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So today was annual shot day for my boys. It's always a bit of a struggle to bring them both in at one time, with their size and Romeo's habit of getting violently carsick. And in some POURING rain and you have a not so fun start to a day.

Since the vet is only like 6 miles down the road, I decided to try to let Romeo ride on my lap the way there, to see if that contact could calm his nerves a bit so he wouldn't get carsick. Fortunately, this was a successful trip, and I did not get cat puke etc all over me. Unfortunately, I parked in the side of the parking lot that was a lake.

So splashing out of my car, I get my boys over to the vet door. I had thrown Romeo back into his kitty carrier when we got to the parking lot, so it would be easier to carry him inside. It wasn't. Because right as we got to the door, Romeo decided to bust out. Fortuanately, he busted out into the mudroom, and I was able to close the main door quickly and thus trap him in that room so I could recatch him.

So vet appointment...Romeo's gained a bit of weight, so now HE'S on a diet as well, Genji's up a smidgeon, but healthy weight. They got their shots. Romeo has new carsick medicine so It'll be easier to bring him to my parent's house next time I need to bring him there. Genji got his blood work done, to make certain his diabetes is still in remission. And my boys are freaking expensive. (Genji's bloodwork is like a 100$ a pop)

Anyway, finally time to pack the boys up and leave. It is still POURING rain out there, and my car is still in a lake. I splash my way out there, open the door, my pants slipped so now the bottoms are sopping wet. I'm getting Genji placed in the car when Romeo busts out again.

He lands in the water, freaks out even more than he had been, and tears across the parking lot. He disappears under a bush next to the vet. There's a little indent place under the bush where he's trying to make himself as small as possible, and I'm able to scoop him up easily. I splash back towards my car and try to get my heart out of my throat. Romeo is trying to make himself as small as possible on the floor in front of the passanger seat, but I'm nervous he'll get carsick if left alone on the floor, so I scoop him up. He immediately gets off my lap to go sit on the floor at my feet. Not having a cat at my feet while driving, so I scoop him up again. We disagree a few more times on where he will be riding, before he finally settles in my lap. For the first half of the trip, he's still traumatized and shivering, but he got more relaxed by the last 2 miles, and is perfectly fine now that he's back at home.

And now that I'M back home, I've been able to change into dry clothing and get myself somewhat more relaxed. Though in a few more minutes I'll be settling onto the couch with some tv and a ton of Classical Japanese homework. That's my plan for the day.
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I hate my craptastic windows. I've got two that are stuck slightly open and I can't get them closed. Also? my apartment is like 5-10 degress cooler inside than it is outside. So I'm sitting at my computer, dressed in a sweatshirt, slipper socks, and downing tea like there's no tomorrow and I'm still chilled. And yet, I'm walking around outside in a t-shirt. Makes it hard to get dressed in the morning since it's sooo cold inside, but really comfortable outside. Yeah, I'm looking forward to getting out of this place.

In other news, my cats are ADORABLE. curled up on the couch in this pile of CUTE.

I was inspired, and taking some of Romeo's baby pictures, have put together this little LOLcat of cute:

Cat update

Nov. 16th, 2007 08:21 am
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Well this morning was my third morning giving Genji his meds, and the first time I don't think I did well giving them to him. I think I didn't get the needle in well and he didn't get most of his medicine, but since it's dangerous to give too much, I can't give him anymore until his next scheduled time, tonight.

He's been sneezing quite a bit this morning. Not sure what that means/if it's connected/or anything. Will have to keep an eye on that as well.

Romeo is doing fine.

I'm home

Aug. 18th, 2007 08:18 pm
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gods am i exhausted. More coherent post will follow later after some rest.

I melted my credit card today. That is, not physically melted, but reached my spending limit. Should not be surprising--I don't have that high a limit at this point on this card and I spent a LOT today.

I bought myself a washer and dryer, a couch, and a coffee table, plus a couple hundred on assorted storage and living things that I need for my new place. Trust me, the visa bill for today is going to HURT.

My table will show up probably thursday. It's not what I was pictured, what I was looking for, but it is quite nice and I deemed it acceptable. My washer and dryer show up and will be installed on Saturday. The couch will be sometime in 6-8 weeks. I've got a over-sized easy chair to sit on until then.

I had my parents and sister with me all day and we went out shopping and then did some unpacking and building. With my father's help I got a wire cord set up to tie up my kayak outside to give it some security.

Set up an outdoor bench/storage thingy for my garden things. Spent entirely too long on an overly complicated over-the-toilet storage cabinent.

It's been a very busy but quite successful day. And I'm utterly exhausted now.

In similar news, today I brought my two boys to their new home. Romeo was a bit distraught from the carride as I didn't bother giving him his meds so he got sick, and he gets SO miserable when he gets carsick. And in general, he does tend to be more timid. So he pretty much went under my bed and stayed there. Genji, however, was quite interested in exploring. He wandered about getting into every little knock and cranny he could.

Now that he's had dinner and has gotten a bit more used to the place, Romeo is feeling braver and is exploring. I'm glad to see him exploring :)

Well, I've still got entirely too much to do for unpacking but I think I'll take the rest of the night off. I've gotten quite a bit done already.

More to come later,


life update

Oct. 3rd, 2006 09:54 am
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I am quite pleased with my progress on the Welsh collection, though work still isn't as enjoyable as i would like it to be.

Romeo has been quite cuddly in the mornings. I don't think he wants me to go off to work, and honestly he makes it quite hard to do so. This morning, for example, I had a few extra minutes before i had to leave, so i was sitting at my computer. He settled into my lap, curling up and purring quite contently. It was so cute and sweet that I didn't want to disturb him and leave.

Been going out for half an hour long walks after work the past week, which has been quite pleasant.

Game is going quite well. Having a blast with it.

So that's my life in a nutshell at this point.
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First news, kitten update: i was able to find a home for him. On friday, a very nice couple came, having fallen in love with him just from his picture. We wound up chatting for something like an hour, and i felt very comfortable with them taking him home. Of course i'm sad to see him go, but it wasn't really fair to him and my boys with the set up we had, so i'm just glad he found a loving home.

next update, FF7: beat it saturday night. I got my Gold Chocobo last weekend, and even got the super powerful summon magic that you can only get if you have a Gold Chocobo. Then decided that super powerful summon magic was entirely too powerful and didn't use it. Liked the story alot, and really enjoyed playing. As soon as i beat the game, i watched Advent Children, and found myself even more in love with it this time because i was getting all the little 'in-jokes' that you pick up from knowing the game. Quite enjoyable.

So now of course i'm playing Dirge of Cerberus. I don't quite like the fighting system as much as something like Devil May Cry, but with the 'makes-it-easy' feature of the automatic targetting, i'm starting to get the hang of it. It's very pretty.

Yesterday was a sucky day. I was a bit slow to get up, and lunch took a bit longer than i should have spent to make, so i was feeling like i was heading out a bit later than i wanted to, and then realized i couldn't find my car keys. Now, I have spare keys, so the car key part of it wasn't as much of a concern. But on my car keys are the library keys which i would need since i was going to be opening the library. So i spend 5-10 minutes or so frantically searching and im' running late and i'm going to be the only one opening but i can't find my keys and finally i give up.

I'm praying that the cleaning lady will be around the front of the library to let me in, because otherwise i'm a bit screwed. I pull into the parking lot, grab the bag where i packed my lunch, and there i see, half-burried on the seat, my carkeys. I must have dropped them there when grabbing groceries the day before. Equal parts glad to have my real keys back and frustrated by the frantic searching that made me late, i open the library slightly late, but within reason.

I knew i was the only one opening yesterday, what i didn't realize was that i was going to be the only one in the library until after lunch. Yes, that is right, i was literally the only librarian/worker there until 12:30. And even when coworker G came in, after a brief lunch break, she asked me to stay out front so she could get some work done.

Which meant that *i* wasn't getting work done. But at least my work doesn't have a deadline, so i suppose it was ok. Just frustrating since i don't like working out front. The only positive was the fact that i spent the day reading. I am now mostly done with rereading Harry Potter book 6. And geekily taking notes sa i go. I'm not 97% positive that Snape is still on the good side and was acting on Dumbledore's orders. And you can so find support for Sirius/Remus in the books. I'm pretty certain that wasn't what JK intended, but you can support it.

Today is not likely to be a great day either. The fact is, i'm still at home because i have to cover the night shift. I have to go in at 3 to work until midnight. I tend to go to bed 11ish. How the hell am i supposed to work till midnight??? At least the student workers will be back today. HOpefully tonight i'll have someone who worked last year and knows what they are doing. So i can work in back and just be there 'if need be'.

Well, tomorrow things should be getting back to more regular working conditions for me. Just need to make it through tonight.
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Many years ago, when the PlayStation was new, Final Fantasy 7 was released. When i was traveling with my sister and we stopped for the night with a friend of hers, i spent my time playing ff7 while they chatted. I had been quite fond of the Breath of Fire rp games, but never got into the final fantasies, and wasnt' particularly impressed at first due to the 'modern' setting. Still, it was entertaining enough to keep me busy for the day.

And then of course i got to THAT SCENE. The one with Sephiroth and the flames... And i was in love and had to have my own copy of the game at once. (well, it took a while longer than that, but i did eventually pick it up.)

That being said, i played a little but never got very far. Never made it beyond halfway through disc 1, and didn't think i was every going to pick it up again, what with the graphics not aging so well and all.

Still, after all these years, i pretty much knew the plot, and i read up on it more fully before watching Advent Children.

But the other day I bought Dirge of Cereberus (i had to--Gackt is a character in it!!!!) and i decided i wanted to play through ff7 first.

So this weekend i majorly geeked out and spent the whole time playing ff7. Last night i just got through disc 1. Quite an accomplishment for me!

For those who know about the game, the end of disc 1 is the infamous death. I think had i not known it was coming, i would probably have been quite shocked/saddened by it.

In any case, it's been a lot of fun, and after the first little hour or so, i've kinda forgotten about the crappy art and just enjoyed the story. Still, i think i'll go into art shock again when i rewatch Advent Children when i beat the game. OOOO the PRETTY!!!

In other news, Nao is doing much better. He's no longer getting sick, and hastn' been for a couple days. I'll probably move him back to the second bedroom so he has more room to move and play. Still haven't heard anything from the potential couple who i had heard might be interested in adopting him. I guess it's time for me to make fliers because word of mouth hasn't found any one yet. *sigh*

I absolutely adore this little guy, but three cats are entirely too many, and i don't want to upset the dynamics of Genji and Romeo.
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Nao is expensive.

He has not one, not even just two, but THREE different types of worms in him. So he's on new medicine. The combo of worms and the medicine he had been on was probably the reason for the diareha, so with this new medicine and getting rid of the worms, he should hopefully get better soon. I actually have another type of medicine for the worms as well that he'll start on when he finishes the current medicine in a week.

He's also got some eye drops to speed up the healing of his eyes and some ear drops to finish off the earmites.

So LOTS of medicine.

The vet assistant said when she saw me walking in with him "ooo, he looks bad!" to which i responded that he looked ten times better than he did on sunday.

He hasn't any accidents since going to the vet, so i'm hoping that the new medicine is already taking affect.

Of course i have to keep him seperate from my boys. That's not as much fun for him, but last thing i need is to have Romeo and Genji get sick and have another expensive vet visit.

So for now, i have new medicine and just need to keep doing what i've been doing. In 2 weeks I get to bring him in again and see if we've taken care of the worms and his other illnesses, and then see about setting up a time to do kitten vaccines.

In the meantime, I'm going to visit Akiko in her new home this weekend, for which i'm very, very excited about. Romeo and Genji will stay home, but Nao will be visiting Ali who has agreed to kitten-sit. I'm hoping of course that she'll fall in love with him and agree to adopt him after all. We shall see. Bwah ha ha ha ha ha!!
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So tired. Nao woke me up 2x last night. If i didn't have to keep him seperated from my other boys, i would have just brought him to bed with me so he wouldn't be feeling all alone, but i could actually get some sleep. Though actually, considering he's still having diareha, its probably best that he stays in the bathroom. I'm bringing him to the vet today so we'll see how he is doing.

Romeo is seemingly less pissed off at me, but he's still not very happy. In other news about Romeo, the past couple weeks, he's had a growth spurt. He's HUGE. Not as big as Genji, of course, but close to it. He's of comprable height and length as Genji, just not the same width. Genji, besides still being a bit overweight, just has a larger frame the Romeo, and i think that will always be the case.

Why do my coworkers insist on bringing their kids? Gods do i have a headache. Argh will people please not talk so loud???

Nyao Nao!

Aug. 15th, 2006 08:40 am
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Kitten is doing better. It's eye doesn't look as swollen, and it's cheeks are starting to heal. Has no idea how to use the litter box yet, so this is definately something that needs to get worked on. Alas, i'm working most of the day so i can't give it the attention it needs.

I've taken to calling it "Nao". In part, it's because of the sound it makes--it's meow is more like a 'nyao' (the Japanese version of 'meow'). The name comes from a manga series called Outlanders. There's this weird ugly alien guy called "Nao" whose eyes are all slitted and weird... like the oppisette of cross-eyed.

I'm pretty certain its a little boy, but again, with all that fur it's hard to tell. I'm also really certain its partly, if not mostly, siamese. Not the typical siamese, but one of the other varients. It's talkative like a siamese as well.

He really is all purrs and love. He loves climbing on me and demanding pets. He also has taken to rolling onto his back so i can rub his belly. Oh, and he likes to wash me. So very, very sweet. He also keeps trying to rub my cheeks and i'm like 'no, your face is nasty. but i appreciate the intention."

Romeo is pissed off like you would not believe. For the sake of my cats and Nao, he needs to be adopted soon. It really isn't fair to any of them.
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So i went to this tiny little sci-fi/ect con on saturday and even though i was only there for a day, i had a lot more fun at this tiny con than i did at otakon. AND i got to see Voltaire in concert, and that alone was worth driving down to see.

But in other news, yesterday i found another stray cat outside my aparto. But this time, it was a 6-7 week old kitten. It took me on a merry chase to catch the little rascal, and then i spent a couple hours down at the emergency vet center (it being a sunday, only the emergency vets are open, which meant my little vet visit was a lot more expensive than it would have been on any other day).

Still, the little guy is quite sick, so i don't regret bringing him to the vet. Actually, i'm not entirely certain if it's a little boy or a little girl (it's a little ball of fluff, and you know how hard it is to tell male/female with those balls of furr). Didn't even get a straight answer from the vet on the gender.

Anyway, it's this white ball of fluff with cream colored paws and tail. Very cute. Well, except for it's face. Got BAD eye infections that have also affected its cheeks. Face looks a mess (even after the vet cleaned him up). But it's so ugly with it's face that you can't help but feel sorry for it.

On account of its eyes, i'm calling it Moody. As in "Mad-eye Moody" from Harry Potter.

So besides the eye, it had some earmites, probably some fleas, and possibly some internal parasites. Dehydrated. It's anemic, possibly just from the lack of nutrition, but could be from somethign worse. I need to bring it back to the vet in a few days to check it's blood count to see if it's getting normal or not.

Oh, and of course it has a slight upper respirtory infection. But that goes without saying with kittens i suppose.

I'm giving it some antibiotics 2x a day, plus some nutrient supplements to try to take care of the malnutrition. Feeding it a couple spoonfuls of canned food every few hours. I'll be taking an early lunch, and leaving early from work to take care of it.

Doesn't quite know how to use the litter box yet--he had a little accident last night. i hope it'll figure it out soon.

It's VERY sweet. Climbs right into my lap and purrs its furry little head off. Loves to climb, and is a remarkable jumper.

And no, i'm not keeping it. I have 2 already, i don't want a third.
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So while the vet in my town wouldn't look at him, the vet in the next town over had no problems. I was asked for a name, so i came up with something on the fly. What would you call an overly-affectionate, boney, dirty old man who drools a lot? Master Rochi!

He needs another 4-5 pounds, so the first step is to try to get some meat back on him. I'm apparantly doing all the right things--keeping him seperate from my other cats, washing my hands after handling him, only giving him handfuls of food at a time so he doesn't get himself sick by over-eating too quickly.

There is some question, however, on if he has particularly long to live. His ears are a mess and it looks like he's got the start of cancer.

I dont' know if I can really give him to a shelter if he does have cancer, since they would just likely put him to sleep. So i want to find a good home for him, for however long he has. If anyone is interested, i'm not opposed to helping with his medical bills. Please.

Anyway, for now, i'm just trying to get some weight on him. I've got some left over can food from my old cat who passed away a couple years ago, and the vet gave me some vitamins. I figure next week i'll bring him back to the vet to see how his progress is.
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Anime Boston was a good deal of fun, and Akiko and I managed to do alright with our sales. I've got a rough draft of the con report posted on my webpage. Didn't get much sleep or food for the weekend, and with the heat I crashed pretty hard on monday.

My mother bought me some plants, but I was too tired to plant them on monday when I got home. It started to pour tuesday afternoon so no planting yesterday either. Today had been sunny all day up until the point where I was halfway home. Then it clouded over and it even started to spit on me when I got home.

Still, the rain seemed to hold off so I figured I'd get as much planted as I could before it started to pour on me. I managed, somehow, to get it all done, so now I have a pretty and full garden.

Adding to the chaos this afternoon, I discovered a stray cat. He is so thin, to the point of being sickly thin. He shakes just standing up. So pitiful looking. And such a sweetheart.. he is all purrs and adoration. I gave him a bit of food, and then he followed me inside by carefully slipping in around my feet. Fortunately my boys stayed clear and I was able (with a bit of coaxing) to get him into a kitty carrier.

The vet wouldn't see him (she said she couldn't legally unless I wanted to claim ownership of him which I don't really want to do). But she did give me the number for animal control. I didn't get through this evening, but I'll try again all day tomorrow. I really want this poor kitty picked up and brought to a vet where they can help make him healthy. And then he can be given to a loving home since he is such a sweet boy.

And no... While I don't have a problem being a temporary foster home, I have 2 boys already and I don't need a third. I will be quite happy if he can be adopted to another loving home.

I spent the past 2 hours up stairs.. I put away some of my books which i have desperately needed to do for a while, and then I read on the futon for a while, just so I could give him a bit of companionship. My boys don't quite know what to make of this situation, but hopefully it's only for another day and then they'll forget all about the fact that I kept another cat here.
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so with the funeral on saturday morning, i'm driving back down to my rents tomorrow night, bringing both my boys with me. Now Romeo gets carsick something bad, and it's been getting worse. He gets so mizerable, i knew last time that enough was enough and it was time to get him to the vet for some sedatives. So i left work for a bit this afternoon to get him taken care of.

(While at the vet, i have learned that my 9 month kitten is already 9.9 pounds and his paws are still rather large so he'll likely grow a bit more).

Anyway, since my vet is in the same town as my work, and i only have an hour left of work for the day, i decided to bring Romeo in with me for a little while. My coworkers adored him, and i think it's nice to have a kitty in my lap at work :) he's not entirely so sure about this, but he's starting to regain his confidence and is exploring my office a bit. (though i've got his leash and harness so i'm not letting him go too far from me.
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So i managed to survive the weekend. I treated myself to finally getting a PS2. I needed it after the past couple weeks. I decided to start with Kingdom Hearts, though didn't play too long last night. Squall, pardon, i mean 'Leon', was kicking my ass. I know i don't have to beat him to get past this point in the game, but i really want to. I don't suppose anyone knows how many times i have to hit him, so i could have some idea if i'm even close or if i should just give up.

I've got a couple more games coming as well. It shall be much fun.

i banged up my knee something good on friday. Was walking my parent's dogs when they decided to head off in a different direction, and as their combined weight is only a few pounds less than mine, they pulled me right off my feet.

Driving back home, i decided to try letting my cats ride in the car not in their kitty carriers. Genji was signficantly quieter that way, but they were both a bit obnoxious, as they insisted on walking all over me. Romeo was still the better rider. He had gotten carsick ealier, as per usual, but by the time i had let him out of his carrier, he was fine. He spent the majority of the ride curled up on my lap. Genji wasn't as content to stay in one place, so sometimes he was curled up on the floor behind me, sometimes curled up on the floor at my feet, and often enough wandering around. Having them BOTH sitting in my lap was difficult.

I went to bed a bit early last night, but i'm still feeling rather sleepy this morning. oh well.
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I had a fabulous weekend, 'productive' in the manner i wished. I drew a bit, trying to get Akiko and i ahead in comics again. I got some cleaning done, though my place is still a bit of a mess. I also watched a ton of anime, trying to get through the pile i got over the holidays.

I broke my record on saturday. Previously, my record had been 22 episodes in one day. That was back in freshman year when i was watching Fushigi Yuugi with 2 friends. Fushigi Yuugi has a tendency to end each episode in this excrutiating cliff-hanger, so whenever i asked if my friends wanted to stop yet, they insisted upon another episode. and then another. and then another, and before you knew it, we had done a marathon of 22 eps. I've gotten close to my record, getting 20 eps in a day. But i shattered my record with 28 eps. I got the latest boxset of Yu Yu Hakusho, and planned to just watch half of it, but i was really getting into it, and it was still early enough, so i went ahead and finished watching it all. i've decided 28 eps is a bit much for one day, so i don't think i'll try to break my new record. still, i do know now that if i really want to, i could probably get a 26 ep series watched in one day.

My boys were utterly adorable this morning. I woke up sometime in the middle of the night with Genji curled up on me, and Romeo sprawled right beside me. Genji's been a bit of a brat and not spending the night on my bed recently, so i was happy just that he was on the bed at all. It was really too cute how we were all cuddled together. Romeo, however, didn't want me to get up in the morning. My alarm was going off, but he pinned me down.

I didn't get my PS2 yet, but i wanted to try to get through most of my stack of anime before turning my attention to video games. Considering how much of my pile i was able to get through this weekend, i'm feeling pretty good about picking up the console soon.

As i was going to bed, twice i turned the light back on to write down a few bits that came to mind. I heard a few voices that i hadn't heard in some time, so today's writing practice is a bit of dialogue between Dracula and Helsing from Eien no Momento. I think i'll likely go in somewhere in ch3 or 4.

Last week i did writting 3x (only posted 2 here). I've just gotten one for today, so hopefully i can get at least 3x this week, though i hope to write more than that.

anyway, here's Dracula and Helsing:

Trial of humanity )
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So the past couple days have been a slight mixed bag. The other day i was randomly visited by an old college friend i haven't seen in a couple years. He was driving by and just stopped in at my work. It was great; we talked for over an hour.

Also, i was auditing a class this semester (Modern Japanese Literature). I figured it would be a great oppertunity to read things i might not have read otherwise (since my primary interest is classic lit). I knew more culture/history than the prof, but he knew a good amount, and knew more on literture in general. It was a good class. Anyway, i did the weekly 'issue cards' assignments (which were mostly class participation things) but didn't take the final or do the final paper. well, apparantly, the registrars office wanted a grade even though i was auditing. Since i was one of the most active people in the class, even though i didn't take the final exam or do the final paper, he gave me a B. this amuses me.

Anyway, so last night i had voluntered to drive a couple students down to the airport. I made a mix of Christmas and Asian music (since the students were Korean and Chinese) and they seemed to appreciate hearing a bit of music in their own langauge. On the way back, I stopped back in Saratoga and hit the mall--finished up my xmas shopping for the most part. The line at JC Penny's was god-awful, but managed to get in and out in about an hour.

Then, i went down to the comic store. Back in June/July, Full Moon o Sagashite vol 2 came out, but my comic store didn't have it, so i asked them to pick it up for me, and the next time i came in, they still didn't have it, and so on. Vol 3 came in. Vol 4 came in. But still no vol 2. So after the Adam got worked up over the fact that he couldn't understand why it didn't come in and how sucky Diamond is and so on, he finally agreed that if i found the book elsewhere, he'd understand. Actually, he first said he'd try ording it again and then mail it to me (no charge for the mailing). Then, when i mentioned that i had seen the book at the Borders across the street, he told me to run over there and get it. I did. They had it. So then I came back with vol 2 in hand, bought the next 2 volumes, with the rest of my stack.

By this point, it was already later than i really wanted to be, but i had already made arrangements to go have a late dinner with Ali, so i drove out to her place and she made us Quesadas while we watched a little Who's Line and chatted.

It was nearly 11 before i got back on the road. I knew my normal bedtime of 11:30-12 wasn't going to happen, which sucked because i had to get up this morning to open the library at 7:30, plus i needed to give Genji his meds, which isn't a quick process. So i went a little fast. I just wanted to get home.

So, i'm sure you can all tell where this is going, i get pulled over for speeding. Well fuck. 66 in a 45. For most of the road, it was 55, but i was coming up to a town center so the speed limit had dropped. i figured at nearly midnight, what difference did it make? Clearly the cop felt differently.

Further in the suckiness, it's not a regular ticket. If it was like 'you owe 100$' i'd be like, ok, yeah, i was speeding i'll pay and be done. instead, it's this ticket with a court date on it. Which is naturally december 28. Like i'm going to be in the state then. So i'm going to have to do something, since there isn't any way i can get in that day.

Finally i got home, and had to immediately torture my cat. To get him to take his meds, i have to wrap him in a towel and sit on him. Literally. His cold is prety bad, so there is nothing to be done but just keep forcing the meds in him.

By the time i finally crawled into bed it was just about 1. 6:30 came all too quickly.

I had warned my coworkers that i would quite possibly be late this morning, and that it would be good if someone else could come in at 7:30 just to be safe. Two of them volunteered. Despite my difficulty in waking up and needing a few minutes to get Genji to take his meds, i managed to get to work just about the time i wanted to, just a few mintues late. i arrived just before one of the coworkers who said he'd open. The other slept more miserably than i, so she didn't arrive until after 8. Ah well, it all worked out.

Still, i'm definately looking forward to getting home and reading all my new manga. i mean napping. (Bah, who needs sleep when there is new manga to read?)

Today feels like it should be friday. I wish it was friday. I could use a day off now.
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My cat has a food allergy. I find this fact somewhat silly. Genji's been having a bit of a rough patch on his chin, and then he's been sneezing for the past few days, so i thought it was time to bring him in to be checked out.

At first the doc thought it might be pimples (apparantly cats can get them on their chins) but after looking closer decided it was likely food allergy, particularly as he's on new food right now.

Also, he's OVERWEIGHT. Fortunately, the doc felt that Romeo is big enough now that i can get Genji back on the diet food (since Romeo eats Genji's food too). So that should help both with the food allergy (since he ate the diet food without problems for a year before Romeo) and the weight.

Besides the allergy and weight, he's also got a cold, so i've got some meds to help. However, when a 19 lb. cat does not want to take his medicine, it's kinda hard to make him take them. Akiko suggested mixing the meds with a little bit of yogurt, which sounds like a great suggestion, so i'll try that tonight.
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yesterday was a tad bit exhausting... i had to go out to the front and watch the desk for 2 hours. first, i worried of what i was going to do for 2 hours, since i wouldn't have the programs i use on the computers out there. at last i decided to start looking at the yearbooks i have to do original cataloguing on. i needed have bothered really...i was hardly at the desk for very long. Eventually i just pulled out my Japanese flash cards as something to flip through that wouldnt' be troubled by the constant interuptions.

my first flip through the cards went horrifically. kanji that shouldn't have given me the slightest trouble were giving me pause. but once i had seen them again, it was easy as can be. i need to establish a set time every day to flip through them, even if just a little. as long as i'm seeing them, i won't forget them. since lunch is the time to work on my homework, i think maybe i should spend a couple extra minutes during my mid-morning breakfast break and flip through my cards then. just 10 minutes a day is probably all i need.

in happier news, my cats are adorable and silly. Romeo is getting so big (but no where near the size of Genji of course!) and he's such a little brat. he's so sweet, but we do have disagreements on certain things. first, he seems to think that he belongs on the table or my desk. we have words on that subject several times a night.

then, he seems to think he is being cute when he starts batting at the bag i use when cleaning out his kitty litter, or helpful when he stands in the kitty litter box when i'm trying to scoop it out. furbrain.

today is going to be an excessively long day. i shall muddle through as best i can, for that is all i can do.
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i haven't been posting much lately, but then, there really hasnt' been too much going on in my life of late. my computer has returned to normal, i'm keeping pretty busy with work, i read a bit when i get home, and so on.

i haven't been working on my Red Dwarf fanfic in a couple weeks... i'm currently in a wan phase. but i have ordered a Red Dwarf novel from amazon, so i'm hoping that when i read that novel (and reread the other 2 i own) that will respark my inspiration and i can resume writing.

speaking of reading, i've been doing quite a bit of it of late. i've just started the fourth volume of a series. (i read the first volume back in march, but have for the past 2 weeks been reading the other volumes). each book is quite lengthy (about 750-800 pages), but i suspect i'll be finished with the final book this weekend.

which brings me to my dilemna. i know several of you will be quite aware of the coming release of the Wheel of Time penultimate book. (a mere 2 months to go!). when book 10 came out, i was just starting grad school, so i had a couple weeks before classes started with nothing to do, so i was able to quickly reread the entire series. i'm pondering on whether i should reread the series again. it hasnt' been that long since book 10 came out, so i don't feel like i've forgotten everything, but they are such dense books that it might be nice to notice some more of the details before getting into book 11. however, i don't have the disposable free time that i once had, and it is a LONG series. (i'm just not able to get through things as quickly as i just dont' have the time to devote to reading, as evidant by the fact that it's taken me about 2 weeks to read the series i'm working on right now!)

so should i reread the series before i read book 11? and if i do, should i start reading them pretty much immediately so i can try and be ready for book 11 as soon as it comes out? or let book 11 wait and read more casually? i can also read book 11 and then go back and reread the others. ah the dilemna!

and my boys are too too cute. Romeo makes the cutest 'rawr' sound when he gets excited. :)

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