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The three of us were handed out spook detectors. They looked and acted like metal detectors, but reacted to spirit energy. It reacted to other, similar energy as well. I was the only one who though to quickly swing my detector past the others; Janel and Amanda both had high spikes of spirit energy, not because they were ghosts or possessed, but because of their powers. Had either of them thought to test the machine on me, I would likely be off the scale. (I knew this, but I didn't know this). Not because I am more powerful then they are (I'm not) but because of the ghost that tended to follow me around.

We wandered around the giant complex, looking for any areas of great spiritual energy. There were plenty of windows, and the rooms and halls were large and the ceilings high. Giant cavernous rooms that were brightly lit. The floors were carpeted with an ugly patterned carpet that seemed rather typical for a high-traffic public building.

Not that the complex was highly-trafficked now. Pun intended, the place was like a ghost town now. The lack of other people other people in a place that was once filled with the bustle of people and activity gave the place a forlorn air.

I pushed the door bar to open the glass door separating one large room into another. He was standing immediately inside. The sudden wave of dread hit me like a punch in the gut. I inhaled sharply.

"Back up. Now." I hissed at my companions.

They couldn't see him, but followed me lead. I didn't really hear them as they made note of the reaction their detectors were making; all of my attention was focused on him. He watched me the same. The readings on him weren't particularly high, though they were fluxing; he was masking his real power.

We had backed up several feet before he made any movement. It was a simple, small step forward, but that little motion was enough to trigger a much greater reaction from me.


Rather quickly I became separated from my companions. They were not in any danger from him, but I was now trapped in a cat-and-mouse chase with a demon, and I had as much chance of escape as a three-legged mouse.

The next while is jumbled: there was a lot of running and near misses, several times of capture and then escape.

I don't remember how he finally caught me. What I do remember was being unconscious and this heavy feeling of trying to swim upstream to return to consciousness. This sense of muted panic in this half-conscious state as I felt his presence over me. His true form: a dark, formless gaseous-like cloud of ooze hovering above me, cold and evil. I had to wake up, push him away from me.

He was reformed into his human shape, still leaning over me, when I was finally able to force my eyes open. He did not expect the force of my shove and fell back, allowing me a brief chance to escape again.

All the force that it took to regain my consciousness exploded into instant action: I burst away from him.

(I was aware of his frustration, his conversation with a minion that I was not there for. He was frustrated by my escapes, that he had not gotten me in hand yet, though his minion pointed out that he would be disappointed in his chosen one if she was too easy to catch. He did not respond though he knew it was true.)

I knew from experience already that I was not going to be able to out-run him, and there was no where I could hide from him in this complex. I had also learned from the running around earlier that he could not leave the complex. I had to be quicker than humanly possible to get around him through the gate. I needed some sort of tool.

It was merely a passing glance as I ran by the slightly open custodial closet that gave me my salvation. I was already several feet away before I registered what I saw: inside was a rather randomly placed bicycle. I turned back and grabbed it as quickly as I could.

I thought I had my solution, that I could finally escape, but my hopes were quickly dashed as he came past on his own bike. He was casually along, weaving in front of me easily. The message was clear: he was faster on a bike as well, and that he he could at any time block me from my goal. I kept going towards the gate, because I couldn't give up.

The gate was in front of me, and he was just coming up to it, moving to block it when another bike came zooming past me. Out of nowhere Matt came racing past, knocking into his bike and pushing him aside. It was just the break I needed: I pushed through and was out of his reach.

Matt and Shaun joined me as I walked the bike along the city sidewalks. "I thought you weren't allowed to assist," I said to them.

"I'm not," Matt explained. "My actions there were sort of gray-area." His hands were bound from any direct action, for certain. There were certain rules and limitations for someone in his position. He was allowed to be on a bike, he was allowed to come and go, and that his biking through the gate just happened to knock someone over and allow me to get through was just a coincidence.

Janel and Amanda were still at the complex, so Matt and Shaun would have to go back to make certain they had no problems. First though, they were going to get me set up in a safe house for the time being.

Suddenly I stopped. My bike clattered to the ground. Matt and Shaun turned at the noise, finding me falling to the ground, frozen.

"Shit!" Matt swore. "I didn't expect him to retaliate like this!"

During the first time he had captured me, he had gotten a hold on my heart. Furious at Matt for cheating and allowing me to slip through his grasp, he froze my heart. Left in this state for very long, I would die. Though Matt and Shaun knew that he wanted me alive, if they were to call his bluff and not return me, they knew he would let me die. And then he would kill Janel and Amanda in revenge for Matt and Shaun letting me die. There really was no choice.

Matt's anger in being forced to return me to the complex paled in comparison to his fury that merely bringing me back to the complex wasn't enough: he wanted me brought completely to him. There would be no chance for escape upon my revival.

"No..." I moaned as I started to come to, having been handed over.

Matt was filled with a cold fury that he had to hand me over, but at the moment there wasn't any other good choice of action. But he vowed that the matter was far from over, and even though he couldn't directly act, there was much he could do, and direct others to do.

No, this was not over.

(Yeah, I started off very much as Caden. Yes there were points were I knew things that my dream-self did not know. It sounds like a very scary dream, and while my dream-self was terrified through much of it, I really wasn't.)
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When I joined this quest, I had no idea how involved I actually was. That was, I had a little magic, and while my own kingdom appreciated my existence, my kingdom had its own problems and did not associate as much out among the other populations, I was neither known, or particularly useful, here.

I thought the weekend would transpire as most of these outtings did for me: I would run around on the fringes, see if I could even be of little use, and try not to get myself killed, particularly as none of my allies were around to make certain I got raised.

Well, my expectations were partially correct: I was on the fringes, not running around with the rest of the people on their quests and missions. But I was far from uninvolved.

It was soon after I teleported there that he had pulled me aside. I knew of him, had seen him briefly at the last such outing. He came from outside, and while he was providing some assistance to the Realms, there was some question if he was truly a good ally. But he was Important, and I had no idea why he would pull aside someone like me.

It all happened so fast...I really can't remember exactly how it happened, only that pretty much immediately he had me locked in his private chambers.

At that time, I had no idea what his plans were for me, only that I knew I did not want to stay there to find out. I looked around, taking in what was around me for options on escape. I had heard that there were some secret doors and trapdoors somewhere in this old house, and I needed to find one of them. The room was rather bare: there was a queen-sized bed, with a barely-there headboard, and blue and white theme for the blankets. Beside it was a small wood end table and nearby a wooden dresser which was filled with extra sheets and blankets. The door to the hallway was on the north side of the room, and it was solidly locked, the same as the two windows, one on each of the east and south walls. On the west wall, close to the far corner, was another door. Opening that one, I discovered a large walk in closet (or more accurately a crawl-in closet. The room was narrow, the ceiling slanted, giving the place a cramped, stuffy feel. I searched the floors and walls, hoping for some sort of trap door.

I froze when I heard the door out in the main room open. I peered out of the closet door, and my terror quickly turned to puzzlement. It wasn't the "Prince" returning, but another man, someone I had seen on quests from time to time.

"I'm here to rescue you," he said, grabbing my hand and pulling me after him out the door. As he slipped through the house towards the exit, I learned that he had been the only witness to my abduction, and had an inkling of what the Prince wanted with me. If he was correct, it would be the seeds to disaster for the Realms.

We didn't even get out the main door when the Prince's minions discovered us and threw me back into the Prince's room. As for my would-be rescuer, he was solidly convinced, with threats, injuries, and ultimately the lure of a magic weapon, to leave me where I was and not to reveal to anyone else where I was and for what reason.

And that was how most of my weekend progressed. I kept trying to escape on my own, but never got far before I was recaptured. And nobody knew what was happening...They were all too busy questing and no one thought to question the Prince as to what he was really doing here. For when he was not out there, giving some aid to the questers, he was back in his private chambers, trying to seduce me.

He tried with various means. First there were presents, and offers for more if I should obey him. There were words...some sweet honeyed words, others practical and logical, and others harsh and cruel. And when the weekend was nearly gone, and still I resisted, he even tried force. I fought him off, though I knew if he was truly determined that I would not be able to hold him off long. I burst into tears.

"Fine," he sighed, partially out of breath from exertion. "If that is your decision, I will leave for now. I will be needed for the next quest, and they still have not found the pearl that I need. Take this time to recompose yourself, and to think about your situation. You really have no choice in this matter, but I would rather you submitted willingly."

I had to get out of there; I knew I wasn't going to be able to stop him next time. The door wasn't locked, but locking the door had proved useless as I had shown over the course of the weekend that I could now pop the lock from the inside and leave the room any time I wanted. He couldn't spare one of his minions for the exclusive task of standing guard outside his bedroom door (besides which that would have likely raised too much interest in what it was that he was hiding), but I knew he had minions in other parts of the house though. It didn't matter though; he had devised another manner of preventing my escape. He had taken all of my clothing, leaving me in only an indecently short, silky slip dress. And such a tactic might have stopped other girls, but it just made me more determined to find a way out. I needed to find one of the secret doors.

Quietly and carefully I tiptoed down the hall, avoiding the boards I knew squeaked. I stopped in front of the next bedroom door and lightly knocked. I pressed my ear against the painted wood, but there was no sound coming from behind it. Anxiously, I twisted the door handle, and gently pushed the door open.

There might not have been any people in the room, but it was far from empty. It was the opposite of the Prince's sparse room, as it was overflowing starting with the furniture, all too large and too many for the small room, to things like clothing, which was piled on top of everything. There could have been any number of secret doors here but the room was so crowded and messy, there would be no way to find it.

I was just about to give up and try another room when I noticed that outside the west window was a large tree. That could be the perfect cover so I could climb out the window and not be seen. The windows were old and stiff, but I managed to pop it open enough to slip out. If I could just keep out of site across the yard, I could hide in the giant caves.

I slinked across the yard, down the slight ravine on the side edge of the yard, my pace slow and gingerly, due to my barefeet. It seemed to take forever, but I managed to get there without being seen. With one last look around to make certain I hadn't been discovered, I slipped into the caves.

The final main quest had begun, but it was on the other side of the yard, and wouldn't reach the caves for a little while. The NPCs were milling about, relaxing as they waited for their part. My entrance was mostly unnoticed, save for one of the organizers who had been closest to the barn door.

Glancing at my clothing (or general lack of it), she snorted slightly "Geez, he really went all out didn't he?" Then she held up a large white gem. "And of all people to come get the Pearl, it's you?"

"No," I shook my head. "I don't want that. Even if I did notice it, which I probably wouldn't have, I wouldn't pick it up. My character is just looking for a place to hide until the end."

She shrugged, placing the "pearl" back down where it had been. "You're more then welcome to try, but this place will be filled with PCs soon."

I first tried a hallway in the back, but a quick look showed me a bunch of monster NPCs lying on the floor. I turned to the Marshall next to me. "Are they there?"

"Yup. A bunch of water sprites."

There was no way I could make my way down the hall and survive, even if the Prince hadn't taken away all of my spells for the weekend. And the entrance to the hallway where I was currently standing was too much of a busy throughway. There was no hiding here.

I didn't know what else to do at that point, and was standing and looking a little lost when a sympathetic NPC waved me over. "There's a small tack room over here. We've got it set up as a parlor for us NPCs to relax in. Why don't you hide out in there?"

I flashed him a grateful smile and followed him in. Unfortunately the room wasn't nearly as empty as I wanted. I tucked myself into a corner and tried to be as invisible as I could.

Well, alright, invisible to everyone other than the guy who suggested I could hide here. And maybe his interest in me was motivated by my current (lack of) clothing, but he was still extremely cute, and he was funny and charming, and I was having a lot of fun talking (ok, flirting) with him.

And that's pretty much how I thought the weekend was going to end. Sure there were a couple hours left until the Event ended, but I was safe, right?

I wasn't certain who was more surprised: me or him. For my part, I thought I was safely hidden in the caves and I certainly didn't expect to see him come in through the back entrance. For his part, the Prince clearly did not expect to find that I had escaped his chambers and was now sitting in a dark cave with another guy in nothing but the indecently short, silky slip dress he had left me.

My surprise quickly shifted to a mixture of fear and shame. His appeared to shift to a quiet, cold fury. He didn't address me at first, needing to take care of his business in that section of the cave first, but the glances he shot my way suggested that if I tried anything he would not hesitate to deal with it in a way that would be extremely unpleasant.

And when he had finished talking with the people he needed to talk to, he didn't even say anything to me: just one look and I got up and let him lead me out of the caves. He paused long enough for one of the questers (who only gave me the briefest curious look), handed over the dreaded Pearl, and I knew my fate was completely sealed.

As people chatted during the wrap up of the Event, I was quiet. I knew that I, or at least his character, wouldn't be able to appear in public for a year, when this Event was going to be held again. Well, I could probably go for a couple months, but before too long, the evidence of my situation would be all too visible. And what horror would be born then?
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I believe I have mentioned my odd dreams before. About how there usually isn't any kind of actual violence in my dreams...there is pretend violence. The people in my dreams hold up their hands, with the thumb up and the index finger out with the rest of the fingers curled up, as if their hands are guns, and they run around going "bang bang".

Well, last night, my dreams upgraded to bopper weapons.

My dream apartment was quite similar to my current place, though it had different craptastic windows, and the furniture and the furniture layout was different. I was joined by Akiko, Luan, Tiny, Howie, and a couple other people I'm not sure if I know in real life, and we were blockading ourselves in my apartment while a group of zombies (and general crunchies) prowled about outside. For the most part, we were able to hold the zombies at bay. Except the high level main villain came by. And unlike the zombies, who could only try to reach in through the windows, this guy was able to ooze his way through the glass as if it wasn't there at all. (yay for the mixing of real life with dream physics!)

So this guy oozes in, immediately kills me, and then he sits down in a large easy chair and chats. The game is going to pretty much end soon, so he's just making certain that the rest of my group doesn't try anything funny (like raising me) until the end of the game. Apparantly I actually had the potential to be the most powerful spell caster in the game, and could basically blow up the world if I choose, hense why I had to be ellminated.

Now, on the other side of the room is a bottle of water which is "holy water" which could instantly kill any undead creature and instantly heal everything on a good character. It could raise you, heal you, and cure any and all negative affects. So Howie chats up the big bad guy dude, basically promising to marry that guy's daughters (one of his character's minor objectives was to have one of his two daughters married to a strong guy). That aggreement allowed howie to move about alittle, so he could try to get the bottle of water. Problem was, he didn't quite know where it was. I could see it, but I was dead. So I kept going "crap, in-character knowledge, out-of-character knowledge. My character doesn't have death-watch, and I"m dead. I shouldn't be saying anything." It was a struggle. I lost. I whispered where it was.

Howie is able to cross the room and casually snatches the bottle, and with a smooth, quick motion splashes the water onto the big bad guy. Howie explains that he is now poofing out of existence. The bad guy sighs. He muses on how the one person he was sent to kill had the one artifact in the game that could kill him.

I get rezzed, and we look around to take stock. We find that a couple of our group, including Tiny, had been taken during the fighting, so our next mission will be their rescue.

And then I woke up.

In real life news, life is going pretty well. I have pretty much the most awesome schedule. No classes Mondays or Fridays, and no class before noon. I'm starting to get back into the swing of routinue, getting classwork done and working out again. I hadn't noticed until it was pointed out to me this weekend...i might not have lost the couple pounds i want, and i still might have that slight extra pudge around my middle, but i actually have some abs under all that.

This past weekend was the annual Seafood Cookout, which I dragged a few friends into going. It seemed like they had fun, and it was great to see them as always. Had to actually use the raindate this year, since of the hurricane coming through on Saturday. But Sunday turned out to be quite a nice day, so it was all good.
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I had a dream last night. It was about vampires. It was one of my story-dreams, but for the life of me now I can't remember what the plot was.

As I told Erich, who will find this post strangely repeatitive, I'm sure, the problem is that I don't have an oppertunity to just think on the dream. I have to get up and go to work early, so I'm not able to just stay in bed and remember the dream, solidifying it in my head.

And unless i actively think of it, and get a fix on it in my head, it fades pretty quickly, leaving only an impression of it which is frustratingly elusive.

Still, I suppose, I have enough stories on my plate right now I don't really need another one.

I think I did sprain my wrist last week. It's still hurting and I think still a bit swollen. I need to stop using it but it's my right hand and i'm right-handed. Everything is so much slower one-handed.

Much good progress with the Welsh books. I will be working on the two carts of Originals and then there will be a bit of 'random books' tucked in a few corners. Go me.
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This morning the fates conspired against me waking up early. Some of it was my own doing--i stayed up entirely too late last night working on a couple Sad Chibi drawings to sell at Otakon. Then there was a massive thunderstorm that rolled in just as I was supposed to get up, which made the morning sky PITCH DARK. That made it seem as if it wasn't as late as it actually was, and just in general it's hard to wake up when it's dark outside. The final piece, however, was the fact that my alarm woke me out of a dream, and a vivid dream at that, and I'm always slower to wake up after coming out of a vivid dream.

At this point, I can't remember that much about the dream, but I do know that I was a guy, and it was some sort of fantasy setting. He was actually a really fascinating character, and even said to himself at one point "I'm such a punk." I really wish I remembered more of the dream because I think he would have been a fun character to write.

Let's see, besides that, life's been going fine. My parents have been up in the area, staying in a cottage beside one of the local lakes. Every day after work I've been going to hang out with them. It's been a lot of fun.

Been getting ready for Otakon. I hope that I'll have fun. (and that i can make enough to cover the cost of getting down there and the hotels. eek.)
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What do Luke Skywalker, Legolas, and Prince Genji (the literary figure, not my cat) all have to do with each other? They were who I was in my dream last night. More or less simultaneously. Oh, and a dash of my real self thrown in there for a little bit for added mix.

Needless to say, i had a pretty lengthy and rambling and arather odd dream last night.

...and actually now that i think about it, this is the second dream i've had where Vader has been my father. Though it has been the first dream where I was Luke.
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story )

This is based on a strange, sad dream i had last night, names thinly changed, and the story itself altered slightly to make it more cohesive. VERY rough, but i don't know if this is really something i want to work on enough to fix up. Still, it was so vivid a dream, i had to write it down.
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He was always watching her closely; she never seemed to manage to go long before he was there, scolding her. He was dark, serious, and on edge. There was something about him that could almost be like the fannon Snape. She didn't particularly like him very much, but it wasn't like she thought he was actually an agent of some dark lord or anything like that. Just that he was a mean, sarcastic, stick-up-the-ass instructor.

That was, until she saw him killing one of the others, and she realized how dark he really was.

"We have to get out of here!" She urged her friend. "He's going to come after us next!"

They escaped quickly into the night, and she breathed a sigh of relief. Surely now they would be safe.

Time passed. How much time? Weeks at least. She now had an assumed name, new location, new contact. Surely he would not be able to find them now. But as she checked her new LJ account, she found a message waiting for her.

It was very polite, almost sweet (if she didn't know how dangerous he was). He mentioned how he had been worried when she disappeared so suddenly, but fortunately a mututal friend revealed her new name. And now he knew exactly where she was again. He would never have thought to look on a pirate ship (?!!) but he was in a ship nearby now.

Looking out the portal, she saw indeed another ship besides her own. Anger at her friend coursed through her, but then she realized that he probably tortured her friends for that information. Next time she wouldn't give anybody any idea how to find her.

But how to get away? Her friend didn't have any ideas; it seemed hopeless. But then...maybe not...

He had her at hand at last. He had been afraid that she had gotten away when she disappeared those couple of weeks ago.

And ah, there she was, right on the deck.

Suddenly, the ship exploded.

He threw his arm up and cringed back from the explosion. As the last bits of the ship smacked into the water, he searched intently on the waters for where she was. After several anxiously moments, he saw her. She started to sink; he dove into the cold waters without the slightest hesitation.

She was sinking incredibly fast, he had to struggle to go after her. He could almost reach her...

"How can we get away?" Her friend asked her. "Even if we distract him by blowing up the ship, there is no way we can get far enough away that when he looks past the ruin he wont' be able to see us sneaking away. It's no good."

"He will see us, yes. If we're on the surface. But if we were below it?"

It was a tiny sub, powered by peddles that the two pumped with their legs as if it were a bicycle. the contraption was completely submerged except for a small bit of pipe that stuck a few inches above water as a snorkle.

The girls peddled furiously, desperate to get far enough away.

Suddenly, there was a clanking on the top of the sub. She stared up in horror as the top opened.

Blinking into the sun, she looked on in horror at his silohette. "Did you honestly think that was going to work?" He asked, a touch of both amusement and sarcasm tinged his voice.

They were trapped now.


Have i mentioned recently how odd my dreams are? i don't think the Snape-like guy was actually trying to kill me, but my dream-self thought he was. There was definately something more going on that she didn't know about, that's for certain. He wasn't snape, didn't look anything like Snape (well, he had shoulder length dark hair, but that's about it) but he did have a obnoxious teacher who one could be certain would be working for a dark side if any of the teachers did. and yes, I actually dreamed of looking at an new LJ account, where he posted his message to me, and yes, i did escape to a pirate ship. I don't know. I honestly don't know.
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i believe it has been my fourth time dreaming of a falling elevator now, give or take one. it's not that i've dreamt of myself dying, as in the actual moment of my death, but i dream of the falling with the certain knowledge that when the elevator hits i'll be killed.

the first two elevators i have dreamt of were actual elevators that i have known and been on. this most recent elevator i do not believe can exist in the world as of yet. (there were several hundred floors).

last night's elevator dream was a bit unusual in that the falling elevator was merely the beginning of the dream. also unusual was that the elevator was able to slow down and stop right before hitting the bottom.

that is not to say that everything was ok. several people in the elevator, myself included were injured. i couldn't stand and had to be lifted out of the wreckage. the next day, i needed a cane to walk. i ran into another guy that had been in the elevator crash with me, and followed him around the city a bit.

things changed a bit in the dream and i was somehow a part of a governmental group, and i was helping the guy i ran into to try and make the government acknowledge and do something about our group who had been injured in the falling elevator, but the government was keeping the incident pretty covered up.

so yeah, it was another falling elevator dream, but quite different from the ones i've had previously. any dream analysts out there that could interpret it for me? what does my dreams of falling/dying in elevators mean? besides that i should be wary of elevators?

in other news, summer hours have ended and i have to work until 5 again. ugh.
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i don't usually have dreams about people i actually know. i'm not even usually me in my dreams, but in some sort of role. i do occasionally have friends in my dreams, or my family, but that's not usually as common.

but for some reason, i keep having Gackt dreams.

long rambling description of my dream )

Gackt dreams are definately fun.

i was feeling a bit blue yesterday, but starting to feel better today. (actually, i was starting to feel better last night) finished reading the 5 Harry Potter books. now i'm ready (and completely impatiant) for book 6 to come out in 31 days. afterwards, went out for a bike ride, which was nice. i had forgotten my key-drive yesterday, so i couldn't work on my Red Dwarf story much, but as you can see, i finished up the second part last night and posted it. then watched a couple more eps (with the reading of Harry Potter, i stopped my marathon watching at the beginning of season 8. with the story i'm working on taking place in season 8, figured i really ought to rewatch it so it's fresh in my mind so i can keep the characters more in character).

this week has been going by slowly. but i have been extremely productive, and getting a lot done at work. i'm quite pleased with my progress the past week and a half.

my hair is really getting long. i was struck yesterday with how long it has gotten recently. it's still several inches shorter than the longest it got (when i cut 13 inches off). the dye has completely washed out of my hair, but my hair is still darker than i want it to be. if only there was sun, i could be outside trying to get my blond highlights back.
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i dreamt of Cape Cod last night. much of the dream has faded from my mind, but i remember that i was staying in the cottage my grandparents used to have, in which i often visited during the summers of my youth. i remember in the dream, i woke up and stepped outside and was stunned to see that i was right on the beach, and then i thought to myself, 'yes of course, i thought i was at my grandparent's cottage, but that was sold years ago. i was staying in a motel last night.'

it got me feeling a little bit sad, a little bit nostalgic.

i stayed up slightly too late last night. (i had to finish up the dungeon level!) waking up was a little difficult this morning. dont' quite want to be in work today. (wanna go home and finish up the next level.) ah well, there is much to do.
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i had another Gackt dream the other day. actually, it was better than a Gackt dream... it was a Gackt and Hyde dream!

in my dream, apparrantly, Gackt and Hyde were doing a promotional thing where they were helping out at a couple stores.. Gackt was going to work at a chocolate store, and Hyde was going to be a waiter at the restaurant next door. what wasn't known to most was that they were actually going to be there the day before the promotion to learn how to do the job. well, a 'friend' i had in japan (no such person) apparantly learned of this and told me. she wasn't going herself because she had had plenty of oppertunities to meet Gackt. (there is no such thing as too many times meeting Gackt! i felt).

anyway, i go into the chocolate store first, and Gackt is in a really happy mood. he's smiling and laughing, and making jokes. he's flirting with me a bit (nothing serious, just playing around, being happy.) i wide up spending all afternoon there hanging out at the store with him (not that he spends the whole time talkign to me. i just sort of hang out there while he's working and all.) he was really good about speaking slowly and in easy japanese, so i had no problems talking with him (i was speaking japanese in my dream, and was understanding everything he said). i asked if i could take a picture and posed really silly for me, and gave me his autograph. then i asked him what kind of chocolate he recommended, and he picked some out for me. it was fabulous.

then, it was about dinner time, so i decided to go see Hyde next door and eat dinner there. but he was really busy and i didn't get a chance to ask him for his autograph or if i could take a picture. i tried to ask if he was Hyde, and wanted to ask him if i could have his autograph, but he spoke realy fast and i didn't understand him well. without much ado, he seated me at the bar counter since i wasn't with anyone else. (hense, i would be served at the bar, not by him. boo!). but there was a really nice girl sitting next to me at the bar. she spoke slow and in easy Japanese for me, much like Gackt did. she was really nice and said she would help me get Hyde's autograph and picture.

Gackt came into the restaurante, because the chocolate store closed before the restaurant did, so he was finished. when he saw me he smiled and said hi.


hehehehe. Gackt dreams are fun :)

and yes. yes i am an uber fangirl. at least i'm cute. (good thing too, or i would have been thrown off a bridge LONG LONG ago. in a galaxy far far away...)

in real life news, the college was closed yesterday so i had a day off (YAY) in which i spent the whole day playing a video game. see, i've spent several days reading the archives of Dungeons & Dorks which got me feeling very nostaligic for D&D, but as there isn't anyone i can play with, i turned to the next best thing... a D&D video game. Akiko and i play Icewind Dale every time we get together (around the holidays nov/dec time). but i started up my own group and started playing. i've gotten a decent start into it and am having much fun with it. though i have work today (boo, wanna be home playing. have to find the heartstone gem!) i wonder if i'll be able to get past the point in which akiko and i last got to...?

got some busy weekendends ahead, but should be much fun.
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i suggest you read my last post before reading this one. this might be boring. sorry.

thoughts/musings on my dream )
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It started with a missing cat.

How he had gotten out, none of us knew. We, my sister and i, scoured the shores in the hopes that we could spot him. The water was clear, and we could see directly down to the sandy bottom. We could see each rock and each fish swimming by.

I couldn't help but feel a twinge. Certainly if the fog had lifted enough when my last cat went missing, and the water was as clear, I would have been able to save her. But that was another issue, and she was long since gone. Now we had to focus on finding him.

The fog continued to lift and before long, we could see across the way. Stretching out across the entire bank was a gigantic house. With nothing else to try, we went in.

The first rooms we walked through were filled with cats of all sizes and colors. Each was more adorable than the last, and we wanted to take them all home with us. But none of them was the right cat, and so we kept going.

We were greeting in the next room by the butler. He took our coats, and gave us some tea. He was an elderly chap, with only a thin ring of white fluff for hair ringing around his head. Only a few inches taller than me, he was short and thin. He wore a finely pressed suit, and the coat had long tails. His face always seemed rather stern, and his lips in a continuous light pout, as if he was perpetually sucking on a lemon.

As I was drinking my tea, my mind pondered our situation. And the more I pondered, the more I realized this had become something very different from a simple search for a missing cat. There was something else I had to find, something else I had to do.

After tea, I turned to my sister and told her that she should turn back now. I was the one who had to do this. She looked at me intensely, and then nodded. The butler led her back outside, and I continued to go further into the house.

I came to a bedroom, where a small boy lay in the middle of a large bed, surrounded in a sea of white fluffy pillows and blankets. I climbed onto the bed beside the boy and he looked at me with solemn eyes. He pushed the blankets off him as he sat up. Taking my hand, we walked to another room.

"I must find something," The boy told me.

I nodded. "I know. I must find the same thing. I shall find it for the both of us."

He looked up at me again with his solemn eyes. As if by my words I had passed a test, he nodded. "Then I shall leave it to you."

He turned and standing in the shadows was another man of the house, the Master's right hand man, as it were. He wore a mid-length coat that buttoned on the side and had a high collar. He always wore a mask that covered his entire face below his eyes. The mask was finely carved. His eyes were dark and cold.

He took the boy's other hand and stepping back, he led the child away from me. With his dark eyes staring intensely at me, the man faded back into the shadows of the house with the boy.

Chilled, I fought the urge to flee this strange world that I found myself in. With a deep breath, I continued.

It was in this next room that I met the Master at last. He sat on a large wooden chair that could have been a throne, dressed in a fine, elaborate coat that could have fit a king. His hair was long and dark, but neat. He too wore a mask, but his mask covered the top half of his face, leaving his lower jaw and mouth uncovered. Also, his mask was not carved, but smooth, with a swirl of paint on one side.

I bowed my head to him and announced that I would be living here for some time. With a simple nod, my fate was set.

Days, weeks, months... it was impossible to know how long I lived in that strange household. The fog outside kept the sky a continuous grey haze, and it often impossible to determine any passing of time.

The household was much larger than it first had appeared. There were numberious maids and butlers that scurried about their duties of caring for such a large building. I tried to incorporate myself into the household by joining the maids. My efforts were rewarded only be bemused smiles by the other girls, who let me do as I pleased, as they continued to treat me as a guest.

But my purpose soon became clear when I was summoned to the Master one day. Eternally bored, to him I was a fresh face, with new stories to relate. My days (or what I determined were days) were spent keeping the Master company by talking, playing games, or even just sitting by his side.

I quickly became very fond of him, and I knew for his sake as well, I had to find it. (But what was it?) He, in turn, seemed somewhat fond of me as well. At least, he seemed to have a hint of a smile when I was around. He was warm in his discussions, though he always kept a large part of him back. He was very open on the surface, but underneath that lightness was a reserve, and I could not penetrate that solemn silence. His real self was locked away, like his face was always behind that mask.

It was almost somewhat dark the night I was attacked. I always slept very lightly since I had come to reside in this house, so I awoke with a start when it entered my room. With a rush it was on me, pinning me down. I was terrified, but I knew that he would come to my aid. More with a sense of purpose than my fear, I screamed.

The Master, and his silent man came rushing to my room. As his man chased it away, the Master sat beside me to comfort me. I fell against him with shaking sobs. At first he seemed surprised by our physical contact, but quickly brought his arms around me and held me as I continued to cry.

I think I must have cried myself to sleep. It was later (though how much later?) and the return of the silent man woke me slightly. Still more asleep than awake, I somehow became aware of a wordless conversation. (Or was it merely a dream?) I gathered that the silent man was worried because the Master was not wearing his mask, as the Master had rushed to my aid so suddenly he hadn't had to time to put it back on. I faded back to sleep.

It was early morning (or near as I could tell) and the sky was lightening somewhat. I found myself lying half on top of the Master. With my head on his chest, I could feel the slow deep breaths that indicated the Master was still asleep.

I remembered. He wasn’t wearing his mask right now. I could finally see what he looked like. And yet… and yet that didn’t seem right. The Master had come without his mask because he had rushed over to save me. It wasn’t right that I should then betray his trust and sneak a peak at his face when he was obviously keeping it hidden the rest of the time. I would see his face when the Master decided he wanted me to see it.

So without glancing at him, I slid off the bed and left the room. As I left the room, I came to a start when I found myself standing before the silent man. He stared down at me, and I held his gaze. He seemed to know what I had decided, and broke eye contact.

I felt as if somehow I had passed another test, and later that day, with a clear conscious, I greeted the Master who was once more in his mask.
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The castle was old, and we had been its guardians for generations after generations. It was taller than a mountain, made of sturdy stone, and withstood both the tests of time and war. It had always stood, and it always would.

It was with deep regret that we faced our newest challengers, for they had once been apart of our tribe. Over a century ago they had settled out in the nearby valley. At first they were merely an outpost for us, but over the years they became a distinct village in themselves, and they grew to resent our 'meddling'.

Yet before our fight heated up, another army marched to the battle fields. Before long, there were five armies facing off, all after one thing: the castle. A five-way battle is not a sound endevor, and so we knew we had to make some quick alliances. We convinved those who had once been part of our tribe that our disaggreement could be settled peacefully between ourselves, and so we ought to join up against these outsiders. They saw the wisdom of our suggestion, and joined up their pony-riders with our war horses.

However, a new army joined the scene that disrupted everything. A portal had opened and a demon army poured out of it. Quick talking got the other armies to join up with us and all five armies turned to repel the demons.

It was a long and vicious fight, but in the end we drove the demons back. We refused to let the victories armies turn against themselves again, and convinced them all to go down to the nearby village where we might discuss a peaceful agreement.

But the demons were not destroyed, and they quickly regrouped and returned. The lone garrison left to guard the castle was no match for them, and the charms and wards on the castle itself would not hold for long.

There were six of us, made up from all five of the different armies, plus a strange wizard. He led us through the twisting turns and passageways in the tallest spires of the castle, where even we guardians had hardly dared to tread. Stairs twisted, hallways doubled back on themselves, and doorways were hidden. The only rhyme or reason to the maze of passageways would be that of a madman.

And through it all the wizard led us. Coming to an ordinary wall tucked in a small, out of the way room at the top of a spire, The wizard knocked lightly with his staff. The Knock spell revealed a hidden doorway, and the wizard ushered us through.

There was food and drink enough to last many days of hiding in this room, but time was pressing. The demons were starting to enter the castle. It would be only a matter of time before they would find us.

Could we find the secret text first?


Oct. 14th, 2004 07:22 am
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I still can't get my computer to recognize my ipod. i have the latest version of itunes. i d/led and ran the ipod updater program suggested to me earlier. when i connect the ipod, it starts to rejuice, but my computer doesn't seem to be aware that it exists.

i worked all last night on a new playlist to listen to at work... soft music, lots of Akino Arai, Loreena Mckennet, Era, Engima, and the like. a little Hayami Show thrown in, for the 'ooo, sexy' (cuz everyone needs a little 'ooo sexy' Hayami Show).

spent a while trying to figure out the computer-ipod deal again, and wound up staying up too late. forgot to eat dinner. didn't take a shower. knew i was going to be screwed this morning.

well, i managed to wake up without too much problems, which was a blessing and curse. it was good, cuz i needed to wake up early to take a shower before work and all. it was absolutely horrible because i was having this FABULOUS dream about Gackt falling in love with me...

ehem, anyway, ipod is still cranky, but i got to work on time. early even.

now at work, i can't connect to oclc, which i need to do to catalogue. i cannot connect to aim. and i'm not getting messages from my various listservs... and autocat in particular is notorious for being prolific so i highly doubt that all 4 of my listservs, autocat in particular, just don't have any messages since 5pm yesterday. but i can get onto the internet with no problems.

called IT.. they had done something to the firewall, and suggested i restart the computer. so i did. still no go. we try a few things, still no go. i try calling my oclc rep, and get voice mail. left a message, hopefully will get called back soon. it might be an oclc thing, but considering the other issues this morning, my guess is its something on our side.

so i've pretty much wasted this morning getting nothing done, which is kinda frustrating. makes me wish i was still in that dream with Gackt... oh wait, i'd want to even if today was going better.

i'm guess i just need to work on other things for a while and see if things sort out themselves. sometimes, if you just ignore a problem, it goes away.
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*sigh* i had a slow start to the day... i just couldn't get motivated to actually work. when i did get going, i was really productive. then i went off to lunch, and i'm facing the same problem... i just can't seem to get back to cataloguing.

i had a rather bizarre dream last night. well, it started with an event that was based off something that actually happened yesterday. a VERY large wasp had gotten into my place. it was like triple the size of a normal wasp. i've had a bit of a beephobia, though it has greatly lessened as it has been about 8 years since i've last gotten stung. still, a wasp that size made me quite nervous. still, i was able to chase it out the open door and it flew away and that was it, as far as i thought i was concerned.

but then i dreamed that there were hundreds of wasps of that size or bigger flying around me. i started to have a mild panic attack. (i've never had a panic attack in real life, but i sure was having one in my dream). suddenly a certain ex-boyfriend was there, trying to comfort me. you know of whom i speak. needless to say, when my dream self had calmed down slightly from the site of all those giant wasps, and realized who it was that was holding me, i really panicked even more. i fell into a full-blown panic attack and pretty much fainted away because i couldn't deal with the certain bastard holding me.

it wasn't a very good dream at all

but then my subconcsious must have decided that it had tortured me enough, and gave me a better, though also strange, dream. there was a vampire, and he loved me, i think, and he was trying to capture me. i wanted to be with him, as he was really hot and all, but i knew he was evil, cuz he was a vampire, so i was trying to escape. we were running around some sort of bizarre cityscape. i can't remember it very clearly, but it was a pretty cool dream.

i just realized that i have a lot of dreams about vampires being in love with me. i also have a lot of dreams of liking an evil guy who is trying to capture me or something of that nature, and trying to escape and run away from him even though i wish things could be different so i could be with him. i guess it's a stereotypical good girl loves evil guy type thing in my dreams. i'm sure ted could give me a full freudian dream analysis, and it will all amount to the fact that i want my mother or i need sex or something.

well, i've procrasted too long... i need to get back into the groove and get another dozen books finished.

*sigh* can it be the weekend again?
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The other night, I had this really strange, but god I wish it happened, dream.

It started with me trying to get tickets to the nearly-sold-out Gackt in the US concert. (You see what I mean about wishing it were true, already, I'm sure). Unfortunately, I was having real difficulties with the ticket machine.

Then my dream shifted, and I was at another Japanese concert in the US. This time, I was enjoying the music of Weiss Kreuz. (It wasn't in anime... it was the actual voice actors, dressed as their characters, in concert. Like how they act for their actual concerts).

Anyway, the Weiss guys were really enjoying their first American concert, cuz we American fans really get into things and rock out.

So, I was on my feet and dancing and having a great old time. But there were some other people who were acting as security. There was this one real bitchy girl who knew me, and really snottily demanded that I return to my seat. So I flipped her off as I sat back down. She then demanded that I leave the concert for that.

Now, besides doing security, she also had a microphone, as the Weiss boys wanted to be able to hear interviews/questions/comments from their fans during the concert. What the bitch didn't realize as she walked over to me to force me to leave, was that the Weiss boys were just ending a song, and were looking up to the audiance for the next fan. And so, when she has next to me, I talked into the microphone.

I thanked the Weiss boys very much for their wonderful concert. Then I complained about certain people who had problems with people being rude in return to their being rude. (or something like that. I can't remember what I said exactly now, but it was quite clever).

To be honest, I don't know how the Weiss guys understood me, but apparantly they did, and so they invited me down to the stage. So, me and my friends who were with me got to go down to the stage and get hugs from the Weiss boys. I totally glomped onto Seki Tomokazu. Then, they gave me front row seating while Koyasu Takenhito sang the next song. It was great!

During the song, I kept thinking about how this was being taped, to eventually be made into a concert dvd. It was weird, I thought, to get that dvd and watch myself!

So, it was a rather strange, but really cool dream.

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