugi has a tendency to end each episode in this excrutiating cliff-hanger, so whenever i asked if my friends wanted to stop yet, they insisted upon another episode. and then another. and then another, and before you knew it, we had done a marathon of 22 eps. I've gotten close to my record, getting 20 eps in a day. But i shattered my record with 28 eps. I got the latest boxset of Yu Yu Hakusho, and planned to just watch half of it, but i was really getting into it, and it was still early enough, so i went ahead and finished watching it all. i've decided 28 eps is a bit much for one day, so i don't think i'll try to break my new record. still, i do know now that if i really want to, i could probably get a 26 ep series watched in one day.

My boys were utterly adorable this morning. I woke up sometime in the middle of the night with Genji curled up on me, and Romeo sprawled right beside me. Genji's been a bit of a brat and not spending the night on my bed recently, so i was happy just that he was on the bed at all. It was really too cute how we were all cuddled together. Romeo, however, didn't want me to get up in the morning. My alarm was going off, but he pinned me down.

I didn't get my PS2 yet, but i wanted to try to get through most of my stack of anime before turning my attention to video games. Considering how much of my pile i was able to get through this weekend, i'm feeling pretty good about picking up the console soon.

As i was going to bed, twice i turned the light back on to write down a few bits that came to mind. I heard a few voices that i hadn't heard in some time, so today's writing practice is a bit of dialogue between Dracula and Helsing from Eien no Momento. I think i'll likely go in somewhere in ch3 or 4.

Last week i did writting 3x (only posted 2 here). I've just gotten one for today, so hopefully i can get at least 3x this week, though i hope to write more than that.

anyway, here's Dracula and Helsing:

Trial of humanity )
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So recently i stumbled upon a fantastic LJ, [ profile] limyaael, and since then i've spent way too much time reading it. She writes quite frequently these great 'rants' on how to write (and how not to write) fantasy (and sometimes fanfics). Earlier, she did some great mockeries of Mary Sues. She is a avid reader and writer of fantasy, and really is quite intelligent in her discusions of the subject.

She also wrote this INCREDIBLE fanfic/paraody of LotR and Mary Sues in fanfiction (mostly LotR fanfiction). (go into the calender mode for 2003, and you should be able to poke around and fine "The Game of Gods" A few of the early chapters don't have "Game of Gods" in the subject line, but it shouldn't take too much to find them). Basically, the story invovles Morgoth and Varda playing a strange game of chess, where Morgoth creates various Mary Sues to place in the LotR world, and Varda must make use of the world logic to destory the Mary Sue. (for example, the first one Morgoth creates is a Mary Sue from earth who is going to transport to Middle Earth through her television, and Varda stops that quite quickly as the Mary Sue winds up smashing her head into the tv and dying, since it's impossible to go into a tv.)

As i said, it's utterly hysterical. Limyaael makes use of several characters and relationships from the Silmmarilian, which alas, i have not read. I had enough basic info, and could gather more from her fic, to follow along and enjoy it regardless, but reading it really made me want to read the Silmarilian (which i know is a long, complex, possibly quite boring, difficult book). I checked my library's online catalogue for our Tolkien books, and didn't see it. Figured it was quite possible that we had it, just not in our system yet, but didn't get around to checking the shelf yet. Figured if we didn't have it at all, come december when i have time to read it, i can just ask C to inter-library loan it for me.

So anyway, I came in this morning to find that someone has donated a copy. yay! But it gets even better. My library DOES have a copy, and the new donated one is much better condition, so we're going to replace our current copy with the new one. And that means we're book selling the older one.

You see where i'm going with this.

So now i've got my own copy of Silmarilian, and i'll happily read it come december :).
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I'm such a geek, and i'm really not into working today. or this week.

I went through and 'tagged' my LJ posts. basically added a keyword to most of them. i was in a procrastinating mood and it amused me to do this. it also meant i read through my old posts, and there are certainly events that i had totally forgotten about that i had a chuckle over reading now. also, i realized that i didn't really write much until last august.

i just can't seem to get myself motivated to get much work done this week.

It was POURING most of yesterday. that was, until the evening when it turned over to snow. well, not fully. it was more like, rain with some snow flakes mixed in. a bit nasty, but not too bad, and nothing really stuck. still, it's not even november yet, there shouldn't be snow!

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