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My internet has decided to crap out. After calling my cable provider, gone through a set of useless steps, they had me plug my laptop directly into the modem. Still nothing. They say they're going to do something, put me on hold, and half an hour later I give up and hang up. Shortly after, laptop decides to recognize the modem. But only when directly plugged in. No wireless. Call back cable company but it's a netgear router so i have to call netgear to reset that.

So i've got internet when I'm at my desk, which means I can check my email and what not, but it's a bit on the inconvenient side of things.

Also? as if I haven't had enough expenses this month, something i've put off since I've moved decided it can't be put off anymore. My computer chair didn't survive the move, but I have an old wooden chair that has been sufficient for the time being. One of the legs likes to pop out, and it's not super comfortable but I'm not at the desk as much so it's been fine. Until it decided to try to kill me this evening.

In more upbeat news, I had a great time visiting family and friends this past weekend.

Checking in

Sep. 1st, 2010 09:58 pm
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So it's been a hectic couple weeks.

First, my hard drive died. Fortunately, it was only mostly dead and not dead dead, so I didn't loose anything really. Still, I was without my computer for a week and it was more spendy than I would have liked to have spent fixing it.

Next, I have tendinitis. In both arms. Apparently the muscles in my forearms are SUPER tight and pulling my carpel bones out of place which is causing me wrist pain and then the hand pain. Because have I mentioned zomg pain? I have been suffering from debilitating pain in both my index fingers. So actually was kinda good not to have my computer for a week.

So that's why I've been a bit more reclusive and unresponsive of late.
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Life's going well enough right now. I'm down to 3 carts of Welsh books... one for the special special collection of Welsh books (which so far doens't seem to have too much original cataloguing needed, as i've been able to find records for the first half of the cart). Then 2 carts of original (which will be the part that takes the longest, i think, but i won't really know for certain until i start in on it).

It being October, it's the time of year for STORY PLANNING! yes, that's right, NaNoWriMo is fast approaching, so i've been working on plotting on this year's story. I'm doing something a little different this time. I'm pulling out my earliest 'major' story, Animal Half, from the dusty shelves of my mind and polishing it up for some work. But unlike my other major stories, Animal Half isn't really a continuous narrative/plot... it's more episodic, so i'll be doing a bunch of short story episodes that will build on each other for NaNoWriMo this year, quite a departure from my other stories.

Lessee, in other news, my body's feeling a bit beat up. I took a nasty tumble down the stairs on sunday, and banged myself up but good. I wonder if i very minorly resprained my wrist? It's not in pain like when I sprained my wrist the first time, but it's certainly not well. Also wrenched by back and shoulder. They were fine on sunday, but stiffened up yesterday. It's doing better today, but when I get home tonight i'll through my heating pad on it again for a little bit, which should help ease that stubborn knot.

After a lot of searching online and asking friends for their recommendations, I think I shall get myself a Western Digital my book essential external harddrive. It's one of the three kinds most recommended to me, and I was able to find it on sale at Best Buy... so 100$ for a 250 gig hard drive is a really sweet deal.

And that's my life right now.
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So i've lost the lead that i got the first 2 days of writing, but things are progressing. Friday i got the wireless card working, and my mother sent the floppy drive (though i wasn't here to sign for the package, so i'll have to stop at the post office on monday to pick itup). then i came home and crashed. so exhaused, i fell asleep around 9. Did not make my word goal.

Saturday, i got up to the word count i had wanted for friday, but didn't get much beyond that. Instead, i took advantage of the GORGEOUS 70 degree weather and went for a walk in North Woods. (Research. yeah, that's what it was!) definately a pleasant walk, but time definately continues on and things change. Met up with a couple friends and walk to town for a 'breakfast' dinner. and finally got rid of my old computer that had been sitting in the back of my car for over a year now.

sunday morning i goofed off and read comics, but got some work done in the afternoon. i would get a bit of writing done, play with the boys some, go outside some, write some more. and watched the first couple eps of Gunslinger Girl which is a bit of pretentious dribble. It is Tragic! Woe! So Tragic! because they use little girls as brain-washed assasins, and it is oh so Tragic!

anyway, i finished chapter 2, which proved to be almost as long as chapter 1, even if i have not gotten nearly enough words written for the weekend.

Current word count: 12,587 (more than 1/5 the way to my goal, after 6 days).

chapter 2 )
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Well, still having a bit of an issue with connecting to the wireless network at work, but i think if i can get in range, i should be able to connect in a cafe. I'll see at least come next week for the next meet up, if i don't decide to head over to all Saratoga for comics, visiting, and a little writing in the coffee house.

I was feeling a bit frustrated with things, so i took a bit of a breather when i got back to my apartment--just crashed in front of the telly with my boys, who were more than happy to pin me down and cuddle. About 9 i got up and got a little writing done--got about 1,110 words in and finished up chapter 1. not quite as many words as i had hoped to do, but considering how well i did on wednesday, i could afford a day a little below my minimum word count. i'll just have to do better today, and i plan to get a lot written this weekend. my mother's sending up the floppy drive so even if i can't get the wireless card to work, i'll be all set for using the laptop for travel and writing.

Anyway, chapter 1. it's proved to be (total) over 5000 words, which is pretty impressive. Eien chapters tended to be shorter, with the longest being about 4k. I think RoT chapters will tend to be a bit longer, needing to be broken in half each time i post. we'll see. This one's a bit rough; as you can probably tell by the lack of country/town names and a bit lacking in the description area. i hope to go in and add in more description later so you can really see the town around her.

Current word count: 7680

chapter 1b )
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So i still have no luck connecting to aol from work, but fortunately, my coworker has no problems lettign me invade. I join her for lunch, adore her 2 kittens, get some tasty/healthy food, and email the chapter to myself. Have no luck d/ling the drivers for the usb drive.

So i email my rents and beg/plead that they mail me the floppy drive that i forgot, and my mother said she'd see if she could find it. In the meantime, I asked the campus computer guy for some help, and he suggested i get myself a wireless card.

As i looked over some of my options, trying to find the cheapest one, he came up with a new card for me to test out to see if it would work. I had no luck, so i brought it down stairs for him to help me. Seems the card wont' work, but he's got a slightly older one that should.

The computer didn't want to get the drivers for it, and strongly resisted, but at last we were able to install the card and drivers properly. I have less range with this card, but it should work.

I brought it up to the area where the wireless connection is, and tried my luck. Our campus has this 'cleansweep' security program, which stopped me a bit demanding i install several windows updates before it will be happy and let me connect as i will. Since i'm currently d/ling the updates, i'm assuming that's a good sign that the wireless card works.

The card belongs to Computer Guy, but it's an extra one, so he'd sell it to me for 30$, which is at least 20$ cheaper than most of the new cards, which go from 50-100$+ and i know it works, so it seems like a good deal to me.

Alright, at least one round of updates is done. Not sure if it did it all or just a couple. Computer restarted. But now it doesn't seem to want to give me the login screen to get onto the campus network. Argh.

Will try restarting, then i'll ask Computer Guy (again) for help.

Well, it seems to be blocking webpages, but the windows update site works, and i still have things to d/l, so both me and Computer Guy are hoping that's what the issue is and that when it finishes its updates it will work happy.

I have also learned a valuable lesson in all this. Free Kittens and Pools are never free. Bats are our friends. Fire is good. Sand Dunes are fragile. And now: Free used laptops require a good deal of time, effort, and/or money.
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Tonight has been an adventure. It has been a trial of both extreme productivity, and extreme futility. It has been a night of highs and lows, and of unfailing hope that things will work out.

It began with a promise of an evening of being social. I thought to drive down to a NaNoWriMo meet up and interact with my fellow NaNoers. I have Akiko's old laptop; i could use that to work.

So i come home from work and pull out Akiko's lap top and Aunty's laptop since i have them both with me. aunty's seems to be dying, since it didn't want to start, but i figured Akiko's was the (slightly) better one anyway, so it was fine. Except... the laptop doesn't recognize my usb drive. no drivers for it.

ok, i pull all the drivers from my desktop and burn it onto a disk. except... apparantly, drivers don't burn onto cds; i found myself with an empty cd when i went to install it on the laptop.

well, alright, i'll switch my cable modem over to the lap top and d/l the drivers. except... it doesn't have an ethernet card anymore. I don't have a landline so i can't even connect via regular modem.

by this point i'm running late, and figure i'll just work on it for now and then save it to floppy disc and transfer it over on my work computer tomorrow (since my home one doesn't have floppy drives)

so i meet up with people, and i get really productive (another 1932 words!) and it's great, and i meet 2 other cool writers, and it's nice, and i'm having a great time, and yay!

then the cafe/bookstore closes and i head home. the way home leads me directly past work, so i think, C is in till midnight, i can stop in, say hi, and do the transfer now! I might even be able to get the final couple hundred words to finish up chapter 1 and post tonight!

except... i can't find the floppy drive... it's not in the computer case. I have a sinking suspicion it was left in at my 'rents.

well crap. what now? how about: email! i don't have phone at home, but here at work i do! i'll just take the phone cord and plug in the computer. no biggie! i know the rent's aol info. except... at work we have to dial a stupid code, so i'm not able to connect.

i'm totally striking out with this computer, but i'm still not without options. I think, maybe i have the floppy drive at my apartment. maybe the floppy from aunty's laptop will work on this one. maybe even though i don't have a phone, i can still connect to aol.

so i drive home and no, i don't have the floppy drive, and aunty's floppy drive doesn't pop out, and no, i cannot connect to aol without actually having a phone connected.

but i'm still not ready to give up. i'm not without ideas to try for tomorrow. i think i might be able to edit the phone codes for aol, so i might be able to add in my code after the connection number. and if i can't or that doesn't work, C has a land line... i can ask to follow her home for lunch tomorrow and borrow her line for a few minutes.

if i can just get online, not only can i email the chapter over to myself, but i should be able to d/l the drivers so i can use the usb drive and not have to worry about this after tonight.

but in positive NaNo news, i should be over 6000 words now, i'm likely just a few hundred words away from finishing chapter 1, and i'll definately have it finished tomorrow. (if i can just get it off the lap top without having to retype it all, i'll be a happy girl.)

on that note, i think it's time i went to bed.
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i'm actually in a considerable amount of discomfort. my right wrist is starting to act up again. it's been over a year since i last had problems with it. i know that really i just need to stop using it for a while... switch my mouse over to left hand and just really rest my right hand. but that's not likely to happen very much. i have switched my work mouse over to left hand, and i briefly i also had my home mouse switched over, but my left hand isn't strong or steady enough to handle what i need to do in photoshop, so my home computer was switched back over to right-handed mousing.

i ought to do something at work not in front of my computer today, but i really want to finish up this cart of books and get it out of my office. ah well, i think there are a couple other things i can work out today.

Kitties are doing well. Romeo is quite fond of Genji, and they play together, and curl up together. it's too too cute.

for the time being, my computer is behaving (for the most part), so i'm hoping whatever possessed it has moved on.

i'm a bit tired, and just want to go home and read. alas, i still have most of the day to get through.
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well, it's been a few days, so i figure i should post an update. first of all, my computer seems to be starting up ok now. perhaps whatever possessed it has moved on. as for the issue of my lack of internet connectivity, i also seem to have fixed that.

i called up dell and first talked with the hardware guys and he talked me through a few diagnostics and it seems my hardware is working. since my computer was starting up properly, we worked on the lack of internet for the most part, and eventually determined that it is not the hardware on my computer that is the problem, leaving either the cable modem itself, the connection betweent he modem and the computer, or my OS. so he sent me on to the software division.

except, i don't have software warrenty, so it's going to cost me 60$ for this 'one-time charge'. argh. but i want to make certain i have things working properly, and i'm going to take care of it now while i have a dependable phone in front of the computer (i borrowed my neighbor's wireless landline cuz my cell phone reception wasn't dependable enough--kept cutting out).

so i got transfered over to software where i was put on hold. so i waited. and waited. and waited. 45 minutes i was on hold. but i payed 60$ i was going to speak with someone damn it.

finally got someone on the other side, and we did a bunch more diagnostics and so on, and did the whole turning everything off and restarting, and reconfigging, and so on. and then it worked! happiness! i thank the nice man and i'm happily chatting online once more.

only for the connection to cut out. within 10 minutes of hangin gup with dell support. by this point, i had been on the phone for over an hour and a half, i did not want to call them up again for another 45 minute wait on hold. so i figured it was time to put it aside for now and deal with it the next day.

so wednesday rolls around and i figure i should first call my cable company. maybe it's the cable modem unit that's dying. but something one of the Dell guys said was running through my head. 'maybe it's the wires connecting the modem to the computer.' so i check out the wire that i occasionally unplug during thunderstorms (having lost one computer to lightning before, i try to unplug everything now). and sure enough, that connection was lose.

so i fixed that up and sure enough my internet connection is working perfectly now.

d'oh. so i paid 60$ i don't really have for Dell to help me and i didn't need to. bugger. but that's life sometimes.

in happier news, my kitties are starting to get along really well. they both sleep on my bed with me, and are just too too adorable.

i've been pretty darn busy with work, but gotten a lot done, so i'm happy with that. but i've got a couple big original cataloguing i need to get done today.
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after thinking on this WAY TOO MUCH, i have finally decided on a name, and it's not even one i had been considering. i thought it would be too 'cutesey', but it really does seem the best... it's a recognisable Shakespeare name, and no doubt that its from Shakespare, it's not higher status the Genji, personality of the characer seems appropriate. and it's a cool sounding name in its own right.

the kitten's name is: Romeo.

in other news, my computer is acting up still, and dell was incredibly unhelpful this morning. last time, the guy gave me a test to run on my own, since i wasn't in front of the computer. this guy was just like, 'can't do anything unless you're at your computer, call back when you are.' my damn cell phone cuts out when i try calling when in front of my computer you unhelpful idiot! can't you just tell me a test to run, and then i can get back to you if it suceeded or not? and i might not be even able to do the test immediately, since when i try, the computer might be in one of it's 'i'm not going to do anything at all' kind of moods.
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i do not need a computer repair person. i need a priest. i'm now firmly convinced my computer is possessed.

i went home for lunch to see the kitties, and decided to try doing the diagnostic run again which the Dell support guy suggested. it didn't work before at all, so i didn't think it would work now but figured it was worth a try.

this time, it magically worked. just like that. so i did the test, and the hard drive came up as clean. passed the test. so that means the problem isn't the hard drive as previously believed.

after it finished the test, it asked me if i wanted to restart, so i said sure. computer was like, ok, i'll start up. then, ok, i'll give you internet.

it was amazingly cooperative, completely unlike the way it's been acting since friday. weird, but i'm not going to argue if it wants to work properly.

then pretty much immeidately after i sent a message to Akiko, praising the fact that the computer was working, my computer said, 'um, on second thought. no.' and restarted itself. when it came back on, it wouldnt' give me full internet.

i did a full virus scan and it found nothing. i did a spyware search it found nothing.

it's totally screwy. and so i have come to the conclussion that my computer is possessed. if anyone knows any spells or incantations or someone who does who can help unpossess my computer, i would appreciate.
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Still having severe computer issues. it doesn't like to start. it will eventually, but not consistantly. dell support suggested i run a diagnostic on the hard drive, but no matter how often i click F12 when starting up, it does nothing. when i do finally get on to the computer, i don't have internet connection. well, eventually i get some connection, but not enough to get onto aim, and not enough to get onto the web. as is now, i'm finally able to get on to the web, but still no luck on aim.

but in other big news, i have adopted a new boy in my life. yup, i have a new kitten. i did talk to some about possibly adopting a siamese kitten i came across, but i ddin't adopt him. instead, when i got home, i found a listing in the local free press for free kittens. i went to visit the 3 kittens left, and came home with a grey tiger kitty, just 7 weeks old.

as of yet, i haven't named him, but i have 5 possiblities: Hamlet, Horatio, Tybalt, Lysander, and Demetrius. they are all Shakesperian names. i decided that since i named Genji after a classical Japanese literary figure, i should stay in that vein and name the new kitten something classical and Western. besides, i'm a Shakespeare buff.

Genji isn't very pleased with the new addition to the family. he's acting very much like my late cat, Squeakers. fortunately, the kitten is pretty easy going and oblivious to Genji's displeasure. he seems to know when to back away from Genji, and when to ignore him and pounce on his tail.

it's been over 16 years since i've had a real little kitten, so i'm finding myself quite charmed by this new guy. still, Genji is the first wife, so to speak, and i'm quite mindful to give him lots and lots of attention and loving.

Genji has already been doing better in dealing with the new kitten, and i'm hopeful that it won't be too long before they're friends. after all, i got the kitten to be a companion to Genji, who has been lonely.

anyway, i'll post more tomorrow when i'm at work and have reliable connection.
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it hasn't started out as a very good morning.

things started badly when i couldn't get my computer to turn on. i hit the on button. it would start, and then just stop. i tried 5 times. the fifth time at least i got the 'windows will start up in safe mode'. i let it start in safe mode, then restarted and it came up just fine in normal mode. i left my computer on and had it scan for viruses. when i get home i'll do a back up and then do a massive clean off.

i've been having a bit of computer frustrations the past couple days, but not with how it was running. rather, it's been my internet that has been causing me headaches. i've been having a bit of a time connecting, with last night being the worst. i had absolutely no connection for several hours after i got home. when it finally did connect i had dial-up-esque speed, then it cut out again for another hour.

last weekend my cell phone antena snapped again. (about the 6th time it's happened). with the antena snapped, i can still get some connection in most areas, but as i have spotty connection in my aparto normally, i have absolute ZERO connection without the antena. no real biggie. i figured saturday i would go get it fixed, and that a week without my cell phone wouldn't be too much of a problem because my main means of communication is my internet.

i'm sure you can see how things got frustrating quick when i had no internet, no phone, no means of communicating with anyone.

so yeah, i finally got my computer turned on, it's time to head off to work. except, i can't find my keys. i normally dump them in a bowl next on a table next to the door. occasionally i'll leave them on the chair with my bag, or on the kitchen table. there have been a few times when i brought the keys over to the table beside the couch or my computer desk. nope. they're not in any of those places. they're not on the floor beside any of those places. they're not on the ground outside having been dropped on my way from my car.

i had them last night since i drove home and got into my aparto yesterday without problems. but where? i wore a skirt yesterday so i couldn't have left them in my pocket. i checked around the place and could still i couldn't find any trace of them.

by this point, i'm starting to run late to work, so i grab my spare keys and use those. i'll search again when i get home. very annoying.

another frustration in the past few days is that i got a letter from the town that they'll be turning off my water if they don't get paid soon. the water is in my landlord's name since he figured it would be a hassle switching it. the deal is that he pays the bill, and lets me know how much it was so i add that in with the rent check. except this is the second time he's apparantly been late and i've gotten that letter from the town. and the bill only comes in every 3 months, so there have only been 4 bills since i've moved in.

with my cell phone busted, i can't call him after work, so today i'm just going to have to call during work to make certain he's paid the bill so my water doesn't get shut off.

so yeah, it's been a slightly frustrating couple days that have accumliated into a very frustrating morning. and yet, i can't shake the feeling that it's going to get even worse before it gets better.


Oct. 14th, 2004 07:22 am
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I still can't get my computer to recognize my ipod. i have the latest version of itunes. i d/led and ran the ipod updater program suggested to me earlier. when i connect the ipod, it starts to rejuice, but my computer doesn't seem to be aware that it exists.

i worked all last night on a new playlist to listen to at work... soft music, lots of Akino Arai, Loreena Mckennet, Era, Engima, and the like. a little Hayami Show thrown in, for the 'ooo, sexy' (cuz everyone needs a little 'ooo sexy' Hayami Show).

spent a while trying to figure out the computer-ipod deal again, and wound up staying up too late. forgot to eat dinner. didn't take a shower. knew i was going to be screwed this morning.

well, i managed to wake up without too much problems, which was a blessing and curse. it was good, cuz i needed to wake up early to take a shower before work and all. it was absolutely horrible because i was having this FABULOUS dream about Gackt falling in love with me...

ehem, anyway, ipod is still cranky, but i got to work on time. early even.

now at work, i can't connect to oclc, which i need to do to catalogue. i cannot connect to aim. and i'm not getting messages from my various listservs... and autocat in particular is notorious for being prolific so i highly doubt that all 4 of my listservs, autocat in particular, just don't have any messages since 5pm yesterday. but i can get onto the internet with no problems.

called IT.. they had done something to the firewall, and suggested i restart the computer. so i did. still no go. we try a few things, still no go. i try calling my oclc rep, and get voice mail. left a message, hopefully will get called back soon. it might be an oclc thing, but considering the other issues this morning, my guess is its something on our side.

so i've pretty much wasted this morning getting nothing done, which is kinda frustrating. makes me wish i was still in that dream with Gackt... oh wait, i'd want to even if today was going better.

i'm guess i just need to work on other things for a while and see if things sort out themselves. sometimes, if you just ignore a problem, it goes away.
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so the past couple days i've had a couple computer troubles. first, i was having difficulties with my new program, premier. now, i know that this program is supposed to have a steep learning curve, so i expected to have some troubles. but i just couldn't figure out why i could see the video in the sequence monitor. i turned off the program in defeat monday night.

tuesday i attempted again, and after playing around, learned that the program just didn't seem to like the avi format, and worked fine with other formats. i dont' know what it's deal with avi is, or if this is something i can fix, but at least i am aware of the issue now, and i can rerip the video in a different format to use it.

so one problem resolved. onto the next.

i decided this morning that there was a new song i really wanted to listen to, so i thought i'd hook up my ipod to my computer real quick, grab the song, head off to work. easy, right? well, my computer wasn't seeming to recongnize my ipod. hmmm... that's bizarre. first i tried unplugging/replugging the ipod to the computer. still no good. wait... new computer... guess i haven't hooked up the ipod to it before. it must need drivers or something. hardware always needs drivers. so i grabbed the ipod cd, poped it in. install install... no i dont want to install musicmatch jukebox... i already have it on my computer and i don't want that one either. oh bloody hell, fine, give me the damn program, just let's get on with this. still no good.

by this time, i'm running a bit late to get to work, and getting frustrated. perhaps there were two ipod install cds.. one for musicmatch one for drivers, and i just didn't see the second one in the rush this morning? i can only hope. i tried going to the ipod site, figuring there must be drivers on the site i could just d/l. not that i could find at all. bloody hell.

well, not much i can do about it now.

in better news, there's going to be a talk today from a guy that made a green home, that is, a more environmental friendly house. he built his with straw bail, a method that is supposed to be quite good, despite how it sounds.

also, BIG shipment of my crack is coming in today, so i'll be rushing off after work to hit the comic store. yay! is the day over yet ^_~
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"it's mine. my own. my precious~~~"

oooo yay baby. it's mine. after years of lusting over it, i finally got Adobe Premier. *happiness*

then, not even 20 minutes after that package arrived in the mail, the ups man arrived with:



and then, as if that wasn't enough, my Amazon book order came in the same delivery! (with the most recent Robert Jordan book that i've been meaning to get since it came out in January, a "Tale of Genji" reader, which i found appropriate after naming my cat Genji. and a book of Izumi Shikibu poetry, which i really ought to have a book of since i love her poetry so much i chose my online name to be hers)


just one of these would have been enough to lift my mood, but all of them at pretty much the same time? ooooo, i'm totally bouncing right now. unfortunately, i have to work for another 3.5 hours. but then, oh yes, then... i get to PLAY!!



Sep. 16th, 2004 08:40 am
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well, yesterday, i finally went ahead and ordered my new computer. my current computer has been slowly dying for the past 2 years, and the rate of dying has significantly increased over the past 2 months. i decided that i neeed to get a new computer before my current one totally died on me.

so after much checking out webpages and different types of computers, asking lots of computer experts from friends to the local IT guys, i decided to get a dell. i'm getting a good, though not top-of-the-line, computer.

as i said, i ordered it yesterday, and i was quite surpriced to see that this morning that it was already shipped! well, ups just got it, so it will still be a few days until i get it.

so i really need to clean everything off my current computer, which is going to take a while since i have a lot of media files on it. i don't know when i'll have the time to do this! i think i'm going to be jumping back and forth between two computers for quite a while.


Jul. 26th, 2004 08:54 pm
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my computer has been crapped out since yesterday, and i'm not pleased.

things never really worked out with Omocha from the get go, as my apartment got hit by lightning a couple months after i got it. naturally, at the time i didn't have renter's insurance (i HIGHLY recommand that anyone who rents get this) and dell warranty doesn't cover lightning. for the most part, my computer survived. i lost my subwoover and my ethernet card, but on the whole, my computer was ok. my monitor is a bit freaky, but it works. Omocha is a bit strange at times, and yet i've been able to keep using it.

i generally think that 3-4 years is a good life span for a computer (if you use it as hard as i do). i'm a few months shy of 2.5 years, but i don't think i can wait much longer.

i can't open a certain folder without an error, causing my system to freeze up a bit and close the folder. everything has been running a bit sluggish. so basically, i'm backing things up, getting things off my computer as much as i can. and now i'm looking more seriously at the dell site.

i'm not happy about this at all.

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