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My phone sings Gackt at me. It also flashes pretty sparkily lights. And it has pretty Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children boys as my wallpaper. You have no idea how happy this makes me.

I have given up on trying to finish today. In fact, i haven't written anything as of yet today, and didn't do anything after what i posted yesterday. I'm near the end, so my next goal will be to try to finish by next weekend.

In the meantime, my phone sings Gackt at me whenever someone calls.
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So Cloud was still being a pain last night, so i decided to try one of my other games. Well, as i only have one other right now as the other couple haven't arrived yet, that meant i moved on to the Gackt game, Bujingai. Now, i've never realy played any of those adventure previous experiance with Devil May Cry or those sorts of games, so this was a first for me.

The game is GORGEOUS, and not just because Gackt is the main character ;) I also suck at the game. I'm getting the hang of it, slowly, so i'm getting better. But i went up to the final boss battle in stage three (there are only 7 stages, if that gives you some idea of where i had gotten in the game) and hadn't upgraded my character. I didnt' know i had to, or how to, so i was still at level 1 stats for everything. That would explain why i kept getting my butt whooped there, wouldn't it? I'm starting to get the hang of combos, and poses (i was getting such a kick out of the posing. If you hit a button right after a successful combo, you can 'pose' for a minute and look very cool. You get style points for posing. *dies*) I'm getting the hang out of running up walls and other jumping. I'm still having trouble with blocking. Damn blocking. I'm thinking of starting over now that i know what i'm doing a bit better, but i might just press on, regardless that i have a couple of "continues' on my record. Another part of the game is that you can collect golden coins that unlock extras. I. MUST. COLLECT. ENOUGH. TO. UNLOCK. GACTK'S. OUTFIT. How cool will it be to playing the game with Gackt-Gackt doing all the moves? BWAH HA HA HA HA HA!!

Devil May Cry should be here today. I expected it to arrive yesterday, so i'm pretty sure it'll be waiting for me when i get home today. Two Towers shouldn't me much longer either. Also, i'm anxiously checking the tracking on Red Dwarf season 7. It's shipped out yesterday; i hope it arrives in time for me to spend all weekend watching it. This is the season i was most looking forward to seeing on dvd. It shall be good.

I ordered the Bujingai stragedy guide, not because the game is really that difficult and i'm stuck or anything, though i do hope it has maps of the stages, because that would be very helpful, but mostly i want to look at the pretty pictures of Gackt. *sigh* I really am a fangirl sometimes.

You know, if i've been this giddy, i really should have gotten myself a PS2 sooner!

Well, besides geeking on games, life is going pretty well for me. Well, i'm trying to pull myself out of my avoidant funk, trying to get done some things that need to get done. For example, i made some calls that i was supposed to, paid some bills, and emailed my Japanese professor in the hopes of arranging to do some independent studying this semester. There are other things i should be getting done and i just haven't yet. I just haven't wanted to write, though i really need to get back into writing a little each day. I haven't really done much on my Harry Potter rpg, but i just haven't wanted to. At this point, i'm trying not to push myself, as that will just make me feel worse, i think. Little steps, ease back into things. Or something.
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i don't usually have dreams about people i actually know. i'm not even usually me in my dreams, but in some sort of role. i do occasionally have friends in my dreams, or my family, but that's not usually as common.

but for some reason, i keep having Gackt dreams.

long rambling description of my dream )

Gackt dreams are definately fun.

i was feeling a bit blue yesterday, but starting to feel better today. (actually, i was starting to feel better last night) finished reading the 5 Harry Potter books. now i'm ready (and completely impatiant) for book 6 to come out in 31 days. afterwards, went out for a bike ride, which was nice. i had forgotten my key-drive yesterday, so i couldn't work on my Red Dwarf story much, but as you can see, i finished up the second part last night and posted it. then watched a couple more eps (with the reading of Harry Potter, i stopped my marathon watching at the beginning of season 8. with the story i'm working on taking place in season 8, figured i really ought to rewatch it so it's fresh in my mind so i can keep the characters more in character).

this week has been going by slowly. but i have been extremely productive, and getting a lot done at work. i'm quite pleased with my progress the past week and a half.

my hair is really getting long. i was struck yesterday with how long it has gotten recently. it's still several inches shorter than the longest it got (when i cut 13 inches off). the dye has completely washed out of my hair, but my hair is still darker than i want it to be. if only there was sun, i could be outside trying to get my blond highlights back.
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i had another Gackt dream the other day. actually, it was better than a Gackt dream... it was a Gackt and Hyde dream!

in my dream, apparrantly, Gackt and Hyde were doing a promotional thing where they were helping out at a couple stores.. Gackt was going to work at a chocolate store, and Hyde was going to be a waiter at the restaurant next door. what wasn't known to most was that they were actually going to be there the day before the promotion to learn how to do the job. well, a 'friend' i had in japan (no such person) apparantly learned of this and told me. she wasn't going herself because she had had plenty of oppertunities to meet Gackt. (there is no such thing as too many times meeting Gackt! i felt).

anyway, i go into the chocolate store first, and Gackt is in a really happy mood. he's smiling and laughing, and making jokes. he's flirting with me a bit (nothing serious, just playing around, being happy.) i wide up spending all afternoon there hanging out at the store with him (not that he spends the whole time talkign to me. i just sort of hang out there while he's working and all.) he was really good about speaking slowly and in easy japanese, so i had no problems talking with him (i was speaking japanese in my dream, and was understanding everything he said). i asked if i could take a picture and posed really silly for me, and gave me his autograph. then i asked him what kind of chocolate he recommended, and he picked some out for me. it was fabulous.

then, it was about dinner time, so i decided to go see Hyde next door and eat dinner there. but he was really busy and i didn't get a chance to ask him for his autograph or if i could take a picture. i tried to ask if he was Hyde, and wanted to ask him if i could have his autograph, but he spoke realy fast and i didn't understand him well. without much ado, he seated me at the bar counter since i wasn't with anyone else. (hense, i would be served at the bar, not by him. boo!). but there was a really nice girl sitting next to me at the bar. she spoke slow and in easy Japanese for me, much like Gackt did. she was really nice and said she would help me get Hyde's autograph and picture.

Gackt came into the restaurante, because the chocolate store closed before the restaurant did, so he was finished. when he saw me he smiled and said hi.


hehehehe. Gackt dreams are fun :)

and yes. yes i am an uber fangirl. at least i'm cute. (good thing too, or i would have been thrown off a bridge LONG LONG ago. in a galaxy far far away...)

in real life news, the college was closed yesterday so i had a day off (YAY) in which i spent the whole day playing a video game. see, i've spent several days reading the archives of Dungeons & Dorks which got me feeling very nostaligic for D&D, but as there isn't anyone i can play with, i turned to the next best thing... a D&D video game. Akiko and i play Icewind Dale every time we get together (around the holidays nov/dec time). but i started up my own group and started playing. i've gotten a decent start into it and am having much fun with it. though i have work today (boo, wanna be home playing. have to find the heartstone gem!) i wonder if i'll be able to get past the point in which akiko and i last got to...?

got some busy weekendends ahead, but should be much fun.


Oct. 14th, 2004 07:22 am
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I still can't get my computer to recognize my ipod. i have the latest version of itunes. i d/led and ran the ipod updater program suggested to me earlier. when i connect the ipod, it starts to rejuice, but my computer doesn't seem to be aware that it exists.

i worked all last night on a new playlist to listen to at work... soft music, lots of Akino Arai, Loreena Mckennet, Era, Engima, and the like. a little Hayami Show thrown in, for the 'ooo, sexy' (cuz everyone needs a little 'ooo sexy' Hayami Show).

spent a while trying to figure out the computer-ipod deal again, and wound up staying up too late. forgot to eat dinner. didn't take a shower. knew i was going to be screwed this morning.

well, i managed to wake up without too much problems, which was a blessing and curse. it was good, cuz i needed to wake up early to take a shower before work and all. it was absolutely horrible because i was having this FABULOUS dream about Gackt falling in love with me...

ehem, anyway, ipod is still cranky, but i got to work on time. early even.

now at work, i can't connect to oclc, which i need to do to catalogue. i cannot connect to aim. and i'm not getting messages from my various listservs... and autocat in particular is notorious for being prolific so i highly doubt that all 4 of my listservs, autocat in particular, just don't have any messages since 5pm yesterday. but i can get onto the internet with no problems.

called IT.. they had done something to the firewall, and suggested i restart the computer. so i did. still no go. we try a few things, still no go. i try calling my oclc rep, and get voice mail. left a message, hopefully will get called back soon. it might be an oclc thing, but considering the other issues this morning, my guess is its something on our side.

so i've pretty much wasted this morning getting nothing done, which is kinda frustrating. makes me wish i was still in that dream with Gackt... oh wait, i'd want to even if today was going better.

i'm guess i just need to work on other things for a while and see if things sort out themselves. sometimes, if you just ignore a problem, it goes away.
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The other night, I had this really strange, but god I wish it happened, dream.

It started with me trying to get tickets to the nearly-sold-out Gackt in the US concert. (You see what I mean about wishing it were true, already, I'm sure). Unfortunately, I was having real difficulties with the ticket machine.

Then my dream shifted, and I was at another Japanese concert in the US. This time, I was enjoying the music of Weiss Kreuz. (It wasn't in anime... it was the actual voice actors, dressed as their characters, in concert. Like how they act for their actual concerts).

Anyway, the Weiss guys were really enjoying their first American concert, cuz we American fans really get into things and rock out.

So, I was on my feet and dancing and having a great old time. But there were some other people who were acting as security. There was this one real bitchy girl who knew me, and really snottily demanded that I return to my seat. So I flipped her off as I sat back down. She then demanded that I leave the concert for that.

Now, besides doing security, she also had a microphone, as the Weiss boys wanted to be able to hear interviews/questions/comments from their fans during the concert. What the bitch didn't realize as she walked over to me to force me to leave, was that the Weiss boys were just ending a song, and were looking up to the audiance for the next fan. And so, when she has next to me, I talked into the microphone.

I thanked the Weiss boys very much for their wonderful concert. Then I complained about certain people who had problems with people being rude in return to their being rude. (or something like that. I can't remember what I said exactly now, but it was quite clever).

To be honest, I don't know how the Weiss guys understood me, but apparantly they did, and so they invited me down to the stage. So, me and my friends who were with me got to go down to the stage and get hugs from the Weiss boys. I totally glomped onto Seki Tomokazu. Then, they gave me front row seating while Koyasu Takenhito sang the next song. It was great!

During the song, I kept thinking about how this was being taped, to eventually be made into a concert dvd. It was weird, I thought, to get that dvd and watch myself!

So, it was a rather strange, but really cool dream.

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