Nov. 12th, 2010


Nov. 12th, 2010 05:35 pm
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Hetalia. I slept in a smidgeon this morning and therefore decided I didn't have the time really for a full anime episode (particularly since they've added more comercials). Furthermore, I have been considering watching a few episodes since it is so popular right now, and since it was featured prominantly on the Funimation video site, today seemed a good day to watch an episode or two.

The first episode suffered from the same problems as all the Hetalia masquarade skits I've ever seen: several of the characters weren't identified. I had no idea who was talking with Germany, for example. I picked up the fact that one of the two was Italy, but the other? no idea. Some of the jokes were going over my head/falling flat big time because I had no idea who was who and what their relation was to the others.

A couple of the little skits were somewhat cute (ie, the Canada/American ball toss) but on the whole, I was left feeling rather "meh" on the show and do not plan to continue watching it.

Kobato. I held off buying it myself, since I had read a few chapters when it was published in...Newtype I think?...and found the series too bland and cutesy for my tastes, but knowing Clamp's habit for sudden dark twists, I wanted to wait and see how things developed before buying it myself. Janel-chan loaned me the second and third volume and I got around to reading them this morning. They are certainly super sachrine-cute, but there's enough going on around that super cuteness that I'm interested enough to want to read more. One thing though is that I found the pacing...interesting. There is a bit of a crisis for the kingergarten Kobato is helping out at...but plenty of time for other smaller things to felt like a RPG, where there is this looming impending disaster that the heroes must defeat in time, but still let's go off on this side quest or spend days leveling up, raising chocobo, etc.

We Love Cosplay Girls. Cataloguing this at work. A few of the costumes are AMAZING. Many times, the costume looks great, but the overall styling doesn't work. And in many cases, I've seen the character done a LOT better at some of the U.S. conventions. The Tasuki (Fushigi Yuugi) for example, didn't have the right hair color. Tasuki's hair is red/orange, not brown! Some of the pictures were mislabeled (notable the villians of Saiyuki page, which has all but the main guy mixed up.) Argh. and another typo/mis-spelling. NOT impressed. Needed a better editor.

Meanwhile, how did Akiko and my saiyuki costumes fare compared to the Japanese ones? First, Yaone: she's got a nice wig, and she's chosen to do the long pointed ears. Unfortuantely, the ears look very fake. Her costume is very neat/tidy looking, but the fabric choice isn't as nice as Akiko's. She did not do the ZOMG massive bow (hers is much smaller, maybe only a couple yards of fabric). While she does have a fair bit of cleavage, she is again outdone by Akiko's. Clear victor: Akiko.

Next up, the Lirin. Her wig is the right color, but it's very messy. Needed a bit of brushing. I like her shirt better than mine, but I like my green shrug better. She did a really great job with the weird waist band on the pants (much better than my version), but did not do the wide pant leg (fail). My belt is also a lot better than hers. Same fake ears as the Yaone. Hard to say who did better over all but I admit to being a bit biased towards mine. And at least *i* did the wide pant leg.

Neither girls did anything special for boots, but the foot ware they choose, while not matching the source, does look nice with the costumes. Akiko and I attempted to do boot covers, and while they never looked great, they were at least some attempt to make something resembling the source. But considering how bad they looked, it might have been better to do like the Japanese girls and not tried. ^.^;;

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