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It's been a while since I posted anything, so here's what's been up for the past month:

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It's been a little while since I last posted, but there hasnt' been too much to say. I've been working, the past several weeks I've been a cataloguing fiend, getting hundreds of books done, but this past week I've been sluggish and lazy and haven't gotten very much done at all. I suppose I'm allowed, since I was so productive earlier. Today's my last day of work for the week, as I'll be heading off to CTcon. Last night and this morning I was working on finishing up my costume. Well, re-finishing it. See, the costume I'm going to be competing with is my KamiKaze Kaitoh Jeanne costume, which is actually my first cosplay. But I've never competed with it before. I had to rebuild the arm bands for the costume as I originally built the with T'eao in clay, but one of them broke. I wore them once (or twice) after it broke since I hadn't had the chance to remake them, but since I'm goign to be competing with this cosplay, it was necessary to make it as good as I could.

I had tried remaking the bands last year, but it didn't quite work out, and the paint would stick on the bands, and it just failed. Things are looking much better this time round. On monday and yesterday, I cut up the bands, glued it into shape, added the fasteners, and painted a couple coats of sealer. This morning I did the first coat of gold paint. Which, btw, isn't a water-based paint, so trying to wash the gold paint off the brush resulted in yuck and my hands now (and still) being covered in gold. Oops. In better news, I'm not certain if its the different paint, or the fact that I put sealer on the bands first, or a combo of both, but the paint actually worked this time and it's looking fantastic. I'll throw on a second coat just to really smooth it out when I get home today. Might want to spray on some fixitive as well. Would need to buy some but I'm headed out in the direction of the near 'city' this afternoon so I could pick some up then. Then it's just a matter of waiting till everything dries before glueing the pretty red stones in place and viola! My Kamikaze Kaitoh Jeanne cosplay will be completely, totally complete.

It's been bloody hot again this week, and that has made me very uninterested in moving much. I haven't been doing my morning exercise in something like 3-4 weeks now. Blah. I'm feeling fat. Now please, I know I'm not, and I know many of you would like to now scream at me "YOU feel fat, than what about me??" or something. So I know I'm not, but I just am feeling fat. Which is weird since I'm down a half pound (gods it takes me so long to lose a pound) and my body fat percentage is down a percent, and it's not water loss because my water percent is good. Maybe because I haevn't gotten to exercise much lately it's making me feel blah.

I haven't done very much packing for my move. 2.5 weeks left. UGH. well, not much is going to happen now until after CTcon. but I'm going to have to be a packing fiend as much as a cataloguing fiend starting next week.
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Ok, so i drove to my rent's place on thursday night, and went to the dentist first thing friday morning. Then i stopped in at my old highschool while i was in town (you really can't go home again. it's changed so much! though i had a great time chatting with my art teacher). I hung out in a cafe for a couple hours, checking my boards a little, and doing some of my homework. Had lunch with my mother and Aunty and then did some errands with my mom. Had dinner with the rents and while they went out to play cards, i watched some telly and did more of my homework (and cuddled with the puppy dogs).

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