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Moving this weekend. Pretty excited.

Gotten much of the edits done on my thesis. Pretty happy.

Getting ready for Anime Boston. Got my costume ready but for the wig. Need to write up a few kanji characters for some new brushpaintings.

Here's a very powerful article on the myth of acquaintance rape as just "miscommunication":
Predator Theory
It's a bit long and can be triggering/hard to read, but I think it's an important read.
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It's been a while since I posted anything, so here's what's been up for the past month:

OMG this is long )
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It's been a little while since I last posted, and for once a fair bit has actually happened. For the most part, it's been school and the same-old same-old. This past weekend I had an anime convention, and it was really great. A few problems from con organization stand-point and a couple crazy fanboy/fangirl troubles, but nothing major and for the most part had a fantastic time. I stayed over night up at the con sunday night as well, and had a great time socializing with con friends that I haven't gotten to see or interact much with, so it was fantastic. Had some troubles coming home due to a flat tire, but had a couple friends help me out and wasn't a big deal, and only slowed me up something like 2 hours (waited around a while for my tire to get patched up at a local garage so I wouldn't have to drive home on a donut-tire).

And then I came home to 2 family emergencies.

First up I found out Aunty was in the hospital. By this point her infection is pretty well cleared up and she's likely going home today, though she'll still likely need a surgery to make certain she stays healthy. A bit of worry the beginning of the week, but now it looks like things are settling down.

The real problem was that when I came home I noticed Genji was looking sick. I had some friends and my neighbor pop in and check on my boys over the weekend, and I think they did a great job and that there is no way they would have known that Genji wasn't acting normal. He's probably been sick for a year and I didn't notice until the conditions were just right monday night.

Genji's looking THIN, his water bowl and the secondary water bowl I put down for the weekend, an old container for coolwhip, were both empty. I filled them both up and Genji proceeded to drink half of the coolwhip container of water. I'm not exaggerating. He ignored the food, even the tasty higher cal food. He was moving around sluggishly. I was concerned enough about how he's acting to rush him off to the emergency vet. He's now 11.8 pounds, a full pound less than he was last time I brought him to the vet a month ago, and I'm pretty sure most of that weight loss happened over the weekend, since it was a noticeable difference in his weight before and after.

A quick blood test later informed me that Genji has diabetes. He stayed overnight and most of tuesday at the vet hooked up to an IV to get his fluids back up and so the vet could keep watch on the first round of insulin medication.

So all this means is that I have a cat that needs a lot more careful attention. I need to give him shots two times a day. He has to be on special (more expensive) diet food.

It's been a day and a half since I've gotten him home from the vet and I've been successful giving him the shots all 3x I've had to do it so far. He's liking his new food and I haven't had much problems getting him eating his food and not Romeo's, and thus far Romeo doesn't seem interested in Genji's food.

I've got a follow up appointment with my vet next week so I'll be seeing how he's progressing then.

Giving him the shots isn't a problem--I've never been bothered my needles, and it's a lot easier giving cats shots than humans I think. The biggest problem is that he needs his shots 2x a day pretty much at the same time each day, so that will impact my life style, as so far I've been pretty much able to just get up and go for a night without any problems. I can't do that anymore. I'll be talking with my vet for some recommendations on a cat-sitter so I can still do some weekend trips (like to cons or so on), and my landlady neighbor has experience giving shots so she could probably help out as well.

Still, I'd like to put a call out to my friends that from now on it will be much more 'come visit me' than me going out to visit you. Please be understanding of this.
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It's been a little while since I last posted, but there hasnt' been too much to say. I've been working, the past several weeks I've been a cataloguing fiend, getting hundreds of books done, but this past week I've been sluggish and lazy and haven't gotten very much done at all. I suppose I'm allowed, since I was so productive earlier. Today's my last day of work for the week, as I'll be heading off to CTcon. Last night and this morning I was working on finishing up my costume. Well, re-finishing it. See, the costume I'm going to be competing with is my KamiKaze Kaitoh Jeanne costume, which is actually my first cosplay. But I've never competed with it before. I had to rebuild the arm bands for the costume as I originally built the with T'eao in clay, but one of them broke. I wore them once (or twice) after it broke since I hadn't had the chance to remake them, but since I'm goign to be competing with this cosplay, it was necessary to make it as good as I could.

I had tried remaking the bands last year, but it didn't quite work out, and the paint would stick on the bands, and it just failed. Things are looking much better this time round. On monday and yesterday, I cut up the bands, glued it into shape, added the fasteners, and painted a couple coats of sealer. This morning I did the first coat of gold paint. Which, btw, isn't a water-based paint, so trying to wash the gold paint off the brush resulted in yuck and my hands now (and still) being covered in gold. Oops. In better news, I'm not certain if its the different paint, or the fact that I put sealer on the bands first, or a combo of both, but the paint actually worked this time and it's looking fantastic. I'll throw on a second coat just to really smooth it out when I get home today. Might want to spray on some fixitive as well. Would need to buy some but I'm headed out in the direction of the near 'city' this afternoon so I could pick some up then. Then it's just a matter of waiting till everything dries before glueing the pretty red stones in place and viola! My Kamikaze Kaitoh Jeanne cosplay will be completely, totally complete.

It's been bloody hot again this week, and that has made me very uninterested in moving much. I haven't been doing my morning exercise in something like 3-4 weeks now. Blah. I'm feeling fat. Now please, I know I'm not, and I know many of you would like to now scream at me "YOU feel fat, than what about me??" or something. So I know I'm not, but I just am feeling fat. Which is weird since I'm down a half pound (gods it takes me so long to lose a pound) and my body fat percentage is down a percent, and it's not water loss because my water percent is good. Maybe because I haevn't gotten to exercise much lately it's making me feel blah.

I haven't done very much packing for my move. 2.5 weeks left. UGH. well, not much is going to happen now until after CTcon. but I'm going to have to be a packing fiend as much as a cataloguing fiend starting next week.
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So i went to this tiny little sci-fi/ect con on saturday and even though i was only there for a day, i had a lot more fun at this tiny con than i did at otakon. AND i got to see Voltaire in concert, and that alone was worth driving down to see.

But in other news, yesterday i found another stray cat outside my aparto. But this time, it was a 6-7 week old kitten. It took me on a merry chase to catch the little rascal, and then i spent a couple hours down at the emergency vet center (it being a sunday, only the emergency vets are open, which meant my little vet visit was a lot more expensive than it would have been on any other day).

Still, the little guy is quite sick, so i don't regret bringing him to the vet. Actually, i'm not entirely certain if it's a little boy or a little girl (it's a little ball of fluff, and you know how hard it is to tell male/female with those balls of furr). Didn't even get a straight answer from the vet on the gender.

Anyway, it's this white ball of fluff with cream colored paws and tail. Very cute. Well, except for it's face. Got BAD eye infections that have also affected its cheeks. Face looks a mess (even after the vet cleaned him up). But it's so ugly with it's face that you can't help but feel sorry for it.

On account of its eyes, i'm calling it Moody. As in "Mad-eye Moody" from Harry Potter.

So besides the eye, it had some earmites, probably some fleas, and possibly some internal parasites. Dehydrated. It's anemic, possibly just from the lack of nutrition, but could be from somethign worse. I need to bring it back to the vet in a few days to check it's blood count to see if it's getting normal or not.

Oh, and of course it has a slight upper respirtory infection. But that goes without saying with kittens i suppose.

I'm giving it some antibiotics 2x a day, plus some nutrient supplements to try to take care of the malnutrition. Feeding it a couple spoonfuls of canned food every few hours. I'll be taking an early lunch, and leaving early from work to take care of it.

Doesn't quite know how to use the litter box yet--he had a little accident last night. i hope it'll figure it out soon.

It's VERY sweet. Climbs right into my lap and purrs its furry little head off. Loves to climb, and is a remarkable jumper.

And no, i'm not keeping it. I have 2 already, i don't want a third.
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So CTcon was a total blast. Akiko and I managed to make enough money to pay for the regular expenses as well as food, parking, and gas. Go us. I'll be writing a detailed con report in the next day or two.

On monday I went to the dentist, had lunch with [ profile] ibukij and [ profile] lydia_craine, and then went to talk with some people at Yale. I was a little late to my meeting, but otherwise, it went really well and I shall be applying there as well (so i'll be applying to 2 schools). I'll decide which one to go to after i get accepted and see what the schools are willing to give me to go there.

Then I was headed back to the highway to meet up with my family to get haircuts and a quick dinner before heading back north.

And that's when I got into the car accident. ok, well technically, it was 2 accidents.

See, there is this really, really nasty merge to get onto the highway. The car in front of me hesitated and I didn't quite realize how much she was hesitating, and when I turned my head to make ceratin it was clear to merge, i tapped into her.

Before I could even think to myself 'oh bugger..' i was slammed from behind and sandwiched between the two cars.

We all pull off the road and i immediatelly call 911 to report the accident. As i said, i wasn't hurt, and nobody invovled was really hurt though the woman in the car in front of me i guess is claiming to be bruised on her right side, though neither i nor my insurance person can quite figure out how her right side would have been hurt.

Anyway, lots of waiting for the cop, and then waiting for him to process the whole thing. I was at fault for the initial hitting the car in front of me, though i only tapped her so it isn't likely there was much damage from that. still, it's impossible to know since i got immediately hit before assessing what the damage would have been. The woman who hit me is responsible for most of the damage.

My front is a bit damanged. I need to get a new licence plate for the front. i thought it was missing, but it turns out it was just folded in on itself. The back is more heavily damaged. The bumper came off (actually, it was still atached, though a bit strangely until the cop prsesed down on it to make certain if it was connected solidly or not. Not, as it turned out as if fell off.) The frame is a bit bent... pressed up against the back wheel and the inside back hatch area, the floor is bumped up.

My car had to be towed. So i spent the next while waiting for my mom to come pick me up (by the auto center, not on the side of the road), and then calling my insurance company and starting to work out the details to get my car fixed.

Yesterday a appraiser guy from my insurance company came to look at my car and estimated nearly 8k worth of work will need to be done to my car. (the insurance will be covering that) Still, it isn't totaled and should be able to be fixed. I just wonder how long it will take.

I should be finding that out in the next day or two.

So um yeah. Car accident.

Oh, and i still haven't gotten to watch Pirates yet. grrr. Hopefully this weekend.


Jun. 12th, 2006 04:34 pm
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heh..i've got a full con report up on my webpage (i know, amazingly fast for me! but then, i totally skipped out on work today so that kinda gave me the time i needed).

Now I just need to find a place where i can get my pictures developed...
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Anime Boston was a good deal of fun, and Akiko and I managed to do alright with our sales. I've got a rough draft of the con report posted on my webpage. Didn't get much sleep or food for the weekend, and with the heat I crashed pretty hard on monday.

My mother bought me some plants, but I was too tired to plant them on monday when I got home. It started to pour tuesday afternoon so no planting yesterday either. Today had been sunny all day up until the point where I was halfway home. Then it clouded over and it even started to spit on me when I got home.

Still, the rain seemed to hold off so I figured I'd get as much planted as I could before it started to pour on me. I managed, somehow, to get it all done, so now I have a pretty and full garden.

Adding to the chaos this afternoon, I discovered a stray cat. He is so thin, to the point of being sickly thin. He shakes just standing up. So pitiful looking. And such a sweetheart.. he is all purrs and adoration. I gave him a bit of food, and then he followed me inside by carefully slipping in around my feet. Fortunately my boys stayed clear and I was able (with a bit of coaxing) to get him into a kitty carrier.

The vet wouldn't see him (she said she couldn't legally unless I wanted to claim ownership of him which I don't really want to do). But she did give me the number for animal control. I didn't get through this evening, but I'll try again all day tomorrow. I really want this poor kitty picked up and brought to a vet where they can help make him healthy. And then he can be given to a loving home since he is such a sweet boy.

And no... While I don't have a problem being a temporary foster home, I have 2 boys already and I don't need a third. I will be quite happy if he can be adopted to another loving home.

I spent the past 2 hours up stairs.. I put away some of my books which i have desperately needed to do for a while, and then I read on the futon for a while, just so I could give him a bit of companionship. My boys don't quite know what to make of this situation, but hopefully it's only for another day and then they'll forget all about the fact that I kept another cat here.
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A couple weeks ago, it was announced that one of my two favorite jrocker, Hyde of L'arc en Ciel, is giong to have a small intimate concert in San Francisco. Anime Expo, a HUGE anime con, is also going to be going on that week, so I decided that I could make a vacation out of it (very expensive, but a lot of fun).

I failed to get tickets for the concert, so that dashed that plan nearly entirely. I say nearly, because their were rumours of another concert date but it was unconfirmed and it was a bit of a mess. (It seemed like the venue jumped the gun and announced too early, and it became a big mess.)

Meanwhile, it was announced that another jrock star i love a lot (though not quite as much) was definately coming to A-kon in texas.

With no ticket to the Hyde concert in San Fran, and no info on the maybe second concert, i decided to go to the con in Texas and see Hakuei of Penicillin instead.

Yesterday, the very next day after i buy my flight and hotel and con registratin, it gets announced that there will indeed be a second Hyde concert.

I can't afford to go to california now because i've already bought flight/hotel/ect to go to Texas.

So i just have to keep reminding myself that i've seen Hyde in a concert 2 years ago (though i had horrible seats and the concert in california will be small and intimate). Also Hyde is very likely to come back to America, and it's not as likely that Hakuei will, so i need to take this oppertunity to see him

I knew that it was going to be very likely given the rumours and mess from a couple weeks ago that Hyde was going to have a second concert in Calfornia, but i didn't expect to hear abuot it officially only a day after i decided to go to Texas instead.

If i can get real up close to Hakuei, maybe get an autograph or a picture with him, i think i shall be satisified with the way things turned out. So A-kon better be worth missing my chance to see Hyde again!
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So i had a fun time this weekend, though i tried to get myself sick.

Woke up early friday morning and my boys weren't helpful. decided to curl up on me all adorable and didn't care that i needed to get up. Took a shower, got my crap together, hit the road. Didn't think about the fact that my hair was wet as i walked to the station, so my hair froze. And for some reason, i don't know quite how this got into my head, but i thought i had to be there at 7:10, when i KNOW the train doesn't go by until 7:50.

Add to it the fact taht there really isn't a station--just a stop--and that meant i was outside in the cold for a bit longer than i should have been, wet hair or no. Anyway, by the time i got onto the train, i had a chill that lasted the entire 4 hour train ride.

Anyway, got to the city and immediately made my way to Bookoff. This time, i brought my list, and managed to drop a good 100 on used-books (if that tells you anything about how many books i bought). Grabbed a quick bite to eat, got myself marginly lost, but with the help of Ryan, got to Kinokuniya a good hour before the signing.

I bought a few more books there (including the artbook, since i thought art books would be better signed than anything else). Had a great time chatting with the other girls in line, and then at last Youka Nitta arrived. I kept the fangirliness to a minimum, got my artbook signed. Very happy.

Met up with Ryan, had a bit to eat at a local japanese restaurant which i didn't think was great, then i fell asleep on his couch as he played the new xmen game.

Got up leisurely and made our way to the con center on saturday. HUGE line. Fortunately, we had pre-bought our tickets and so were able get our badge-thingys without havign to wait too long. We first made our way to the dealer's room.

Not being too into American comics, i didn't know many of the people there, or care about a lot of the prodcuts. Still, i enjoyed looking at the manga/anime tables.

I also got to see Colleen Doran. Those of you who read my comic, you might remember that when i first met her at Otakon 2002, i went totally fangirly. This time, i kept composed, had a bit of intelligent dialogue, and gave her my webpage address, telling her about her appearance in my comic.

Anyway, had a lot of fun, chatted with people, bought some cool stuffs (including at last my own copy of Munchkin, the fruits basket card game (OMG insulin shot needed it is SO CUTE!!), and a voodoo baby satin.

Feeling as if i would pass out if i didn't get some food in me soon, Ryan and i hit the near by McCracks for a recharge, then headed back to watch panels and stuffs. Caught the trailer for the Ultra Violet movie and a bit of Q&A with Mila-what's-her-name who had been in Fifth Element.

Then, i left Ryan behind as i went off to the BrokeBack Manga panel (3 guesses as to what that panel was about, and the first two don't count!) followed immediately by a fun panel for BeBeautiful, who announced a couple new acquisitions, and another signing with Youka Nitta.

By that time, the day was over and we made our way back to watch a little telly and eat a quick bit of food.

Sunday was even more leisurely... watched a couple movies, including Critters 3 which was really silly looking. With JailBait!Leo. Then Ryan helped me get to my train. I got in around 8 and crashed out on the couch a bit.

So looking forward to a quiet weekend next week, doing absolutely nothing.
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li izumi will have to write:

I will not refer to my parents as the parental units

'What will you have to write on the chalk board?' at

OMG, it's so true. i DO refer to my 'rents as the "parental units".

Anyway, i'm back from katsucon, had a complete blast, and a fabulous birthday, and more info is pending. Drove several hours yesterday, then went to class. 15 minutes or so before class my brain said 'oh, btw, you haven't gotten much sleep the past couple days, and i'm tired. *shut down*" so when Sensei was drilling me on some vocab, i just could not remember them. i'm like, 'brain, cooperate with me, please? she JUST said what this kanji is 2 minutes ago, and it's completely out of my head now." Despite a few troubled ones, i did pretty well remembering most of the vocab, and i did fine with my reading comp, so class went really well.

Didn't have a day-after bday dinner with my friends while i was in town, but i did stop quickly at the grociery store so i could pick up sushi (since i live in the middle of nowhere and there is no variety of food at the store by my aparto). They only had inari in the pack with the california roll, and having picked that up a couple weeks ago, i was now aware that 'oh yeah, california rolls have crab in them, and i'm quite probably allergic to that." so i asked the guy at the sushi counter if i could have a box of just inari. he asked if i didn't like the california rolls, and i mentioned i'm allergic. it's a good thing i'm not uber allergic, because he took out the 3 rolls from the existing countainer. I also picked myself up some orea cookie cake thingy, so i had sushi dinner and chocolate cake as my day-after bday dinner, all in the comfort of my home. very nice.

Despite my exhaustion, did not sleep well. Kept waking up throughout the night. Tired now, but doing alright, more or less. Been trying to catch up on everything since i've been gone for several days. i caught back up on the webcomics i read regularly, been catching up on my friend's LJs, but still need to catch up on the Harry Potter game i'm part of. Gone through email and mail at work. Need to go to bank and buy lunch since there was no way in hell i was making something either last night or this morning.

Anyway, i'll do a con report and have that up on my webpage later.
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ok, so anyway, my week will only continue to be busy. Tonight, i'm going to the anime club's V-day marathon. I'm somewhat mixed mind on this. On one hand, i'm looking forward to seeing anime, and it's a series i was somewhat interested in seeing, and i wasn't able to go to club last week, and wont' be able to go on thursday this week. On the other hand, it'll be breaking tradition for me. See, the past couple years on V-day, i have spent the night being incredibly geeky and making high-res anime wallpapers featuring lots of pretty boys. This year, i'm actually going to be SOCIAL. And i'm not going to have my pretty boys. It's very sad.

Tomorrow, besides work, i'm going to be packing and getting ready for the con this weekend (yay Katsucon!) Which brings me to driving all day thursday and going to a con all weekend.

So, as you can see, very busy Li.

and why do people bring babies to work?


Jul. 18th, 2005 10:04 am
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i'll be writing up a full report soon, but suffice to say, i did have a lot of fun, and it was great to see people that i've met the past couple years and meet even more new and very cool people. my various panels went well enough, and i think i did really well with my Shakespearian monologue i performed for the masquerade.

i'm tired, but not as bad as i thought i'd be today. now that CTcon is over though, it's time to turn my full focus on a matter i ignored all weekend. i shall be heading off after work to buy my own copy of HP6. i needs to read it!!
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'Kik's and i just finished up our Con Report so go ahead and check it out!

i was dead exhausted yesterday, and still a tad sleepy today, but doing pretty well. knee was SORE yesterday (and so was my back and neck... i think from the fall i did as i died. darn it, i really need to learn to fall properly). knees still quite sore today, but the rest of my body is doing fine.

don't have any pictures (forgot the camera), but found a couple of me online (i hope to find more as people get their pics developed and post them).



Apr. 28th, 2005 08:30 am
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so AB is tomorrow, and i'm totally psyched. last night was totally hectic crazy trying to get ready. besides things like laundry, dishes, and getting my cat ready for a long weekend alone, i also had packing, printing up some prints to sell, and also my RP Mage game (cuz obviously i didn't have enough to do).

and then i dyed.

i got one of those 'level 1' temporary 6-12 washes hair dye. (which may or may not wash out in 6-12 washes, if you go with a darker shade than your natural color, it might not wash it, the box said. eeeeeeeeek.). you see, the character i'm cosplaying has hair a bit different than mine. i chose to cosplay this character because he's a really cool guy and i like him, but also because his costume wouldn't be hard to find the pieces for rather than have to sew (which i can't do well on my own since i dont' have a sewing machine). i didn't really want to bother getting a wig though, since this is supposed to be an easier cosplay. the problem is his hair is probably about 4 inches shorter than mine, and a whole hell of a lot darker. his hair is dark brown/black, and mine is blond-brown. i figured if i could at least get my hair more like the right shade, it wouldn't matter so much that its a bit long. so as i said, i found some temp dye to try to darken up my hair a bit. i managed to get it several shades darker (and took out all my blond highlights). it's not really dark enough for the character, though.

however, i'm going in a bit of shock over the darkening of my hair. i mean, this is my hair. and i'm a solid brunette now. i wasn't really having a panic attack, but i felt a good deal of anxiety last night. a night sleep has helped settle me down about it, but i'm still a bit 'aaaa! my hair!! it's dark!!! where'd my blond go?!!!!'

this is gonna be so much fun! *happy cat bounce*
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so i had my MRI yesterday afternoon, and that went well. since it was my knee, they didn't have to put me fully in the machine, so my head was out of it, which was nice. wouldn't have triggered any claustrophobia in my even if i had to be fully in the machine, but it was nice not to have to worry about that. it is a LOUD machine. lots of strange noices, very loud. had to be really still in there for 20 mintues, give or take. glad when it was over. went pretty quickly all things considered. just glad that's done. it'll be a day or two before i hear the results. i'm hoping by tomorrow, probably monday.

last night i got some great news concerning Anime Boston... 'Kik's and i got an artist alley table. they had sold out, but there was a cancelation, and since we were next (i suppose) on the waiting list, we got it. very cool.

also, while we didn't get into the mascarade (unless there are a LOT more cancelations in the next week), i am going to be involved in a couple other cosplay events, so i'm really psyched.

it does mean though that i have to go on a bit of a 'crash diet' for this next week. one of my costumes is belly-baring, and my belly is very Buddah right now from winter pudge and a month of lack of exercise. also, my top was tight to begin with, and has NO give. (not that i can try the top on, since that's at my 'rents and i'm not). and when i say 'crash diet', basically, it means stick with what i've been doing for breakfast and lunch, but no doing unhealthy dinners as has been my habit, and no snacks. also, it means i gotta work out as much as my knee can take (which isn't much, but i'll do my best without pushing myself too much).

so i'm totally psyched for AB. gotta a lot to do in prep, but at least i'm not going anywhere this weekend.

hmmm... my sunburned arm has been ITCHY all day. at least that means it's healing?

so grrr about raping Alaska, yay for CT allowing civil unions now, and uber *happy cat bounce* for AB.
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time for my con report on ALA (American Library Association) MidWinter meeting. (i would have posted somethign like this yesterday, except of course my brain wasn't quite functioning.)

alright, i complained enough about the damn weather on friday. i wasn't able to go to boston until saturday, which sucked, but my neighbor said that she had skidded off road on friday and saw several other cars off road too, so i think i made the right choice in waiting. (even though Boston had nothing, and it had stopped snowing here in the afternoon. blah)

day 1 )

day 2 )
day 3 )
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some may be aware that recently i have moved back home to my parents house. this of course has meant my internet access has been severly limited. damn dial up. so here's a quick update on my life of late.

first off, good news in my job searching. i've got a second interview with a job up in vermont in 2 weeks. very cool. also, a cousin of my father has a possible opening where she works in rhode island. nothing solid with the RI job yet, but i'm keeping my fingers crossed. i've got friends in the area, so it would be cool to work there. still, getting a job and a new place to live soon would be great.

next up was animazement... much fun, as always. i joined Akiko and Fyre and we had too much fun, of course. 'Kiko and i will get our con report up in the next few days.

as Akiko mentioned on Comiku, i had full day of traveling on tuesday. yesterday i spent the majority of the day sleeping (and the evening i visited two highschool buddies of mine). and then today i made my way the two hour commute to my job in boston.

only to get into an accident. well, my car WAS brand new. *heh* i'm fine, and for the most part, save a couple scratches, my car is fine too. a guy didn't see me and turned into me as i was heading down the road. fortunately for me, the guy that hit me works in an automotive type place, and was on the clock, so they want to fix my car up all nice and spiffy for me. i think they were more upset to have hit a new car than i was.

anywho, i'm a bit sleepy, but got a couple more hours at work to go. blah. still, in a couple hours i can go get lots of fun comics, as it is new comic thursday (damn holiday weekend delaying my addictive shipment a whole day) and it will be good.

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