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So today was annual shot day for my boys. It's always a bit of a struggle to bring them both in at one time, with their size and Romeo's habit of getting violently carsick. And in some POURING rain and you have a not so fun start to a day.

Since the vet is only like 6 miles down the road, I decided to try to let Romeo ride on my lap the way there, to see if that contact could calm his nerves a bit so he wouldn't get carsick. Fortunately, this was a successful trip, and I did not get cat puke etc all over me. Unfortunately, I parked in the side of the parking lot that was a lake.

So splashing out of my car, I get my boys over to the vet door. I had thrown Romeo back into his kitty carrier when we got to the parking lot, so it would be easier to carry him inside. It wasn't. Because right as we got to the door, Romeo decided to bust out. Fortuanately, he busted out into the mudroom, and I was able to close the main door quickly and thus trap him in that room so I could recatch him.

So vet appointment...Romeo's gained a bit of weight, so now HE'S on a diet as well, Genji's up a smidgeon, but healthy weight. They got their shots. Romeo has new carsick medicine so It'll be easier to bring him to my parent's house next time I need to bring him there. Genji got his blood work done, to make certain his diabetes is still in remission. And my boys are freaking expensive. (Genji's bloodwork is like a 100$ a pop)

Anyway, finally time to pack the boys up and leave. It is still POURING rain out there, and my car is still in a lake. I splash my way out there, open the door, my pants slipped so now the bottoms are sopping wet. I'm getting Genji placed in the car when Romeo busts out again.

He lands in the water, freaks out even more than he had been, and tears across the parking lot. He disappears under a bush next to the vet. There's a little indent place under the bush where he's trying to make himself as small as possible, and I'm able to scoop him up easily. I splash back towards my car and try to get my heart out of my throat. Romeo is trying to make himself as small as possible on the floor in front of the passanger seat, but I'm nervous he'll get carsick if left alone on the floor, so I scoop him up. He immediately gets off my lap to go sit on the floor at my feet. Not having a cat at my feet while driving, so I scoop him up again. We disagree a few more times on where he will be riding, before he finally settles in my lap. For the first half of the trip, he's still traumatized and shivering, but he got more relaxed by the last 2 miles, and is perfectly fine now that he's back at home.

And now that I'M back home, I've been able to change into dry clothing and get myself somewhat more relaxed. Though in a few more minutes I'll be settling onto the couch with some tv and a ton of Classical Japanese homework. That's my plan for the day.
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November 20, and the first snow of the season is gently coating the ground this morning.

Ever since the time change, I've been waking up between 7-7:45 range each morning, and now I have a most persistent alarm clock to make certain I don't just roll over and go back to sleep. Genji's gotten a bit bitchier about the whole eating thing. Speaking of Genji's food...there are 2 problems with Genji's new food (canned food). 1, catfood breath. b, since I keep the opened cans in the fridge, now every time I open the fridge he comes running over to see if I'm feeding him. In other Genji news, I've been debating whether or not I should buy a blood glucous tester so I can monitor his levels easily at home.

In other news, this week is remarkably light in classes, even with the fact it's a short week with no classes thursday and friday, all of my wednesday classes have been canceled and one of my classes yesterday was canceled. So this week I've had (or going to have later this afternoon) a grand total of 3 classes. Granted, I LIKE my classes so I like going to them for the most part, but I am a student and so I do have the student mentality of 'ooo, classes canceled!' just like any student.

And can I just say, ZOMGWTFPOLARBEAR??!! Heroes last night? I'll leave this vague for those watching but not watching current eps and just say that halfway through the ep was definitely a great (pardon the language) FUCK YEAH! moment with Hiro. Mohinder you're breaking my heart. And I suspected that was what was going to happen to HRG, a bit surprised but rather pleased they decided to show that was happening at the very end of the episode and didn't decide to drag out his fate unknown for several episodes. Not that they have several episodes, as they only have 2 episodes left for this chapter, and possibly this season with the whole strike and all.

I have this whole 'rant'/musings on slash/shonen-ai based on some things I've been watching this season (Naruto, I'm looking at you) but I think I'll save that for a bit later.
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Well, Genji's new food may cost a bit more, but I suppose it all evens out when you think about the savings in kitty litter.

Cat update

Nov. 16th, 2007 08:21 am
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Well this morning was my third morning giving Genji his meds, and the first time I don't think I did well giving them to him. I think I didn't get the needle in well and he didn't get most of his medicine, but since it's dangerous to give too much, I can't give him anymore until his next scheduled time, tonight.

He's been sneezing quite a bit this morning. Not sure what that means/if it's connected/or anything. Will have to keep an eye on that as well.

Romeo is doing fine.
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It's been a little while since I last posted, and for once a fair bit has actually happened. For the most part, it's been school and the same-old same-old. This past weekend I had an anime convention, and it was really great. A few problems from con organization stand-point and a couple crazy fanboy/fangirl troubles, but nothing major and for the most part had a fantastic time. I stayed over night up at the con sunday night as well, and had a great time socializing with con friends that I haven't gotten to see or interact much with, so it was fantastic. Had some troubles coming home due to a flat tire, but had a couple friends help me out and wasn't a big deal, and only slowed me up something like 2 hours (waited around a while for my tire to get patched up at a local garage so I wouldn't have to drive home on a donut-tire).

And then I came home to 2 family emergencies.

First up I found out Aunty was in the hospital. By this point her infection is pretty well cleared up and she's likely going home today, though she'll still likely need a surgery to make certain she stays healthy. A bit of worry the beginning of the week, but now it looks like things are settling down.

The real problem was that when I came home I noticed Genji was looking sick. I had some friends and my neighbor pop in and check on my boys over the weekend, and I think they did a great job and that there is no way they would have known that Genji wasn't acting normal. He's probably been sick for a year and I didn't notice until the conditions were just right monday night.

Genji's looking THIN, his water bowl and the secondary water bowl I put down for the weekend, an old container for coolwhip, were both empty. I filled them both up and Genji proceeded to drink half of the coolwhip container of water. I'm not exaggerating. He ignored the food, even the tasty higher cal food. He was moving around sluggishly. I was concerned enough about how he's acting to rush him off to the emergency vet. He's now 11.8 pounds, a full pound less than he was last time I brought him to the vet a month ago, and I'm pretty sure most of that weight loss happened over the weekend, since it was a noticeable difference in his weight before and after.

A quick blood test later informed me that Genji has diabetes. He stayed overnight and most of tuesday at the vet hooked up to an IV to get his fluids back up and so the vet could keep watch on the first round of insulin medication.

So all this means is that I have a cat that needs a lot more careful attention. I need to give him shots two times a day. He has to be on special (more expensive) diet food.

It's been a day and a half since I've gotten him home from the vet and I've been successful giving him the shots all 3x I've had to do it so far. He's liking his new food and I haven't had much problems getting him eating his food and not Romeo's, and thus far Romeo doesn't seem interested in Genji's food.

I've got a follow up appointment with my vet next week so I'll be seeing how he's progressing then.

Giving him the shots isn't a problem--I've never been bothered my needles, and it's a lot easier giving cats shots than humans I think. The biggest problem is that he needs his shots 2x a day pretty much at the same time each day, so that will impact my life style, as so far I've been pretty much able to just get up and go for a night without any problems. I can't do that anymore. I'll be talking with my vet for some recommendations on a cat-sitter so I can still do some weekend trips (like to cons or so on), and my landlady neighbor has experience giving shots so she could probably help out as well.

Still, I'd like to put a call out to my friends that from now on it will be much more 'come visit me' than me going out to visit you. Please be understanding of this.

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