Dec. 16th, 2010

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1. I have a Christmas tree. There was some effort to get it and things to go on it. But I have it and it is lit up and awesome.

2. "artistic" photographs of nude, conventionally pretty women. Wow. Really original. That's so never been done before. How avant-guarde.

No, Frank De Mulder, you are not clever in calling your erotic photograph collection "pure" and no, British Library, I will not condone classifying this collection as "artistic" photography when it is so clearly "erotic". This is smut, pure and simple, not artistic nudes.

Yeah, fun times cataloguing.

3. Cosplay in America...a new photobook. my thoughts? not great photographer with good models. i don't care for his crops, he only has the head/torso lighted, so when he does longer shots, the legs are dark. he's got cosplayers who know how to pose as their characters, and he's got an external light source and probably a pretty good camera, but i wouldn't say as much skill in photography. How the hell could a guy with his level of photography get an art book?

4. OMG This is awesome. It looks like there is only one cut!
Emerson's Lady Gaga Lip Dub

5. This weekend is going to be hectic but full of awesome.

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