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So I wasn't the most productive I've ever been at work on Wednesday, but I'm getting more books done today already.

Didn't get any real work done yesterday with my own research. Instead I read. It was fantastic for relaxing/reading side of things...I sat out on my porch, surrounded by my overflowing garden, the scent of summer and green all around me. Peaceful. Absolutely heavenly. But my summer break is almost gone and I have accomplished practically nil on my own research. Argh.

I've got my main story plots percolating in my head a bit more recently. T'eao has expressed some interest in drawing some of my vampire story, and i've been wanting to rewrite/edit that for a couple years now.
[next few paragraphs are rambling about my story]
This morning, I finally figured out how to smooth up a part in the beginning... I knew I wanted/needed to have Helsing have to stay at Dracula's castle a little in the beginning before they leave it, and an injury on Helsing's part would be a good way to slow their departure. I was seeing the classic shoujo plot device of Helsing twisting his ankle... The part in chapter 2/3 where there is the big confrontation, and Dracula is explaining to Helsing how he had bound himself to him and Helsing makes him prove it...I was seeing Helsing backing up, away from this crazy situation, and Dracula is all "Master..." "I'm not your master, I want no part of this." "Well, Master I think there is really something you need to know..." *Crack* "...and that is that that tile is broken." "Why didn't you say that sooner?"
Cute right? Totally cliche shonen-ai /shoujo comic fluff though, and doesn't really work for the tone of my story, particularly that part of it. And then the answer came to me so easily, I can't believe I didn't think of this way before...Helsing had just been fighting Dracula. Sure, Dracula isn't taking the fight all that seriously and isn't trying very much, but he is still a vampire lord...Helsing gets injured in the fight...He lets his leg get stabbed but in return is able to defeat Dracula. That way there, I can have Dracula first try to do the whole "you're injured, you won't be able to get out of my castle alive" attempt, only to have Helsing sneer at him that that doesn't matter, at least he'll be taking out another vampire lord with him, which causes Drac to laugh about how there is no way that this will kill him, and continue that scene as previously written. I can easily fit that into the first chapter without much problem, and not only does it make sence, it will make the next chapter work so much better.
Now Helsing will be injured enough that he won't be able to just up and leave the castle, making him have to stay/interact there a little longer, and I can work in the plot I have with Dracula's three wives.
[done with story ramble]

I'm bummed that my writing community died last was a little too small really, but I was able to get some feedback on my writing, and I think I was getting that first story arc of Ninsei so much stronger through their help. I'd really like something like that again.

Anyway, my back is hurting a little today...might want to take a pain killer when I get home. In three hours. Ugh.

Also, I just want to get back to the novel series I've been reading this week. I dont' think I'm going to get much of anything else accomplished until I finish it.

What are people's favorite fantasy series?

Also, I am really looking forward to the current story arc in Naruto Shippuuden to end. It's totally lame and the new character its centered on really annoys me. Anyone else watching that wants to chat with me?
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I've been meaning to do this for a couple weeks, finally getting off my arse and posting. I'm watching a TON of things this season.

Continuing from last season: Death Note.
Bokura No
Darker than Black
Gurren Lagan
Heroic Age
Hayate no Gotoku
Love Com
Romeo & Juliet
Seto no Hanayome
Toward the Terra

I'll start off with a short review on Hayate no Gotoku, of which I've seen at this point 6 episodes.

Hayate no Gotoku (Hayate the Combate Butler) is an anime based of a manga that is currently being released in the States by Viz. I haven't read the manga. The story follows a young boy, Hayate, who's irresponsible parents have resulted in Hayate being massively in debt. Desperte, he sees a rich young girl (Nagi) who he decides to kidnap, but she mistakes his attempt to kidnap her for a love confession, and after some confusing situation, she pays off his debts and he is hired as her new butler.

The anime (and manga from what I hear) is filled with little parodies on other series, and constant breaking of the fourth wall. The series feels a bit 'young' to me--aimed for a younger audience than me. It's entertaining, but not great. It also has a couple big problems that is starting to hamper my enjoyment of it.

First problem is the main girl, Nagi. She reminds me of a younger, slightly nicer version of Eiri from School Rumble, the character I HATE from that series (and am so upset that she tends to be the main canidate for love interest for Harima.) I don't like Nagi particularly much but I find her at least tolerable, unlike Eri. Fortunately, Hayate is the real main character and as such gets the most screen time.

The other problem has been getting worse however, and that is the blantant fan service with the female characters, and as they all happen to be 10 years old or so, I find this really really disturbing. First there is the end credits which shows the various girls sleeping in their night-gowns, showing just a little bit of skin. Except for the closing theme, this wasn't too bad a problem until this the last episode I watched (Ep 6) which several times pointlessly flashed to one of the girls sleeping, showing a bit of skin. It's pointless fanservice and if the girls were older I'd just shrug it off and ignore it, but as they are 10 year old girls it just creeps me out. It's starting to make me not enjoy this series, so I'm hoping that it stops (though I don't think it will).

Moving on to another 'young' comedy, we have Seto no Hanayome. (i've seen 5 episodes of this one).

Takahiro is a young boy who is saved from drowning by a mermaid, San. It is forbidden for humans to learn of a mermaid's existance, so the options are to kill Takahiro, kill San, or for the two of them to get married. What makes this series so much fun is that San's family are yakuza and it's totally over the top. I found myself laughing out loud several times while watching this. The first episode is hands-down the best. I'm still enjoying it, though the repeated jokes are getting a little worn. I think if this is a 12-13 episode long series it'll be a cute/fun series, but I don't know if it can sustain for a full year-long season.

I'd like to give a special mention to Shark Fujishiro, who is voiced by a particular favorite voice actor of mine, Takehito Koyasu. Koyasu-san tends to do serious, pretty-boy rolls, like Hotohori (Fushigi Yuugi), Aya (Weiss Kruez) and the like, but he can and does the ocassional comedy roll that I think pokes fun a bit at his serious side. (He was Mosquiton from Master of Mosquiton series I reviewed a while back, he was Lord Illapalanzo from Excel Saga which I thought was perfect casting). Maybe it's just because I knew as soon as i heard the voice that it had to be Koyasu that is making me enjoy the character so much, I don't know. But Shark Fujishiro alone makes me like this series.
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I like reading other's manga/anime blogs and I keep telling myself that I should write one of my own--after all, I'm constantly reading/watching anime and manga. It's just, I'm entirely too lazy. I think it might take something like when Akiko finally pushed me into doing a webcomic with her, even though it had been something I had thought about and wanted to do for years before we actually started.

Besides my current series that I'm watching as they air in Japan, the series I've been watching recently is Tsubasa Chronicle. (ie, the uber cross-over CLAMP series).

Tsubasa is the story of a young princess (Sakura) from the kingdom of Clow who possess a mysterious and great power. Her power manifests into wings and gets dispersed throughout different worlds. Without her 'heart', Sakura is dying, so her childhood friend (Syaoran) gets sent to the Time-Witch (Yuuko from CLAMP's xxxHolic series) to help save her. There Syaoran is teamed up with Kurogane (a ninja-warrior who just wants to get back to his own world) and Fye (a magician who just wants to stay away from his own world). Yuuko sells them Makona, a strange creature who has the ability to bring them to different worlds as they search for Sakura's missing memory-feathers.

I've been enjoying the manga well enough and had high hopes for the anime. And yet it's been a struggle for me to keep watching it. It's just....boring.

I admit I generally don't have much patiance for changing the story from the source manga. For example, I LOVE the D.N.Angel manga, but wasn't as fond of the anime version. I wanted to love it. It's gorgeous, love the voices, love the look, the animation is great. But i got frustrated with the anime-version of the story. So there is definately some of that in my reaction to the Tsubasa anime.

And while the characters of Sakura and Syaoran aren't quite as interesting in the Tsubasa manga as I find their other versions in the Card Captor Sakura series, on the whole I find the characters likable and interesting. And yet they don't interest me as much in the anime version. I've read a couple other reviews that point out that there doesn't seem to be much emotional reaction from the characters, and that their facial expressions are all pretty much the same. I think that assessment is pretty accurate.

I guess over all, the anime isn't BAD--the changes don't seem to be too major (just dumb. the "why bother with this change?" variety as opposed to the "ZOMGWFTPOLARBEAR!!!WTH do they think they're doing????" changes that some other series can do). So the series isn't bad, it's just not really good.

It all comes down to the fact that this series doesn't particularly engage me, and feels more like a chore than a pleasure to watch, to the point where I've been stalled at episode 16 for a couple weeks and I'm uncertain if I want to continue ot watch it. I think if it was a 26 episode long series, I'd say "only 10 more eps to go, let's just finish it" but as it's a 50-something long series...I don't think I'm going to bother.

Li's rating: 2 (out of 5)
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I had a fun weekend. H-kun came to visit, crashing at my place to and from a day of skiing. Friday night we watched a ton of anime music videos, and saturday night i hooked him on my new obsession: Death Note. Yesterday afternoon I helped T'aeo move a load of things down to her new house. In between all that, I watched all 9 episodes from the Hana Yori Dango drama series, writing up summaries that I'll spend the next couple days translating into Japanese for my homework assignment (yes, my homework assignment was to watch a dorama series and write a summary for it. I know, I know. It's a tough life, but someone has to live it). I also came upon a new drama series that I'm enjoying called Kimi wa Petto (You are my Pet). I've heard of the manga before, and wasn't particularly interested in it, but the drama starred an actor I've enjoyed in other works and have started to follow, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I'm glad I did because it's turning out to be quite interesting. I'm not entirely certain how this show is going to pad out to 10 episodes long, but I'm sure there will be more twists complicating the plot as things continue, as Japanese drama are pretty good in that regard.

In other news, with a little conversation with H-kun, a plot bunny has wormed its way into my head for a new story. It is already developing very strongly. Bwah ha ha ha ha ha.

And what is this story going to be, you ask? Well, just picture this:

Rome & Juliette.


Yes. That's right. A boys-love version. Picture Juliette as a boy who has been raised as a girl his entire life.

And you thought i was nuts for a shonen-ai Dracula story. You ain't seen nothing yet!

The story won't be an exact copy of the Shakespeare version, of course. Shakespeare is the base and model, but my story shall be rather different, owing to the fact of course that there is a cross-dressing Juliette in it. I'm really quite excited by the idea of this new story :)

It needs quite a bit more planning out, as I have a general gist of things and a few scenes coming together in my head, but it's still quite rough. I will probably get much of it figurd out in the next few weeks, being that it's the plot bunny currently in my head, but i don't know if I'll start writing it any time soon. I might plan it out completely but hold off on writing until November, and use this for my next NaNoWriMO story. I suppose that's neither here or there at this point though, as I first have to figure out the story more.

Ah, I was having a bit of a crappy morning earlier, but just thinking about my story has put me in a much better mood. :)
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It's been a while since i last posted (this seems to be a trend with many of my friends on LJ of late). I'm well, my holidays were quite nice, loved seeing family, and i've resumed work a bit slowly, but am getting things done (eventually).

I've had things that I've felt like writing about here, but just haven't had the energy to really do so. Mostly i've been considering writing anime reviews of the series i've been watching recently. There is one series in particular which is on my 'current watching list' that started this past autumn... and well i still don't have the energy to go about doing a big review or anything, and besides, such is not what has promted me to write today.

What watching this particular series HAS promted me to do is to finally get off my tuff and get the manga series. I did indeed buy vols 1-9 this past weekend, and proceeded to read these 9 vols immediately on sunday. And, as i discovered with a bit of research on the internet, as the series is only 12 vols long (sort of 13, but the story ends with vol 12), and with the cliff-nature-y aspect of the series, the intensity of the story, i knew i HAD to read the rest. I couldn't wait for it to come out every 2 months for the next half year. I had to know NOW. So yesterday i searched around a bit to find scanlations of the final 3 vols, and devoured those last night as well.

(Tonight I intend to watch the live-action version of the series that i d/led as well ;) You know how i can get sometimes... have to read/watch/consume everything/anything relating to the certain story.)

Again, I could get into quite a discussion on the series... a review of the manga or anime, or just comments on the series as a whole. If people are interested i will try to do so in the next few days.

Anyway, what i'd really love is to have someone who's seen it/read it all to talk to about theories of mine ect. but as there is nobody that i know of who has read it, i'll have to wait until i can get someone else addicted to it. bwah ha ha ha ha (mine is an evil laugh).

Right, where was i? oh, right... i was just relating how there is much i can talk about, and yet i'm not going to at this point, and all of this is just a preamble for what subject matter promted me to post on my LJ.

I want to write a fanfiction.

Now, those of you who know me shouldn't be particularly surprised by this fact. If a story really affects me like this one obviously has, than it's pretty natural i would be inspired by it to write something, including fanfictions.

The problem is merely that i haven't had time to really think about it, to imagine the story that i want to tell. This shouldn't be a problem for long, of course, but for now, all i have is the faintest touch of a story idea tickling my imagination, and yet the inabilty to act upon this idea for the time being.

And that is the fact that has promted this post... that frustration of wanting to be in a time and place in which i can just spend a good while just imaginging the flow of the story that has touched me, to play it out in my head completely.

And for those of you who enjoy my writing, if i do get aroudn to writing this story, it will most certainly be a 'chapter 7' kind of way. >:]
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It's an end of an era. There's something rather poetic about an end of an era. Melacholy and bittersweet, to be sure, but definately a poetic quality to it.

The other day, I bought Ranma 1/2 volume 36.

Now there are several key points that one must realize about this simple fact that will give this fact great significance. The first thing to note is that volume 36 of Ranma 1/2 is the final volume of the English release. The series is now over. The second thing that one must realize, is that Ranma 1/2 is the series that got me into manga, and combined with my introduction to Ronin Wariors a month or two before, the Ranma 1/2 manga is what got me into anime.

It has been over ten years since I have into anime/manga, over ten years since I have been collecting Ranma. I was not into it from the absolute beginning, but close to it. I remember quite excited going to Borders to pick up the newly released volume 5.

And now, after all this time, my first series has ended.

But I shan't be too lonely, as there are so many new ones I've started picking up since :)

In less interesting news, I'm currently stuck at work. My boss agreed to have the library open late today so a alumni could have a book signing. And then my boss remembered he had plans for today and couldn't stay. So here I am. At least I only had to get here at 5, and the signing ends at 8, so it's not so long. And I am going to get a full day off as comp.

Having some trouble with my NaNoWriMo story... Since Wednesday's marvelous efforts, I have not managed to do particularly well. I know what i want to happen, I just am having some troubles getting a scene going.

I got a bit done today, and have gotten a little more done while stuck at work, but I've got another hour I'm here at work and nothing is coming to mind on the story. Quite frustrating. I just need a scene to work on... doesn't have to be with the current chapter I'm working on... just a solid scene to work on...!
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Slight frustration here. Problems with OCLC right now. (For those non-librarians here, that's the group i get book records from to catalogue). Anyway, i just spent a good hour inputting a ton of isbn numbers into OCLC to search for records and there's some sort of glitch when i send out those querries. so now i don't have any of the records i just searched for and the isbn numbers are now cleared out. so now i have to input them all again.

And none of that will have made any sense to someone who doesn't know the program. But suffice to say, i just did a bunch of work that I now have to redo and i'm not sure i want to redo today because i dont' know if the program is working or if i'll have the same problem again. and I don't really want to have to input all those isbn numbers a third time!

so i think i'll put that cart aside and work on it tomorrow. But what to do for the rest of the day?

In the meantime, can i just express my love of the Please Save My Earth manga? The art is so-so, but improves as the story progresses, but it's really the story that is so wonderful. Shion (and Rin who is Shion) is such a deliciously facsinating character. I want to write a character like that.

Speaking of writing, I'm working on editing up Ninsei story arc 1 a bit, and am currently thinking about how to revize/edit/change/tighten up chapters 2-4 into 2 chapters to try to improve the slowness that is a problem with those chapters. I have some idea how i want to do it, but i still need to trim and tighten and improve to make it work.

I'm headed out after work to hit the comic store and visit friends and i'm really excited and i can't wait for work to be over.
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So I'm feeling better today. I got one of the programs I was having troubles with working, but the main one is still giving me problems. I got an IT guy to come look at it, but he couldn't figure out how to fix it, and his call to the company hasnt' gotten returned. So still not working, but at least someone is working on it for me.

Also, I know what i'm supposed to do for the project at work, so finally I can get started on that.

Throat is doing better last night/this morning. I think I have been reacting to the geraniums beside my bed. Not certain, but I didn't have as much problems last night, after I moved the flowers.

In other news: damn you Naruto! The series has been on my 'to watch/read at some point' list for a while, and having gotten the first few eps from a friend a couple weeks ago, I finally got around to watching a few. Or at least, i was only planning on watching the first few.

I figured I'd watch a couple, then catch some Who's Line and then go to bed. Well, I finished a couple, but I figured I'd watch just one more. But that ended in a bit of a cliff-hanger. Ok, so I'd skip some Who's Line and just watch another episode. Well, that one ended with the hero having defeated the bad guy... or at least, he had him pinned down. But the fight wasn't fully over, so I figure, ok, i'll skip Who's Line completely and just watch one more ep. Except... that one ended in a cliff hanger... So i wound up staying up an hour later than usual, and the episode I ended on was STILL a cliff-hanger, but by that point I knew if I didn't stop I was going to stay up all night and that would not go very well today with work.
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So i've lost the lead that i got the first 2 days of writing, but things are progressing. Friday i got the wireless card working, and my mother sent the floppy drive (though i wasn't here to sign for the package, so i'll have to stop at the post office on monday to pick itup). then i came home and crashed. so exhaused, i fell asleep around 9. Did not make my word goal.

Saturday, i got up to the word count i had wanted for friday, but didn't get much beyond that. Instead, i took advantage of the GORGEOUS 70 degree weather and went for a walk in North Woods. (Research. yeah, that's what it was!) definately a pleasant walk, but time definately continues on and things change. Met up with a couple friends and walk to town for a 'breakfast' dinner. and finally got rid of my old computer that had been sitting in the back of my car for over a year now.

sunday morning i goofed off and read comics, but got some work done in the afternoon. i would get a bit of writing done, play with the boys some, go outside some, write some more. and watched the first couple eps of Gunslinger Girl which is a bit of pretentious dribble. It is Tragic! Woe! So Tragic! because they use little girls as brain-washed assasins, and it is oh so Tragic!

anyway, i finished chapter 2, which proved to be almost as long as chapter 1, even if i have not gotten nearly enough words written for the weekend.

Current word count: 12,587 (more than 1/5 the way to my goal, after 6 days).

chapter 2 )
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Finally! after a couple months, (somewhat off and on, admittedly) i have finished the damn 9-teens. (ie 913-919: Travel/geography of countries). i've had to relabel most of them, and struggle to figure out an appropriate call number in some cases. but at long last, i have finished that damn section! the last book is in the system, and sitting on the shelf to be relabeled, but my student assistants do that part so i don't care it's not in my hands anymore, my part is done done done! i dont' think the rest of the 900's should be anywhere near as tough as this one damn section. but at last it's done!

My planning for my new NaNoWriMo story is progressing well. I've got an idea for all the villians now, though i still need to figure out names, and most importantly, figure out what the hell the villian is trying to accomplish and how. i've got half the heroes, but i still need to do a bit more figuing out who the main character is, and equally as important, i have no idea about the main hero guy.

I'm going to visit Akiko this weekend (who is now 28 as of today!) and i'll force her to help me world-build. when we were younger, we had much too much fun creating a world for a d&d game we never got around to playing really, but the world-building part was more fun i think. but i need to figure out civilizations, culture, religion, geography, and all of that jazz. for several different countries. eeeee.... nothing like last minute for getting a story ready for NaNoWriMo! well, as long as i can get myself some ideas, i'm sure more can be established as i write the story. and besides this is just a rough draft, it doesnt have to be perfect and fully established this time around. most important is to get the plot down, get a feel for the characters. i can always, and will definately, rewrite, rewrite, rewrite.

still not sure of a story title, and i still need names for more than half the characters. yay the fun.

i'm also going to need to change my LJ icons around, because i'll need an icon for the new story, to indicate a story post, much like i did with the vampire icon for Eien no Momento, or the Duncan icon for any Ninsei story. and yes, i am a geek.

oh, and last night i finally got to see Advent Children. OMG, Geekgasm! sooooo good... sooo pretty. granted, i think it's a movie you definately need to be familiar with the original story. but soooo pretty. soo sooo soooooooooo pretty.
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Li Knows She's Watched Too Much Anime Because... )
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for those that have talked with me in the past few days, you know i've been feeling rather down. for various reasons, things just didn't go my way yesterday, ending with a rather disappointing shock. today, i can't say i was doing much better, since i was just emotionally and physically exhausted. nothing seemed worth it.

i have always said that it is rather easy to treat my depression. just plop me down in front of some anime and say 'ooo, look Li... shiney!!' i don't know if it should be considered just running away, but i have felt that watching anime, reading manga, playing video games... these things make me happy.

and so i distract myself with these things and before i know it, i am not feeling depressed anymore.

i spent this evening watching anime... started first with the innocent Tsubasa (the new Clamp tv series).

....and then i went into the so-not-innocent. *insert shrill fangirl squealling*

as many of you are aware, i consider myself to be a bit of a drooling yaoi fangirl. well, honestly, i prefer shonen-ai... that is, the suggestive pretty-boy-boy love as opposed to the really smutty stuff. and yet there's been a particular exception to this generalization. the particular manga title, Hara o Daite Ita is smutty as smutty can be. but the art is GORGEOUS and the story is interesting and the characters so compelling that i adored it from the very first page. (ok, maybe not the first page. *blushes* but a couple pages into it!) I am not exagerating when i saw the imagery from this manga is what greatly inspired that particular chapter from my Eien no Momento story.

a few months ago, Haru o Daite Ita came out as an oav (a direct-to-video release in Japan). rearranged events a bit, compacted things, was much tamer than the manga, but over all it was quite good.

the second episode was just released on the fansub circuit this morning. *insert more shrill fangirl squealling*

this series makes me blush like you would not believe, and squeal and giggle. literally, i squeal and giggle throughout reading/watching Haru o Daite Ita. i would be embarrassed for someone to catch me watching this, not because it's a smutty yaoi show, but because i do such incrediblly fangirlly giggling while watching it.

i don't know... this kind of thing just makes me happy. i really am a simple creature.

i'm still...tired i guess, but i'm not feeling so emotionally drained. i've got some lightness back into me now, perhaps.

though perhaps the most distressing thing for me now isn't what was making me depressed before, but the fact that now i want to go out to Book Off in NYC and see if i can get more Haru o Daite Ita manga cuz i want to read more new stuff!
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it's been a while, but here i go.

first up:

Full Metal Alchemist. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. lives up to its hype, in my opinion. the story is awesome. it's serious and moving, with just the right amount of humor thrown in (so i don't hang myself). i strongly suggest this one if you have a chance to watch it. (it's on cartoon network saturday nights at midnight)

Tsubasa Chronical: new Clamp series. i've only watched first ep so far, but i'm liking it. will be interesting to see how it follows the manga.

Peach Girl: beautiful. follows the manga well. makes a few changes here and there (but works well). the boys looks a tad strange animated, but Momo looks awesome. i'm really happy to see this series as an anime :)

Damekko Doubutsu: short (5-min) anime that is too too cute. it features a buch of SD animal-people. it's short, and very cute. it would be so much fun to have a huge cosplay group with the characters of this series!

Loveless: a shonen-ai series, which is good, but it's shota (ie, shonen-ai series where at least one boy is under the age of 14.) i don't like shota. keep my boy-love over the age of 14, thank-you-very-much. this series is strange. it seems like its would be based off a video game or something (it would make a great video game) but it's based off a manga. it's deliberately confusing. but i really don't care about the plot. it just looks and sounds very pretty. the voices are amazing. Soubi is sooo sexy sounding. (not Hayami Show sexy, but very sexy all the same). Ritsuko has a clear voice that is very nice sounding too. there are a couple bgm tracks that are very pretty sounding. and the animation is sooo pretty. they use computer effects well. so yeah, so not interested in the plot. i just want to look at it and more hear it.
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a couple years ago when Trigun was first coming out, i saw a couple episodes, but due to time constraints i wasn't able to watch the whole series. it has forever been on my list of anime to watch since, but for various reasons, i still haven't gotten to watch it all.

when visiting a friend a couple weeks ago, i learned that he had all the episodes, and was willing to let me borrow them for several weeks so i could finally watch the whole show.

i watched 10 episodes last night, and will probably watch the rest tonight (at the very least finishing up tomorrow. though i suspect it will be 16 eps tonight).

since it's a popular series that's been out for several years, i of course know much of the spoilers at the end but there are still enough things that i don't know so it's still fresh and exciting to me.

i was really surpriced with Wolfwood's character. in all the amvs, you see this serious looking guy carrying that big oversized cross-gun on his back. i was envisioning a Zelgadis-cool guy (with a bit of his humor) or something to that effect. i mean, that's the type of images you get from all the amvs. but he acts just like Vash. i was completely thrown with that.

but what REALLY threw me, was when i learned who did his voice.

there are several voice actors i 'follow' a bit. my fav voice actresses include the two Megumi's (Ogata and Hayashibara of course), Maaya Sakamoto and others. my fav seiyuu of all time is Seki Tomokazu. i also love the other Seki (Toshihiko), Koyasu Takehito, Yamaguchi Kappei, Hikaru Midorikawa, and more.

As i've said before, Seki Tomokazu is my all-time fav (i was so bummed i couldn't fly across the country to see him in California last year.)

but there is one seiyuu that is a close second, and has really pushed himself up in my esteem now, and that is Hayami Show.

i first discovered him when i discovered shonen-ai/yaoi anime, and that was through Bronze/Zetsuai. in the role of Koji, Hayami had the most incredibly sexy voice EVER.

i've since heard his sexy voice in similar type anime/roles, like in Ai no Kusabi, Earthian, and Yami no Matsuei. other roles he's done i didn't really know him in, but didn't surprice me, such as Gail from Project Ako VS and Yasha-Ou from RG Veda. those really seem to fit for him as well.

what i totally did NOT expect was to see his name listed as the seiyuu for Wolfwood!

now, maybe if Wolfwood was how i expected (the cool guy), but a slightly spastic comedic cool guy? i would never have guessed it was Hayami doing the voice!

of course, Wolfwood didn't get introduced into the anime until the last 2 episodes i watched last night, so now i'm totally psyched to watch a few more episodes to see if i can really place Hayami's voice into that role.

i've talked about my beloved Seki's roles before, how he can do such completely different types of characters. even with some roles (like in Those who Hunt Elves), even though his voice sounds so different from his normal, or from his other roles, there's still a quality to it that i can place as 'oh yeah, that's Seki Tomokazu alright'. he's fabulous at giving slightly different voices to the characters he plays, but there's still a quality that says it's him.

i'm wondering if i can spot that same type of quality in Wolfwood's voice. now that i know what to look for, can i say to myself, 'oh, that's Hayami Show alright'? i suppose i shall see tonight. (damn why isn't the end of work yet?)
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a vampire comedy with Takehito Koyasu? sounds great! sign me up.

or so i was thinking.

Mosquiton, voiced by Takehito Koyasu, is a slightly dorky, nice-guy vampire who long ago fell in love with a mortal girl. in the present, he has been awoken by his mortal love's reincarnation. sounds sweet? well, Inaho is nothing like the girl that Mosquiton fell in love with so long ago.

i cannot STAND Inaho. to me, she's like the offspring of Ranma and Nabiki (from Ranma 1/2) without any of those character's good points. a fanatical chaser of money, red-headed Inaho is stubborn to a fault, and unable to admit she's wrong. she drags everyone else into her troubles, and then leaves them to clean up her mess.

Mosquiton follows her around like a puppy, protecting her from all the problems she creates, having found SOMETHING redeeming in her (but i have no idea what it is that he loves so much other than the fact that she's the reincarnation of his last love.)

together with a couple other characters they travel around in Inaho's quest to find the "O-Part", a magical item that Inaho believes will grant her unimaginable wealth. each episode they explore another possible O-Part, only to find it's a fake, and the quest continues.

the cast is rounded out by tough-woman Oogami, equally tough and totally smitten with Oogami guy named Frankie, and Mosquiton's two familiars, Honou and Yuki (who unfortunately to me aren't featured nearly as much as the others).

the story is pretty episodic. cute, but nothing special. the real pleasure to me is Mosquiton's character, particularly as voiced by Koyasu Takehito. for all his serious pretty-boy roles, it's so much fun listening to him do a comedic role.

what utterly ruins the show to the point that i have no interest in ever watching it again is Inaho. i see no redeeming qualities to her. she uses Mosquiton's adoration of her to her advantage, batting her eyes to make him do what she wants him to do. in one episode she was perfectly willing to marry a beautiful prince who would have given her incredible wealth (but ultimately choose not to--not because of Mosquiton, whom she discarded without concern, but because the prince and his kingdom chose to return to sleep rather than face a particular monster.) when in the next episode Inaho learns of her ancestor whom Mosquiton was in love with, she gets jealous and yells at him. (ummm... hello, pot? the kettle wants to discuss a matter of hue with you...)

ultimately, Inaho gets the O-Part, and wants Mosquiton to teach her how to use it. he refuses, as he does not belive that anyone should have such immense power. she pulls out all stops in her attempt to coerse Mosquiton into teaching her how to use the O-Part, even going so far as the "you don't really love me, do you?" line.

now, here comes the part that to me, really shows what type of character Inaho is, and why she has absolutely NO redeeming quailties to me. when she comes across Mosquiton again looking longingly up at the picture of her ancestor, Inaho snaps. she rips up the picture, calls Mosquiton an idiot, and runs off. she then proceeds to join up with the big baddy (who does teach her how to properly use the O-Part) and with him, she takes over the world.

really. i'm not kidding.

because she's jilted, she joins the bad guy and takes over the world.

she's not brainwashed. she's not tricked. and this is the heroine.

so of course, the group has to go off after her to stop her and 'bring her home.' of course, she ultimately is convinced that Mosquiton is over the other girl, and so she decides to go back home. they all fight the evil bad guy, and then since the O-Part is gone, they go on regular adventures again. yay.

i spent most of the show hoping that one of these times, Inaho would get killed by her own stupidity, and knowing of course, with this type of anime, she was going to survive and have a 'happy ending' with Mosquiton.

if you're a fan of Takehito Koyasu, this might be a fun series to watch a few episodes (as long as you could rent it--this is NOT worth buying by any means!)
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i am rather fond of fanfictions. fun little 'what-if' scenarios of my favorite stories, a deeper look into a specific mind of a beloved character, or just a funny parody that make me laugh out loud.

and anybody can write them--that is both the beauty and curse of fanfictions. for every good fanfiction there are 100 badly written ones. (and i doubt that's much of an exageration.)

and i'm not just talking about bad writing, but also bad presenation. no paragraphs, no quote marks, i even saw one that was entirely in bold. i couldn't even get to the story itself the way it was presented was so bad that it wasn't legible.

and then we get to the scores, and scores, and scores of 'mary-sue'/insertion/'original character' crap. the new transfer student, the previously unknown twin sister, the old love, a new ally. crap crap crap.

i just finished watching my new YuYu Hakusho dvds and since i have to wait many months before the next boxset comes out, i felt like reading some fanfics. so i go to the trusted site and dedicded to skim through the listings a bit.

now YYH is quite a well-known series, particularly since it's been a staple of the cartoon network toonami line up for a few years, so naturally i expected a lot of fanfics. i didn't expect that there would be 14,213 of them!

ignore all the mary-sue's, skip the poetry and the song-fics (wtf?!)...and then the ones that might have been interesting are plagued with that poor presentation issue i described earlier.

it's incredibly frustrating to have to skim past the hundreds of crappy fanfics to try to find the one or two good ones. i wish there was some sort of review/rating site that would give a list of the best ones.

i mean, i'm all for everyone writing. the only way to improve is to write. and sure, go ahead and post your first crappy stories (becuase we're all eager to share our efforts, even when we can't tell its crap). but why oh why must i be subjected to see these horrible writing when i'm trying to find the one or two good ones?

*sigh* where have all the good fanfics gone?
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from the first episode, i was hooked. it's a great, fun, interesting series. the main character is a 15 year old girl named Pacifica. and she is the Scrapped princess. when she was born, it was prophesized that she would destory the world when she turned 16. she was thrown off a cliff, but was saved by a kind couple, who adopted her and raised her as a little sister to their two children, Shannon and Rasquel. after their parent's death, Shannon and Rasquel and Pacifica travel the country side, forever chased by assasins and the royal forces. Shannon is a handsome swordsman, and Rasquel is a beautiful magician. they are traveling to find the truth to the prophecy and to protect Pacifica, no matter what.

the current situation in the world is actually tied in to the Genesis War some 5000 years ago, and mysterious beings called the peacemakers and dragoons are moving events in preparation for Pacifica's 16th birthday.

it really is an interesting show. the character designs are pretty, the animation is good, and the music is pretty good. the magic is very cool looking.

the other series i watched this weekend was "Shingetsutan Tsukihime" which is basically Vampire Miyu meets the Rumiko Takahashi's Mermaid Saga.
it's dark, and mysterious. you start off knowing very little, but slowly, clues come out and Shiki starts to learn about himself, his past, and his family secret as he joins with a beautiful vampire to find an evil killer. i dont want to talk about the plot too much, because i don't want to give out any spoilers. the art is beautiful, the characters are designed nicely (though Shiki looks like Love Hina's Keitaro in a different style). if you like dark mysteries, this series is well worth watching.
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as i have watched a lot of anime, i have come to the realization that on the whole, i don't care for harem anime series much (that is, one guy surrounded by lots of women all fighting for his love). but when i first started to watch anime, it was so new and different i loved everything that i saw. that is why, i really loved tenchi muyo at first.

tenchi is a rather annoying series in that there are so many different versions of it. it's hard to figure out the details of each universe when you have so many different ones, particularly when its usually the little details that are so different while all the characters are the same.

i haven't seen all of the different versions. i watched most of the original tenchi oav series, a bit of the tv series, and a good deal of the tenchi in tokyo. and all 3 movies. i prefered the oav version. and the manga was fun. for a while. than it started to get old.

my main problem with tenchi muyo is that more and more, i feel that for a nice guy, tenchi sure is a bastard. he totally strings all the girls around! he doesn't seem to have any preference for any of them, and just wants to keep the status quo. his inaction compels each girl to hang on, still following him in the hopes that he will eventually return her love. they cling to their feeligns for him and don't consider that maybe in the entire universe there is another nice guy like tenchi that DOESN'T have 5 other girls hanging around him.

it frustrates me. make up your damn mind boy!

so recently i d/led fansubs for the first two eps of the new oav series, becuase i have heard that this is the series that will end all of tenchi muyo and that he will FINALLY chose someone!

and yet these new oavs SUCK big time! now, this is SUPPOSED to be a continuation of the original oav series. and the first episode seemed to support this theory by having lots of flashbacks to the original series. but in the second episode new "facts" about the family come to light that completely seem to contradict things that were said in the first series.

now it has been a while since i've seen Tenchi, so maybe i'm not remember it correctly, or confusing it with the tv series or something, but wasn't Ayeka orginally engaged to her half brother Yosho? he ran after the space pirate Ryoko and crashed on earth and after defeating and sealing up Ryoko, he couldn't leave earth because his ship had taken root or something, and so he stayed there and married a human girl and had a peaceful life on earth, right? and when Ayeka finally was able to track her brother down, some 700 years later, she is upset by the situation, but eventually transfers her affection onto Tenchi (originally, i think, because he reminds her of her memories of Yosho).

but no, apparantly, that isn't the case, because it seems like Yosho could and probably did leave anytime. because his wife is an alien too. and tenchi has an older sister, and she's actually 80 years old though she looks like she's 20. is she is half sister or is tenchi's father not really a human either? oh, and Tenchi's mother isn't Achika... tenchi's mother's name is Kiyone.

the first episode is slow and boring and it's all "reflection." good for big-time Tenchi Muyo fans, but i can't see it attracted new fans or being of big interest to casual fans such as myself. the second episode is confusing with 3 new girls suddenly showing up and announcing their relation to Tenchi. it's confusing and rushed, and just too sudden and contrived.

Tenchi Muyo started as a rather promising oav series so many years ago, but it has really become a disappointment.
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ok, continuing the post from yesterday, here is more of what i'm watching!

Tokyo Underground: like StarOcean, i wanted to like this series. unlike StarOcean, i haven't quite decided if i do or not. it's a fighting series, which can be either fun or dumb. this series sort of borders on the fun, but has a lot of dumb in it as well. i've seen the first few episodes, and i'm still not quite sure if i like it or not. i'm going to try another episode or two before i give my ultimate decision.

the characters seem interesting, but i don't feel they have much depth, at least not at this point. the fight is alright, but the show seems plagued by stupidity. first big fight... one girl is surrounded by flames and is slowly suffocating and will soon burn to death. and she's like that for half the episode as the other characters run around fighting and dying and bringing each other back to life.. all while this girl is dying... um HELLO!

similarly, in the next episode, a magic ball of bad energy is hurling towards beautiful girl. no one will be able to reach her in time to push her out of harms way. but apparantly, there is plenty of time for the hero to stand perfectly still, meditate on his powers for a minute, then summon his abilities.

gah.. that kind of thing drives me crazy in shows. let's all stand still and contemplate in the middle of battle while our enemy waits for us to talk or think or whatever. we don't have time to run over there, but we can stand still to summon our powers. girl over there is dying, but she's really not in any danger so let's ignore her so we can focus on Important^tm plot elements over here.

i can forgive the fact that the two girls have lived underground their whole life and yet have no culture shock when they reach the surface. i'm a little bothered by the fact that they aren't bothered by the sun. i can forgive the fact that the girls decide to hide in the house that is right above the whole they used to escape from underground. i can forgive that they decide to trust the hero immediately, knowing NOTHING about him at all but having come to his house and pretty much demanding that he help them.

alright, maybe i can't. if it were just one or two things that are unlikely but you can forgive a bit because it helps the story move on, it would be ok... but it's not just one or two... it's a ton of those little unlikely things. it's a sign of a weakly created plot. the characters lack depth and the plot has been rushed along to the point of annoying unbelivable. i would be more forgiving of the rushed story if this were a 13-ep series, but it's a full 26 episode run. they HAVE time to build the story more reasonably.

the voice actors are top notch, with my beloved Seki Tomokazu as the lead. the animation is pretty good. the characters could be interesting. the story has elements that make me intertested. Tokyo Underground does not have a very good beginning, but i'm willing to watch another episode or two in the hopes that it redeems itself.

but i'm not holding my breath.

next up: Scrapped Princess. saw the first episode and loved it. will give more details when i've watched a few more.


Mar. 10th, 2004 10:42 am
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ok, so my first real update to Animal Half is going to be late. not a good start i know, but i have gotten so stuck on the ending. it just doesn't want to work out.

to make up for it, i will do a What-is-Li-Watching-Now special.

a few months ago i did a big marathon of d/ling fansubs to find a new series to watch. the big two from that time was GetBackers, which i LOVED and Da Crapo (i mean Da Cappo) which i seemed compelled to watch it all, and yet hated it.

this past week i have begun another big massive d/ling endevor to find more cool series.

first up, Tensi na Konamaiki. great series. a year or so old, but much fun. it's got a bit of a Ranma-like theme, where you have a boy that is a girl, but it's actually rather different and much fun. Megumi (coincidently voiced by Megumi Hayashibara) used to be a boy until he was 9. then he "saved" a magician from some punks and got rewarded with a magic book, which happens to be a bit cursed. so instead of becoming the greatest guy, like he wished, he winds up a great girl! nobody but his best friend Miki remembers that he used to be a he.
The story starts with Megumi and Miki entering highschool. Megumi is very quickly the "Angel" of the school, with many guys falling for her, despite how she talks like a guy and gets into fights all the time. chief among her followers is Soga, a tough punk who falls for Megumi when she beats him up. having fallen in love with her, he decides not to be a punk anymore, and quickly starts following her around like a puppy. Fujiki is a nice guy-loser. a bit of an idiot, but he's got more guts than one would think. Yusuda is rather a pervert, but he's mostly harmless. Kobayashi comes in a little later. he doesn't care for her at first, but soon becomes a follower as well. he's rather cool and smooth.
i've only seen 14 of the 50 episodes so far, but what i've seen thus far has been really a lot of fun. the animation isn't great, and the character designs are a little... well, it took me a few episodes before i wasn't noticing that they bothered me a little.
all in all, this is a fun series, and i strongly recommend it.

StarOcean: i watched an ep and a half of this before i deleted it off my computer. i wanted to like it, i really did. but it just sucked. maybe it gets better, but i just kept rolling my eyes at it, and decided it wasn't worth it.

more to come later

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