May. 10th, 2011

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I have been suffering from a debilitating writer’s block going on 3 or 4 years now. I thought at first it was a mental-block caused by my THESIS. That is, an unconscious feeling that I shouldn’t be writing for fun when I have more then enough work on my thesis. But I finished the thesis a year ago now and still I haven’t been able to write.

It’s not that I don’t have things to write…I’ve got several stories rough-written that could use rewrites and edits and a couple pretty solidly formed ideas floating around in my head. I just can’t seem to sit down and get any of it written down. This came to a head in the past few weeks as I struggled to write down a relatively simple RPG post-game write-up. I just couldn’t get anything down. Finally I threw together some words that at least summed up events more or less from my characters perspective. It was not to my standard of writing, but at least it was something and at least it was written down and turned in to my frustrated GM.

I knew I needed to get myself writing again. Somehow, someway. Monday morning on my way drive to work I tried to think up some little fictive ideas that maybe I could write up for a few minutes at work. Nothing was really coming to me. So if fiction wasn’t going to be come easily at this time, let me at least write about myself, I have decided. That way there I was doing some writing, at least. And maybe this could help lead me back to being able to write my fiction stories again.

I’ve got a bit going on with my life right now. I just started an attempt at container gardening some vegetables from seed. I am a cataloguer, getting a hold of books before stores and libraries do. I’m studying kanji flashcards. I collect Asian Ball-Jointed dolls, and I’m expecting a new one to come in any day now. I sometimes play D&D and video games. I’m trying to loose a few pounds, mostly because my pants have been rather tight and I am too cheap to buy new pants. (Why buy pants when I could buy manga?)

Each day I’ll try to get a few thoughts written down regarding what I’m doing that day. It’s not likely to be of interest to anyone but me, but as this is primarily a writing exercise for me, that’s ok. I’m not sure I’ll get to posting everyday, so it might look like today’s post: a few days bundled into one post. But that’s ok. Because I’m going to be writing again.

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