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So I wasn't the most productive I've ever been at work on Wednesday, but I'm getting more books done today already.

Didn't get any real work done yesterday with my own research. Instead I read. It was fantastic for relaxing/reading side of things...I sat out on my porch, surrounded by my overflowing garden, the scent of summer and green all around me. Peaceful. Absolutely heavenly. But my summer break is almost gone and I have accomplished practically nil on my own research. Argh.

I've got my main story plots percolating in my head a bit more recently. T'eao has expressed some interest in drawing some of my vampire story, and i've been wanting to rewrite/edit that for a couple years now.
[next few paragraphs are rambling about my story]
This morning, I finally figured out how to smooth up a part in the beginning... I knew I wanted/needed to have Helsing have to stay at Dracula's castle a little in the beginning before they leave it, and an injury on Helsing's part would be a good way to slow their departure. I was seeing the classic shoujo plot device of Helsing twisting his ankle... The part in chapter 2/3 where there is the big confrontation, and Dracula is explaining to Helsing how he had bound himself to him and Helsing makes him prove it...I was seeing Helsing backing up, away from this crazy situation, and Dracula is all "Master..." "I'm not your master, I want no part of this." "Well, Master I think there is really something you need to know..." *Crack* "...and that is that that tile is broken." "Why didn't you say that sooner?"
Cute right? Totally cliche shonen-ai /shoujo comic fluff though, and doesn't really work for the tone of my story, particularly that part of it. And then the answer came to me so easily, I can't believe I didn't think of this way before...Helsing had just been fighting Dracula. Sure, Dracula isn't taking the fight all that seriously and isn't trying very much, but he is still a vampire lord...Helsing gets injured in the fight...He lets his leg get stabbed but in return is able to defeat Dracula. That way there, I can have Dracula first try to do the whole "you're injured, you won't be able to get out of my castle alive" attempt, only to have Helsing sneer at him that that doesn't matter, at least he'll be taking out another vampire lord with him, which causes Drac to laugh about how there is no way that this will kill him, and continue that scene as previously written. I can easily fit that into the first chapter without much problem, and not only does it make sence, it will make the next chapter work so much better.
Now Helsing will be injured enough that he won't be able to just up and leave the castle, making him have to stay/interact there a little longer, and I can work in the plot I have with Dracula's three wives.
[done with story ramble]

I'm bummed that my writing community died last was a little too small really, but I was able to get some feedback on my writing, and I think I was getting that first story arc of Ninsei so much stronger through their help. I'd really like something like that again.

Anyway, my back is hurting a little today...might want to take a pain killer when I get home. In three hours. Ugh.

Also, I just want to get back to the novel series I've been reading this week. I dont' think I'm going to get much of anything else accomplished until I finish it.

What are people's favorite fantasy series?

Also, I am really looking forward to the current story arc in Naruto Shippuuden to end. It's totally lame and the new character its centered on really annoys me. Anyone else watching that wants to chat with me?
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Stardust is now one of my favorite movies EVAH.

also, when going to late showing and it gets out at midnight and you've been up since 6:30 and worked a full day at work, don't let friends drag me off to Denny's. And when I do, don't drive home because I'll then be too sleepy and think that a car on the other side of the divided highway is on my side and freak out that it's about to crash into me and hit the breaks in the middle of the highway.

More coherent squeeing about how good StarDust was tomorrow. I really really really need sleep now.
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So recently i stumbled upon a fantastic LJ, [ profile] limyaael, and since then i've spent way too much time reading it. She writes quite frequently these great 'rants' on how to write (and how not to write) fantasy (and sometimes fanfics). Earlier, she did some great mockeries of Mary Sues. She is a avid reader and writer of fantasy, and really is quite intelligent in her discusions of the subject.

She also wrote this INCREDIBLE fanfic/paraody of LotR and Mary Sues in fanfiction (mostly LotR fanfiction). (go into the calender mode for 2003, and you should be able to poke around and fine "The Game of Gods" A few of the early chapters don't have "Game of Gods" in the subject line, but it shouldn't take too much to find them). Basically, the story invovles Morgoth and Varda playing a strange game of chess, where Morgoth creates various Mary Sues to place in the LotR world, and Varda must make use of the world logic to destory the Mary Sue. (for example, the first one Morgoth creates is a Mary Sue from earth who is going to transport to Middle Earth through her television, and Varda stops that quite quickly as the Mary Sue winds up smashing her head into the tv and dying, since it's impossible to go into a tv.)

As i said, it's utterly hysterical. Limyaael makes use of several characters and relationships from the Silmmarilian, which alas, i have not read. I had enough basic info, and could gather more from her fic, to follow along and enjoy it regardless, but reading it really made me want to read the Silmarilian (which i know is a long, complex, possibly quite boring, difficult book). I checked my library's online catalogue for our Tolkien books, and didn't see it. Figured it was quite possible that we had it, just not in our system yet, but didn't get around to checking the shelf yet. Figured if we didn't have it at all, come december when i have time to read it, i can just ask C to inter-library loan it for me.

So anyway, I came in this morning to find that someone has donated a copy. yay! But it gets even better. My library DOES have a copy, and the new donated one is much better condition, so we're going to replace our current copy with the new one. And that means we're book selling the older one.

You see where i'm going with this.

So now i've got my own copy of Silmarilian, and i'll happily read it come december :).
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yes~~~~~ my precious~~~~~ my own~~~~~ i has its~~~~~~

right then. Book 11 is in my hot little hands now. And i haven't started reading it yet. argh. I just didn't have the time last night. Last night was pretty much the one night I couldn't put just about everything else aside and devote to reading. Ah well, I was able to get some HP-rping done on Tuesday and Wednesday, and i've got the book now, so tonight I'll dig into it.

(you have no idea how tempted i was to have a 'sick day' today.)

you won't be seeing me online tonight as i shall be absorbed in reading.

So now i've got so much to do... I've got a nearly 800-page book to read, Earth 2 and Lost dvds to watch (and then all watch them with commentary and oh all the special features!), and on Saturday I'm picking up couple weeks worth of comic-y goodness, so there goes a day to reading comics right there.

I've gotten onto such a HP fanart kick... being exploring Deviant and finding some GREAT artists. Which has got me wanting to draw some more (speaking of, i better crank out another comic at some point this weekend, or Akiko will get stern and flustered at me. But when will i have the time?!)

So yeah, all these stuff to do, and no time for it! When i was reading HP book 6, i could get about 100 pages per hour, so it just took me all evening, but i was able to finish it rather quickly. WoT is much denser, so i only get approximately 50 pages an hour. With an 800 page book... well, you do the math. My plan is to start reading tonight, and hopefully finish up tomorrow before i head out to be social. i've got a comic-run, dinner, and a movie planned for saturday afternoon into the evening, so that will be fun. then sunday will be devoted to finishing book 11 if i didn't on saturday, and then the new comics i just got.

not sure if i'll start watching earth 2 or lost first, and not sure if i'll start in next week when i get home from work, or if i'll just hold off until i have a weekend to play (which won't be for a couple weeks... next weekend i'm headed home, and the weekend after i'll likely be visiting friends in Philly.) wow... my life is about to get very busy!

....and i so want to go home right now soooo much. And yet, somehow i doubt my boss will agree that it is vitally important for me to go home to read a new novel.

...but it's there, staring at me, coaxing me to pick up it's shiney calls me, my precious calls me...
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ah well, it'll come tomorrow. at least the latest issue of shojo beat came in the mail today. and it'll give me time to finish book 10 before book 11 is here.

...but i still hate waiting.

i've also have found myself using 'light' as a curse, completely unintentionally. the problem of reading is i do sometimes pick up the language. it's like whenever i watch red dwarf, i start speaking in a british accent in my head.

...and i still hate waiting.


Oct. 10th, 2005 03:43 pm
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My copy of book 11 has shipped. slim chance it might arrive today, but looking likely for tomorrow, possibly Wednesday (since it's in Ohio right now, or at least was.) i reread book 9, and more than half way done book 10. i hope to finish book 10 tonight. i read some summaries for the earlier books so i didn't have to reread the whole series, since i so don't have the time for that.

book 11 promises to have a lot more action than book 10, which was a bit disappointing since NOTHING HAPPENED until the final damn chapter. but book 11, it shall continue the story... i shall at last find out what happens. oh yes.

With the two big series i've been reading the past few years releasing their penultimate books this year, i'm curious as to which will come out with the final book sooner? Will it be book 7 or book 12? bets anyone? Or will they both be within months of each other like book 6/book 11?

I really want to play Lufia 1 & 2 again. should i try to get the games used for SNES, or break down and splurge a bit and get the GBA? there are so many old school RPGs on GBA now, it really might be worth pickign up. but i don't play my gameboy much these days, so maybe i should bother. But i do want to play those games. *le sigh* the dilemma.
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i haven't been posting much lately, but then, there really hasnt' been too much going on in my life of late. my computer has returned to normal, i'm keeping pretty busy with work, i read a bit when i get home, and so on.

i haven't been working on my Red Dwarf fanfic in a couple weeks... i'm currently in a wan phase. but i have ordered a Red Dwarf novel from amazon, so i'm hoping that when i read that novel (and reread the other 2 i own) that will respark my inspiration and i can resume writing.

speaking of reading, i've been doing quite a bit of it of late. i've just started the fourth volume of a series. (i read the first volume back in march, but have for the past 2 weeks been reading the other volumes). each book is quite lengthy (about 750-800 pages), but i suspect i'll be finished with the final book this weekend.

which brings me to my dilemna. i know several of you will be quite aware of the coming release of the Wheel of Time penultimate book. (a mere 2 months to go!). when book 10 came out, i was just starting grad school, so i had a couple weeks before classes started with nothing to do, so i was able to quickly reread the entire series. i'm pondering on whether i should reread the series again. it hasnt' been that long since book 10 came out, so i don't feel like i've forgotten everything, but they are such dense books that it might be nice to notice some more of the details before getting into book 11. however, i don't have the disposable free time that i once had, and it is a LONG series. (i'm just not able to get through things as quickly as i just dont' have the time to devote to reading, as evidant by the fact that it's taken me about 2 weeks to read the series i'm working on right now!)

so should i reread the series before i read book 11? and if i do, should i start reading them pretty much immediately so i can try and be ready for book 11 as soon as it comes out? or let book 11 wait and read more casually? i can also read book 11 and then go back and reread the others. ah the dilemna!

and my boys are too too cute. Romeo makes the cutest 'rawr' sound when he gets excited. :)

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