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I'm entering some picture into a calender contest on a doll community I'm part of. I can only submit 6 pictures, so I need to cut out a few more contenders. I'd appreciate if you guys could give the pictures a quick look over and tell me what 6 are your favorites. (It's really the autumn section I need to cut down a bit, I know.)

you can find them here.

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The three of us were handed out spook detectors. They looked and acted like metal detectors, but reacted to spirit energy. It reacted to other, similar energy as well. I was the only one who though to quickly swing my detector past the others; Janel and Amanda both had high spikes of spirit energy, not because they were ghosts or possessed, but because of their powers. Had either of them thought to test the machine on me, I would likely be off the scale. (I knew this, but I didn't know this). Not because I am more powerful then they are (I'm not) but because of the ghost that tended to follow me around.

We wandered around the giant complex, looking for any areas of great spiritual energy. There were plenty of windows, and the rooms and halls were large and the ceilings high. Giant cavernous rooms that were brightly lit. The floors were carpeted with an ugly patterned carpet that seemed rather typical for a high-traffic public building.

Not that the complex was highly-trafficked now. Pun intended, the place was like a ghost town now. The lack of other people other people in a place that was once filled with the bustle of people and activity gave the place a forlorn air.

I pushed the door bar to open the glass door separating one large room into another. He was standing immediately inside. The sudden wave of dread hit me like a punch in the gut. I inhaled sharply.

"Back up. Now." I hissed at my companions.

They couldn't see him, but followed me lead. I didn't really hear them as they made note of the reaction their detectors were making; all of my attention was focused on him. He watched me the same. The readings on him weren't particularly high, though they were fluxing; he was masking his real power.

We had backed up several feet before he made any movement. It was a simple, small step forward, but that little motion was enough to trigger a much greater reaction from me.


Rather quickly I became separated from my companions. They were not in any danger from him, but I was now trapped in a cat-and-mouse chase with a demon, and I had as much chance of escape as a three-legged mouse.

The next while is jumbled: there was a lot of running and near misses, several times of capture and then escape.

I don't remember how he finally caught me. What I do remember was being unconscious and this heavy feeling of trying to swim upstream to return to consciousness. This sense of muted panic in this half-conscious state as I felt his presence over me. His true form: a dark, formless gaseous-like cloud of ooze hovering above me, cold and evil. I had to wake up, push him away from me.

He was reformed into his human shape, still leaning over me, when I was finally able to force my eyes open. He did not expect the force of my shove and fell back, allowing me a brief chance to escape again.

All the force that it took to regain my consciousness exploded into instant action: I burst away from him.

(I was aware of his frustration, his conversation with a minion that I was not there for. He was frustrated by my escapes, that he had not gotten me in hand yet, though his minion pointed out that he would be disappointed in his chosen one if she was too easy to catch. He did not respond though he knew it was true.)

I knew from experience already that I was not going to be able to out-run him, and there was no where I could hide from him in this complex. I had also learned from the running around earlier that he could not leave the complex. I had to be quicker than humanly possible to get around him through the gate. I needed some sort of tool.

It was merely a passing glance as I ran by the slightly open custodial closet that gave me my salvation. I was already several feet away before I registered what I saw: inside was a rather randomly placed bicycle. I turned back and grabbed it as quickly as I could.

I thought I had my solution, that I could finally escape, but my hopes were quickly dashed as he came past on his own bike. He was casually along, weaving in front of me easily. The message was clear: he was faster on a bike as well, and that he he could at any time block me from my goal. I kept going towards the gate, because I couldn't give up.

The gate was in front of me, and he was just coming up to it, moving to block it when another bike came zooming past me. Out of nowhere Matt came racing past, knocking into his bike and pushing him aside. It was just the break I needed: I pushed through and was out of his reach.

Matt and Shaun joined me as I walked the bike along the city sidewalks. "I thought you weren't allowed to assist," I said to them.

"I'm not," Matt explained. "My actions there were sort of gray-area." His hands were bound from any direct action, for certain. There were certain rules and limitations for someone in his position. He was allowed to be on a bike, he was allowed to come and go, and that his biking through the gate just happened to knock someone over and allow me to get through was just a coincidence.

Janel and Amanda were still at the complex, so Matt and Shaun would have to go back to make certain they had no problems. First though, they were going to get me set up in a safe house for the time being.

Suddenly I stopped. My bike clattered to the ground. Matt and Shaun turned at the noise, finding me falling to the ground, frozen.

"Shit!" Matt swore. "I didn't expect him to retaliate like this!"

During the first time he had captured me, he had gotten a hold on my heart. Furious at Matt for cheating and allowing me to slip through his grasp, he froze my heart. Left in this state for very long, I would die. Though Matt and Shaun knew that he wanted me alive, if they were to call his bluff and not return me, they knew he would let me die. And then he would kill Janel and Amanda in revenge for Matt and Shaun letting me die. There really was no choice.

Matt's anger in being forced to return me to the complex paled in comparison to his fury that merely bringing me back to the complex wasn't enough: he wanted me brought completely to him. There would be no chance for escape upon my revival.

"No..." I moaned as I started to come to, having been handed over.

Matt was filled with a cold fury that he had to hand me over, but at the moment there wasn't any other good choice of action. But he vowed that the matter was far from over, and even though he couldn't directly act, there was much he could do, and direct others to do.

No, this was not over.

(Yeah, I started off very much as Caden. Yes there were points were I knew things that my dream-self did not know. It sounds like a very scary dream, and while my dream-self was terrified through much of it, I really wasn't.)
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So I've been playing some old school final fantasy during my breaks from thesis work all summer. I played and beaten FF4, and I'm probably going to finish 5 today. So question: do i continue playing them in order, even though i've played and beaten some of them before, or skip over the ones I've played before and go on to the many that i have gotten this past year and haven't played. Ie, is my next game FF6, of which I've played and beaten before, or FF9, which I have never touched before.
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So last week at this time, I was wondering where the hell August went and how it was I have working most of the summer quite hard and yet had nothing done on my thesis.

Ok, that isn't exactly true. I had my poems pretty much translated, and most of the little notes like who was so and so mentioned in poem whatever and that sort of thing. But I got that done back in June. The rest of the summer was devoted to working on reading a couple articles. That are in Japanese. ACADEMIC japanese. You know how hard some academic articles can be in English, right? Well, add to that now in Japanese, when my understanding is semi-fluent at best, and you make for some very slow reading. I'm getting it done, but it's VERY. SLOW. GOING. But totally worth it. I've learned some AMAZINGLY useful information, and I know I will have a much stronger thesis because of the information I am learning.

However, September has begun and I realized I was no closer to a draft of my thesis than I had been back in June. And that was scary. I was planning on having my thesis draft turned in to my profs by the end of August. (For various reasons, some involving the health of Aunty, others involving the health of my now-deceased laptop (aka thesis research tool), I didn't get as much done the past several weeks as I would have wanted) and that all came to mean one thing. Last week at this time, I was wondering where the hell August went, and how it was I had been working most of the summer and yet had nothing done on my thesis.

So I've been working pretty hard core this past week. Made use of this new program I have on my computer, One Note (OMG so much love for this program!) Was able to organize a bunch of word document notes I had all over the place. I was able to organize what I had previously written for various papers during my time at grade school, and notes that I had taken, and other such things in one convenient, easy to work with, place. LOOOOOVE me my One Note. I took some time to read a couple of the books I had taken out of the library a month (or two) ago and man do I love Edwin Cranston, who is like a god not only of classical Japanese litature, but about Izumi Shikibu more specifically. I was able to read a couple of his translations for some of the poems in my collection and realized I had made a slight mistake in my translation and was able to better translate it, and better understand what was in the poem. So now I have my poem section, the meat of my thesis, almost completely set.

I spent a couple days working on my analysis section. Still have a bit of work to do, but this is the next biggest and second most important section for my thesis, and I have it well in hand.

So then I have turned my attention to my Introduction. It was slow-going at first; yesterday was like pulling teeth to get myeslf even close to...well, motivated isn't the right word, but mentally able to get any work done on it. Today has been going amazingly, such that now I'm looking at what I have done, and what I still need to do, and feeling like I'm getting real darn close to having a draft finished.

Here's the outline for my thesis:
1. Introduction
1.1 introduction, introduction. Still have to do this. Saving to pretty much the end of my work
1.2 Biography on Izumi Shikibu, the poet I'm translating. Had this mostly done before. Tweaked a bit for the thesis. DONE.
1.3 Biography of Emperor Go-Tsuchimikado. Had this partially done before, but knew it needed reworking, and have gathered more information which had to be incorporated into my paper as well. This was what I was working on yesterday so unsuccessfully, and what I zipped through this morning so well. DONE.
1.4 The Manuscript/Compilation (not sure if this is going to be one or two sections). Still need to do this section. This one is going to be tough. Am hoping to finish one article I only got halfway through before my previous laptop died, and I haven't gotten my usb-tablet yet so writing Japanese on my computer is currently too uncomfortable to do much of.
1.5 (6?) An examination of the style of Izumi Shikibu. A chapter from my Thesis Exam from last summer. Tweaked it a smidgeon, but decided that i think it's a pretty strong bit of writing, certainly strong enough for a draft of my thesis, and my advisor can suggest what he wants me to do with it if there is anything he wants changed. DONE.

2. Analysis
1.1 Analysis of the first 25 poems. This was a paper I wrote for a class last year. A few tweaks, but is strong as it is. DONE.
1.2 Analysis of the middle 15 poems. rough-rough was written a week ago. Spent some time editing it today, and currently in the process of writing up the conclusion. NEARLY DONE.
1.3 Analysis of the final 10 poems. rough-rough was written a week ago. Still need to edit it up today and write the conclusion, but should be done tomorrow without much problems. NEARLY DONE.

3. Translations
translations and notes for all 150 poems. DONE.
well, ok, mostly done. still have a couple notes to fill in. but even if i don't fill in those couple notes, i think i could still turn in what i have as a draft, and fill in those notes later.

4. Conclusion
Not done. Like the introduction to the thesis, this is going to be pretty much the last thing I write.

So looking at this, I am feeling pretty good about where I am at the moment. Even up to yesterday, I wasn't, so the fact that in the course of the day I have gotten enough DONE that I'm feeling good about my progress I think is amazing.

And I realize that most of you don't care about any of this, and probably haven't even read past the first paragraph, but I guess even if I'm just listening to the sound of my own voice, I wanted to express "THIS is what I've been doing! This is what I've gotten done!"
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So I brought my laptop in to get looked at. It's not the powercord. Well shite, there goes the 'easy/cheap' fix. They suspect it's the power dock on the computer, but it could be something else, or something else besides that, and they'd need to do this 3-4 full diagnosis thing, and best case senario it's just the power dock and it'll be like a 100$ fix. But I just can't reason spending 100-200$ or so to fix it when I want to replace it in the near future.

So besides buying my mother a new computer (she's NEEDED one), I have shopped out a bit more. While I would love to get a tablet pc again, to get one with the specs i need would cost a good thousand dollars more and i can't justify spending that much when a separate tablet is 2-250 (al-be-it for a much smaller sized tablet screen).

So, I'm going to buy tomorrow:

a Lenovo (IBM) ThinkPad Elite T400
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo processor T9600 (2.8GHz 1066MHz 6MBL2)
Operating system: Genuine Windows Vista Business 64 (to be upgraded to Win7 in 2 months)
Total memory: 4 GB PC3-8500 DDR3 SDRAM 1067MHz SODIMM Memory (2 DIMM)
Hard Drive: 250 GB Hard Disk Drive, 5400rpm
System graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon 3470 with 256MB
Pointing device: UltraNav (TrackPoint and TouchPad) with Fingerprint Reader
Optical device: DVD Recordable 8x Max Dual Layer, Ultrabay Slim (Serial ATA)
System expansion slots: Express Card Slot & PC Card Slot
Bluetooth: Integrated Bluetooth PAN
Wireless card: Intel WiFi Link 5300 (AGN) with My WiFi Technology
Mobile Broadband: Integrated Mobile Broadband upgradable

with a wacom tablet. (those who use tablets, what type do you recommend? the Bamboo Fun? Intuos? Graphire Wireless?)
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So this morning I went in for an oil change and my 90k mile check up. Figured it was gonna take a while, so i brought my laptop and the article i'm working on, and got in a good 2 hours of work. Came home, and suddenly my laptop wasn't recognizing that it was plugged in. Well shite.

So i grabbed the files i'm particularly working on, so theoretically i can get some work done on my desktop. but i don't have my desktop set up for the kind of work i've been doing on the articles, so it's gonna be a pain in the arse no matter what.

I'm frustrated.

And bittorrent still doesn't like me at home.

The only positive in computer news is that I do have a couple options I'm considering for a new computer. I'm looking at
Ienova/IBM Elite ThinkPad T400
HP EliteBook 6930p
Dell Latitude E6400

None of them are tablets, but i wasn't finding what i wanted in a tablet pc, so i had to make some concessions. Now that i'm getting close to finishing my thesis research, I think I can manage without the tablet as part of the pc. I can get them all with comparable specs for about 2k, and they all have the touchpoint mouse button thingy, which i have decided is a NECESSITY.

If anyone has strong opinions either in favor or against any of these computers/companies, please let me know. My current laptop is an HP and I've been really happy with it until this morning. My desktop is a Dell and I've had a couple Dells before and liked them. I've heard very positive things about the touchpoint of the Thinkpad, that Thinkpads are THE BEST for that.

Second question is if I should do the downgrade to XP or just stay with Vista (the downgrade option is available on all of them). I have Vista on my laptop and have used it just fine for the past 1.5 years. It doesn't bother me, though I do think overall I like XP better (and some of my programs that i already own are really for XP and are a bit pissy with XP). But are there reasons why i really ought to do Vista over XP?

I have been looking more strongly at getting my new computer in the near future. It's been annoying living between two computers and the thought of compressing them into one was really nice. But I was thinking it would be more like a month or so down the road, when I would hopefully have a job. Now it's looking like I'm going to be getting it asap.
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and my lack of knowledge in making it do what i want it to do.

So a while ago i posted about how i couldn't get my bittorrent working, but since then got it working. On Friday i got into my modem program and changed the firewall setting from high to medium and suddenly bittorrent worked! it was great. i was able to get the new japanese drama series that Gackt guest starred in, and he was fun and crazy and a psychopathic cannibal mass murder and really hot, so it was great. and the show itself is fun and even beyond the episode Gackt is in, i'm interested in watching more. And once i get into watching jdrama, i start wanting to watch more, so i've been having fun finding a bunch of new shows to start d/ling (not all at once, but an ep here and there).

but now bittorrent isn't working. i had turned the computer off and restarted the program the other day with no problem, but this morning when i went to start up, bittorrent just doesn't want to connect.

i've tried changing the modem firewall to 'lowest' setting since changing it from 'high' to 'medium' worked the first time, but that didn't help. i tried doing 'custom' and setting it up to allow connection through the particular ports i have utorrent set to, and that didn't help. i'm not sure if doing the whole 'port forwarding' thing will help, since i'm not using a router, but connected directly to the modem.

It's really frustrating; i had it working, and now it's not, and the couple little fixes i know about aren't fixing it.

*edit to add*
Ok, so i completely turned off the modem firewall and it's working again, but i'm getting EXTREMELY slow d/l speeds. Some of it is probably the torrents i'm trying to d/l (not a lot of seeds for things like Hoshi no Kinka, surprise surprise). i tried a newly released series, and while there are plenty of seeds, and i'm connected to a number of them, my speed is still real low...i think my highest has been 8k/sec. Le sigh.
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I came home yesterday to find that my father had opened a letter for me.

While this might make many people upset, I was quite amused. I knew as soon as I saw the opened letter what my father had been thinking, and why he had it opened.

Many who have talked to me recently know that about a month ago I applied for a job at MIT. I posted my resume pretty much the day the job(s) were posted. I'm totally excited about it; it's 2 cataloguing positions at the MIT library doing exactly what I want to be doing. I'm qualified for the positions, and I really want one of these two positions.

The afore-mentioned letter was from MIT. My father clearly saw the MIT label on the letter, and hoping that it was an acceptance letter, and hoping to call me asap to give me amazing news, opened the letter. Unfortunately for us all, it was merely a 'we got your stuff. we're starting the review process now' letter.

Besides which, they wouldn't write me a letter to hire me; they'd call to schedule a time for an interview. A letter would mean rejections.

Anyway, in somewhat completely other news, I want/need a new computer. My desktop is 5 years old and its slowness is really starting to piss me off. Also, I'm getting tired of being between 2 computers (my desktop and laptop) and doing the whole 'oh that's on my other computer~' and so on. But i'm really not sure what to get anymore.

First of all, I'm liking the portability of the laptop, and laptop specs are generally comparable to desktops thesedays (cept if you're a hardcore gamer and need GAMER computer, which i don't need).

So calling all computer-geek friends, I'd love some recommendations. I want a laptop. I tend to have several large programs open at once (like mozilla, itunes, aim, word, and maybe something else while i'm at it) so I need a good processor and memory. I need cd/dvd burner. well, at least cd/dvd drive. i have an external burner and i suppose i don't need a portable burner. i want it to be light-weight. Also, I HATE touchpads. I want one of those little mouse button things. the little nub that is like a pencil eraser in the middle of the keyboard. One of those things. Lastly, this might not be possible, but i'd really prefer a tablet pc. It makes it SO MUCH EASIER with the Japanese stuff I do when I can just write unknown characters. Worse comes to worse, I'd get a regular laptop and get a usb-tablet, but that's something more i have to carry around and it's not as convenient.

So thoughts, recs, comments?

Also, my cat totally wants me to feed him right now and has spent the last hour PERSISTENTLY walking on the back of the couch and nuzzling me/bumping into me/poking me/generally being a pest but in a somewhat cute way. I suppose it is past time to feed him.

my weekend

Jul. 13th, 2009 09:35 am
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Bodies drenched in sweat
thumping together in rhythm
pressed so tight together
there is no longer a difference
between you and me
Losing myself
in the sound of his voice
in the pounding of the beat
in the sway of his hips

Yeah, the concert was that good.

The two main points of the concert was:
1. Hyde fans
2. Hyde fans are short, so i could pretty much see the stage the entire time.

Somehow, i think from something online, I had gotten it into my head the concert started at 9, and i thought i had double-checked the tickets but they said 7. Fortunately, L-kun and I were early, and the concert started a bit late (as concerts are wont to do), so I think we came in on the first or second song. The room held a few hundred maybe? It was PACKED. I told L-kun that i was going to try to get as close as i could, and if we got separated we'd call each other at the end. He managed to stick with me the entire time, which, considering how PACKED it was and how hard it was to move around, was really darn impressive.

So pretty quickly we got ourselves close to the front, more on the side of the bassist, but with great views of Hyde on vocals as well. By the end, we were center and about 3 people from the front. It was PACKED. I couldn't really lift my arms up or move by the end. COMPLETELY drenched in sweat; my corset-top was soaked through, and that is some serious thick fabric! PACKED. the only way i could really move was when everyone else was, we were jumping around together as one big group. I was joking while waiting for the encore to the other fans that 'isn't it great how music brings people together? REALLY, REALLY CLOSE together?"

Great set-list; more of Hyde-solo than I expected (I didn't expect any) but considering VAMPS only has one album out, not that surprising really now that I think about it. Great energy, lot of fun.

At the end, Hyde threw some of the rose petals from the roses decorating his mic stand. L-kun caught one and gave it to me. He also found one of the guitar pics that had been thrown into the audience and gave that to me as well (SCORE!)

We made our way out of the building, only for me to discover we totally missed the tour goods table. I was able to talk my way back inside, and joined the crowd waiting in line to buy the tour goods. They sold out of shirts (booo) so i got a tour book and a keychain. Met back up with L-kun outside.

We walked along the side of the building to get to our subway station, and arrived at the crowd waiting for the band to go to their van, JUST as the band was coming out. ZOMG! they didn't really stop for signings, so although i got close, mine wasn't one of the handful they signed. alas, but still amazing. L-kun snapped a few pics with his iphone; they were pretty much all blurry, but a few came out well enough.

I didn't get back home till about 3 in the morning, and was EXHAUSTED all of yesterday, but SO.WORTH.IT.

I had a complete and utter blast, and so did L-kun. I think this was the best concert experience i've had. It really was amazing.
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So the other day for the first time since I moved I went to d/l a few japanese music videos (so I can make up the dvd for my jrock panel at CTcon) only to discover my utorrent isn't working anymore. I'm using the same cable company for internet, so it might not be my cable blocking it (though that is possible since I did move to a different area). My internet security program has not changed. I did get a new cable modem, so that might be the culprit.

So anyone want to come over and help me get things working again?

Also, I threw out my knee this morning and this makes me further not happy.
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I'm selling off a lot of anime and manga
If anyone wants to buy some, or knows of someone who might be interested, please take a look and spread the word:

Click here for the full list
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I have spent the past 2 days resizing images, coding webpages, and through my efforts inducing Akiko to do the same. All to bring about Yuuden, Akiko's and my new webpage to showcase our BJDs.

I'd like to particularly show case the Asian Garden photoshoot which is my companion piece for the shot that Janel-chan and Matt shot and posted a month or so ago.

Also, I'm particularly proud of my the shoot I did the other day, to celebrate the return of two of my dolls who had been sent out to be modded.

You can explore the full site, with the profile pages (that I still need to tweak for my part), all the pictures that both Akiko and I posted. Much fun.

But now my father is calling me down as if I were a puppy dog for dinner, so I must away.
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It's been a while since I posted anything, so here's what's been up for the past month:

OMG this is long )
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Clearly for this paper, those who turned their paper in on the last day were not the ones who wanted that extra week to really polish up and write a good paper. It was the people who couldn't be bothered and just wrote up some BS since they couldn't put it off any longer.

These final papers, the last papers I have to grade for my graduate career, are making my brain hurt. There were certainly some that made my brain hurt that were turned in more or less on time last week that I graded over the weekend. But those ones were balanced out with some truly fantastic papers. There was no such balance on the ones that were turned in today.

Also, I slept wrong or something. All of my stress likes to build up in my back, neck, and shoulders. End of the semester is a stressful time. So it's not surprising really that sleeping a bit wrong would be enough to tip some part of that neck/back/shoulder trio into pain. So yeah, my right shoulder, and neck, and shoulder blade/upper back, and upper arm area are all in a great deal of discomfort. In an ideal world, I'd be home, having taken a muscle relaxer, and be solidly knocked out while watching some silly movie. As it is, I can't do that since I need to meet with my prof about the final 20 poems for my thesis translation project.

And I have Game tonight which i'm looking forward to and will be fun. It would be more fun if I wasn't in so much pain.
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I think some of you might appreciate this. I like the Japanese version better.

Uraniwa ni Zombies ga

Plants Vs Zombies

(and the creator's website if you want to get the mp3s)
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So recently I've been on a kick of reading feminist literature (blogs mostly). The main one I've been reading is The Hathor Legacy. It generally focuses on the portrayal of women in the media, and it brings up some amazing points...some I've thought myself, some I hadn't considered but now I agree with. I really recommend this site to everyone. I totally don't remember how I got onto the site... somehow there was a link to their article on the Breidtl Test (i'm totally misspelling it) but basically the general basis of this "rule" is that a movie/show has to have 1) two or more women 2) talking together 3) about something other than guys. Think about it, and there are so few movies that actually follows this law. Anyway, the whole site has some very thought provoking reads. And naturally, in such blogs, there are links to other blogs and articles, and before I know it I've been on quite the reading kick.

So you can imagine how unamused I was with an incredibly sexist remark a student made in one of the essays I have been grading this weekend. I'll post that in another post (that is friends locked) so I'm not posting/ripping a student's paper to the open public.
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Anyone interested in getting together and doing something next weekend?
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I had been promising to visit T'eao for a while, and over my long winter break seemed the perfect time. I took the train down Sunday, and we enjoyed a chill day on Monday. We went shopping and ate dinner at the pirate bar. Much fun.

We decided against waking up at 4am since we didn't see much need in going in super early to try to get a great spot just to wait hours out in the cold. I woke up at 7:30 but it took a bit more time before T'eao got up. Our typical morning of event routine of me feeling slightly annoyed by her slow morning routine and her slightly annoyed by my wanting to get going already. We got going I think around 9ish.

T'eao has been hearing ever since I said I was visiting and wanted to do this that this was going to be crazy. Her roomie was totally gleefully mocking. I knew it was going to be nuts, and was prepared for that. But felt it was worth while trying.

We took the Metro which was surprisingly not very crowded. We planned to get off at the Metro Central station, as that was the closest to the Mall, and on the Mall side of the Parade route. Unfortunately, our train was stopped at the New York ave stop, as there was an accident at a station ahead of us...something about someone falling on the tracks. We had to get off the train. T'eao and I decided we were within 2 miles of the mall, it was time to walk it rather than waiting around for who knows how long until the trains were running again.

Much like anime conventions, it was easy enough to figure out where to go by following the crowds. It didn't take long to get towards the edge of the Capital, the NE of the Mall. The atmosphere was excited and carnival like. T'eao wanted a souvenir, so I got us a set of red, white, and blue marte graw beads. Since we were on the wrong side of the parade route, and there was no way to cross it at this point, we couldn't go along the north side of the Mall and had to go the long way around the Capital building. No prob, we figured, and began our trek around the Mall.

Again, following a large number of people. We kept seeing the giant gates for the ticket entry, but no sign of where non-ticketed people could enter the Mall. We kept walking. A few zig zags down some roads trying to get closer to the mall, only to find points of non-entry, either because they were ticketed gates only or they were blocked off or exit-only gates. At one point we got up near the mall, but couldn't get further without back-tracking. We could hear pretty clearly at the spot, but could see nothing. I wanted to continue on, to try to get to the Mall itself, so we pressed on.

As we were passing the Smithsonian, T'eao's back and legs were bothering her and she was starting not to have much fun. Unfortunately, there was no easy way to get to a metro where we were, so we had to continue on towards the Lincoln memorial (aka, the far side of the Mall) to get around to things in any case, so after we rested a little while, we continued. We finally got past the section of ticket only gates, but there was still no way onto the Mall. Then we got stuck in a narrow pathway, where the crowd was THICK. People were packed together, slowly inching forward. Fortunately, this extreme packedness only lasted a little while and we broke free into a more crowd-free area.

We saw people get very creative in their attempts to see. There were people climbing trees, standing on top of garbage dumpsters, buildings, and even porta-potties. T'eao and continued, coming upon the Washington Monument. The crowd around it was THICK, but surprisingly, there was a break in the crowd on the Lincoln Memorial side of the Monument. We were able to get onto the Mall easily at this point. As we had gotten past the crowded part, we were able to hear the begin of the ceremony on load speakers. We reached the Mall and were able to see one of the Jumbo-trans just in time to see the swearing in. It was great. Great, optimistic energy. We decided we really wanted to get off the Mall before the ceremony fully ended since there were so many people there, we wanted to beat them away. We left while listening to the president's speach.

Smartly, we decided against going to the closest metro stop, and walking to a slightly more distant one, we were able to not only quickly and easily board a metro train, but also get a seat. We got back to T'eao's apartment in plenty of time to see the parade on the TV. There was some napping, some parade watching. It was really nice.

We figured out we walked at least 5.2 miles, likely a little more. Things would have been easier and slightly less walking had we been able to get continue on the Metro originally until Metro North, but it turned out ok.

And I was part of the 2 million people on the Mall. I was there.
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This is my week between trips. Last week I was out west visiting Akiko; this upcoming week I'm going South to visit T'eao. This has been the week of massive Star Gate binge(I've gotten thru 2.5-3 seasons thus far, and will be most of my way through season 7 by the end of today) so I can return the dvds to T'eao. I've also been working on translating the poems for my thesis project.

Yesterday I actually didn't get any translating done. After doing many earlier this week, I was slightly burned out for one. I found something else to keep myself productive, however. My aparto has been a disaster for a while, and the neglect of the month I was away didn't really help. I ignored it the past couple days, but yesterday I spent my morning picking up my living room, sorting the piles on my desk and table, vacuming, and other necessities to making my place habitable again. This morning I did the same thing to my bedroom and library (since my library has been kept in very good condition since this summer, that room only needed me to put a few things away and to do a quick sweep of the floor with the vacume cleaner.) My kitchen still needs attention, but I intend to take care of that tomorrow morning.

It's amazing how a clean place makes me feel like i've been productive and it's a relief. I hate cleaning really, and I'm not super picky in NEEDING MY PLACE CLEAN or anything, but gosh darn if a clean room doesn't make me feel good.
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This is what I just bought:

number 1
Xenyth, the exiled elf prince

number 2
(picture with some cat ears, darker skin color, and a bit more attitude in the face)
Gai, the half-blood cat demon

number 3
Plum, human girl

plus one more little surprise that i'll reveal later.

I was going to wait. Honest. But Akiko is a bad, bad girl. I blame her.

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