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So I wasn't the most productive I've ever been at work on Wednesday, but I'm getting more books done today already.

Didn't get any real work done yesterday with my own research. Instead I read. It was fantastic for relaxing/reading side of things...I sat out on my porch, surrounded by my overflowing garden, the scent of summer and green all around me. Peaceful. Absolutely heavenly. But my summer break is almost gone and I have accomplished practically nil on my own research. Argh.

I've got my main story plots percolating in my head a bit more recently. T'eao has expressed some interest in drawing some of my vampire story, and i've been wanting to rewrite/edit that for a couple years now.
[next few paragraphs are rambling about my story]
This morning, I finally figured out how to smooth up a part in the beginning... I knew I wanted/needed to have Helsing have to stay at Dracula's castle a little in the beginning before they leave it, and an injury on Helsing's part would be a good way to slow their departure. I was seeing the classic shoujo plot device of Helsing twisting his ankle... The part in chapter 2/3 where there is the big confrontation, and Dracula is explaining to Helsing how he had bound himself to him and Helsing makes him prove it...I was seeing Helsing backing up, away from this crazy situation, and Dracula is all "Master..." "I'm not your master, I want no part of this." "Well, Master I think there is really something you need to know..." *Crack* "...and that is that that tile is broken." "Why didn't you say that sooner?"
Cute right? Totally cliche shonen-ai /shoujo comic fluff though, and doesn't really work for the tone of my story, particularly that part of it. And then the answer came to me so easily, I can't believe I didn't think of this way before...Helsing had just been fighting Dracula. Sure, Dracula isn't taking the fight all that seriously and isn't trying very much, but he is still a vampire lord...Helsing gets injured in the fight...He lets his leg get stabbed but in return is able to defeat Dracula. That way there, I can have Dracula first try to do the whole "you're injured, you won't be able to get out of my castle alive" attempt, only to have Helsing sneer at him that that doesn't matter, at least he'll be taking out another vampire lord with him, which causes Drac to laugh about how there is no way that this will kill him, and continue that scene as previously written. I can easily fit that into the first chapter without much problem, and not only does it make sence, it will make the next chapter work so much better.
Now Helsing will be injured enough that he won't be able to just up and leave the castle, making him have to stay/interact there a little longer, and I can work in the plot I have with Dracula's three wives.
[done with story ramble]

I'm bummed that my writing community died last was a little too small really, but I was able to get some feedback on my writing, and I think I was getting that first story arc of Ninsei so much stronger through their help. I'd really like something like that again.

Anyway, my back is hurting a little today...might want to take a pain killer when I get home. In three hours. Ugh.

Also, I just want to get back to the novel series I've been reading this week. I dont' think I'm going to get much of anything else accomplished until I finish it.

What are people's favorite fantasy series?

Also, I am really looking forward to the current story arc in Naruto Shippuuden to end. It's totally lame and the new character its centered on really annoys me. Anyone else watching that wants to chat with me?
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I had a fabulous weekend, 'productive' in the manner i wished. I drew a bit, trying to get Akiko and i ahead in comics again. I got some cleaning done, though my place is still a bit of a mess. I also watched a ton of anime, trying to get through the pile i got over the holidays.

I broke my record on saturday. Previously, my record had been 22 episodes in one day. That was back in freshman year when i was watching Fushigi Yuugi with 2 friends. Fushigi Yuugi has a tendency to end each episode in this excrutiating cliff-hanger, so whenever i asked if my friends wanted to stop yet, they insisted upon another episode. and then another. and then another, and before you knew it, we had done a marathon of 22 eps. I've gotten close to my record, getting 20 eps in a day. But i shattered my record with 28 eps. I got the latest boxset of Yu Yu Hakusho, and planned to just watch half of it, but i was really getting into it, and it was still early enough, so i went ahead and finished watching it all. i've decided 28 eps is a bit much for one day, so i don't think i'll try to break my new record. still, i do know now that if i really want to, i could probably get a 26 ep series watched in one day.

My boys were utterly adorable this morning. I woke up sometime in the middle of the night with Genji curled up on me, and Romeo sprawled right beside me. Genji's been a bit of a brat and not spending the night on my bed recently, so i was happy just that he was on the bed at all. It was really too cute how we were all cuddled together. Romeo, however, didn't want me to get up in the morning. My alarm was going off, but he pinned me down.

I didn't get my PS2 yet, but i wanted to try to get through most of my stack of anime before turning my attention to video games. Considering how much of my pile i was able to get through this weekend, i'm feeling pretty good about picking up the console soon.

As i was going to bed, twice i turned the light back on to write down a few bits that came to mind. I heard a few voices that i hadn't heard in some time, so today's writing practice is a bit of dialogue between Dracula and Helsing from Eien no Momento. I think i'll likely go in somewhere in ch3 or 4.

Last week i did writting 3x (only posted 2 here). I've just gotten one for today, so hopefully i can get at least 3x this week, though i hope to write more than that.

anyway, here's Dracula and Helsing:

Trial of humanity )
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well, after many days of hard work on this, i've gotten ch1.5 of Eien no Momento complete. i actually wrote the first draft of this back in december, just a week or two after NaNoWriMo ended. i thought i'd be working on the edits sooner, so i never bothered to post this before.

i started working on this last week again, and have spent quite a lot of time fixing this new chapter up. i'm pretty pleased with the results. i wanted to show a bit of Helsing before he meets up with Dracula. mostly this would allow me to set up for his temptation in the next chapter.

word count: 4969 (not that i need to, but just to amuse me)

anyway, c&c would be most welcome.

foolish )

my next project will be some major overhaul to the next chapter!
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been a long time since i've done a post for Eien no Momento. just wanted to let you all know that i've edited up chapter one now. i'm pretty pleased with the results. round one of edits is now underway.

new ch.1 omake )
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i'm feeling much better today.

also started work on editing Eien no Momento. i've written up a new chapter taking place between chapter one and two. basically, it's a flashback of how Helsing got into Dracula's castle that takes place while he's knocked unconscious after the events of chapter 1.

as i was rereading my story, i've determined most definately that Helsing is a difficult character to write. he's a very complex guy with the whole 'not wanting to admit his feelings' type thing. he drives me crazy trying to get into his head enough to properly present his current state.

really, what i want to do is print out the story so i can read it and work on it by hand. but it's 106 pages long (single spaced). i don't really want to print out 106 pages. i kinda feel bad about that.

i suspect editing is going to be a long slow process. many of the chapters need some serious rewrites. if anyone has time and is feeling ambitious, i would always welcome someone rereading the whole thing and give me some overall pointers about the flow of the story, and as always, specifics are greatly appreciated as well.

i'm feeling pretty good about getting back into this story though. it's been a few months now, but it's still there, you know?

haven't really gotten to work on that dream story i wrote up last week, because i'm not really certain what direction to take with it. i have some ideas, but it's not really working for me yet. so that'll be placed on the back burner for a bit. it will work itself out eventually. just need to give it more time.
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and now, for your amuzement (because heavens knows you need it now after the story has ended) i bring you some random 'conversations' with the characters concerning various chapters. some of these i've posted before with the actual chapter. i think i'll be doing more of these when i feel like it.

because what is a day without a Eien no Momento update?

omake )
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and so it ends.

word count: 50,490

epilogue )
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work? what is this work you speak of? there is no work. only writing.

Word Count: 50,311

Final Confrontations )


Nov. 30th, 2004 04:16 pm
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ah, there was so much i was going to say about the last 2 chapters, but i was so tired last night i hardly said anything at all.

Eien no Momento was always going to be a shonen-ai story. it was from the beginning a love story between two guys and the struggle to overcome hatred to find real love.

i never started this story with the intention of making a yaoi novel. i knew that there would be an 'intimate' scene in what became ch20, but i intended to do a sort of 'fade-to-black' moment at the end and not go into any specifics.

and then ch7 came along. i think i've mentioned enough previously how i never intended to write something like that, but this little plot bunny wormed its way into my head and would not let go. and the boys will take the story any which way they want and i have little choice but to stumble along behind, capturing it as best i can.

so now that i had quite the smutty chapter, that pretty much guarantued i needed to do another one. because i couldn't just 'fade-to-black' ch20 because i had been so vivid with my description of ch7. after 20 years and 20 chapters, i had to make the 'real' moment even bigger and better than the dream one.

and so i wrote another smut scene. it's amazing to me how during the writing of ch7 i spent the entire evening with a huge blush on my face and kept shrieking 'i can't believe i'm writing something like this' but i had none of that for ch20. i think this is because for one, i didn't have the luxioury of time to become embarrassed by what i was writing. with less then 30 hours to go as of last night, i had to get that chapter out. also, as it was the second smut chapter, i think i suceeded in tossing out more of my innosence last time.

i think i rushed things a bit at the end, but i was too tired to care really. i can always fix it later. but for now, i must get out the last chapter. the grand finale. the big conclussion. i hope it contains a few surprises and twists. but more, i hope it packs a real emotional punch. we shall see.

hopefully the next time i post an LJ entry, it will be my victory one.

here's looking at the finish line. cheers all.
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double posting! go me! (well, since i actually finished this chapter before i finished the previous one, i figured i might as well post them together.)

we're getting to the end. only one more chapter to go, only one more day to go, only just over 3k to go. i can do it!

god i'm tired. i'm up way too late, but i didn't want to go to bed until i finished that damn chapter. because i could finally 'see' it enough to write the damn thing. and it wasn't the kind of scene i wanted to be writing while at work.

current word count: 46,435

Plots )
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do not read this
1. at work/school/other public place
2. where you might seen and thus kicked out of the army

otherwise, same disclaimer as in chapter 7.

i can't believe i wrote this.

current word count: 43,771

close )
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man i'm tired. wish i had one more day to vacation.

i'm still working on the next Eien no Momento chapter. i skipped over a particular scene since it wasn't something i could really work on while either at work or while at home. so i started work on the next chapter and have just about finished that.

i'm going home for lunch today and maybe get some writing on that missing scene. i hope to get the next two chapters posted tonight. and then there is just one more chapter to go (i am splitting the final chapter in 2 after all!)

i've currently got 44k. just a little more push today and tomorrow and i can do it. i know i can!
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story progressing quite well right now. this is actually the first half of what was to be chapter 19, but i am splitting it in half, which i sort of suspect i would be doing.

we focus again on Quincy. the poor, poor deluted boy.

current word count:40,888 (more than 80% done now! i can do it! i know i can!)

graduation )
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i got maybe 400 words written yesterday. *sigh* i was going to do a couple thousand, but that just didnt' happen, and my constant preasure of 'i gotta write, i gotta write' was having the oppiset effect. i had a very rough idea of a piece of ch18, but nothing concrete, and it just wasn't going to happen. so i just wrote the day off and read, listened to way too much Buck-Tick (awesome group, btw) and played some video games.

and then i went to bed and as soon as my head hit my pillow i could see it. i went over the scene a few times in my head, debated about getting up, turning my computer back on and get it out then, but i knew morning would be coming much too soon and i'd be ok to save writing till the morning.

so i rolled over. and i rolled over. and eventually i looked at the clock. good lord it was 1. so i roll over some more. at around 1:40 i got a drink of milk. i roll over. it's now after 2. i finally doze of slightly, roll over, its 3. doze off and on for the next 3 hours, do reach REM state once, but i know i spent a good deal of time rolling over in those 3 hours as well. finally started to really doze off again, you guessed it, right before my alarm went off. and of course this is the morning i have to open the library so it wasn't like i could just call in and doze off a bit longer.

actually, i'm doing allright considering i have less then 3 hours of sleep, though i suspect i'll be crashing come the afternoon.

part of me is thinking i should have gotten up to go write... if i was going to be awake i could have at least gotten some more of the story done, but eh, whatever. i've still got the scene clear in my head so it's fine.

ch18 should be posted later today.
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ok, so i skip over a few years. i didn't feel like writing about Quincy's first mission right now. i'll go back to that later.

this chapter is moderate crap. the first part isn't great, but i like the second half. i don't have much description right now... i'll be reworking this chapter later. right now, i just want to push on and get the rough-rough draft finished.

we're within a couple chapters of the end, and the last major character reveals himself at last.

word count: 37,593 (blah...)

proposal )
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Moderate crap. Quincy's side of things of the events of the past couple chapters.

current word count: 36,095 (sloooowly cracking things out)

To Become a Vampire Slayer )
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more crap. the ideas are here, but the writing sucks right now. i'm tired of writing. can i kill of my main character now?

word count: 33,837 (blah)

Resolution )
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crap crap crap. i totally forced this chapter out. i've been struggling to write since sunday, and i had all these vague ideas of what was going on, but i couldn't 'see' anything concrete. it's got some good elements, but i don't think i got it coherant at all.

current word count: 32,273 (waahh...i lost my lead!)

Emotions )
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i had the sun pouring through the windown on me all morning, and it kind melted my brain i think. soooo hard to think.....

i'm having kinda a slow day today, but that's ok... i got a lot accomplished the end of last week, and i know tomorrow i'll have a bunch of things ready for me to work on. so today i'll enjoy it being 'slow'.

it's a gorgous day out! i wish i could just be out walking around rather than sitting working, but ah, so be it.

i had been feeling a bit down on saturday, so i took the day off and just played Heroes IV all day (much like Ted). it's been a while since i played so it was fun just to geek out.

yesterday i was incredibly productive on writing. today, i'm a bit stalled. i was working so hard to get to the point in the story that i wrote yesterday that i haven't thought as much of what comes next (i mean, i have the rough outline, but not as specific as i figured earlier chapters to be).

and Helsing is funny.
i says to him, 'you know, when we last really got into your head, you were denying your feelings and insisting that Drac had to stay locked up to keep you two apart. i know 4 years have gone by, but we've only been seeing Quincy's pov. so what's changed your mind?'

Helsing: WHAT?! changed my mind?!

me: yeah... you know, letting dracula loose and all that. how come you're finally admiting your feelings?

Helsing: I DON'T LOVE THAT VAMPIRE!! i don't have feelings for him! i just couldn't let him stay in the castle anymore now that Quincy discovered him. and he's useful. in a fight! that's all! i'm not in love with him! i couldn't love a vampire!!

me: yeah. sure. you keep telling yourself that.

Helsing: i'm not in love with a vampire!!!!

me: yes, we've established you're in denial. now then, about this next chapter...

Helsing: not in love!

me: yes, ok, moving on, the next chapter...

Helsing: couldn't possibly be in love...

me: *sigh* alright, forget i mentioned it. now please, the next chapter, for the love of go

Helsing: NO! not love! i don't love that vampire!

me: *groans* (it's might be a while before the next chapter comes out....)

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