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Shakesville post on the TSA strip-search machines

Mooflyfoof's post on the TSA strip-search machines

Don't Scan Us

seriously depressing long list of horror stories of the new TSA policies

....and another post which gives me some sense of hope for the world:
What the Bible says...and doesn't say...about homosexuality
I don't agree with all of her conclusions specifically but I agree with her over all premise and the general concept of the case.
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Had another Phys therapy today. Things are slowly getting better.

Got a bad headache today about 4:30. Left a few minutes early because of it. Didn't feel right taking aspirin for it because i'm taking massive doses of pain meds already for my arms.

A couple of things I found in my various blogs today:

a really great poetry reading from T. Mali on Fighting for the Library

a really thought-provoking piece and comments on fat and slut-shamming.

I've finally caught up on some of the podcasts I listen to (Forcecast, Robert Llewellyn's Carpool, and the awesome Reddwarf themed Scuttercast (<3 you guys)) so finally getting around to going through the 5 years worth of backlogs of the Serenity-Firefly podcast, the Signal. Listening to it of course means I want to rewatch the series/movie. Which I'll do, probably this weekend unless something comes up.
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Work is work. Going well enough. Not the job i want forever, but I don't mind it.

Been reviewing my kanji flashcards. I've studied the first two sets previously (the first set the most, since i've had it the longest) and have been doing pretty well with those sets. I'm more than halfway through the third set, which is giving me a pretty solid reading knowledge of over 1000 kanji now. It'll take coming across the kanji is other situations (books, articles, randomly on the side of the road, whatever) before I REALLY know them, but I'm feeling pretty good about getting this base-line knowledge of them. I need to review grammar and DEFINITELY need to go over my classical, but these things take time, and I'm getting to them as I can.

My plans for the weekend got a bit disrupted, but I'm not going to complain about a quiet weekend at home. Need to spend some time cleaning anyway.

Was just reading this post on Shakesville that I found very well said on why rape jokes aren't funny.

I've started to write again, but only a little thus far. I hope I can get more written this weekend.

I also really wish my wrist/hand/finger didn't hurt so much when it's my drawing hand. Makes it hard to draw when it hurts.
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Moving this weekend. Pretty excited.

Gotten much of the edits done on my thesis. Pretty happy.

Getting ready for Anime Boston. Got my costume ready but for the wig. Need to write up a few kanji characters for some new brushpaintings.

Here's a very powerful article on the myth of acquaintance rape as just "miscommunication":
Predator Theory
It's a bit long and can be triggering/hard to read, but I think it's an important read.
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Life is going pretty spiffy. I passed my thesis defense last week, which means that I will be graduating, I just need to finish the edits on my thesis, and that's coming along well.

The time change is a horrible thing that I wish our country would do away with. I am enjoying the beautiful weather today.

I appreciate all offers to help me move. Because I'm hoping to move during the week (Hopefully Monday if I can move in early), I'm planning on using a moving company. As expensive as that is. I've been packing up the stuff in my room and realizing the more I get boxed up, the more there seems to be still to be packed, and that I have too much stuff. I really hope I get to stop moving soon.

I've been reading feminist blogs like The Hathor Legacy, Shakesville, Feministe, and Feministing. I feel like I'm learning a lot, though I still have much to learn. I'm learning about privilege, consent, bodily autonomy, fat acceptance, ableism and ableist language, rape culture, and many other things. Some that I knew/felt but didn't know how to express, some that I had never thought of (privilege) and how to be more aware of what i say and how that might affect others. I feel like I'm just starting to understand some of these things, and I might be obnoxious on my friends for brining things up but not really being able to explain. So I am thinking I might try to post a few links here and there on some of the posts I read that I think very well express some of the concepts I'm learning about and I think are important for others to learn about as well.

There are a LOT of great older posts on the sites I listed above, and I'll try to go through and find some to share later, but for now, I'd like to share one that was posted today regarding fat acceptance and societies fat hatred: Proposed. (The blog is pretty well moderated so trolls are shut down pretty fast, so the comments are safe to read, and often have great points as well).

Umm, otherwise, I'm going to work on packing a little more, working on my thesis, and enjoying the fresh air from the open window beside me.
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So recently I've been on a kick of reading feminist literature (blogs mostly). The main one I've been reading is The Hathor Legacy. It generally focuses on the portrayal of women in the media, and it brings up some amazing points...some I've thought myself, some I hadn't considered but now I agree with. I really recommend this site to everyone. I totally don't remember how I got onto the site... somehow there was a link to their article on the Breidtl Test (i'm totally misspelling it) but basically the general basis of this "rule" is that a movie/show has to have 1) two or more women 2) talking together 3) about something other than guys. Think about it, and there are so few movies that actually follows this law. Anyway, the whole site has some very thought provoking reads. And naturally, in such blogs, there are links to other blogs and articles, and before I know it I've been on quite the reading kick.

So you can imagine how unamused I was with an incredibly sexist remark a student made in one of the essays I have been grading this weekend. I'll post that in another post (that is friends locked) so I'm not posting/ripping a student's paper to the open public.

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