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I kept wanting to draw these scenes while I was writing it.

chapter 7 )
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It's been a few days since I last posted one of the chapters I wrote this past month. Mostly because I've been quite lazy and enjoying playing video games and listening to some new jrock ect. And I've been getting a lot done at work these days.

This is just a little sniplet, a part of a chapter if you will.

part 6 sniplet )
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Thank you everyone who gave me congrats on finishing. My final word count last night was 50,534. I managed to finish all the major chapters and a particular chapter fragment. I also had a few more fragments for a potential Mallory chapter, that just never meshed together. I'll be posting the chapters i did complete within the next few days.

This chapter had a little help from Akiko. I wonder if you can spot the part she helped with ^.~

part 2 chapter 5 )
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almost there... almost there...

Added a couple hundred more words to finish this chapter up.

Just another 520 more words to go until i've gotten my 50k...

chapter 4 )
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I realized i haven't posted a chapter in a while. I actually had this one completed last week, but i've been busy trying to make other chapters complete enough to be solid chapters. I've been jumping back and forth a lot more with this story than any other one but again, the nature of this story is different than my other ones.

I've got 3 more mostly-written chapters that just need to get finished up a bit before they're post-able, and i've got a few more chapter fragments, some of which i might post.

I'm not done yet, but i've only got 2.1k left to write until i reach 50,000, so i'm quite confident I can finish up without too much trouble today. Expect to see a post later this afternoon (evening at the latest) with the good news i'm done!

part 2 chapter 3 )
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And now for the first chapter of part 2, featuring the same trio as in the prologue. I love this bit of dialogue, but it's sort of floating at this point, not really grounded.

It does tie the new characters with the ones from the first half of the story, showing the animal halfs from a different perspective.

(and i'm not giving a word count right now because i've got a good couple thousand words more than what i've just posted because i've got a lot more fragments of story written. by this part of the story i'm in the mid 20,000s, and where i am total is just over 32k)

chapter 1 )
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I actually finished this up last week, but am just getting to posting it now. I'm introducing a couple new characters here (two that just developed this past week, one that's been in my head for a few months).

part 2 prologue )
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Damn i got a lot done yesterday! I got a little over 4k, which was just what I needed to get myself back on target. I managed to get halfway to my word goal on the half-way point day! I got most of this chapter written yesterday but needed just a few hundred more this morning to finish it up.

With this last beach-vacation chapters, I'm going to move on to the fall term stories. I have another story or two rough ideas for more summer stories, but I'm kinda ready to move on.

Current word count: 26,604 (go me!)

chapter 10 )

And wow this chapter turned out longer than i thought it was. Considered briefly before i posted it here cutting it into 2 chapters, but decided that was too much bother.
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And now the second of the beach chapters. There's one more to go that i'm working today (and will hopefully finish up and post tonight, and then i'll move on to a different story arc.

word count: 21,492

chapter 9 )
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While I may not have been posting, i've been hard at work on writing. The nature of this chapter and the next one made it rather flow-y, so i waited until i more or less had it written before finding which sniplet should go where. Anyway, you'll see what i mean if you read it.

This and the next chapter is probably the most personal of all the stories i've written.

word count: 18,127

chapter 8 )
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My first post was supposed to be this one, posting my latest chapter, but then i got chatting about the Harry Potter splurge, and tea, and then i thought it was getting a bit long and it should be its own post. So here i go, spamming your friend's pages with an immediate second post.

Anyway, I wound up not getting very much done yesterday. I was at a library conferense all day, which was a shame because during the day at work is when i get most of my writing done. And when i got home, after taking a half hour walk, i got tired and lazy and just wanted to veg for the rest of the night.

Today has been quite sucessful. I'm just about at 2k for the day, and i have hopes that i can get a good couple hundred more words done before bedtime. I'm hoping to reach 16k by the end of the night, which will give me 2.5k for the day, a good number. Of course, i'd be thrilled if i could do even more than that.

chapter 7 )
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I had entirely too much fun with this chapter. The next one (Which i'll be starting when i get off work), will be a continuation from this one.

current word count: 12789 (making progress!)

chapter 6 )
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Ehem, now then, on to my story. The past two days, things have been progressing nicely. I just hope i can keep this momentum.

Current word total: 11,437

chapter 5 )
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I did pretty well yesterday. Didn't quite get 3k for the day, but got close. A couple more days like that will bring me back to where I want to be.

I kinda fizzled at the ending of this chapter, but that's ok. This is NaNoWriMo--it doesn't have to be perfect, just get it down.

current word total: 8449

chapter 4 )
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sooo behind on my word count.... I got nothing done this weekend, and only 400 or so words done yesterday. Still, today is starting well, i can only hope i continue to do well throughout the day. All i need is a couple really good days to catch myself up.

current word total: 6099

chapter 3 )
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It feels kinda weird to be starting NaNoWriMo with a chapter 2 rather than a prologue or chapter 1. Anyway, i got in just over 2k yesterday, which is good. Got distracted today with a webcomic, so i've only gotten 1k done so far, but i hope to get a bit more done before i go to bed.

Anyway, i finished the first (ie, the second) chapter. This is a complete rewrite of the second chapter that i wrote 2 years ago but never posted. It goes without saying, this version is significantly better.

current word count: 3008

Animal Half chapter 2 )
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Well, tomorrow marks the beginning of NaNoWriMo, of which i'm very excited. I shall be working on my Animal Half story which is one of my oldest stories though i have not worked on it very much, certainly not nearly as much as i have worked on Ninsei (which was created about half a year after Animal Half.)

Back in high school i wrote out a bit of the story, which was originally going to be a comic (and in fact would still makea great comic), but while the characters have strongly developed in my head, i have never really done much with the story. 2 years ago i tried/considered doing a web-serial, like a webcomic except short stories rather than a comic, but that never really happened. So basically, these kids have been in my head for 10 years, it's about bloody time i started telling their story.

Anyway, i'm going to repost here the first chapter that i wrote two years ago. It doesn't need major revision, so i see no point in completely rewriting it for NaNo, and since i wrote it before november 1, 2006, it doesnt count for NaNo. Therefore I'm posting it now, as a jumping off point for tomorrow.

So for those interested in reading my story this year, here is chapter 1:
Animal Half chapter 1
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this is my new web-serial, Animal Half. i hope to post a new part each week, on wednesdays. (you have permission to poke me should i fall behind). feedback is always much appreciated.

Animal Half ch. 1 Hajime )

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